New Japan Album Photoshoot

This is their concept for their new Japanese album jacket releasing soon. Bong and his long hair combining with his tall hats and lollipop phrase and his never ending love for colorful skinnies. Bae and his oh-so-sexy side profile that I love so freaking much, just look at that jawline, how can it be more perfect?? His cocky expression wins. I LOVE TABI’S HAIR!!!! So futuristic, mysterious an sexy, those white skinnies look DELICIOUS on him…. and I do mean delicious. Dae’s pose is LOL; has he been taking some lessons from Baby for ridiculous funny poses lately? I get the feeling that Baby got that pose concept from Bong, and what’s with his pants yo?!

This is just the preview, HQ version haven’t been release yet.

Credit: 빅뱅/ 빅뱅팝
Thanks to 오렌지님

Chonny doing a makeup tutorial on Tabi

haha I love this guy, I’ve been watching his videos for a while now, from the funny Vietnamese accents he make in his videos, to when he dance to Baby’s ‘CRACK CRACK’ dance, knowing that Chonny is a Big Bang fan is just awesome.

Thanks to yourchonny
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is just for fun, please don’t be offended by it in any way.


~ by Vicky on June 8, 2009.

58 Responses to “New Japan Album Photoshoot”

  1. I love bongs pants LOL there so fruity 🙂


    BIG BANG!!! (finally!!! I miss them so much T_T)

    damn they’re HOT!!!

  3. mmmmh Y does Tae hav 2 look so yummy! lol my heart belongs 2 JI! XP even if his hair is not in my liking right now! lol

  4. @Nokkiiee: i love bong. period. haha^^ but i agree. dae seems to have been learning new poses from baby and baby seems to be studying his hyung yongie’s poses lately. and is it just me?? or does tabi seem to be actually posing instead of just standing there and looking hot. damn, if he keeps this up, i won’t be surprised if he’d be up on runways soon. that’d be cool to see. haha^^ and yb with his usual macho self. hope the boys do well in JAPAN!!


  5. OMG, finally something hot from Big Bang this month! Ji Yong looks so different, but still sexy [: and OMG Dae, workout much? He looks so hot now~ haha, baby’s pants~ [: it looks funny :D.
    Big Bang Hwaiting ~ (:

  6. i do agree with yuu about my baebae! ahha!
    can’t wait!!

  7. Hmmmmmmmm’ iam definitly MELTING .
    — i want you noow maknaaaaaaaaae RAWrr. SEXY THEM . OUAH
    Bongbongbong xmwaahs.
    Tabii ; oh mayn , i FEEEEEL HIGH. <33333 c-c-c-caan you stop being HOT ❤
    Bae , you ROCK my heart DUDE. Hmm yummy ^__________^
    Daae , i love you . SMEXiiE OUAH !!!!

    _____ leee seunghyun, i love you .
    XMWAAAAAAAAAAHS ❤ :333 I HEART U duudeeee ~
    — ROHLALALA ; Too hot for words.

    big bang; your my number one _ Sojana~

  8. this is sooo hotttt~~~~
    omgsh they all look soo yummy~ ;]

  9. OMFG. Need HQ like now. hahaha

  10. I’m not crazy about it but their cute and make almost anything look good. :]

    TOP is looking fioneeeee.
    BongBongBonggg looks good..
    but why do i keep thinking he’s about to go ride a horse ? ..
    DAESUNGIEEEE! that pose is.. different. but you’re still HOT.
    just place a soccerball in the corner and BAM! o
    ne hot smexy ashh soccer player. HAH xD

  12. wooooah!!!!
    talk about DELICIOUS!
    Tabi in those pants lawrd!!!
    if only I had at least a side profile of that
    loving the hairstyle for sure

    seems like their poses are becoming dorkier yet sexier
    especially Baby
    man that guy is growing and gettin hotter by the second

    can’t wait to hear those news songs man
    or better can’t wait to see them performing again
    when was the realease of the album again?
    hopefully soon

  13. Bae looks sexy like he always do ❤

  14. top r robocop

  15. Smexy Dae OMG!!! Work it out bebeh!!

  16. oh my shit, oh my goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd,


    O. MO. NA.


  17. GD IS SEXY AS ALWAYS <3333
    MARRY ME ?

  18. OhMyGyaaaa!! >..< love Daes pose ♥ my Dae Sung! hehe Seung Ri looks ike hes a bout to fly x] teehee Tabi looks so awesome! i want those glasses! Lol x] G-Dragons pants are aweshum! i wan tthem x] and Tae Yang looks super HAWT! YUMMIEE *drool*

  19. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cant wait!

  20. *cnt wait 4 them to perform~ miss them very much~

  21. yeah seriously! knowing that Chonny is a Big Bang fan is just soo cool cuz I love them BOTH! all his vids crack me up..this vid does too lol!

  22. hahahah ‘im just gonna use this black pen i found on the floor’
    BAE SO FINE :Q______, kekeke my Tabi he looks like taegoon xDD
    i think Dae looks HOT that pose is awesome hes lookn hotter more than usual, well to me hehe :DDDDD Ri baby hehe they do have similar poses lol

  23. lol luvin TOP nd DaeDaes picture. totally cute.
    they all got some interesting pants on…must admit.

