DaeSung and SeungRi’s ‘SHOUTING’ Photoshoot

Check out the two maknaes’ photoshoot for their 2nd musical ‘Shouting’ (based on Big Bang’s book) Baby claimed that after the show ‘Intimate Note’ and working on this musical, they have gotten closer. I really hope that’s true, because even after the show, I still sense some awkwardness between these two, but looking at these pictures, it just makes me go “AWWW…. “ so freaking adorable. It’s time for the two maknae to stick together and shine.

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DaeSung & SeungRi’s SHOUTING Photoshoot


Thanks to http://club.cyworld.com/MUSICALSHOUTING and 슨니애기

~ by Vicky on June 22, 2009.

84 Responses to “DaeSung and SeungRi’s ‘SHOUTING’ Photoshoot”

  1. hahah
    they look like brothers!

  2. Ah! Daesung & Seung Ri are so CUTE & ADORKABLE! XD♥
    I can feel the brotherly love<3 through these pictures.

  3. lovethem<3 wish them and bigbang the best of luck!

  4. They are so freaking cute!!!

  5. Awww! I rly hope its true that they’v gotten closer<3!!
    There so cuute together

  6. ohh so cute!! i really hope they can become closer. i miss BB!! i wonder how many times i said this haha

  7. they are really cute!

  8. Cute! Can’t feel any awkwardness from these pics. Oh people! There’s a new Cyon CF done by the boys! Jiyong’s super hot btw! 😀

  9. awww! i’m loving the maknae love! i really hope they are closer.

  10. OMG OMG
    ther soo cute
    the whole big bang r the best
    tae Gd dae top seungri

    From the one of big bang London fan

  11. HA HA HA That’s so CUTE …. DAESUNG.

    Keep smiling and do your best DAESUNG.


  12. OMG They are so cute! YEAH I hope that
    Baby & Dae got closer after Intimate note.
    Wow, these pictures are way beyond adorable (:

  13. AWWWW…maknae and daesungi so cute!!! 😀

  14. Haha, the maknae have to stick together I suppose =))
    I’m so happy for them they get the chance to do so many things now that BB got them into the public view.
    Too bad many of us won’t ever get to see them live in “Shouting”. Either way, the VIP’s will cheer for them no matter where they are.

  15. aaawwwwww… they are so hot and cute…

  16. Aw! their so adorable!!! i really love the 7th picture alot! 🙂


  18. Awww, they’re so cute! I love these pics with these two together :’D I really hope they have gotten closer.
    I love the first pic. the way seungri is sitting with his head on his hands and the way dae is screaming xD so cutee.

  19. awww they look so cute
    Daesung looks amazingly hot!

  20. awwwww how cute. =D

  21. No longer “awkward” with each other, lol.

  22. OMG!!!
    they are just so amazingly adorkable!!!!
    but oh god do they get sexier by the day or what?!
    Baby is just growing up so fast!
    Dae’s hair is sexayyyy
    hope they do greeeat on their musical
    maknaes fighting!!!!

  23. Awwww…Daesung and Seungri look so cute XD
    Seungri looks so grown up in his suit pictures *sigh* and Dae’s hair is smexy!!! Also looking at these pictures you really wouldn’t think they were akward with eachother lol
    Maknaes hwaiting!!!

  24. Awww~~ They look so adorible :D<33
    WooooWww~~! <33

  25. awww!! theyre so cute!! xD
    haha! i like daesungs red bow tie =D
    looking at these pics i dont think thatd youd be able to tell theyre awkward with eachother at all =)

  26. I see converse ♥
    I see cute guys. ♥
    I see Seungri ♥
    I see Daesung ♥
    I see hotties!!! ❤

  27. aww they look wonderful♥

  28. dae sung!! luv.luv!! ❤

  29. i duno i still get the awkward feeling. :]
    their not even looking at each other.

  30. awwwwwh =DD

    i’m glad that they are getting closer ^_^ Haha, well even if there is still that little bit of awkwardness, i’m sure it’ll be gone soon. ^_^ they’re so cute

    seungri especially cuteee :]

  32. Aww, Dae and Seungri look adorable. Just like a couple of brothers. ^^

    They did some really cute poses too.

    Dayum, Dae look so handsome in his blue jacket and red bow tie! That sweet smile of his. =D

    I hope they really have gotten closer. They look like it in these pix. ^^

  33. they are so cute……..

