Im posting this on behalf of Samzy.For further queries, please forward it via email as per below.


Did you ever stop and wonder what brings us all together (virtually) ? It’s our love for Big Bang of course!
People from every different corner of this planet come together to discuss Big Bang (and let’s not forget the occasional fantasizing and drooling sessions 🙂  ) in this awesome Fan site.  So I came up with a simple idea for Big Bang to appreciate our addiction to their hard work by sharing the BB experience.
All you have to do is follow the 3 easy steps…

Copy the following and fill it in;

Where: (did you first see/meet them)
Life after BB: (please make sure that this does not exceed 3 lines)

Find a picture of your beautiful selves (don’t be shy, you know you’re all gorgeous (^_^)

Kindly send all the above to

I appreciate that some of you are stressed over exams and work so this should be your 10 minutes BB relaxation session… (^_^)

30 August 2009

Good luck everyone, and looking forward to your read your BB experience. I will post final pics of the book before sending it to YG…



~ by Momo on June 7, 2009.

52 Responses to “Project: THE BIG BANG EXPERIENCE”



  2. that’s a nice thing of you
    I’m normally not the kind to participate on these kinds of things but i’ll do it this time

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wana do this tooo!!!!!!!!
    but did u actually have to meet them?
    or just when u found out about them??
    ill do itt anywaiz!!

  4. Waa~ I’m kinda confused. Life after BB? Do you mean how they have affected our lives?

  5. yeah~ I’m confused too! for the “where” and “BB after life”! (:
    Anw, thanks guys so much for all the effort in this website! haha! :DDDDD

  6. Thanks for doing this.. I would really love to do this thing…
    OKay, I’m also confused on what will be BB’s after life.. Okay need to do it now… 🙂
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  7. So the “Life after BB”, is that where we would write how they’ve affected us AFTER we’ve discovered them? And the “Where” part is where we are located, right?

    I’m sorry, I’ve been having a dumb phase all day long! LOL!

  8. omfg!
    thanks YOU!!

  9. i will do this haha
    go Big Bang
    Say VIP go VIP

  10. what if you havent met them in real life ?
    i have in my dreams if that counts….. ><

  11. Oh my God!!!
    Có ai làm ơn chỉ cho tui coi cụ thể phải làm thế nào ko???
    Help me!!!

  12. this is so great. I’m sure going to participate in it. =)

  13. I’m confused

  14. i’m gonna do this too!!
    v.i.p rox!!
    i just so into big bang 🙂

  15. wow! is it really going to be sent to YG Big Bang?
    will it really get there?
    do you guys have their address?

    What format do we send in to you?
    Microsoft Word or what?

  17. :O , OMGGG ! you are really sending it to big bang or YG? ^^ yay !! (: , i’m so going to do it. hehehehe !

  18. this idea is really cute ! :O
    im gonna do this [x <

  19. aish, it deleted a part of my message o___o
    im dont get the ‘where’ and ‘when’ parts.

  20. Where is like the first time you got introduced to them right? Like, the first MV/performance/whatever you’ve seen of them?

    And Life After BB…I’m kinda slow today…is that life AFTER you came to know BB…or is it what your life will be like AFTER BB is gone? (omg, shuddering from that thought, LOL).

  21. wow, that is so amazing… so simple yet so touching. love it! xD

  22. im kinda confuse.


    do we have to have an actual encounter with them or something?

  23. oh, thanks! I love this idea.
    I’m soon gonna be bussy with all the big bang projects ;D
    but it’s just great.

  24. OH my gosh. ahahaha i love this project (:

  25. Lol ;]]
    Oh my qee. ii am self-concious but ii am deff qonna do this anyway 😛

    ii love how you typed “Did you ever stop and wonder what brings us all together (virtually) ? It’s our love for Big Bang of course!
    People from every different corner of this planet come together to discuss Big Bang (and let’s not forget the occasional fantasizing and drooling sessions ) in this awesome Fan site. ”
    lmfao ;]] the drooling sessions was deff truee.

    me && my friend admitted that big bang had made us a bit moree perverted 😛

  26. hii everyone!! I want to partecipate!
    You have one problem. I am boy bigbang fan.
    Can I partecipate the same?

