Big Bang ‘Emotion’ Released! with Lyrics

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This is ‘Emotion’ track 2 off of Big Bang’s new Japanese mini album ‘My Heaven’, this album is all Japanese, unlike the previous ones which consist of English songs.

** The beat is similar to Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ because it both produced by RedOne. YG is tight with Interscope, which is Lady Gaga’s company, so no surprise. I’m still getting use to this song, but I just love love love Baby’s vocal here… just too dang sexy.

[from momo]: regardless if the music were produced by the same producers..its still a music and its from BB. To survive the first quarter in Japanese Market is tough. U need to make an impression either you make it or break it.Debuting as Mainstream artists in Japan is a huge matter than indie artists.just give it sometime…the music will grow on you for those who dont fancy it that least Big Bang still maintain their korean touch instead of going deep into Japanese music genre. When asked Jimmy Thornfeldt (Silverroom) about producing this music, he was very happy with it.What more do u need…no genre, just music.

Please support the boys by purchasing their album.

Some SEXAAY wallpaper of the boys with their MY HEAVEN theme.

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‘Emotion’ Lyrics

English Translation thanks to SooKyeong

***Blue parts are the english parts

Even though I know that this is a dangerous face I cannot stop
Breaking your rule Fool Burning love Higher
The silence in my heart Shout through our eyes
I wanna touch I wanna kiss I wish with you

Oh Oh Oh What to captivate you Just you Just now
Come baby Come baby Come

Oh Oh Oh If it is not now Ride here Ride now

It’s all ready in motion
We have already fallen into love for sure

It’s in motion It’s emotion
Embracing with feeling It’s in motion

Time has Already Many overly sufficient
Look at my eyes
there is only you there
Ideal and Lie in the name of love Why? hesitate
I’m different from Faker Guys

I’m your Destiny

Oh Oh Oh do not wander Choose me Just now
Come baby Come baby Come
Oh Oh Oh
right now Kiss me Ride now

It’s all ready in motion
You have also already, see you wish too

It’s in motion It’s emotion
Recognise love’s door It’s in motion

Ya that’s the way you make me say girl its you that I want
Everyday we no delay gotta have you in my arms
I just cant hold back and see what you be doing be killing me
Bringing inside and need you like the air I

If you suspect Nothing know me this love too
Take my hands Follow me
let’s go to confirm
It’s all ready in motion
We have already fallen into love for sure

It’s in motion It’s emotion
Embracing with feeling It’s in motion

It’s all ready in motion
You have also already, see you wish too

It’s in motion It’s emotion
Recognise love’s door It’s in motion

It’s in motion


~ by Vicky on June 23, 2009.

113 Responses to “Big Bang ‘Emotion’ Released! with Lyrics”

  1. I love this song already <333

  2. omg. i love it. the boys are so cute and grown up (:
    i need the album now!!!

  3. hey this is super catchy!
    i love it!

  4. i’m not immediately hook like other big bang songs but we’ll see how i feel in a month no matter what i’ll still support big bang FIGHTING!!!

  5. the song is sexy :]
    their voices sound sexy
    i love the song :]

  6. im hyperventaling rite now. my god this song sounds so different from their usual songs but in a good way.
    im really happy that suengi and daesung have more singing parts. maknes in action!!!
    gdragon and top even though they dont have many rapping parts, they stil blew me away.
    taeyang wants to kiss, dont worry boo im here….

    the only downfall is the autotune and the fact that it sounds a bit like pokerface (the beat)

    oh oh oh ooh i just love dat part.
    big bang fighting!!!!
    btw when are their other songs gonna be released?

  7. Everytime I listen to any of Big Bang’s songs I just can’t seem to stop replaying it.
    Now with this new song out I can’t tell you how many times I just played it. XD♥

  8. i dun really like it at first but then i found myself hitting the replay button over and over again. its the type of song that just grows on you. omg i simply love BB to death.

  9. ahhh, thank you. i was searching for this. :]


  10. hey, it does sound like the poker face beat. hmmm…well right now i don’t like the song that much becuz i’m not a fan of techno-like music, but i probably will like the song eventually lol…cuz i LOVE BIG BANG!!

