Walk The Dog | HITE + 2% Stuff | FILA Wallpaper

LOL there’s so many things i could say about this pic… it’s adorable, funny & WTHCK at the same time.
currently tryna finish my last final, a 7 pg research ppr, & it’s driving me nuts! >_<

BOSS HAS GROWN! i find this pic funny for various reasons:

  • YB can be spotted a mile away in the streets; he’s just too noticeable. the way  he dresses, it’s like: oh look it’s YB
  • i hope boss looks just as handsome as his master =X
  • i can’t believe BOSS has grown so much… i remember that pandaboss pic. haha look at him now! so cute!
    YB must be feeding him lots.

well i can’t really finish that sentence cuz… you underage readers shouldn’t be drinking =X

^ look, hite mini’s x]

^ regardless, i find these things adorable, & i’d buy em just to collect the cans & stuff, & not drink em at all haha.

^ i’m one of those ppl who rummage thru newspaper to find interesting things…
this would make my day if i ever found one of these…. SIGHHH.  if only…

^ more things to add to my non-existent collection of bottles w/ BB on em!

thanks to 고냥이G@bbvipz


that was a lot right?
there’s more surprises for you under the cut ^_^ ————————–>


thanks to 워아이GD@bbvipz

thanks to 권지D@bbvipz


RANDOM PIC of the boys in colorful pants @ the UNIVERSAL JAPAN OFFICE

ok the end ^_^


~ by gdluvzmc on June 11, 2009.

54 Responses to “Walk The Dog | HITE + 2% Stuff | FILA Wallpaper”

  1. LMAO. i think hyungbae does the feeding and taking care of Boss.

    the last pic reminds me of a rainbow.

  2. sweet first
    anyways i agree the way yb dresses makes him stand out 🙂 he is so hot DROOL!!!
    oh yeah good luck on the research paper i have yet to written a 7 pg paper but i know its coming soon.

  3. darn i miss being the first comment by 3 mins oh well

  4. awwh soo cool! i love their pants!!!

  5. OMG BOSS has grown so much! Hahaha x)
    Taeyang looks so cute with his back in that picture.
    Lol even if I’m underage, imma juts collect those
    beer bottles. haha, cute! lollll!

    haha! the hite packageing looks cool =) i want sooo many things right now =_=” sucks taht i cant get em. D=
    BOSS is sooooooo cute!! ^^ he has now become my 2nd fav. dog =)

  7. I’m of drinking age and don’t drink and would buy the beer. ha!

  8. hahah!
    i love these pics!
    i guess YB doesn’t care about being chased by crazy fans! ahha!
    Boss is too cutee!
    those cans look like sodas!
    i would buy them!

  9. lol @jayce
    who’s your 1st favorite dog?

    @taeyangluvzcathyv you’re right. they do look like soda cans.
    they’re too colorful to be beer cans. lil kids might be tricked into thinking they’re sweet drinks or something.
    horrible lol

  10. @gdluvzmc
    ahaha! i know right??!

    fans can imagine walking WITH him while walking with boss… that’d be just :3

    rofl i’d collect the newspaper article and beer cans too. well maybe not beer cans but bottled drinks, yes. 😀

  12. I would totally buy the 2% drinks and just collect them xD HAR HAR! MAN. Wow. i can’t believe they actually put their faces on the drinks. that is awesome. I wouldn’t drink it at all. =D Buy the beverage for BB only ROFL XP ❤ Imma go look for them at the azn stores ROFL XD

  13. AAAAAAAWW ! YB walking boss .. cutee!
    the cans are ADORABLE.
    little mini BB heads .. kekekeke.
    ima cop those if i see em in my asn storess! XD

  14. AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! BOSS!!! .. 😀

    I would so buy all that cans and bottles!!! 😀

    BB + HOT = *nod nod* XD

  15. awww i can’t see the last picture :[
    but boss is soo big now!
    Bae must be treating him very nicely 😀

  16. @ gdluvzmc
    haha, my fav dogs yogi =P my cousins dog =)
    but maybe if i got to play with boss, he might become my fav? =P

  17. awahhs taeyanqq oppa so sexy.
    he sure stands out(:

  18. ok now i feel sad for reading this and being old enough to drink ;_;

  19. Too bad I don’t drink beer, coz I would so buy those! O.O

  20. wow BOSS is huge compared to last i see his picture haha
    YB,you’re a responsible owner

    a girl can dream

  21. oh lawrd!
    that’s Boss?
    sure grew fast!

    I’d love to collect all of the cans
    gosh if only….if only
    and that bottle of water..>..<

  22. awwww YB and Boss look so cute! =D lol yea YB is kinda noticeable from a distance..
    HA! they’re making young ppl wanna drink beer even more now lol

  23. awwwwwiiieeee BOSS grew so much….and hubby is looking good =D
    totally true..you can spot Bae from a mile away haha
    if Big Bang were to be on a package of beer i would like buy
    it and put it in a glass box lolzzz…..

