Big Bang’s 2nd HITE Beer CF

This is the [matured] boys’ 2nd HITE CF, instead of fire fighters, they’re dressed in colorful clothes, 3D glasses and awesome hairstyles… getting wet… I LOVE IT. hahha

Tabi’s hair is seriously the sex.. and the getting wet part in slow motion…… LOLImage and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on June 26, 2009.

36 Responses to “Big Bang’s 2nd HITE Beer CF”

  1. woahhhh ❤ them!

  2. yes soo sexi poor baby no beer for him

    r.i.p MJ 😦

  3. They’re so adorable x]
    Dae really loves thaat hose! He messed with it last time.

    Bae ❤

    so cute (:
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  5. loved seeing GD in slow motion >:)

  6. hahha that’s so cute P:
    but I liked the first one more… I don’t know had a happier vibe to it 😀
    yay TOP’s rapping! 😀

  7. GD so hot *Q*

    but where is seungri? or am I blind? XD

  8. YB always looks freaking amazing!:)

    but i like the 1st one better…
    though the slow-mo was pretty cool
    sigh* i wish we had these kind of commercials in Canada..

  9. I actually like this one better cuz popcorn hair isnt in

  10. ROFL :] I love this one!

  11. that was sweeettt ;D but hey, i heard tae yang and top did some kind of collab song? have you guys heard anything about it? i can’t find it -_-

  12. love it!
    their album cover for gara gara go is out!
    it looks more colorful than their my heaven album covers

  13. omg omg.
    worth the wait,
    well I’ve been waiting. x]
    *died inside*
    literally. xD
    to kimi: yeaa it’s called friends. it’s for the drama, friends(our legend) it’s really goood. ^^

  14. to kimi: it is already on youtube. just search for TaeYang TOP – Friend

  15. thanks guys. i found it. i’m already in love with the song.

  16. Gosh, I love this.
    I love dancing to the song!
    I died.
    Shewww Lord!

  17. Huzzah for TOP’s shouty part of the song being included 😀

  18. GD needs to cut his hair. ~_~

  19. LOL, so cute!

    RIP Michael Jackson!

  20. Omg awesome I love it |DDD
    The slow motion was so smex ❤
    And LOL at Tabi when Daesung was spraying the water about XDD

  21. LOL…<333


  22. I freakin love it!

    Slowmo FTW!

    CFs like these makes it hard for one not to drink beer. hehehhe. ^^

  23. uhh~
    Altough I’m still under 18th, but after I saw this CF…
    I want to drink beer now!!!! XS~

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  25. taeyangs gay, ,omg and he dressed as MJ IN VOGUE R.I.P


  26. hahah. the slow motion part cracked me up.

  27. Jiyong’s super cute in slow motion HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  28. they look sexy even in 3D shades xD
    love the slow motion xD ♥

  29. at 0:12 ~ anyone know why GD goes down? Does he get hit by TOP or something? :S

    btw, loved this (; so good to see them esp. slow motion ! XD

  30. super duper cute. 😀
    tabi ❤

  31. top is soooooo fkn sexy!

  32. Ohmygyaaa! they just look ao awesome and HAWT!!! x] i just love them getting wet x] LOL *sigh* wouldnt it be great to be there..? just love them!! ♥-♥ and my Dae looks sooo kyoot >///< lol and jumping with Tae x] so majorly kyoot! its awesome! LOVE BIG BANG!! ♥.♥

  33. DONG YOUNG BAE in three D glasses can I see that in 3D that would be even sexier wait YB can’t get sexier since he is the sex!!! LOL Seunghyun aka sexii T.O.P wow his hair is yummy!! Dae Dae awwww he sooo cute and goofy!! Kwon leadah shiii cool sexii sleek!!!

  34. OMG
    big bang make the best vids EVA
    ther all sooo cute
    wer was seungri

    Big bang number 1 London fan

  35. STupid Swim Team stops me from getting online lately.
    Haha, that’s funny, Top loves his Alchohal.
    TaeYang caught DaeSung in an awkward way but it’d be nice on a girl. ^__^

  36. OMG, that was DAYUM SEXY! The getting wet part was the best! XD

    They all looked great. =DDD

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