  27. I DID IT! wuah this is a great idea!!!

    @mirko92 thats so cute. boys can listen to BB too. that isnt a problem at all. i bet their are as happy about boy fans as their are happy for the girls 😀

  28. what format should this be in????
    hehehe just got 3 prints of big bang pictures today

  29. @Feggy thank you so much♥

  30. @Feggy or anyone else..
    does anybody know how big the pic has to be?
    please reply asap!

  31. so doing this as soon as i find time in between school
    this would my 2nd project in the few months of becoming a fan of Big Bang sweet 🙂

  32. I did it … Forget about all school things .. Just do it 😀 It takes me only 15 minutes ^^
    Big Bang is V.I.P [!]

  33. this is ace…havent been a BIG BANG for long but so going to do this…woo…should we put our full names?

  34. @letseatcookies I put my full name ;P

  35. @mirko92 thanks…
    did u also put the exact date for the ‘when’ bit? i cant really remember when i started to obsess with them lol…and the life after BB is difficult to right..i keep wanting to write a comment to them..

  36. @letseatcookies you’re more then welcome! ^^
    And no..I wrote about how months ago I started to hear and like them, lol. and yes, it’s difficult. I would never stop writing xD

    hope it helps you to feel more comfortable! ^♥^

  37. @mirko92 thanks again lol…hmmm yeah just wrote a few lines in the end…now for the photo..ahhh xx

  38. Hey EVERYONE:

    Samzy here!!…so sorry for not getting back to you..BUt here I am!!

    Okay first thing first..This project does not discriminate against so Mirko92 please send in your BB experience (if you haven’t done so already 🙂 )
    The ‘WHEN’ part: You don’t have to be specific about it..just say how many months ago…no need to be exact too…

    The ‘WHERE’ part: Jess is right, Just write about the first time you’ve seen them perform on TV , real Life, internet (most likely Youtube!!)

    The ‘Life after bb’ part: Again Jess is right, In other words: How has your life been affected AFTER knowing Big Bang..

    TO: ouzo Sama: Please email me at with any further questions ( In English Please 🙂 )


    Thanks to everyone who sent in their details…and for those who didn’t: don’t rush yourselves the deadline is on AUGUST…so Good Luck peeps…!!!!!!
    Any questions please forward it to:

  39. TY samzy
    i cant wait!!!!!!!!

  40. Thanks Samzy! lol!
    I sent the email with 2 images of me XD
    I let you the choice XD

  41. And thanks everyone to support me *_*

  42. great idea =D i’ll participate in this! ^^

    at first i thought it was a real meeting with BB T.T but i have never meet them in real life T.T

    thanks for doing this project ^^ <33

  43. what if im a dude? lol

  44. Hope a day we can Big Bang seeing at our pictures and we can reconize our selves! XD It’d be so amazing, lol
    Hope I am the first italian boy on that book, so they can be
    like 😮 “Oh look! only 1 boy from italy” so I can see myself like on youtube xD okok I’m crazy xD It’s because in italy it’s late..

    Who know, I hope I make you laugh by the way ^^,

  45. *EDIT: hope a day we can see etc etc

  46. ^^ thats nice i wunna participate *o*

  47. very goood ideas

  48. OMG YEEAAH !
    I’m doing this.
    & i cant wait till GD sees it lol.
    thanks again samzy, and for explaining it.
    i was just like those other confused peeps. ty!

  49. I’M ON IT RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!!!
    i LOVED this idea.. and it’s kinda a way to pay for what i’de miss, cuz i’ve seen the project of which draw somthing for them.. i cried blood over that.. becuase i’m really good at art….

  50. HAHAHAHAH…you guys made me laugh..I love how you’re all soooooo enthusiastic about this project…I promise I won’t let you down…again all genders and backgrounds are welcome…and @JYNaRa: I know how you feel…I am looking to do another project after this one finishes, and it has something to do with art so keep an eye open okay…@mirko98: lol, the funny thing is, I was thinking the same thing!! *crazy fanpoeple* XD

  51. i hope there are more things like this! and competition!

  52. id it ok if i dont leave a photo bcause idk how to do it

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