New HITE CF shooting Stalker Pics

They’re shooting a new version to HITE beer, wearing oh-so-colorful clothes; LOTS of stalker pics of Bong, he went back to the eye liner and emo look.

New HITE CF shooting Stalker Pics

Thanks 오란다님 | gdslady님 | GD&H님 | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on June 12, 2009.

116 Responses to “New HITE CF shooting Stalker Pics”

  1. whooaaa~~~
    somehow i feel Bong in the firat pic look so beauty.
    LOL, doesn’t make any sense.
    😀 so happy to see them after such long time
    can’t wait to see their new CF

  2. OMG That is alot of eyeliner ;[[[
    Well, I hope BigBang are doing okay ;]
    I can’t wait to see this CF then!

  3. Gyah why is he so freaking beautiful?! Bongie why are you prettier than most girls?! So jealous. But lol i see london i see france. I see Bongies underpants. oooo baby XD kayleigh likes what she sees lol

  4. ji yong must been so tired.. poor him..
    top oppa so cute…love him..

  5. Bong’s shirt needs to be pinned. haha. aaaah i’m jealous~
    he’s a boy yet he’s so skinny
    and he just can’t keep john galliano for himself
    and let some perv. (us? XD) see it.

  6. there were some awkward pics of GD.. XD


  7. Ji Yong is so pretty!!! yet he still looks so hot! LOL

  8. colors are awesome!!

    will this CF be in 3D??

    dude jiyongie’s so pretty in the last couple pics

  9. i’m loving everything about GD 8DDD
    TOP looking fine as always :Q______
    working that suit and his pimp rings

  10. man, now i know how gd looks from behind, very skinny. same thing as ROJI, could it be in 3D for this cf? idk, cuz they’re wearing 3D glasses, they are all very colorful + gd’ shirt reminds of julius caesar. ^^

  11. mann he’s soo skinny!
    i love their 3D glasses!
    i have a pair just like them 😀
    heh heh now i’m matching!

  12. I want more meat on bongie!!!! he’s so skinny!!!i

  13. lol. 3D glasses. Damn john galliano. lmao. kinda embarrass to see but made me drool. hahaha.., one thing i have to say is that he is even prettier then me. JKidding. lol. but he is very pretty emo-boy. and seem like YB and GD are growing out their mustache. thank you.

  14. hahaha second to last picture… adorable. haha. his pants are verrrrry low 🙂
    its haawtttt.

  15. OMG! he is !@#$%^&* HOT!!!!
    so pretty!!! so skinny!!!
    gosh. thank you this is my breakfast

  16. In that picture where GD lifts his arm up, it says john galliano on it. is that his boxers and his pants are mad low??

    GD looks soo differnt

    I already like it.

  18. im still not loving gds hair.

  19. WOW GD’s looking really HOT
    And I’m loving the picture where his pants are really low x]

  20. wow john galliano! hahahaha

  21. GD look so freakin fine but the eyeline freaks me out >_< OMGD I just jizzed in my pants GD boxer *sighd* his lil ass so cute <3333

  22. I’m totally lovin’ Jiyong’s hair. I wasn’t used to his bohemian hairstyle when I first saw it, but he looks totally hot here! Jiyong’s so damn fine, haha! SARANGHAE~ 😀 The last photo is super cute! But what’s with that thingy above his head?
    Anyway, Jiyong ah, please eat more and take care of yourself! Love you! ❤

  23. GD’s not smiling…
    i miss his smile…

  24. yaay ~ ! i was feeling a lil’ depressed, but to see GD showing off his boxers, DAMN this just made my day. He looks so tired and bored…and when he is drinking water he’s crosseyed! ROFL. Omg, i think its gonna be in 3D! AHHH! Lols, and GD looks hawt with his hair and headband ESP the EYELINER x) GDLOVE!

  25. OH MY GEEZ my baby looked so fine in that black tshirt and skinnies!!
    love his tshirt alot alot alot
    but the tshirt is too big for him huh?
    cuz they pinned it to make it fitter LOL
    and JOHN GALLIANO underwear xDDDD
    it’s just damn freaking HOT!!!!
    and i seriously don’t know what makes him so HOT
    the hairstyle? i’m so not loving it
    but he just looks so fine to me ❤
    kinda make me in dilemma again.
    i hate him ❤
    and is it just me or all the colours are pretty much a mismatch??
    so darn colourful
    what would be the concept for this? o__O

  26. OMO…
    i’m crying
    miss them so much especialy my yong-yong
    boys u need to come back ASAP!!!

  27. I MISS THEM!!!!!!!!!!! omg my beautiful man… ahhh~~ he’s so pretty. and i love the guyliner. layin it on pretty thick there… hehe^^ but it makes his eyes look so nice. and his hair is so full and luscious!! the hair color is just perfect too… such a milky brown. and those exposed john galliano’s are practically sinful. man he really is a Girls’ Desire.

    but is it just me or he looks tired, bored and pretty much unhappy?? he’s not smiling at all… even when they were taking shots as a group, he looked so serious. i hope everything’s ok. cheer up yongie, love!!

    saranghae yongie<33
    big bang hwaiting!!!

