BANGS Socks!! | Pic Spam

thought i’d share something cute with you all :]

i told you we wouldn’t be gone gone haha.

these can be ordered off the YGeshop i believe.
the shop’s open to foreigners, as momo pointed out a while ago. you have to register, etc. but it’ll be hard to navigate since much of it is in korean, even though there is int’l sign-up.
you need to upload a photo id, & you can’t use MAC computers. (PC’s only)

thanks to 진탑 @bbvipz

AREN’T THEY JUST ADORABLE?! is till have yb socks which i hang up on my wall & never wear.
how can you put them on ur feet? it’s just not right haha.

i rarely spam pix, but when i find a batch, i usually pick the best/funniest ones out of the bunch. here’s what i’ve collected for y’all haha.
contents: japanese singles, hite candids
under the cut ——————>


babe’s rocking them yeezy’s. i’m so jealous.

autographed singles!!!
GD: check this out!!!
YB: lucky!
SR: thank you
DAE: weird happy face
TOP: TOP (lol)

I really really really really like TOP’s hair lol.
i mean, after watching I AM SAM & seeing that LIES crop, which i totally miss cuz it was so hot on him… this whirly do makes me envy his fabulous hair lol

there’s too much going on in this pic.
TOP has his arms around 2 girls. watta pimp. THE GIRL ON THE RIGHT GOT GUTS. i give her props. >_<
JIYONG is surrounded by girls. he’s always been a pimp. (-_-)
DAE has his arm on a dude. i’m not even gonna say anything HAHA
& YB is up on the fire truck, shy as always. typical. SIGH. that girl up there w/ him is smart


~ by gdluvzmc on June 19, 2009.

41 Responses to “BANGS Socks!! | Pic Spam”

  1. I love GD’s signature, cute lil face. And SR has some fancy signature there, lol.

  2. i love his hair too

  3. OH YEAH! And I wish I could buy from that YGeShop but my mom wouldnt let me put my ID up like that.

  4. the socks are uber cute ! i want them hehe
    and wow, imagine getting them signed cd’s πŸ˜€

  5. in the last pic, GD was surrounded by a grp of gers, i having prob finding him πŸ™‚
    taeyang was the frs i see ^^

  6. awwww~how cute~xD
    i want their autograph too…T_____T
    lolzzzz…i also want join those girl who surrounded jiyong…>___<
    awww~top look HOT in glasses!!!~~~xD
    bae look so sweet at up there~~~

  7. Autographed cds omg! The socks are super super super cute! I’m highing on the fact that you guys are still updating us with stuff and not gonna be gone, like gone gone! πŸ˜€
    Omg the girls around Jiyong are super duper lucky! Me wantszsx..

  8. Oh my GOd

  9. oh god, I would do everything for the autographed cds! n_n
    I just L.O.V.E Top’s hair on the first pic. (the one where they are standing with their cds) =D

  10. hhaha! so cutee!
    they’re fromm lollipop!
    i wanna get yb’s signed cd the most! ^^
    but i wanna collect it all!

  11. Please someone tell me what a Social Security Number is?

    I am trying to buy these socks 😦

  12. ^ it’s a number that identifies you. everyone should have one

  13. awwww.. why is GD soo far.. LOL ‘pimp’.. well who wouldn’t be like to be surrounded around him!!

    Dae.. his arm around a guy.. LOL! with so many girls in the bunch he picks the ONLY guy!! LOL! still love him!

    i want those socks.. i can’t speak Korean!!! omg.. comic BB are soo cute!

  14. the sock with sr face even has dark circles lol

  15. Aww those are some cute socks ;]
    Teehee, love the group picture.

  16. hey the one by YB kinda rmds me of minzy =T

  17. GOD! I want those socks!!!Awwww so cute,I really
    miss them…miss Ji Yong most!!!:(
    They look really futuristic,COOL!Tabi’s hair is awesome.
    These pics really makes me happy,thank you so much!

