06.07.09 SBS Inkigayo: 2NE1’s Fire


Youtube Channel:CodeMonmonSeason2

I love this performance and i dunno why.

And it’s good to know that Kwon Ji Yong is kind enough to share (or should i say “lend”) his accessories with Sandara as well as being a good sunbae by giving them some advice about music and fashion!

If it was me, what’s a better advice than saying ” No genre, just Music”? It works wonders!! Same goes to fashion. Regardless how awful the fashion turns out, you will still make a statement ( you gotta have guts and be blunt about it) and people will definitely follow you, without question asked. Mismatch is the new trend! Thanks to WHO?

On a side note, 2NE1 will be releasing their First Offline Mini Album in July and is said to have 6 songs included. Prior to their digital single “Fire” released in May, YG mentioned that they girls will come back with a different look and feel, twice the charm with feminine touch.


~ by Momo on June 7, 2009.

20 Responses to “06.07.09 SBS Inkigayo: 2NE1’s Fire”

  1. wow… so talented LOL. love it!

  2. i love them! :]
    esp. Bom and MinJi
    2NE1 hwaiting~

  3. OMG O.O minzy almost slipped at 00:14 poor her
    and Bom’s bra strap was off her shoulders she was trying to get it back awwww
    But overall Bom improved my favorite from 2ne1 =D

  4. “NO GENRE JUST MUSIC” the very words that GD wanted his album to focus on. its nothing but the music, AND YG DOES A GREAT JOB CONTRIBUTING TO THESE WORDS. my aha aha owee

  5. @thinking.likeYG: touche!! right? thats what i am saying. No need to think further about what or how to make a music. Just make one. i have Tablo to thank to for that!!!

  6. Looks like Dara was getting special encouragement fron GD by wearing his items. She really improved a lot…my fave!

  7. Honestly, I think this is their best performance so far! Anyone agree? Bommie improved big time! She rocks 🙂

  8. I agree with Pearllovestop she improved major!

  9. this was hott!!!!
    they just keep on getting better
    every time!!

  10. I hope his feminine touch don’t mean wonder girls/SNSD ):

  11. what accessorie does Dara wearing that was suppose to be GD’s?!

  12. dara park rocks!!!

  13. CL is really talented!!!
    go 2NE1


  15. Is that hat that dara’s wearing from GD? It kinda looks like, and what else would be GD’s accessories dara would wear? just asking, well I agrre with you Pearllovestop, and that last time they performed was nice too… 🙂 They improved a lot! Dara did too! and GD is giving them a lot of encouragement.. 🙂

  16. omg
    that was really good
    21 is one of the girl band that i respect
    this time they didn’t come out with cute n stuff
    that’s good!!!!!

  17. wuah i so love these girls style. it is sooo fresh. i hope they dont change that much at their style coz like this is wuaaah 😀

  18. Absoulutely excellent :]
    I loved this performance, my favorite
    for now. They are so awesome :] Singing,
    & Fashionnnnnn!

  19. i love dara’s style! but i love MinZy! she looks really tiredz!
    great performance!!!!*CLAP* i love when Minzy does her solo dance! she so cool

  20. yayyy~! First Mini Album! 😀
    i love their outfits it’s about attitude ;D not just fashion =]
    looking forward 2NE1! future activities

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