Guess who: Lazy Bum(s)?

So techically….
Dara is the hard working ons here, doing some cardio, staying in shape
while there’s 3 lazy bum in the background sleeping in the middle of the floor
hmm… I wonder.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Can you guess who they are?




Of course it’s the YG boys,

Dae is the in white, Bong is doting next to him and Bae is wayyyy over there…

this is one true family.


Picture thanks to 영배&씨엘은진리@DC2NE1


~ by Vicky on June 18, 2009.

112 Responses to “Guess who: Lazy Bum(s)?”

  1. haha, the boys look cute <33

    Am i first? HAHAHAHAHA 😀

  2. so cute…

  3. i knew it! was them!!..

  4. ha~mayby these guys just finished their exercise.
    and its DARA in turn to do exercise!!:)
    they are really look like a FAMILLY.
    three cute brothers and one beautiful sister!!

  5. lololol lazy little cuties~ ^^

  6. hahaha! their so cute!
    but kinda tired.. hehehe! ^_^

  7. who…!!!?

    ha ha ha

  8. is this an old pic or something?
    my baebae looks so cute sleeping ahah!

  9. HAHAHAH CUTE!!! i knew the guy in the middle but DID tae yang cut his hair!? maybe its just because he had his hat on! haha

  10. Awwhh! So Cuuuuuute<33
    I wish i could be there…. sitting nxt to bongg……..

  11. =)) lovely guys

  12. GD’s hair looks different xD
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  13. now we know an alternate use of the those blue mats….lol

  14. wake them up haha

  15. Haha, they looks so cute xD ❤

  16. whaaaaa~~ so cuteeee !

  17. aaaawwww so cute 🙂 🙂

  18. awww so cute lol

  19. LMAO i know the middle one is G-Dragon & third is TaeYang
    then the first one is DaeSung.
    LOLS YESSS! i got it right. Yeah of course it’s YG Family.
    Hahaha yeah i love how Sandara is running & the Big Bang boys
    are just laying there sleeping. Yes they are so cute.

  20. YG FAMILY fighting <33

  21. OMG LOL XD
    that is so cute♥
    i thought the middle one was dae.
    but i guess not.
    hahah cuties

  22. .3. Do they all live together in YG housing or something?

  23. no this is in the YG workout room. Where Bae’s guns were created lol. This is an old pic right, cos it dosen’t look like Bae has the mohawk on. Sandara is soo pretty

  24. LOL! thats so FUNNY and CUTE! 🙂

  25. Wait, is this old? Lol.

  26. HAHAHH, ohmygod. I laughed my ass out when i saw this. This is so dang cute! Rest well boys:D Tho this was ages ago.

  27. awwwwwwwwwwww >//////<… im sleepy too *yawn*

  28. ha ha ha ha ha

    One for all is DAESUNG. SURE.

    Nearly ……. look like TOP.
    Coz his shape is biggest more than DAESUNG. ( That’s what i thought.)

  29. ahhaha so cute!!!

  30. LOL cute!

  31. aWw how cuutee! xD

  32. missed GD…

  33. awww how cute!! the boys look so hot just laying there. and there is room between bong and bae because they are waiting for me!! jk jk ^____^

  34. ahahah!
    awwwwww how cute! (:

  35. awww wat a kite picture hehe…dara exercsing n the three r laying down heeh.kute!!!

  36. lol SO cute!

  37. soo cute i love u tay yagn a&F

  38. i mean i love u tae yangggg =] a&F (was typing kinda fast n didnt look over my comment. srry!) =]

  39. lol i thought it was recent..i guessed dae, top n gd/ also that looked more like bom to me =)

  40. hahaha that picture made my day.
    yg family = love!

  41. aww thats so cute tae yang is ❤

  42. r u kidding me? they r sooooooo cute!!!!! omg, GD looks so lovable & sexy even in his napping^*^.
    who is this girl, DARA? anyway thanks to her, she made my day with this pic!

  43. lol ahahah that is so cute!!

  44. AHAHA, so adorable (:

  45. awwww…
    these guys
    lazy lazy lazy
    but they look soooooo cute!
    especially Bae and Bong

  46. lawl (:

  47. hehehehehe that’s so cute!

    TOP?? where are you??
    excercising, I’m sure -.-

  48. LOL that’s adorable! bongggg ❤

  49. never thought that our boys would sleep in that kind of environment. i always figured they slept in high mighty beds with bedsheets made up of the best quality and everthing.
    it sorta makes me feel good cause and ignorant.
    man they are sooooo hot when they sleep like that ( i know im wierd)
    sandra is probably thinking “5 five pounds to go…sigh”
    she looks cute too

  50. Hahaha, that’s a great pic. XD Really cute~ ^^ ❤

  51. Lol, i knew it was GD in the middle.

  52. awwwwwwwww helllla cute.

  53. seriously , they look cute when they are sleeping ,
    dara is so hardworking(:

  54. yeah….!!! i knew it was them also….! damn cute….! even when they are sleeping….!!! omG…..! wat happen to me? haha…..

  55. GAH! awesome family, i sweaar. deng mahn.
    Three bros and a sis XDD

  56. Bom’s like the hard working sister trying to feed her three useless brothers. 😀

  57. Oops. I mean Dara.

  58. lmao. hahahaha they’re soo cute.