  28. so colorful and cute ! haha !:D
    anw , where’s seungri ??

  29. OOOOOOOO my Ggggggggggd!!! GDeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
    peek at his unde, haha, it’s the BEST pic ever.
    GD looks sooooooooo HWAT always but especially in these pics.
    thanks for the uplods^^.

  30. I love all the colorful-ness!!!
    But i have to say Tabi’s suit is awesome!! XD

  31. LOL!
    I couldnt be happier my man is looking so colorful
    but the hairstyle!!!
    soooo cute!
    feels like he’s gonna start bumping to “stayin alive”
    or somethin ;P
    Dae looks delicious
    lawrd knows he must HOT!

  32. @girlbangbang: Seungri isn’t old enough to endorse alcohol so he can’t be in the CF.

  33. comment got cut and looks weird…>.<
    it was supposed to say
    lawrd knows he must not wear sleeves
    Bong looks really HOT!

  34. JiYong is soooo hot o_o.

  35. mmm..
    I think GD looks really sad –
    what’s wrong?
    I hope he’s okay.
    Maybe he’s just tired. (:


  36. ??GD??
    is he okay?
    Hope he gets better…XD
    he LOOK sooo UNHAPPY
    in the pix.

  37. OMFG! GD looks soo good! hahaha ohhh do i see briefs?

  38. lol they pinned his shirt.
    ahh his hair is so smooth
    wahhmygoodnesss! he looks so handsome.
    the way he drinks water is sexyy (he closes his eyes)
    aww he looks depressed and tired.
    oohlala ~i c his boxers

  39. bong luks prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  40. i think i can see his butt
    ooh undies from john galiano
    typical gd 😉

  41. top…

  42. OMO! Now i can’t sleep…oh my Ji Yong why did you do this to me……so hot and so unhappy,why?

  43. BONG-y baby looks so exhausted 😦
    always makes me sad to see him down. I miss his happy cheerful self.

  44. damnnnnnn jiyong! his makeup always looks great! aahh! he’s such a pretty guy. and his hair…looks super healthy. it’s always super thick and shiny (jealous xD)
    except he’s not smiling in ANY of the pictures! be happy jiyong!

  45. GD look serious 😦

  46. wow…
    so colourful
    hahahaha lol Ji
    I LOVE ur boxers ^_^

  47. If you love TOP, vote for him, on allkpop… show some big bang love!!

  48. awww…they look tired especially GD 😦

    (idk how many times I’ve said this but)..I really miss BIG BANG T_T

  49. JY doesn’t look so happy 😦

  50. Why does he look so sad ??

  51. aww poor gd looks so tired/bored i dnt mind the guyliner nd emo look as long as he’s smiling. his sad face makes us all sad.
    im lovin their costumes for this too. the concept frm wat i can see is totally loveable.
    hehe dae nd top r the only ones smiling crazily in these pics. all they hav to do is spread the smiles around now. =]
    ps GDs hair lyk dis just emphasises his feminity. so jeaous

  52. wow, he wears thicker make up than me.
    he doesnt look happy 😦
    n omg jeans soooooo low down!!!!
    but hot

  53. yay! more gd pics! but no smiling gd pic..oh well…i think he’s just being serious these days…i mean that day..for the sake of the cf^^…and he seems in soooo tired…..*sighs*….i wish to see that cf soon…thanks again unni^^

  54. 1st of all,where’s SeungRi???
    then i was like “ah! this is beer CF,he still wasn’t old enough 4 this CF” LOL wonder what he’s been doing while others filming this…hehe

    erm is it d shirt big or GD was too skinny 4 d shirt??? they hav to pin d shirt to fit him…hahaha GD ah! plez eat more & take care of urself…~~
    he does looks so tired & bored…maybe bcoz of their sched needs them to go back & forth from Korea to Japan?
    hope they all will b okie soon…^^

  55. aww bong looks so tired in all the pics! :O hopefully him & the rest of bb are ok!
    but i’ll still look forward to seeing their new cf… ahh so much hardwork put into it!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Vicky! ^^

  56. Lạy chúa!!!
    Nhìn anh phờ phạc quá

  57. not only GD’s but YB’s shirts pinned up too….

