Updates on Mnet Superstar K

Vicky posted a video on Big Bang promoting Superstar K on Mnet news earlier. Here, i have posted the background of the new Mnet project and also about the GDbananas.


Superstar K is Korea’s biggest music cable channel MNet’s project to search for new musical talents (American Idol-esque). They started receiving applications over the phone early April this year. Since Mr. YG of YG Entertainment is one of the celebrity judges, Big Bang is helping the promotion – not that the project really needs any more promoting. I hear that they already got hundreds of thousands of applications submitted. There was also a news report that Paul Potts has been designated as a judge for the Busan regional auditions. To participate, you need to call in and sing the first verse of a song of your choice in its entirely.

About the bananas: “Bananamanba (Look Only at Bananas)” is the name of a banana-flavored ice candy product sold widely in Korea. GD actually says “Bananamanba” at 2:57 right after YB finishes singing Look Only at Me. He obviously got those bananas ready as a prop to use them at the end of YB’s singing lol. GD (as well as the other guys) is so supportive of YB it’s often touching…

Thank you: pgeorgie

~ by Momo on June 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “Updates on Mnet Superstar K”

  1. Ahh, I’ve heard about Superstar K. I didn’t make the connection with BB’s Superstar K promo until now.

    I was kinda iffy about the show since it was gonna be like American Idol… I hope it’ll be more entertaining for me. :3

    I know that YG is one of the judges, but also Lee Hyori! So I’ll check out the show. ^^

    Hahaha… GD planned those bananas? So silly and cute. C: ❤

  2. Oh yeah, I’ve heard of this before.

    I love those freakin bananas hehe.

    Gotta show their love for their momma Taeyangie. ^^

  3. I’ve heard that before
    haha Bong is always Bong 🙂

  4. lol~~bananamamba!!!

  5. Do u have a link?

  6. So,, uhmm
    Is there a number or link to apply? o-O

  7. Is there a star inside of you that is yearning to be unleashed??

    Asia’s biggest singing competition, Superstar K, Season 3 is coming to NYC on June 25! If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next big superstar, compete as a solo artist or a group and win 500 Million WON (approximately $500,000 USD). See you at the audition!

    Date: June 25th 2011

    Location: The Times Center – 620 8th Ave, New York, NY

    You could be the next superstar we are looking for!

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