Updated Pictures in Japan | Incident & Jokes during shooting of HITE CF

I know we all miss the boys, everyone wants the boys to do a comeback, but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon, at least not in Korea. But, you should know that Big Bang’s book ‘Shouting to the World’ is being made into a musical, and our two musical stars, Dae and Baby will be in it. . And just like what you see in the last stack of stalker pics, the 4 matured boys are doing another HITE beer CF, and an incident happened at the shooting scene, not sure what it is, but it sure had the Tabi and Bong went ‘OOOH!’ and Dae was cracking up some jokes with Bae too, so freaking cute…….. well where is my Baby???? He was spotted with Bong and Tabi in Japan, wearing some sexy shades. I love Bong’s outfits in these pictures. AH~

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Tabi, Baby & Bong in Japan

❤ GRI!

I just love in this dork face.

Looks like Dae is working his gag magic

and Tabi teach us something here, if there’s something falling, run the hell away……….. not like Bong is like laughing it butt off and try to catch it.

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~ by Vicky on June 15, 2009.

79 Responses to “Updated Pictures in Japan | Incident & Jokes during shooting of HITE CF”

  1. LMAOOO. omg i laugh cuhs GD doesnt run or nothing, he’s just in the same position in every pic xD

  2. LOL to tops face in the 4th picture.. look at gd, he looks like hes trying to use some superpowers of outside force to stop the thing from fallin xD
    hehe i luv big bang- keep up the good work =)

  3. Is it just me or does Baby look a little bit like Se7en in that close up shot? Lol at Tabi’s hair in the Hite pictures. The fact that he can still look so hot even with that ridiculous hair is a testament to his looks! 🙂

  4. Lovin’ Seungri’s shades! [8

    All the boys look like they’re having so much fun!!

  5. @Jonell

    its about some time that somebody else noticed that! I mentioned when Seungri came out with the Strong Baby video that he was beginning to remind me of Se7en sooooooo much. He does look good with the shades doesnt he?

    Ah bongie how i love you so. Use them superpowers!! LMAO Tabi’s face is priceless. Bongie as tiny as he is, wouldve been squashed! But I love the pic of him giving the peace sign. He’s just a loveable dork.

  6. As I said to my friend, he isn’t trying to catch it, he’s trying to use ‘The Force’ to hold it up 😉

  7. Lole

    Yb look so cute
    sorry 4 my english

  8. oh gosh i love Tabi

  9. i like jiyong’s hat in the first picture(i want one too ><). i also see some "laker" fans. lol. seungri&tabi. you both look good.

  10. It makes me so happy to see G-dragon smiling and laughing; in the previous sets of pictures he looked so serious!

  11. I love Baby Ri’s shades.

    and that Baedae moment.

    plus the dorkable Tabi and happy Bong.

    Damn I miss them very, very much.

  12. oh,damn loving GD’s hair ❤

  13. @ Jaci
    I agree! It’s so good to see Jiyong being dorky again and doing stupid stuff which are super duper cute. I’m definitely gonna miss these boys but hope they gain lots of success in Japan! Big Bang Hwaiting! Saranghae ❤

  14. woah ! GD is like jus standing there and don wanna move , haha , so cute , (:

  15. haha.. finally a smiling Bong!! LOL!! so happy to see his funny and dorkie self again!! LOVING HIM SOOO MUCH!! MY HEAVEN!!!

    and look at Dae’s muscles man!! loving it!!

  16. im happy to see Bong laughing and trying to catch a fallin object -___- on these pic…makes me feel at ease thats he’s becoming his old self again…..Tabi looks incredibly adorable in the pic lol running away lol….i loveeee hubby side profile <333 his jawline is just wow….and Dae blue and red shade lolzzz cutee….and i must say maknae is looking good….

  17. HAHAHAHA i love tae yang;s smilr! LMAO the photos of GD and TABI are soso CUTE! hahaha he looks super funny!

  18. anyone see what type of shoe YB is wearing there? cause other wise
    im assuming the person who is on that metal thing is Dae. (that would explain him telln a joke to YB)
    either that or its GD’s stunt double =]

  19. OMGYAY.. GD’s smiling/laughing! =D

    SeungRi looks so dayum good in those shades. 8D

    AWW Dae&Bae So cute. I love seeing these happy candid pics. ^^

    Dae’s arms = HOMG. SO HOT. C:

    LMAO. Tabi’s face and him running away in those pix is killing me! XDDD Haha, and GD is just standing there, hands up! LOL

  20. Awww G-Dragon is so cute. Ooh Seungri looks hot with the Sunglasses.
    Ahahahahaha i love how G-Dragon just stood there holding out
    his hand. Lmao AND YESS he did do the same reactions.
    Lmao i wonder what joke Dae Sung was doing? i want to hear.
    &TOP’s hair is kind of funky. Him wearing a green suit reminds
    me of G-Dragon when he was performing with Seungri. Ahaha.