  24. GD pant’s are hot ROFLMAO.
    LOL @ Seungri&Dae. Hehe.
    Omfg, Bae’s Jawline ! AAAAAH.
    But my fav now is T.O.P ;D
    Man, his stance and that pose! Esp, they eyes!
    I see some Iris going on there LOL
    he killed me, that was hot. but my heart belongs to GD ! GD !
    Hehe, OMFG ! How funny was Chonny. Chonny fan right here! HAHA. i’ve like watched all of his vids. lols ‘i’ll just use a black pen of the floor’ LOL Gatsby ;3 & He knows the words to Haru Haru! WOOOT Can’t believe his a bb fan x) YAAAAY ~

  25. GAHHH x3
    daesungieee !!!!
    man, my man is lookin supahh flyy [;
    i cant wait for the HQ [x
    man, i love mychonny, kid’s a fan, im happay 😀
    we need more guy fans xD

  26. Tabi.

    Arghhh I seriously miss these boys! I can’t wait for all their Japanese promotions to get up and running. 😀


  27. i freaken love those photos! and haha CHONNY! i also been watching him! i love his asian parents! and i love his crack crack! and this video! lmao

  28. Hiks.. I can’t look a better close up at tabi.
    I bettuh quickly go home n check it with my comp. But 1 thing forsure, his with white pants owns! :-*
    Other look fine too!
    Its been so long since we’ve seen them.
    Btw Vi, its been so long since we’ve talk. What r u doing right now? Busy lately?

  29. yay chonny!
    stillnotdavid’s also a big bang fan =D

  30. awww!!!~~~jiyong oppa!!!!smexxxyyyyyy!!!~~~XD
    i love top pose~~~HOT!!!!~~~
    love love love bae expression!!!~~~
    haha~dae such a cutie~~~XD
    and i agree that baby got learn some pose from jiyong…XD
    awwww~just LOVE them!!!~~~BIGBANG!!!

  31. they look young!! i have been seeing them in suits alot lately in Korea (Remember album, awards ceremony, Lotte, ambassador for some ministry). they look really funky and good! though i’m still not digging GD’s hair haha. hopefully the japanese will take to their style!

  32. Oooh, they all look nice!
    Haha, I like Dae’s pose XD

  33. haha omg didnt this guy used to be emo? aww he got a little chubbier lols. he’s loads of fun. he’s australian right? the accent sounds australian lol

  34. Nya

    yea~ been real busy
    or sometimes just lazy
    been outside like 24/7
    it’s summer
    so it’s time to have fun
    got a new boyfriend too 😀
    so busy with that also haha

  35. luv ya

  36. HA HA HA HA HA ……………

    That’s funny. It’s pretty good stuff that’s he got.

    HA HA HA ………. T E M P O in another vestion and motion.


  37. dude…
    Don’t do sort of thing again.:))
    I’m in shoked…stil@-)

  38. TOP looks steaming HOT in that photo! sigh >_<
    that kid on the video is so funny…lol…that pen-as-eye-liner comment cracks me up

  39. LOLOL , Dayum , hoot (L) . The video is hilarious , ahha ! wonder how he got the “eyeliner” marks off o_o

  40. Oh wow, HOT :]

  41. Oh darn I wish those pics were thumbnails. ;]

    But yeah, TABI! So sexy. Futuristic is the exact word that I was lookin’ for to describe him. =D

    Bae’s jawline = So DAYUMMM HOT.

    Rofl…. Dae and Seungri. I saw some of Seungri’s poses recently and they were so adorkable. :]

    GD’s style in this picture does remind me of his Lollipop days… Everything is fine ‘cept his long hair. x3

    OMG, I’m watching Chonny right now. Homg…. he’s hilarious. XD

    Thx Vicky~ ^^

  42. …I’m really confused to as to why Big Bang produced a Japan Album…

  43. gahh! Tae soo SEXY!!

  44. Vi
    Eh? New BF? Wow congrats! But how bout baby? kekeke
    Huhu I envy u, my holiday planning is ruined.
    Can’t go anywhere again this time.

  45. finally! ahhhh~ 😀 I was waiting for updates, thanks so much Vi ❤
    the boys look awesome!

    and Chonny LOL!

  46. OMFG, what happend to my husband’s hair?
    GD, of course, LOL.
    But, still sexy.
    Taeyang & Top look so hot.

  47. Gotta love GD’s jacket =D

  48. taeyang is looking soo good. can’t wait for the new album altho i miss BB in korea

  49. hi! im actually new here…but i’ve always been a big fan of big bang here in the philippines…especially here in cebu…

    i really love taeyang and daesung…^^
    theyre super cool with singing…
    But even though I like them… I think it will never surpass my addiction to Big Bang as a group…

    even in my facebook or twitter or friendster or cyworld…
    I always make it a point to be a member of any Big Bang fansclub..


    I hope they will come and visit the PHILIPPINES!

    I promised that if they will come here, i will be absent for a week in my job just to see them in person and get to see there concerts…

    I’ve been to korea but its not easy to find them ther due to there ever so hectic schedule…


    if you wouldn’t mind looking at thsi performance or link…you will probably know how famous…big bang is….here in the philippines…
    coz even infamous dancing inmates inh cebu are dancing to “LIES” by Big Bang…{ }…


  50. wtf TOPS not goth and wears no makeup

  51. I need HQ versions of these pictures. O_O

    ROFL, I watched the make-up tutorial afew days ago, actually. It’s hilarious.

  52. OMFG that tutorial was hilarious! haha love the pen.

  53. nya

    haha he’s my future husband
    i gotta have fun on the way right? hahahha

  54. hahahaha uber <

  55. Lol chonny….AHAHHAH!!

    FARNY!! XD

  56. YAAAY its chonny!!!! 😀

  57. Haha There all so cuute!

  58. youngbae looks really good in his picture

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