We’re Taking A Break!

it can be quite depressing to come here all weekend finding nothing new has popped up.

we apologize.

but we hope you respect that the staff are enjoying summer/working like maniacs/preparing for summer school just as you all are, & so is big bang (minus the school part)!

we should all be happy that the boys are getting some time off, while also working on a few things:

  • boss is growing.
  • SR & DAE doing a lil musical together.
  • SR & TOP finishing up on a movie.
  • TOP finishing up on a movie.
  • YB working on an album.
  • GD working on an album.
  • DAE still on FO.
  • japan album/new mv coming out.
  • 3 yr anniversary coming up.
  • jiyong’s 21st bday coming up ❤

it seems weird to see them doing separate things.
but do not fear! as august comes creeping along, this place will be lively again, i’m sure of it!
but for now, expect BBFANSITE to be a lil quiet, more than the usual.

we’ll still be around, looking for things to update you guys on, but don’t expect much.

so on behalf of the boys, & the staff here @BBFANSITE:




~ by gdluvzmc on June 16, 2009.

51 Responses to “We’re Taking A Break!”

  1. awww i hope ur summer is going to be great too everyone.

    there are other bb fansites that are active as well that everyone can go on 🙂

  2. ROFL i’m always first 😛

    but i hope everyone to be back in a healthy and happy mood.

  3. Yeah hope to see you guys and our boys back soon! (:

  4. Nawww I’m in the middle of midterms here, but I hope you guys have a great summer too! 🙂

    Rest well!

  5. thats okay! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!! *HUG*
    i will be busy for the summer too! i am so sad that i will not be able to check up on them for a whole month! *CRY* i hope nothing exciting happens when i am gone! hahaha
    have a GREAT summer everyone!

  6. HEY,

  7. thats okay! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!! *HUG*
    i will mis them so much but it is great that they have break
    Can’t wait till they come back on stage
    love Big Bang
    Have a great Summer Big Bang and everyone!
    Love you BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. you all have a good summer too!!!

  9. Have a great summer staff! You guys rock!

    See the CA one’s soon. =D

  10. summmerr, oh but too bad for me im in winter..but im on a break too, so yay..also thanku for great site

  11. understood :] even though i love this site and all, now i don’t have to worry about missing ten entries after not checking for a day or two, thank you ❤ have a great summer!

  12. Same to you guys too (: Have a great summer ;]

  13. D:
    i’ll miss you guys so much!
    how will i ever entertain the fan girl inside me without BB?!
    but we all understand and THANK YOU for being productive with the big bang obsession. <3<3<3

  14. Thank you so much for everything! Really appreciate the fact you guys work your BUTTS off for our boys (and us :D) BIG BANG & VIPS FIGHTING!!!

    .::Have a great summer!::.

  15. that’s okay!!
    i know..coz BB ain’t that active right now
    just can’t wait for GDYB’s solo albums!! xD!
    enjoy the summer! sigh it’s winter in australia right now wtf
    and i’m missing the boys ❤
    for the time being i shall just repeat their old videos =)

  16. no problem at all ^_^


    thank you so much all the BBfansite staff^^

  17. i’ll still come every day, like i have been for the past year and a half (:
    solo albums + jiyong’s birthday + 3rd anniversary hype = everyone’ll be back with a BANG! in august; i can just feel it!
    keep up the great work (:


  18. i will really miss bb…and u guys! have an amazing summer!

  19. OOoooooooo sooo true, every last word you wrote
    indeed its quite disappointing but it cant be helped
    i feel guilty for being so unfaithful (ungrateful) with BB
    i guess the previous half year was JUST TOO overwhelmng activity was crazy, and now everything has died down a little too much
    and now with 2pm more active ive been checking out more of their stuff,
    of course i still come to this site at least 3 times + a day to check on news, while anticipating every second for more BB related info.
    summer time was suppose to be the best.. i thought they would be really involved in Japan but =[
    its like all the entertainment companies are tryin to tease us till we die, i cant wait any longer everyones comeback seems a long way to go

    VIP LOVE !!!