  24. the last pic(random one) isn’t working.is there another link for it?

  25. CUTE! i love that picture of YB! aww but sadly i am SUPER scared of DOGS! *CRY* i hate myself! GRrrrr……
    love those wall papers!~
    thank you

  26. FIXED! sorry about that.
    my mind was blank for a good minute.

  27. waaaa…Baebae and Boss out for a walk. so cute. He still has time to do this. =) Boss is so big now…I just remember back when he was still kissing Boss on a photoshoot….waaaaa….

    Can’t believe beer cans can look so colorful and fun. You would think they’re advertising an energy drink or something. Hehe. But I love that mini Hite Beer. So glad I’m legal.

    waaa I miss Big Bang so much. Hope they are doing great in Japan.
    BTW in the Japan album cover it looked like Dae has wings! Plus Bong was chased out. haha.

  28. lovely boss
    I cant recognize him so much haha. He’s really grown kaka
    It seems there’s no Hite in VietNam hux hux

  29. OMG the first thing I notice is how BIG BOSS is! Awww, I remember PANDABOSS! ^^

    Haha, I would totally notice Bae walking down the streets too… xD

    LOL, dang I don’t drink but I’d want to buy that beer just for the packaging~ xP

    Woot, thanks for the wallies and pix Melly! ^^

  30. omg! boss grown so much in withnin this period!
    i miss them since they’re busy in japan..

  31. omg Boss all grown up 😀 he’s so cute ;P
    Lol~~the Hite beers i don’t drink but i will like to collect those stuff xD
    Thanks for the wallpapers 😛 Stylish FILA

  32. oh boss is so big now : D I feel it’s like yesterday YB got him xD
    Oh, I would do anything to drink beer with BB on! :b
    – and i love the last pic with them.. don’t know why, there’s just something about it :b

  33. So cute!
    The beer is cute too, haha.

  34. Hey did you notice you can’t see Bong’s tattoos in the fila pics… Did he have them removed or are they just covered with make up??

  35. whoaa boss is so big now! typical YB style =]

  36. OHMYGYAAAAAA!! >../////<

  37. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! >.//////< !!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Tabi!!! .<~!! I Love Big Bang! ^-^

  38. I didnt know they had a dog o.0

  39. God…. Seungri’s pants are so… yellow!! lol


  41. YB!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. If you love TOP, vote for him, on allkpop http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/full_story/allkpops_hottest_male_star_under_25/… show some big bang love!! I’m writing this here ’cause I know that many people don’t visit allkpop, because of the former bashing of Big Bang, so, at least now, go and vote for mr. T.O.P.!!!

  43. lol im underage in every country so i wuldnt be able to get the beer cans if i wanted to. if only i culd get the cans nd bottles. id display them in my room. xD
    if anyone saw TY on the streets ppl culd tell its him witout having to mistake him for anyone else. lol. dog check, side hat check nd baggy clothes check = taeyang
    i miss spazzing ovr BB piccys =]

  44. Wowww… TY and his ‘boss’ look very cute together! :XXX
    Look at that cans… OMG!!!! How can i throw it away after drinking!? =)) [However, i can’t drink beer! :D]

  45. Haha the mini cans are so cute! 😛
    Lol actually I agree, Boss has grown alot since I last saw him! He must be well looked after, haha but what else would be expect from our boy YB? Its good to know that YB is a dog-person lol coz i love dogs :))
    Thnks heaps for sharing these pics ❤

  46. Hehe, YB looks comfortable. He must not have been disturbed by fans. :]
    I would buy anything with SeungRi’s face on it. ^ ^

  47. wow my gd very cut and bos really cut nice hite

  48. they look so energetic thanks for the pics… i can’t see gd’s tattoos on Filla wallpaper?

  49. isnt boss a girl though?

  50. boss is a boy.

    & yes, jiyong’s tattoos are edited out.

  51. Wow Young Bae husband oppa wow sexiiiii and Boss is grown wow he fits YB more.LOL wow I need a drink because sexxii oppas on beer too bad I’m underage. Guess I settle for water lol YB’s water!!!!

  52. finally pic of GD smilling.. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. but the smile jsut doesn’t have the same feel!

  53. the picture with youngbae and boss looks so cute!

  54. Oh my goodness. Boss did get big. Wow….
    Haha, Tae Yang looks so cute walking Boss.. Lol, makes me think of back when he said that you can’t feed dogs chocolate. Haha,
    & Of course, he’s always wearing hats. Sometimes I wished he wore them less.

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