  34. This photoshoot is ♥.

  35. Dae looks like he belongs in a new version of Goong in the pic with the blue suit, red bow tie.

  36. oh they look so close! how cute :]

  37. Aww they are so fricken cute!!
    ahaha they are so close now! well it looks like it
    in the pictures.

  38. oh sh!t!! i mizz bigbang!! esp seungri.. he’s freakin cute & hot!! LAVETT. haha…

  39. aww, how sweet!!^^

  40. love it…!owesome….!!!!! fantastic…..!!! what else should i say?? no no… the right words to describe thOsE pics is: i’m SPEECHLESS….!!!!

  41. Dae, your getting hotter and hotter everyday ❤
    Same with Baby !

  42. Awwh, the hugging pictures are soo cute! x3

  43. daesung’s hair starting to turn out like GD’s
    two maknae love ❤

  44. wow , they hav realli gotten closer , they look like brothers now , jus take a look at the cute pictures of those two ..:D

  45. wow , they hav realli gotten closer , they look like brothers now , jus take a look at the cute pictures of those two ..:D

  46. w0w! Daesung really had gr0wn big, i mean all the b0ys were skinny but him, he lo0ks healthy. They look like brothers! I miss big bang! 😦

  47. aww! Canthey get any cuter ??!!

  48. BABY is just freaking adorable.
    i find myself spazzing over him more and more!
    i love how they’re wearing casual and looking so good
    dae’s body is perfect for me..
    i wish he showed more strength in FO hahaha
    but this boy…i guess he just wanna be a gagman atm hahaha
    baby is so cuteee..our baby indeed
    and the boys rock those skinnies

  49. aaaww soo cute 🙂
    brotherly love is evident in those pics, hehe

  50. SQUEAL! so friggin cute its even cuter then cute.
    luvin da clothes specially dae’s blazer nd red bowtie. xD
    such brotherly love

  51. ohhh~they look so buddy buddy~~~~
    plain maknae cutenesssss ^^

  52. cute~~~~~~~~~~

  53. They looks so cute! ❤

  54. awww ❤ They are so cute!!


  56. Awwwww this is uber cute ^^ i love the pictures where they’re holding each other ♥ Dae & SR ♥ lol~~ GD don’t get jealous 😉 wink*

  57. Oh my qee.! how adorablee is this.?
    <33 ii died. lmao (:

    Teh first one is a qreat picturee cuz Baby && Dae Sung aree my favoritee ♥

  58. Kawaii, Luv Dae Sung and SeungRi
    There so cute in these pics. Plus they’re my fav members!!!
    Hope G-dragon not too jealous ,lol. But these pics are just too cute!

    The fifth one with them in the leather jackets is so funny n cute!! Love it!
    Kawaii! Totally Kawaii!!!!!

  59. these are just too cute!!! 😀

  60. OHMYGYAAAAAA!!!~ >/////< THEY LOOK SOOO KYOOOT!! *sigh* they look like such cute brothers x] so so so so so so so damn HAWT *melt*
    my Daes smile is just so *melts* ♥.♥ theyre so HAWT! HAWT HAWT HAWT HAWT!! ♥////♥

  61. so cute…
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  62. These musics are most satisfying me rather anything else

  63. Try Sweden Blogspot http://www.blogg.se ❤ Lova ya § Peace (Y)

  64. awww..they’re two adorable boys!!

  65. aww, theyre so adorable ! ^__^ : )

  66. cute cute cute!
    these photos makes you so happy, especially if you’ve been cramming for exams during the last week or so!

  67. they should b closer now
    just look at the brotherly love there

  68. Sooo Adorable :]
    I’m glad they are putting their differences apart bit by bit :]
    Love Big Bang<3

  69. very very cut i love gd top ty v.i ds

  70. awww…
    they look sooo cute together ^^

    hope that the awkwardness between these 2 would be gone soon
    stay 2together, maknaes ^^

  71. so cuteeeeeeee! 😀
    i love them two manszx!
    still love Jiyong the most!

  72. aww, how adorable!! ^^
    Seung Ri is such a cutie pie!
    oh and dae sung’s smile. makes my day any day.


  74. SeungRi ah~~~~

  75. awww the two baby looks soo handsome!!!!!

  76. waaa!!!!daesung and seungri are cute!!!!
    i always love daesung smile..^^

  77. SeungRi is the cutest guy ever :]

  78. wa….
    i love them
    so cute….

  79. love daesung in the suit and the red bow tie!
    he’s to cute and hot to handle! 😀

  80. haha i see the bromance between them 😛

  81. they are way better then Jiyong 🙂

  82. Dae Sung looks the best here in my opinion

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  84. Ooooooommmmmmmooooooo:) seungri is such a cutie panda is sooooo energetic

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