Ways To Milk Money From Beloved Fans


The Food Industry, Competing Celebrities Events with Bigbang etc

The celebrities in Korea have come up to the stage for the food and dining industry.

In the summer, where the demands for beverages are high, the beverage companies are looking forward to competing by doing events that have put celebrities such as Bigbang and Lee Minho upfront.

You can receive the clothes Bigbang wore while shooting and you can download the free ringtone that Lee Minho recorded himself. In addition there are many promotion goods such as a free trip to Istanbul, a pass to Caribbean Bay(*large wave pool in Korea) that are the catching the eyes of the buyers.

Maeil Dairy in their ‘Cheer Up with Cafe Latte’ Event is giving out personal articles of the Bigbang members as prizes until June 15th. After you buy a Cafe Latte you just have to put the number on the product at the website(www.lovecaffelatte.com) to participate in this event.

By random draws they are giving out TOP’s and Daesung’s clothes which they wore while shooting the CF(1 per person), Bigbang Live Concert Sign CD(50 people), Show another BIG SHOW(50 people), Cheering letters that the members of Bigbang wrote themselves and Cafe Latte(100 people). All the participants in this event can download the wallpaper with Bigbang’s signature on it.

Pepsinex is progressing with the free ringtone download event until the end of this year. You can download the ringtone, that F4’s Lee Minho recorded himself for free(distributed as an MP3 file), at the official Pepsinex website. Also they are recruiting people online for public information ambassador which they can get a chance to do an internship at Pepsi.

Baskin Robbins 31, which nominated celebrity Han Hyoju for their advertising model, are advancing with their event ‘Making Berry-mix Basts with Hyoju’. If you participate in the game where you try to find the fruits that go in Berry-mix blast, they will do a random draw and give 500 people the ‘Berry-mix Blast’ gift-con(*you can receive free ice cream with this ‘gift-con’ thing) from the participants of the game.

In addition Lotte’s ice cream ‘Sullaeim’ has nominated Dong Bang Shin Ki for their model and ‘Dynamic Kin’ has put Kim Hyunjoong and Park Shinhae upfront. For the time being it seems like the celebrity marketing in the food industries will continue on for a while.

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Original Article: 메디컬투데이 남연희 기자
Translations: Beau @ bbvipz


~ by Momo on June 5, 2009.

13 Responses to “Ways To Milk Money From Beloved Fans”

  1. wahhh. i wished i lived in korea. i want a signed big bang cd. T.T

  2. FIRST hahah (:

    aw, i love coffee and can’t evn try the drink here in Aus ):
    well hope one lucky BBVIP gets a prize living in Korea !

  3. second* LOL

  4. :O i want top’s clothing! o__o

  5. FUN! i wish i could buy them! DARN

  6. Lucky fans T__T
    I wish this thing was international 😦

  7. hehehe that’s funny ^^ i wish to live in Korea

  8. haha. and i thought i was already happy in the philippines. when i became a fan of big bang, i seem to be less contented in life, haha. i want to be korean, too. haha. 🙂 anyways, i’m happy seeing them here in the internet. but it would be much better if i see them in person.

  9. in my previous comment, i meant that i became less contented in life because im not in the same country with big bang. hehe. ^_^ big bang fighting! haha. aww. ^^,

  10. T_T
    I wanted to buy SeungRi and TOp clothes. D:
    Oh well,, 😦

  11. OMG, Simply Amazing. Luv It. Huge Thanks. Nicky 😉

  12. Ooh, damnn heck yeah i wished i lived in Skorea.

  13. i want Big Bang stuff (:
    must save up, more money!

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