  18. ;O , what cd is that? haha.

  19. bongs rockin air yeeeezyssss. damn lucky mofo.
    dae and top are rocken ATO’s. lucky mofos.
    their shoes are always freaking sickk.
    hahaa, yo mang it was pretty hard tryna find bong there in the last picture. XD

  20. lol i had to google with yeezy and ato is but man those are some badass shoes and i’m not a big sneaker person i want some now especially gd’s

  21. Omg those socks are so cute! I could never wear them… I’d place them on my shelf somewhere. XD My sis would be like WTF. =P

    OH! And I just saw those socks on YESASIA too.

    Ooh their shoes are so colorful. I like Dae’s bright blue+black ones. Great colors.

    LMAO@your comments for the last pic, Melly. ^^ I wanna be the girl next to Bae. =DD

    Tabi was the first one I found in the big group pic. How could I miss this dude in the teal suit?! XD

    He looks more pimpin’ than GD. Dang so hot. *o* But GD gots the most girls on him. …Drowning him. I can only see his lil head. ; 3;

    I love Tabi’s long hair btw. I didn’t like it when it was so cropped. He is mad sexy with longer hair. :] <333

  22. OMG i have to buy more socks!!!!

  23. I could/should buy 2 socks pair. One for in my clothes and one for display. Hahahahha. xDD
    Top has long hair andd it looks good like that. ^__^

  24. SQUEAL! oh god those socks are friggin adorable. only i dnt buy things online. i dnt noe how nd i simply dnt. ><"
    i want em. totally cute!

  25. lol dae having his arm around a guy reminds me of the radio show they had where they pretended like the person on the other line is their girlfriends but dae got a guy instead…lol…GD looks weird in this pic. top is hella pimping and yea bae is always shy but it kinda looks like he’s holding the girl’s hands!!! lol

  26. i love TOPs hair!!! and man gotta love YBs shyness…is just makes him so much more cuter…

  27. aww daesungieee~
    soo cute πŸ˜€

  28. the socks are on dvdheaven too :]

  29. I LOVE the BANGS sockz!!~~ they are soooo kyoot~~ >..< Tae is sooo kyoot! wanna stand beside him too x] lol
    LOVE BIG BANG! β™₯.β™₯

  30. AWWWWW they are so cute!
    gasp* i want a signed CD. ughh, oh yeah forgot to order one.
    hrmmm maybe… j/k. Lols ahahahaha it makes him look bad, but
    hot at the same time. haha oh yeah that’s TOP for you.
    LMAOO ahahahahaha i couldn’t find G-Dragon then i look at the
    other side corner and a bunch of girls around him. Yes pimps.
    haha Dae is cool like that. Aww Tae yang is kind of alone.
    Yes that girl is smart. Kind of looks like Min ji but i know
    it’s not her.

  31. omona, i would be hyperventilating if i was next to gd!

  32. hehehe i love pic spam πŸ˜€ thanks melly U.U just when i need it

    Tabi’s hair β™₯

  33. ‘that girl up there with [YB] IS smart’ lol XD

  34. Why do they always give TOP blue eyes in cartoons?? lol

    They look amazing at the single release! Tabi’s hair is so awesome!!

  35. Those socks are so cute omg. WANT.

  36. Everything is so cute

  37. err no wonder why . i have macbook and my comp has issues

  38. OMG
    big bang are the best I reallly wanna meet them so badly
    big bang number 1 London fan
    ther socks are mad and autographed cd’s man the best fings EVA
    tae. Gd. Top. Dae. Seungri
    luv u guys
    come London

  39. :O
    i want those sock!!!
    i hav big bang sock too but it different
    wayy different then those

  40. LOL I ordered my big bang socks today gosh I brought their new mini cd too they make me poor!!!!

  41. So cute:))
    I love TOP’s hair πŸ˜€

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