  11. Love it!!!


  12. i c bout the lady gaga thing. heheh i plan to purchase veersion C which has poster right? 🙂

  13. Oh x] its nice!~~ and it does have the same kinda beat lol x] and i love the backgrounds ♥.♥ in the one with all of them, you can see the reflection of the people in Tabis glasses x] heehee and OHMYGYAAAA~~ ♥///♥ my Dae Sung looksoso extremely HAWT!!!!

  14. lalalalalalooooovee it! <3333
    its HOT !

  15. Love it!!! ❤
    Thanks for the post must go buy the CD!!!!!
    Love Dae Sung and SeungRi voices! Sexy!!!!

  16. Wow, that was way different from their usual style, but in an awesome way. 😀 It’s still catchy with the beats and tones but no doubt there is an underlying sexiness in that song. XD I especially LOVED the chorus and the beat matched great although I didn’t really like Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. I feel like this song did a better job with the beat than she did, no offense to her, I like her too. ^__^

    Overall, I look forward to the rest of the work Big Bang will produce! 😀 BIG BANG SARANGHAE!!

  17. i’m not really a fan of this song..
    i kind of got disappointed..
    the computers….

  18. Yeah, the beat is really like poker face. But it’s hot anyway. 😀
    I’m just hoping that this will be a big hit! Our boys will definitely make it big in Japan, so.. BIG BANG HWAITING! SARANGHAE SARANGHAE SARANGHAE~

  19. love it!<354126136

  20. Already in love ❤

  21. It’s different but i’m loving it…yet the computerized voices are making me alitle sad cause i love to hear the boys real voices. still i hope they do great in japan, and become as big over there as they in s.korea ^ ^ Big Bang hwaiting

  22. i can’t listen to this song, it just remind me of POKER FACE even though its BB’s vocals and its in JAPANESE with different lyrics.

  23. BABY sounds incredible:), I love him. So grown up now.

  24. I’m angry at them and myself for liking ‘Emotion’ so much xD I wish they’d stick to singing in English for their Japanese releases.

  25. song is incredible.. RedOne did an insane job with the production. it has that poker face vibe to it but it’s still great. TaeYang’s vocal’s are freaking amazing, i love hearing him with the autotune as well, his voice goes so good with it. they all did great. it’s so exciting to hear some new music from Big Bang!! i can’t wait to see them perform on Music Japan.

    i love My Heaven in Japanese too, it took some getting used to but i’m feeling it now 😀

  26. i love this song, i already listened to it a billion times x)
    Thanks for the lyrics, that was really fast O__O
    I love the song, but I’m still kind of… =\ about their photoshoot..

  27. Ooh the beats are pretty nice, but I wish it wasn’t similar to Poker Face. :3

    Their voices sound so dang sexy. =D And the lyrics are hot. C:

    I’m still getting used to this song tho. It’s not pulling me in like their previous songs at first listen.

  28. Please FIX the lyrics! c’mon you really think “kiss me ride now” makes sense? It has to be “kiss me right now”. (I gotta whine now)

    I guess I get confused w/ genre’s cuz some ppl are saying how they dont like the ‘techno’ sound. REMEMBER album wasnt techno?!
    And I guess ppl only care about a song having the same beat as long as it’s not spanish? Have you LISTENED to any spanish songs??
    Im sorry but Im reading a bunch of comments on these different sites that are making my head explode! Im like “What are you talkin’ about!” X_X
    P.S. the song’s awesome! lol

  29. the song sounds good…but the lyrics are just mediocre to me.

    i like their korean song lyrics better.

  30. sounds like Fashion by Gaga

  31. I’m all spazzed witht he song now
    Its just so good
    I’m really loving the lyrics

  32. though its true it sounds a little too much like Lady Gaga which kinda disappointed me a little still the song is great

    @Chrissy what’s this about spanish music?

  33. @dreamandlove
    I wish just trying 2 get at how “Emotion” and “pokerface”s beats sound alike. Come on, you know that “Almost” every spanish song has the same beat(I dont want any bashing but come on it’s the truth).

  34. I’m not going to lie….im not feeling it. Maybe it will grow on me…..but as for now…..blahhhh…..I still love BigBang but not this song….lol

  35. @chrissy
    oh I thought you had read something comparing Emotion to a spanish song or something
    and about them sounding the same I guess you are generalizing a little but thats really none of my business is it

    thanx for clarifying ;D

  36. I mean about saying that spanish songs sound the same ^

  37. I like it (& I’ll probably love it later when it grew on me more) ..but I kinda wish they didn’t use synthesizer over their voices,,we know how lovely their voices are and also I also kinda wish they didn’t use lady Gaga’s beat ..I know RedOne produced it and I know YG is close with Interscope but still..idk…I cant explain it… 😦

    I can’ wait to hear their other songs^^

    baby’s voice is LOVE!!!


