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Jung Trustee mentioned “It’s hard to say that this is a musical that is an autobiography of Bigbang. The obstacle that Bigbang went through to become the Bigbang they are now and the obstacles that the main characters go through in the musical is quite different. However, this musical is about students dreaming to become a star celebrity; this could be the story of Bigbang or any of the celebrities in Korea.”

They are dramatizing the piece of work Suldoyoon’s Sul and Company has had for over ten years and is putting it on stage. 3~4 of Bigbang songs are going to be used as tracks for the musical.

(this is about the musical Seungri and Daesung are doing)


In the drama ‘Friends, our legend’ that is being broadcasted from the 27th(today), popular singers like Bigbang, Lee Sora etc. have participated in the OSTs of this drama.

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‘Bigbang is an energizer’ Going back and forth between Japan and Korea

Popular group Bigbang is spending their busy days showing off their physical strength/fitness.

On the 4th Bigbang came back to Korea for a music video shoot and went back to Japan on the 8th. On this day, they had a radio and TV program interview scheduled so they jumped on the plane to Japan with no rest in between.

Bigbang is coming back to Korea on the 11th to shoot the CF for one of the products they are modeling for. After this shoot is finished then they are planning on going back to Japan again to focus on their overseas promotions.

Bigbang ended their activities in Korea early this year after their concert, and has recently started their activities in Japan. Bigbang had signed a contract with Universal Music Japan and stayed in Japan since the end of May to capture the attention of the Japan major music field. However, they still have some CF shoots booked back in Korea so they’re in a situation that they have to go back and forth between Korea and Japan for thier schedules.

On the coming 24th Bigbang is releasing their single ‘My Heaven’.

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Translated by Beau @ bbvipz
Post taken from: Overseas VIPz


~ by Momo on June 10, 2009.

18 Responses to “Big Bang Updates”

  1. cool. good for them. but they need some rest..:S

  2. These boys must be really pumped.
    Hope you guys are taking good care of yourselves, despite your busy schedules.

  3. :[ i hope they’re taking care of their health

  4. oh wow!
    i hope they’re use to it and not get sick..

  5. they work so hard! im kinda worried tho…

  6. wow!! that one crazy schedule. let hope they are not pushing themselves too much. GET SOME REST BOYS!!

  7. good luck for everything Big Bang 🙂
    take care of your health and eat more
    love you and miss you all so much
    Gd misss you and all the members
    i will support you no matter what

  8. agreeing with what everyone above is saying (:
    nothing more important than your own body and health first !



    please stay safe and healthy!!!

  10. I was so worried about the boys when i read this. Hopefully they’re not too busy with their schedules and start neglecting their health. We all know what happened to that SS501 guy right, would definitey not want the same thing to happen to our boys!
    Love you Jiyongggggggg! Take care! Saranghae (:
    Don’t tire yourself out!

  11. I’m so happy for them, but I can’t stop worring.. Bong have just had a bad time for not so long ago, and now they have a craaazy schedule again /; I really hope that they take care of their health<3 but, I think they will ;D
    I really hope they can get big succeed.. they deserve it SO MUCH.

  12. that musical seems interesting [evn though id b all korean]
    holy christ these guys r country hopping every few days without a break. talk about physical fitness. i hope they’re keeping themselves healthy. so glad its not winter ovr there anymore.

    big band fighting!

  13. yikes! going back and fort…i think they should own a personal plane so that they will not waste more money for tickets..haha!^_^

    they are such a hard-working person..i hope they are still healthy..cause if there will be some news relating to ‘example’ GD collapsed..i will definitely sign a petition for YG to stop overworking the boys..lolz!

    no..honestly i cannot do that..because it’s also big bang’s choice to be hardworking right??^_^

    me, as a fan is just here to support and support and support!^_^

    i am proud to be a VIP^_^…

  14. awww so they wont be in S. Korea after Mya of 2009?
    DAMN! i was planning to go there this summer! *CRY*

  15. yeahh waiting for june 24th :]

  16. keep your health guys.
    I don’t need new album, new photos
    I want five of you healthy 😦

  17. i hope they can handle ^^ waiting june 24th ♥

  18. coming back in fourth from japan to korea ^^
    that’s my dream XD
    i wish the guys will have some time to rest
    but then agaiinn….
    i wanna bee them now so badly

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