  21. OMg, i really miss them..when they gonna do some come back stage or smthing?! n it’s the 1 n only Bong is just so funny to watch. yeah, i think that Bong thought he got some super power too..those happy faces makes me happy as well..

  22. Awe, Baby’s shades are sexayy! lol.
    Man, i was just talking to my couins about these guys. i mis them so much! i cant wait for their comeback. i know they are gonna come back strong and they are gonna be top again!
    Big Bang, Fighting!
    Saranghae ^__^

  23. OMG!!!!
    I dont care how much I have to wait for our boys
    prefer to see them smilin like this

    Baby looks so HOT!!!
    that guys is seriously growin up fast!!!

    I’m happy to see Bong is back to his usual self
    I had gotten worried after seing the other pics

    my man looks delicious
    I’m startin to like the hairstyle a bit more
    and the pic with his hair down looks so pure and innocent
    makes me……think lots of things

    Dae and Bae could not look dorkier
    such cuties ^.^
    Dae’s arms are looking pretty good these day
    and Bae’s smile is refreshing and innocent as always
    he just gets cuter by the day >.<

  24. wow, amazing pics, really. i love seeing bb all “natural” like this. i don’t know why im so obsessed with these boys…i’ve never been like this about a celebrity before.

  25. Dae’s guns 0.0

    ROFLMFAO, so cute! Hahahahaha!
    I hope these boys are doing wellll ;]
    cos they lookin’ fine as everrr.

  27. I’m tearing up.I miss them so much.And they look so happy.I wish i could always see GD’s smile.sigh.

  28. TOP ❤

    seungri is looking soooo mature now!
    bae looks good in purple ;D



    and i’m really not digging TOP’s outfit for the CF hahaha but i still love him! I especially like his solo shot. and Seungri’s just working those shades. he looks hot.

  30. omg i get it now!!!! GD saw dae or bae up there about to fall and he was trying to say them or catch them when they fall!!! lol

  31. this is the BB’s latest video..idk what they are talking about…maybe some messages to JVIPs
    GD is being dorky again here….love his dorkiness

  32. Another funny INCIDENT-GD GOT PUNCHED BY TOP…i can’t stop laughing when I watch GD’s reaction..hahaha

  33. wow….!! my baby freakin HOT…!!!! LUV U…!LUV BB…!

  34. lol!!!! those looks like 3D glasses or something like that lol! i wonder what was the joke on the shooting 😀

  35. i think they all look really good and i can’t wait for the cf.:)

  36. I’m loving the sunglasses they’re wearing totally hot!! Bae Bae in the sexii purple is always good!!!! Seung-Ri aka Victor holds down the whole “I’m a man holla at ya boy Victor/V.I”!! LOL

  37. lol I saw that slap video, sorry GD but that was funny.

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  40. HAHAHH DENG, TOP AND GD are soo funny here XD
    DENG MAHN, THE FORCE. HAHA and you can see Tabi sowly dissapering from the pictures XD
    LMFAO when GD got pwned XD
    Tabi was like, are you okay? but idt he realizes that HE punched the almighty leadah XD
    deng, this is hilarious

  41. Hahaha I love the tabi-GD moments there is here xD.
    Ohhh I miss the boys too much ):
    And love GD’s dorkiness in the video where they are talking xD.
    And Tabi’s reaktion on the pics when it all falls down :b
    And when YB is cracking up of latter with Dae xD ahh~~~love the boys<3 miss seungri? 😦

  42. so cute!
    i love it when my sunshine puts onb a laughter!

  43. dae: tickle tickle!

    lol that popped in my mind

  44. haha TOP looked like he happy slapped him. GD looked well sad after he got hit lol silly TOPpy

  45. Look at the big guns on Dae ! GOSH !

  46. Heehee >//////.///<

  47. Lol Big Bang is good advertising .3.

  48. Looks like he’s frozen in time? Lol. Maybe the thing falling truamatized him? xD~

  49. love taeyangs hair, hes so sexy. =]

  50. looks like gd’s stuck in that catching position 😉
    haha, top’s hair screams rebel ^^
    can’t wait to see the cf!