  38. @dreamandlove
    Yeah sorry, I am generalizing, ALOT! lol
    Ive only heard some songs that people always play on the radio and those songs happen to have similar beats, didnt mean anything bad, im sorry.
    But Never mind that this is about BIG BANG! lol cant stop listening to this song.

  39. awesome song
    its really addictive

  40. Loving it! this song already has me shaking my booty. 🙂

  41. I think the song is really good. I’ve been listening to it on repeat all day. I am loving Bae’s and Baby’s vocals!!!!

  42. LOVELOVELOVEE this song ;]
    YUPPP (: the first time i heard it, i
    knew it was very similar to Pokerface too (:
    but i like that song too.

  43. DAES’S GUNS for God sake! oooh
    he’s just keep getting sexier everyday
    and my baby is sooooo HOT! x3
    love the freaking song! :]

  44. I’m lost.

    I like.

    And then I don’t like.


  45. I like it alot…makes me wanna dance imma play it like 100000X today

  46. I LOVE it now..its on repeat!!! 😀

  47. freakin’ addicting. I so love it.
    I really gotta applaud baby’s voice here. It’s so good. I guess he can sing Japanese better. hehe.
    I can hear Lady Gaga’s beat in her song Poker Face, but it fits the song? I really don’t think it’s a rip-off.
    As momo said, no genre, just music.

    Arrrrrrg I miss them! gotta buy this album!!

  48. I’m already addicted to this song 😀

  49. And you gotta say, even if you don’t like it at first…
    …you just have to repeat it. hihi.

  50. It’s so cool. I wait it for a long time

  51. I am not a big bang fan, in fact I didn’t really like them, but this song made me kinda like them. 🙂 hehe. love it. Big Bang FIGHTING! or..whatever you fans always say. 😀

  52. I don’t really like it, but their voices sound nice.
    The acapella version they sang on Music Edge was SO LEGIT though.
    I’ll probably like it more once I listen to it more.

  53. I like BB but I’m not too crazy about this song (although it did grow on me past the 1:30 mark). I wish they had gone for a different concept though…I’m not to crazy about the pictures either.

  54. I love this song so much! Big Bang Hwaiting!

  55. damn i was literally going crazy at 3am last night
    i love this song..well i love lady gaga’s poker face
    so i can tell why i dig this song so much
    1st of all..this is my definition of SEXY
    i can’t stand bae’s whisper whisper thingy at the beginning of the song
    and i must say that I LOVE LEE SEUNGRI.
    baby sounds so freaking sexay and good in this song
    i think his vocals suit japanese songs alot
    he just freaking made japanese language sexier to listen to
    and dae as well..
    i died listening to them singing ‘it’s in motion’..and ‘its emotion’
    and i watched their japan interview
    baby just sounds hella good singing emotion
    well..about poker face
    the beat is just a little similar in my opinion
    well,actually i hope BB would bring up something else
    but i think they’ll be sticking with electronic music for quite awhile
    and i kinda like electronic so i’m fine with it
    i hope the boys would make it big in japan though

  56. i like this song but it’s quite diff from other big bang songs..
    hope to hear other song from them..
    well, gewd luck big bang…:)
    hope they success in japan…
    big bang hwaiting!!

  57. ughhhn, i love this song so much! it definitely lived up to my expectations, maybe even a little more!
    i kind of understand the poker face comparisons people are making, but the fact that it’s our boys singing makes it original for me. 😀 baby and taeyang’s vocals are absolutely amazing, i’m melting! *o*

    here’s to wishing them good luck and lots of success in japan, they totally deserve it! ♥

  58. I luv my heaven, this song is nothing special to me..

  59. wow… it really does sound like pokerface. XD

  60. dont like it. i miss old big bang. all this bubble gum. autotune crap. they are getting too mainstream. and its boring. plus. why rap in english. when gd and top’s english isnt that good to begin with. they might as well rapped in korean. it would sound more legit.