  58. my guy looks good in purple..hehe!
    he looks good in anything!
    can’t wait to see!
    and bong has purple eyeshadow!
    his eyes looks…pretty!

  59. my baby taeyang looking good in the purple ;p
    it scary how much make-up gd has on thats more make-up than i ever wear i can not stop staring at those eyebrows.

  60. HEE HEE!
    He doesnt look very happy, but then again, he’s listening to instructions and is probably bored cause he does this kind of stuff like everyday. Baby dont be sad, cause im here for you! OMG he wears mor emake-up than me. So Sexy<3

  61. GD madness!! aahh..he is flawless!!

  62. GD doesn’t look happy 😦
    Every picture was a frown >.<! Why is that?!

  63. gawwd!
    Bong’s much more beautiful than me!!!
    but i still love him..hahah

  64. gd looks so tireddd.. poor guy 😦

    TOP looks sooo hott in that suit! Love the color!!
    GD looks so freakin girly 🙂 But really cute. I love him in the black pants.

    lol , but yupyup , GD was creeping me out . SORRYYYYY . ):

  67. btw , where is SEUNG-Ri ?!

  68. GD looks nice! I love the guyliner

  69. Bong looks sad .. 😦
    TOP hair is lookin gooooood.

  70. Ok its happening, GD is going for the Visual-Kei look.. its popular in Japan so its sure to get lots of attention from the fans there.

  71. i just love GD!!
    but he should smile more..:)

  72. i dun like this image of GD…not digging the hair nor the overly used eteliner. but what’s missing is his bright smile which made me fall in love with him last time. i miss the dorky BB where they have so much fun even when doing CFs or their activities. they just seemed so sad and tired now…

  73. awww GD babyyy smile a lit bit for us. it makes me so sag to see pics like that, i know he is just an human, and cant be always happy, but awww… i dont like to see him like that!!!! i miss his smile & dorky acting 😦
    be well soooooooooooooonn!! we all love and support you! even im faar faaar away i never will stop loving BB!!


  74. does anyone notice that in all these pictures, Ji Yong isn’t smiling? He used to be always smiling before…

  75. Is his shirt pinned in the back? O____O”

  76. Everyone who asks where Seungri is…..He’s not old enough to endorse Beer

  77. gd looks so sad

  78. i want to dye my hair color like GD now! 😛

  79. GD looks kinda glum to me,
    but that’s probably because
    he’s just working or because he didn’t see the cameras. xD
    He looks gorgeous smiling or not~

    Aw man, missing baby Seungri. ❤

  80. OMG! Finally. I love it when GD wears his headband. =]

  81. Do u think that hes jus a little bit GAY ??

  82. Aw, look at Bong .
    So cute 😀
    I have a question tho ? Is GD gay ? alot of people told me he is or bi ? or is he just straight ?

  83. AW BONG ❤
    I love his headband look ;D
    & his sexy sagging thing, he rocks it (:
    Oh , i wish i lived in Korea D;
    I would do those stalker things XD

  84. GD ❤
    Hes so adorable, his beautiful facial structure.
    Then his sagging on how its so sexy xD
    They should really do a concert in America .
    Aw he looks kinda annoyed or tired [;
    They work hardd .

  85. I hope we are gonna see the new version of the video, I love all their coloured clothes and so on d;
    Bong looks gorgeus as always, but there is maybe a little too much eyeliner, I love when he have a little bit on, but this is too much I think? and then he looks a little bit mad xD or he’s maybe just tired, and I can’t blame him that<33

  86. omg bong looks depressed, not even attempting a smile as he looks into camera…so sad. he needs a rest!

  87. wow my gd really cut but little lady kkk joke i love gd

  88. ji-yong sshi needs to smile more… ):

    lovin top’s suit! he can sure rock any suit haha

  89. omg bong looks so pretty
    i dont know how to describe it like his eyes .. theres reflection
    his skin looks flawless
    but even with all of that he still looks manly

  90. how come seungri is not in the shoot? what happen to seungri?

  91. hahah tabi looks so funny in that turqoise suit, bae looks hot.
    Seung Ri is still under age to do alchol CF’s

  92. No worry guys….I have seen lot of pics for this HITE CF..and there’re lots of GD smiling also !!
    if u like to to check it out. It’a site from Thailand.

