Stalker Pic: GD at the airport | Big Bang audition for Super Star K

Edit: actually, this is when he got off the airplane from Big Bang’s trip back to Korea from Japan.

LOL. This pic deserves its own post, Bong getting off the plan at the airport (probably after his trip in Europe, where he went straight to Japan) wearing a very INTERESTING outfit, get some yellow shorts on that scrawny legs haha his leg is bigger than I expected kaka wearing a simple thin shirt like he always do, but gotta add the ‘I ♥ Women’ button on, haha he gotta put that there as proof man, the airplane can be dangerous to the good looking Bong.. if you know what I mean. And to top it of, the BUN!!!! it’s still there, oh you have no idea how much I love the bun! What surprise me more is … that’s some small luggage,  I would expect Bong to bring every pair of shoes he owns.

Thanks to GD&H님Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I just saw this, and god it is hilarious. They’re doing a promo vid for people to audition for Mnet Super Star K. Not only did you get to hear Tabi SING… yes.. SING his sexy part in ‘She Can’t Get Enough’ oh yes. then Baby acting all weird with Strong Baby, others just… speechless. To read everything I wrote (cuz I wrote A LOT) go to the youtube page.

Thanks to S님


~ by Vicky on June 5, 2009.

51 Responses to “Stalker Pic: GD at the airport | Big Bang audition for Super Star K”

  1. first!
    LOVE GD!! <33

  2. he looks damn stylish with a fashionista smell to him with anything put on his body LOL (:

  3. I saw this a few hours ago @ seoulbeats. hehe.

    I like his shoes here. And probably he had his other luggage shipped separately. hehehe.

    And look at those legs…waaa so skinny. hihihi.

  4. Awwww…My sweetie looks so european,please come to Finland next time!!!

  5. oooh , love dhe shoes too ! his legs skinny ? i tink its a bit bigger than wat i expected(:
    he really is a fashionista , he will wear aniting tat looks good to him and clothes tat noone wil dare to wear dhem in public , jus like in dhe pic ..
    im not saying tat he looks bad in dhe pic ,
    im jus saying tat he can pull off any kind of look .(:

  6. Love those kicks!

  7. wow nice my gd really cut i love g dragon myu forever love

  8. LOL this is the very meaning of “because he’s GDRAGON”
    no one else would be allowed to wear that shit xD

  9. true nature GD. so love it :”)

  10. This pic was taken from yesterday when Big Bang and Shaun back to Korea from Japan

  11. It’s like he forgot to put on his pants. DAMN I love this boy!

  12. After saying how fashionable he is in my teaching material, I am surprised by his mistake – the black socks.

  13. GD is *~unique~* luv him ^^

  14. […] I think if he got rid of the socks, it wouldn’t be quite so bad. I mean, we could never expect him to wear a pair of regular jeans or something, could we? Larger picture under the cut, or read at POPSEOUL, or the BIG BANG Fansite. […]

  15. I freakin love the video!!! so damn FUNNY!!!

    All of them are damn adorable!

    This just shows how I miss Big Bang. huhu.

    Look only at Banana…lol Bong and Tabi. hehe. Tabi’s flat rap. Baby’s serious perf. Baebae’s acapella. Dae’s really short audition. And Leadah’s Ice cream song.
    Plus Dae introduced Big Bang. I rarely see it…I think… hehe.

    I love the vid. Thanks lil sis in law. ^^

  16. I love the picture of Bong. A real Bong moment xD. and ooohh, his bun isn’t dead :’D I love this bun, he’s so cute with it!

    – And the video, oh i love it! so funny xD. Tabi’s rap and singing, and Seungri’s strong baby, I laughed so hard, and see bong with the bananas, it maked no sense at all xD. And dae’s “singing” and I just love when taeyang sings only look at me<3

  17. Ah I love Bong in the video. He looked so handsome. Everyone are so funny. ^_^

  18. He’s so cute! 😀

  19. whooaa ji yongs legs were much bigger than i expected.
    haha whats with the randomn bananas LOL, love the only look at me remix they should record it xD. I wish dae sang his trot song

  20. I thought Jiyong’s legs were thinner too, oh well, still love him, hahaha.

    About the video, OMG Seungri, I was so embarassed, HEUAHEU, strange boy.

    And waaa, I really love Jiyong’s hair like that. ❤

  21. haha!! omg gd we’ve missed you ❤

  22. Funny!
    Too cute!
    My husbandd did that oh! jump and siging was too cutee! Staring in space singing! but need to take off those glasses! ahaha!

  23. oh can we download this?