  61. and dont get me wrong. i am a huge big bang fan. but i only got into them because of their addictive fun hip hop songs in the beginning. now its becoming more and more like all the other asian groups. its like…what happened to the creativity and fun?

  62. Thanks

  63. its alright. i dont wanna lie, im not just feeling it. maybe kos i’ve like only listened to it once but it’ll grow on me ;D ri and dae are awesome ;] and taeyang at the start. bigbang ❤

  64. definitely a different feel from their other songs…
    it’s somehow seductive in a way.
    hmm…and serious too..
    seductive and serious tone…

  65. Waaaaaaaaa these song are lovely! And by the way Ive always
    loved lady gaga for her music, so.. I like much more Big Bang music
    now! They are awesome! And…by the way today I will be able
    to recharge the credit card and buy the singles! *_*

  66. This is NOT BUBBLE GUM POP and i never considered Bubble Gum pop as a mainstream

  67. lol i just realised its like poker face
    but i actually like this song~

  68. Maybe I’m too used to listening to Poker Face T_T

    The lyrics aren’t as nice IMO compared to other BB songs,
    But hey, its still BB all the same. ❤

  69. it’s nice, but what make me sad is TOP’s rap (a bit awkward than usual, YB voice being T-pained in most part of the song and Dae’s voice doesn’t shine too much. YB voice is nice when he sing within his range, so it’s not really necessary to do that effect to his voice. Hopefully when they perform live, his real voice is used. For Dae, I hope he have more “screaming” (dunno what else to call it), as his voice is fabulous when he do it… oh well, can’t have everything you want in one song…

  70. *whines* gah! i miss the old Big Bang, with the Hip Hop/R&B music. what happened?? the only reason i even listened to BB was because of the Hip Hop…I’m not a fan of Techno-like music either =/
    please don’t drop the Hip Hop/R&B genre completely! I’m begging! please *cries* XD lol

  71. loving the song!

    congrats on making such a BANG in japan so far!! 😀 we’re right behind you boys! ❤

  72. i love the song! well anything from BB sounds GREAT hahah ^^
    this song will eventually grow on everyone..
    like momo said “just give it sometime”

  73. oo a different style,
    but catchy 🙂

    i’ll prbably catch on with the song soon enough like all their previous songs

  74. I actually really love it :] , just because I love Poker face by lady gaga and I love this song, def. catchy and a different style, but I love it 🙂

  75. lol i dnt think its the different genre that puts me off but the fact that they’re singing in jap. gotta get use to it.
    i still luv their hiphop first and foremost but i dnt mind dis.
    cant wait till they come out with more hiphoppy/R&B stuff.
    big bang fighting!

  76. i love it! its so catchy. i actually sung along when i just first heard it. i also like the beat. its actually funny how the very few of the lyrics are similar to lady gaga’s. im not saying the same, i just noticed “POKER FACE” of LG’S and “FAKER GUYS” of BB’s. im not comparing. i just find it funny. but anyway. i love Big Bang and their new songs. i wish they sell their albums here. 😦

  77. I agree, it’s different from what they usually do,
    and it sounds odd listening to them in Japanese,
    but I’m getting used to this. I really like it.
    But anything from BB satisfies me.
    Gonna go play it a few hundred times now.. teehee ^_^

  78. first time listening n I LOVE IT!!
    im gonna repeat this again n again^^
    i agree with the “no genre,just music”,,,,,,,,,,,

  79. After two listens its already grown on me. I’m really likin’ it!
    I hardly know who Lady Gaga is so I don’t care about that XD

    Someone recently told be that her new song sounds like BB’s 없는 번호 / So Beautiful. Don’t know if it’s true but maybe they made a swap XD j/k j/k

  80. I want to download it right now!!!
    I love it!!! <333

  81. I love this song! but in the beginning I really was like “wtf, is this big bang” but after some seconds I could hear it was them xD I love it’s so different! they can really do every kind of music. But I think it’s a shame that there is so much synterzise (or whatever it’s called) .. Specially on YB, you can’t really hear his vocal.. but, i like the song very much!
    – our boys did it again! :’D


  83. Same here Vicky whats the new youtube account!??!?!

  84. i like it…a lot!
    im proud of baby and dae are getting more sing parts,
    but i wish their was more tae yang in it! 😦

    though this song will easily grow on me:)
    i like how their taking it to a different sound, u cant always
    stick to one genre. in the music industry u always have to
    re-create urself. GO BIG BANG!