  93. Anyone else think GD looks… unhappy 😦
    On the bright side! TOP looks super hottie!

  94. Awws.
    GD looks all sad on his pictures ;]]
    ii wonder why. Oh my qee. What if he’s too tired again.? No . ii hope he’s healthy. I’d be sad if something happened to him ;]]
    Comee on GD, babyy. Keep working hard. All your fans lovee you && likee always we hope you’ll do qreat && we support you 500% && moree. Mmmkay.?
    Oh my qee. Colorful. Dae Sung is amazing likee always.

    Ohh 3D qlasses ;]] Awesomee lol ;]

  95. lmao I didnt even notice how those glasses were colored!
    I want some, lol.

  96. JiYongs eyes look so beautiful <3333
    HAHA I love their clothes hehe

  97. HELLO?! Jiyong’s not gay or bi. Please get this straight.

  98. his eyes look really pretty in these pictures :]

    but why isn’t he smiling?
    it worries me. none of these pictures i don’t see the happy smiling gdragon ;[

  99. A lil eyeliner is okay… but GD is wearing too much here. He looks just fine w/o it. :]

    But dang he still looks hot in these pix. Omg…. x]

    And WHOA, I can see his underwear. XD

    He looks so sad/tired though. ]:

    Can’t wait to see the new CF. Big Bang are sure wearing some bright colorful outfits. I saw hella hot pics of Tabi already~ =D

    Oh Tabi’s suit is teal-colored… not a pastel color. It’s bright. x]

    Can’t believe this is for Hite. What’s the concept… hmmm.

    love him.
    pretty eyessss

    he’s so skinny…

  101. errr, i think bong has taken it a bit too far..he looks feminine now. i miss the old haru haru days.

  102. that’s a little too much makeup isn’t it?? i agree he does look…feminine =/ but i still like GD…so i’m not a hater =]
    anyways, hey Tae Yang looks HOT in purple! ooo la la <333

  103. WHY THE LONG FACE! I agree that JiYong looks so Georgeous! Ahhh! but he looks a bit depressed! 😦 he is still beautiful and i love him!

  104. ya… GD looks a little sad and that makes me sad!! cuz i have just discovered BB!! and i have been watching old videos of them.. GD is always the hyper and funny one.. that’s why he is my fav!! but now he looks like life have been sucked out of him!!

    i think this is before he went to Europe for his vaca!! cuz after his vac doesnt’ he have the bun hair style??

    i also checked out the thai website.. and same face there! even the video he is sad.. awww what’s wrong with our funny loving Bong!!??

  105. awww.. so GD is a boxer kinda guy!! LOL!!! John Galliano… i know he is not endorsing the product.. but wonder if their sales will go up after this photo shoot..

    GD SMILE!! we miss seeing your beautiful smile.. although u r still the most beautiful man i know!

  106. oh my goodness!!! I thought GD was a girl!! He’s pretty! WTF?!?! HAHAHA. Its sad how GD looks sad =[ I wish he would smile like this : =D

  107. LOL Whoaaaa x] theyre so colourful! x] lol and you can see the stubble in G-Dragons pics 😦 i no likey stuble on GD..but hes sooo hawt either way x] i love the colours!! x] and i LOVE BIG BANG! ♥.♥ could they be any hawter?…Lol hell yeahh! x] GD looks so cereal, and very tired 😦 so thankful to them =] support BB! thank you! x] hehe and i love the purple Tae Yang and yellow that Dae Sung are wearing ♥.♥

  108. i love all the colors !(and dhem too)
    GD looked so tired and stress out , hope he wont stay like tat though , cos i noe he is always the hyper one in dhe group , i wanna see him smile (:

  109. haha GD’s soo skinny O_O *looks at the pins at the back of his shirt* =(

    hope you’ve been recovering.. and hopefully getting happier =)

  110. omg GD is so skinny T.T and so pretty *.*, the first pic looks like pink eyeshadow O.o

  111. LOL his $40 briefs =)

    oh man is that poiple eyeshadow i see? 😉

  112. Bonnggiee
    Looks so sad D:

  113. 지용오빠~~ ❤ 사랑해요..

  114. hehe, ji yongie looks like he’s going
    to kill somebody in the last picture. ^^

  115. londons leading hair extensions salon, Tatiana specialist in real human hair.

  116. OMg his t-short is being pinned at the back. He needs to gan some weight, it can’t be healthy to be that skinny when you’re working that much. But he’s still hot though 🙂

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