IU, Lies Accoustic Version

A very nice rendition by IU or better know as Lee Ji Eun alongside Park Sang Hyun, Sandara Park’s brother.


Credit: gorgeous @ daum
Youtube Channel: xalejandraVIP


~ by Momo on June 10, 2009.

15 Responses to “IU, Lies Accoustic Version”

  1. omg WOW!

    …hes kinda cute too *blush* but awesome stuff!
    I like the way she sang GDs rap at the beginning. worked well!

  2. Her voice!!! :] Amazing – it took me totally by surprise.

    I love this rendition. Wish it was longer…

  3. love the way she say “kamsahamnida”
    she have a great talent.!

  4. wow!!!~~~i love her voice!!!~~~^-^
    awwww~such a talented gurl…^-^

  5. that was beautiful !

  6. I love this! this is so nice.

    BTW, did anyone hear the 2nd voice @ 0:55 to 1:05? Maybe their playing the audio of Lies in the background…but it looked like they are just using the guitar as the instrument. iono. hehe.

    Still I love it!

  7. WOW WOW WOW.. AMAZEEE the girl voice is so great….

  8. WOw thats was great! it sounds soso nice!

  9. woww that was soo crazy amazing! 😀 LOVE HER VOICE! 😀

  10. omgg it is so so nice and amazing!!
    IU is so talented..and frigging young
    i just hope she wouldn’t continue with cutesy concept though
    i loved her during ‘missing child’ days
    GOSH i’m so mesmerized by her voice
    how can bong’s rap be sung in this way?!!

  11. now i noe y it sounded off at the beginning.
    its normally rapped by GD not sung by such a sweet [female] voice.
    totally jealous of her awesome voice. gotta look her up more

  12. ahh, I love her! Her voice is so cute and pretty. I loved her covers of ‘Sorry, Sorry’ and ‘Gee’.

  13. it’s so pretty =D
    and i wish it was longer too!!

    and Kenley, i agree.. it sounds like an audio backing; she harmonises so well =)

  14. He looks so familiar, has he starred in a drama or something before? x.x

  15. wow, I am really impressed. It’s really nice.
    I love her voice! She’s so talented!! ^^

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