  59. bae has hair !

  60. I got Daesung and GD right. 8D
    I didn’t recognize YB without all his muscles.

  61. this is old, right? YB doesn’t have his mohawk!

  62. if i was dara, i wouldn be on the tredmill, i would be staring at my boys sleep!

  63. wheres sseungri and top?

  64. Oh man their so cute 😀
    Aw, bong .

  65. miss them sooooo much ^^

  66. Thats not them dae is way to thin (look at his arms) and tae yang has short hair and bong has long hair the only one there is dara

  67. AH HAH!!
    I knew that that fella was Dae..
    There’s no way I can forget that body. LOL.

  68. hmmmm…i thought the guy in the white one isn’t daesung…i’m pretty sure its the guy who have so many pics w/ GDYB on their predebut days…i dont know who it is but he looks like him… O.o
    oh well! atleast ahm right w/ GDYB^^….
    they are so cute laying there 🙂
    they look tired or sumthing!..specially Youngbae!
    He must’ve workout a lot!..haha^^

  69. awww… u lazy dudes
    but they still look adorable even though they’re
    competely worn out

    where’s TOP & Seung Ri by the way?? I miss u TToTT

  70. I only recognised GD haha! It’s super cute!!! ❤

  71. this photo was taken aroung 3rd quarter of july. was lies out that time?

    i love yg family!

  72. can sandara plis just go sumplace else to work out??
    (hahaha btchg here xp)

    i spotted dae first! that arms on eyes is so him.

    and of course i figured it was bae laying there.
    i cud picture myself just beside him hahahahaha

    lazybums have never looked so hot!

    OMG That is totally funny. LOL!
    Lmfao (: YG FAMILY; yeahhhhhh !

  74. awww this is so cute

  75. lol at first i thought the middle one was tabi 😛

  76. Lool.
    Tae tae looks different.
    Wheres his mohawk? 😮

  77. awww~ sleepybirds
    Ruffles DARA SO PRETTY – staying in shape for
    the yg boys ayeeee ;]

  78. you must be jealous mimo, seeing your tae yang
    sleeping with the other guys oooOOOoooo

  79. nawws they’re tired. YG boys are HOT. TAE YANG (L)

  80. OMG,they’re just so cute even when they take a nap!
    i think that they’re just too tired after working out..
    n dara cute as always,live em’ !!(^_^)

  81. ROFLMAO! they’re ‘brothers’ so its alrights 😀
    other girls then its getting personal. yes i love my tae yang 😀

  82. About time,~ ughhh drools
    I’ll give anything to sleep there ;]

    … with my homies BOWAHH!

  83. ROFLMAO with my future husband and my future BROS 😀

  84. Those three must be dreaming about me mimo :]


  85. I won’t be your bride’s maid

    me and jiyong will like elope :}

  86. ROFLMAO those 2 tae yangs thinking about me 😀

  87. Haha, nice. I would be like that too if I were them. xDD

  88. haha i guessed DaeDae nd GD ryt but not YB i thought it was Baby.
    this would have been quite older.
    their hair and physique r different now. haha
    dara is so pretty nd she’s excercising. lucky girl

  89. working out with three hot boys laying on the floor.
    no wonder why she’s so sweaty lol !!

  90. this is adorable! :]
    daesungie and jiyongie cuddling
    while bae is all alone :[
    but still cute 😀

  91. while dara’s sweating, the 3 are sleeping! ROFLLL XD

  92. hahah i think its CL, BOM, and sandra.. hahahhaha

  93. ….why are they with her O-o

  94. no no, its not like that
    the yg boys did so much work and they need just a lil rest!

  95. i could guess the one in the white t is DaeDae..and i thought at the last corner is Seung Ri..hmmm..has Ji Yong cut his hair? it looks short..haha..Dara gotta have to tone her body..she looks quite skinny to me..the other 3 girls have quite toned body fosho..go Dara!! don’t end up like Ji Yong..wayyy damn skinny.

  96. they’re so cute!!
    yg family rox..:)

  97. I’m sorry
    But Who ia Bae, Bong and Dae…?
    TY,GD and DS…?
    am i rite

  98. LOL!! awwww so cute >.<

  99. lmaoo so cute!
    the angle of the picture is so funny <33

  100. they r so cute!!!
    <33 love them all..

  101. omg that’s funny..hahaha ^_^

    nice job dara..keep working out..the boys must be really tired..haha ^_^

  102. hahhaah wow, boys. love them XD

  103. OMG!!!
    he’s so cute there!!!
    why are they so lazy!?? hahaha funny!
    well LOVE THEM LOTS!

  104. *gasp* is young bae growing out his hair!?

    i would love to see that boy with a new style XD

  105. ahaha , aw! D: omg , bae’s growing out his hairr ? n-n . well i like his mohawk better. D:

  106. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  107. i can’t see the pictures :[

  108. nvm XD sorry

  109. oh, haha!! So adorable!! ^^

  110. this is SO cute!
    wat an adorable picture. <333

  111. so cute …. taeyang look soo tired..huhu..miss them so much

  112. owh kiyawa…so cute…but i wonder why u all calling GD Bong…it is his nick name or what?

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