  85. im starting to reallly love this song! its growing on me
    i like how baby and dae are getting more singing parts,
    but i wish their was more YB!! love his voice 🙂

    Also i like how they are taking a risk and making music with new sounds! LOVE BIG BANG.
    BB 4 LIFE.

  86. Awws. I can’t watch it cuz of “copyriqht” thinqs. blaah

  87. grrrrrrrrr ><
    it got removed already!
    i cant wait til it comes out 😀
    I would probably love it anyways lol

  88. awesome song! addictive too. Baby ur voice is soo pure! >.<

  89. i totally love this song

  90. what VickyHQBB is suspended again??=\
    youtube is damn fcuked up
    subscribed =)

  91. OMG this is soooo hot gotta buy the album LOL its sooo easy tp dance to…YB could sing his name and I’m hooked Victor and his V way LOL love them I like the song alot like Japanese music too!!!!!

  92. I love the song 😀 at first i thought it was like Poker Face but BB voices make an unique style 😉

    Awwwww so sad b/c Vicky’s YT account is closed again =( i will suscribe to the new one U.U

  93. honestly, i wasn’t really feeling it.
    HOWEVER, after a few listens, Emotion is pretty dang awesome! my only tiny TINY problem with the song, is that it should have more rapping lol.
    if you think about it, the song still impressively has the ‘BB’ feel to it, considering that the boys are changing their style for the japanese market.
    go team!

  94. Is it just me, or the video won’t work D:

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  96. haha yeah after a few hundred times listening to this new song, it goes alright

  97. Do you love 2NE1?
    Then Join now!

  98. TOTALLY UNRELATED: i mean off this topic but it’s still about
    Big Bang but…
    Hey i just noticed but that tattoo that GD has on his back
    “Too fast to live, too young to die”
    was on his yellow with black stripes shirt back when he was
    MCing with Sohee & Sunye. no wonder he got that tattoo.
    Ahaha unless you guys already know that then i’m just dumb.

  99. oh…i played back it so many times…surprised by Bae’s voice…love it anyhow…G-D hasn’t changed many things..It’s really good…I think they always ok with other styles..this is too!uuuh…they made me think about Lady Gaga…haha…pithily..Hope all will be ok..

  100. really love baby’s voice here….love the song…!! i missed the information on how to buy this single and my heaven single,can someone tell me please…..! i’m from malaysia….

  101. […] BIG BANG FANSITE Refusing to comment on the Japanese-ness of this song. I like Japanese music, but I don’t […]

  102. don’t really like what they did to TY’s voice. why can’t they just let us hear it like it is..instead, his voice got all computerized??-whatever u call it-
    he’s losing his part too… 😉

    anyway, the song is not yet what i would listen to over n over again. it’ll take some time..

    best luck to BB!!

  103. ANYBODY HEAR THE NEW TOP AND TAEYANG SONG : FRIEND!?!??! that song is a hit, and personally way better then this current song. but seriously give it a try, I dont think this site has that song up yet and its been out for a minute..

  104. i feel very happy that seungri has more parts … i was ranting so much about it that everybody isnt really equal specially sr

  105. dis song great…

  106. omg, i LOVE this song(:
    it’s so addicting !
    iloveyou BigBang ❤

  107. Nice song guys
    Love u Big bang:X

  108. they should make an English version Emotion.. this song rocks! XD

  109. omg im aboutta die here. my laptop died for a few days and i had to repair it. now it doesnt have sound. what do i do?!!! cant hear this!!! AHHHHHHHH

  110. I just realised that YB and TOP sound so much better in Hip Hop music while Daesung, SungRi and GD sound good in THIS type of music. They are all extremely good and sexii ;D
    but theres still something missing from the old Big Bang that attracted me to them in the first place.
    As for the IS growing on me..but BB’s old songs used to catch me with one listen! like BAMMMMM!
    I just hope they at least juggle between their old style and this new style =D
    The lyrics are wonderful though ~swoon~
    Sarang-he~ TaeYang Shi!!

  111. shouldnt it be “right here, right now”
    instead of ‘ride here, ride now’

  112. i love this song…emotion…
    go bigbang…
    giv us more…

  113. isn’t it “Right here right now” ?

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