  20. Oh, my favourite site is taking a break. It’s pretty sad, but I understand you. Have a nice summer ^^

  21. gonna miss u all , have a great and wonderful summer yeah !:D

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  23. i wish you a great summertime.
    we all can understand that, even i really miss my guys 😦
    i hope they\’ll make a GREAT GREAT comebaaaaaack. im lookin forward to it. ❤

  24. i totally agree with Shikobe… eu understood us so well..
    i do check v frequently sometimes a few times everyday..
    at every chance i get to see a new vid of them, i will repeat and repeat and see every single action they do..
    but glad to hear that they are having a great break!
    im really nervous for their debut in jpn too!

  25. it’s depressing all right :(, but it’s alright. BB is taking their baby steps in Japan now, just like when they first started in Korea. The feeling now just like baby in the womb, don’t you think? A kick here and there and there’s silent anticipation in the air. All the best always for BB and of course, the beloved BB fansite!

  26. you guys hav a good summer break [even though its winter here]
    thx for always updating.
    will be waiting for any updates wen u return.
    im glad they’re havin somewat of a break again.

  27. It’s sad that it now will be a little quiet.. But if just you guys and BB of course have a good time, it’s definately okay! 😀
    I hope the guys will get some rest, so they can get ready to a bussy August (specially GD & YB). Can’t wait to all the guys are together again (makes something together) but now I will just wait and see how their solo activities will be =D ❤ I love them more then everything and hope they will have an amazing summer !

    – And you guys, thanks for everything, all the updates and so on : D hope you will get a great summer!!


  28. You guys were my homepage, too :[
    Well we understand about summer, haha!

  29. well i’m gonna miss you! hehe! have a greatt summer!

  30. HAve a great summer :[. U Guys will be missed haha.<33
    TAKKKE CARE. Hwaiting.

  31. i understand!! ^^
    i will still continue to support BBFansite 🙂
    hope you guys will have a great summer break too!! ^^
    (except it’s winter over here for me x3)


  32. perfect. Now I can focus on my studies. ^^
    You guys enjoy your summer! =)

  33. hope everyone is enjoying/enjoys their break.. just a heads up for you guys. big bang will be performing my heaven on music japan next week so be on the look out. from the clip i saw, daesung didnt seem to be there.. wonder where he was.

  34. i start with my day with you & i’ll be missing you for a while-_-!
    but like you said we all need some downtime for the best.
    and i always thank you for your HARD WORK for us & BB!!!!
    have a safe & fun summer, ‘UNTIL WHENEVER’, everyone^*^!

  35. no problemo.

    I’ma be off on a break too, which means less internet. but hopefully the distance/less-updating-ness will just increase everyone’s devotion

    we’re young, it’s summer, why not?

  36. Nuuuuu so sad ):

  37. something new
    their new MV

  38. jk nvm i thought it was new

  39. Aww, well I hope I see you guys around~ … in other forums or wateva. Have a great summer. ^^

  40. Wow reading ur comments, is like you guys are saying goodbyes to us..hahaha..lol

    We r coming back..i am i think..!

  41. NO !!!!!!

  42. haha momo, i know right~
    it’s like a yearbook page.

    thanks for the love! ^^v

  43. that good!hv a cool summer

  44. I can’t wait for Gd’s album! And their new Japanese mv~I’ve been so deprived of them lately that i had been rewatching all their old vids and concerts dvd~

    Cant’ wait for august to come! Hv a bangin summer!

  45. Have an awesome summer everyone! I think Im goin’ through withdrawals already! 😮 lol.

  46. You guys have to come back man. Without you guys or this site, I think I’ll just dieeeeee. ):
    Thought it was a good thing that it’s the summer holidays and you guys are taking a break and I can finally concentrate on my studies. But no, that’s not the case. I still visit this site 2/3 times a day, hoping that there’ll be updates. ):
    I’m missing the boys so much already! Especially Jiyong. Can’t take it anymore peopleeeeeeee! T.T
    Anyway take care and have a good summer!

  47. yeah. have a great summer too and take care.
    you guys deserve a break ^__^

    ~i’ll continue reading the posts i’ve missed lol

  48. Aww sad but yeah i guess, nothing new about the boys has
    popped yet. I’ll still be visiting this site everyday like
    i do. You guys have a great summer too (:

    and thanks for all the work you guys have done. ANy break you take is deserved.

  50. I hate the fact BB make music in Japanese. Korean is way cooler! Korean language rocks!

  51. awwww my vacations are coming soon too ^^ but everytime i see a BB Video i miss them so much ♥ good luck to everyone! love u guys ♥

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