  24. omg i LOVE TOPs beanie! It look really cozy! he wore it for the IRIS interview too. <3<3

  25. i love when GD has his bunsZ!!Z!!!!! LOVE!!!
    haha wow what an outfit…haha
    and lol TABI looks soo cute! and YOUNGBAE TOO! hye was like laughing to cute

  26. hehehe that was so funny xD

    Tabi’s part ahhh ♥
    i feel a little weird listening to SR xD
    and GD with the bananas? xD

  27. LOL that was funnayy and yeah, seungris crack parts are a bit >.< he was really into it lol everyone was funny haha XD mm ah mm mm and Tae Yangs reaction at 2.36, someone pointed it out on the comments haha aww cute


  29. OMGGGGGG :] Look at Jiyong! Haha, he looks so busy (:
    Haha, funny vid! Lol !

  30. Ooh, I didn’t even notice his cute lil bun when I first saw this pic. His outfit was too distracting…. o w o;; The shorts with the socks? But I love GD either way. :]

    Dang his legs don’t look skinny at all. I’d love to see him get a bit of a tan tho.

    Omg. I just watched the Super Star K audition! So funny and cute! Love it from beginning to end. ^__^

  31. he’s got good legs and is not skinny looking at all.Why am I staring at his legs?!? hahaha.

  32. what is super star K actually.?

  33. ah jiyong~
    lol @ wht he did wit the banana at the beginning of the vid
    gosh he is so cute!
    aww whyd he vaca alone?

  34. kyahahahaha~
    Bong was so cute, he just wearing short pants and blouse…
    Look at his face!!! >o<

    I curious what he brought in his bag…–a
    Wanna take off his bag!!

  35. lmaooo.! hahaha oh god this is too kyute and funny.! but maybe he is wearin like that because if he wears his usual outfits girls would go woohoo crazy over him lol.! niceee haha.! loooove him.!

  36. @loveeannnaa
    isnt Ji wearing Onitsuka Tigers instead of Vans??
    The pink stripe on the side is like the ones u can find on Tigers

  37. waah. he looked so damn girly!!hehe. so beautiful
    i love the legs, hahaha.XDDD

  38. awwww!!!~~~jiyong oppa so CUTE!!!!!~~~XD
    love his bun hair!!!~~~XD

    haha…lolzzz…funny~~~jiyong with his banana!!~~~XD
    haha…seungri ar~such a strange boy~~XD
    haha…i hope dae sing his trot song too~~~
    bae HOT as usual~*melt*
    lolzzz…top…his flat rap was cool~XD
    awww~i love them!!!~~~XD

  39. can we download the video??

  40. Vi
    aigooooo~~~~ look at ur ex’BF, Bong. his fashion just…haha unique. but still torelable.

    that ywllow shorts really got me. and lookie lookie at that duckie!! XD haha i miss Lies now.

    his leg is bigger than I expected. yup. i’m so agree with u
    but Bong look so tired. poor him

    omg lolololololol.
    im dying xDDDDDDDDDD


    gosh, love him.

  43. lol GD and his unique fashion XD even though still love him

  44. Lols, i love this dude no matter what.
    his outfit is funky but yeah surprise that he doesn’t have
    like more suitcases with him. him and his scrawny-self!
    LOLS AHAHAHA i love how G-Dragon pulls up a banana up.
    ooh sexy TOP. LOLS SEUNGRI. he’s so cute!! ahahaha G-Ri is cute.
    OOH Seungri, i got goosebumps. Damnnnn i love you too.
    Ahaha i guess it turned into a live show. ahaha
    LMAO i love how EVERYONE is dancing or singing along to TaeYang’s.
    why is G-Dragon holding a bunch of bananas?
    LOLS Dae. ahahahaha it was good though.
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA G-Dragon. cute, i love his faces. ahahahaha
    YEAHH G-Dragon, one person only!
    They look so happy & well rested, ‘cept for TOP & TaeYang.
    ahaha why did Seungir’s head turn big?

  45. dam, he needs to man up, seriously, its no cute anymore for a 21 year old male….

  46. cool!! i have the same pair of shoes as him!! ♥

  47. i just love GD..
    no matter what he wears..
    he looks gewd in everything..:D

  48. can i take some info of big bang 2 post in my blog?
    of course i will credit it 2 ur blog…

  49. Why does GD’s legss look so tiny!?
    lol, he looks like a girl but idc, i love this guy no matter what! lol.
    where are all your suitcases babe?! lol thats prb the only one he wanted to carry lol…

  50. oh my god he is …….


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