  51. hhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    they are smoooooooooooking hot.

  52. Oh wow. The boys are still HOT.
    It’s been so long since I’ve been on here. Lol.
    Tae Yang’s wearing Purple! Lol.
    Just got done watchiing that video of Tabi accidentally hitting GD there.
    LOL! Can’t stop laughing.

  53. can i juz say that Seungri looks dayumm hot?!
    we shud no longer call him maknae Seungri.
    He’s Lee Seunghyun, one hella fine guy!
    and izzit only me that thinks Daesung’s guns got bigger?
    Damn, those muscles. I wanna touch!
    Im starting to get used to GD’s hair. It looks fine on him.
    Our leader, such a fashionista!
    TOP and YoungBae. They’re effin hot as they have been!

  54. LMAO, top’s face! he’s the hell out of there and gd just stands like he’s posing. but you would expect him to stay cause that’s a leader quality right there :]

  55. bahaha wat fun pictures.
    my fav r da TY nd Dae pictures [lol no bias at all…]
    the last one is so funny. GDs just standing there while TOPS lyk oh crap gotta get outta da way.
    ps DAMN DaeDaes gettin mighty buff =]

  56. haha i was looking at this in class on my phone (i have internet on it) and i burst out giggling because GD is so effing cute!
    and deng Dae is getting buff!

  57. hahaha!!! GD jst cracks me up…

  58. hahaha funny pics on the last one
    like tabi and bong’s expressions
    loool so cute

  59. Awwh I Miss them so much!! 😦

    But at least they look happy!!
    baby is soo cuute!

  60. O-M-G…TOP’s HAIR!!!…uh it makes him, like, half a foot taller…

  61. lol at TOP’s facial expression!!!!!!

  62. hot TABI!
    his hair is soooo big. ngeh3.
    still looks cute!!!!

    TOP didn’t realize that he accidentally punched GD.
    but poor GD.
    look at his expression.
    both of them are cute!!!

  63. ahh
    gd’s wearing the cap from BIG SHOW if im not mistaken hehe

  64. they all look hotter than evah 0.0

  65. omg i’m like so effin in love with tae yang’s outfit but of course he was the one to work it keke^__^

  66. @ Jonell, Haha, he so does! That’s what I was thinking =p

    @ mrs.CHOI, I knowww! O_O His arms are HUGE.

    “if there’s something falling, run the hell away………..” LOL. TOP’s facial expressions were funny. And GDragon just stayed in the exact same position every pic XD

    @ iluvTOP, haha, when did he accidentally punch him?

  67. heyy i actually like SeunrRi’s shades in that picture.
    Love the DaeBae moment
    & Definitely love jiyong cus its so funny how he stays at the same pose throughout the whole falling incident hahas ❤

  68. @ hi =]
    it was at 0:02. you can see that GD stop and touch his head. the video repeated the same thing. 😀

  69. OMO,so fun!JiYong is like an statue and Tabi’s face…Kwon Ji Yong you’re freaking cute…I can’t go to sleep

  70. LOL! It looks like G-Dragon thought he had powers and he was trying to stop the thing from falling while everyone else was panicking! HAHAHA~
    LOL Tabi ran away 😛

    I love the DaeDae and Bebe part…They’re in their own world gagging! XD

  71. Ok i just looked at the pictures again and i had to comment!
    LOL, it looks like Taeyang died of laughter in the last pic cuz he dropped his upper body! LMAOO!

    And the GD got punched video is sooo cuuute and funny…Tabi didnt realise he punched GD, but i wonder how come? LOL

    And in the Japanese talking one, Taeyang look DEAD tired!! 😦
    But GD as always, goofing offf!! <333



  73. ah!! DAE ish SO cute!
    making tae yang laugh!
    they both look so cute!
    hahahah. and GD looks SO funny!

  74. Dae Sung n Tae Yang so cute!!
    lol GD wow!!!! Tabi faces are funny!!!!
    Love SeungRi shades!!!! Dae’s too!!!
    LOL I ❤ Big Bang!!!!

  75. LOL Bae n Dae looks so funny
    GD like just standing there laughing while everyones running away!! LOL

  76. oh my gosh! Look at ji yongie!
    he just stands there with his hands out.
    so cute!! ^^

  77. dae dae looks so cute as he tells a joke to tabi
    daesung can make anyone laugh!!

  78. G-Dragon is so0o0o0o0o0o CUTE!!! lol

  79. G-Dragon is so0o0o0o0o0o CUTE!!! lol and top is so0o0o0o0o funny, TEEHEE XD

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