Rest in Peace Michael Jackson


Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

What can i say? I was devastated when i first heard the news. Speechless as I’d recall!! Were you?

The only think i can do is pay my deepest condolences to his family especially the kids.

Michael Jackson was indeed a true icon and definitely an irreplaceable King of Pop.


~ by Momo on June 27, 2009.

54 Responses to “Rest in Peace Michael Jackson”

  1. R.I.P. micheal 😦

  2. He will live on through his music.
    😦 Rest in peace.

  3. R.I.P. although he’s gone , he’s a legend and will live on forever!

  4. RIP ):
    I was kind of in denial. I couldn’t believe he was dead T_____T
    im still in denial.

  5. come share with me my tribute post for him. his music will always be remembered bcoz its afterall all abt the music. ❤ (just like BB! all bt e music.)

  6. Its sad that when he’s alive,all the media wrote about was his face and “sexual harassment” to kids,and its only when he pass away when the media starts writing about how great he was…

  7. R.I.P King Of Pop ):

  8. Michael Jackson R.I.P. he was an influence to all around the WORLD.
    Some of the artist wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for MJ. I was in shock when i heard this….i literally didn’t believe it @ first. i thought it was some rumor, until i saw it on the news =[…i was sooo sad too. X'[

    Michael Jackson will NEVER be forgotten.

  9. R.I.P. MJ 😦

  10. Michael Jackson is a greatest performer ever lived. he was a legend. He’s a great influence on music today. i was completely shock of the news. i remember telling my aunt, an all time fan about his comeback, and she was show happy. and now hes gone. now his fans are left to feel the pain of losing a great Hero. R.I.P Michael Jackson.

    His Music Will Forever Live.

  11. I was shopping at Urban Outfitter and this girl just yelled ‘MICHAEL JACKSON JUST DIED’ I thought she was kidding, googled it….. and she wasn’t.
    Called my dad right away, my daddy is sad, he’s been talking about Michael Jackson during dinner for the past 2 nights.

    R.I.P MJ

  12. rest in peace, michael =(

    he truly was the king of pop and a music genius !!
    i’ll miss his uniqueness n pay my condolence to his family n friend, also his fans!!

  13. I really can’t believe it…….

    RIP KING OF POP !!!!!

  14. R.I.P Michael Jackson!
    You’ll always be known as a legend & the King of Pop!

  15. Michael, my love, may you finally have your peace.
    Your spirit will live on forever.

  16. r.i.p michael ~
    so sad . can’t believe he passed on . hard to digest . =((

  17. R.I.P Michael Jackson!
    RIP KING OF POP !!!!!!
    So sad oh my god 😦 😦 😦

  18. I was at Rutgers University for transfer orientation. We were all in the cafeteria for lunch when some of the orientation leaders yelled from above that he was dead. sure enough I went to the closest tv and saw it. He was on the verge of a huge comeback in a couple months too. Its such a shame.

  19. RIP Michael Jackson … I’m sorry that I only just realised how much you were a legend
    and for the misjudgements
    i feel upset that it took a death to find out bout the untrue things

  20. I was shock like first I was watching CNN because Ferra died then all sudden Micheal Jackson has died it took my breathe away…I didn’t know how to react I still don’t. We lost a great man there will never be another I wish him peace.

  21. It’s amazing to know that MJ was able to influence so many people regardless of all that the media has reported about him. In spite of all that, he still remains one of America’s biggest musical icons and is absolutely amazing in his music. He’s influenced so many people through his work.


  22. RIP Michael Jackson
    I was shocked to know that he was died!
    You will never be forgotten!
    Why you leave so soon?!!
    There is no one else that will have the same talents as you!

  23. Same here.. i really couldnt believe it.. I thought it couldve been some joke but sadly not. RIP Mr. Jackson, your music will live on.

  24. Micheal Jackson never dies! He and his music is eternal! Who said he died,he just wanted to rest.

  25. I was also shocked when I found out he died. It’s so sad. His music still lives on! RIP.

  26. Michael Jackson’s death really shocked me when I first heard it. I’ll miss him dearly. I’m 19 and was practically raised listening to his music when I was younger. His music will live on! RIP

  27. RIP michael. You will be missed

  28. Micheal Jackson was an amazing artist that although right now doesn’t seem like a legend will become like Beethoven. An artist that will be seen for century’s if not a millenia.

  29. R.I.P MJ
    So hard to say goodbye
    I really mis u

  30. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL!!!!! the KING of pop shouldnt deserve to die, STUPPID HEART ATTACK! I HATE THEM!!!!!1 but he also died because of drugs

  31. 😦 r.i.p michael

  32. R.I.P M.J

  33. R.I.P Michael Jackson


    you will always be remember..

    your song is in our hearts..

  34. RIP michael, well miss you!

  35. R.I.P Michael U.U i was at home watching TV and then CNN was all about Michael i’m stil thinking about that day….and then i remembered Tae Yang is also Michael Jackson’s fan he was his idol when he was a kid T.T

  36. Rest in peace<3
    michael jackson – king of pop<3
    we missing your voice & dance.

  37. R.I.P To MJ

    Dear Lord will U take care of his soul

  38. R.I.P MJ
    You will be missed 😦

  39. He was more than just an icon, he was a beautiful person, very original and special,he had everything his voice, his dancing skills, he was original and kind! like a music god <3. I was devastated when i heard the news.
    I will really miss him , i already do , specially those "off the wall" and "thriller" times, i wish i could have met him. *-* he was so cute when he was a teenager like in beat it! ah well, Rest in Peace Michael! You will always be in our hearts <3!

  40. watch his “man in the mirror” concert video on youtube, he made people faint just by singing, now that’s one legendary icon in the music biz.

  41. devastating… my childhood idol and still

  42. shame… such a tortured, misunderstood guy. deprived of a normal childhood… so he enjoyed disney stuff immensely as an adult as a way of experiencing the wonders and innocense of adolescence.


  43. I was away on vacation/from internet, but I still heard about Michael Jackson passing away. OMG, I didn’t believe it. D:

    RIP Michael Jackson.

  44. RIP Michael Jackson
    Your name will never be forgotten.

  45. yea i know. me and 2 of my friends were at my house. i fell asleep, like always. but my friends started watching tv and they saw. they actually woke me up for the news. and me + sleep is like never ever separated. we were actually watching the news for once, too. it sucks. will totally be remembered forever. i hate how some people are saying bad things about him. but what he gave to the world and the music industry is incomparable to whatever bad thing he did as a mortal human.

  46. oh…such a poor malaysia site for my super MJ

  47. wad a sucks eng u’re using…to describe the pop of the king-MJ

  48. hmm guys, do u think OUR ENGLISH>>> THAT BAD?

    and this is a Big Bang Site for Korean Artist. I only included the news about his passing as a token of remembrance!

    suck u say? then how should i put it instead? lol

    this is so funny!!

  49. @LIM: wow, whats ur problem? notice is this a fansite for BIG BANG. u should be glad mj is even on here. and u think this english is bad? well check ur own grammar! its “Malaysian”, not “malaysia”. and wtshit is “wad a sucks eng u’re using.” ferreals dude… u make us all laugh. i agree w/ momo. our english is GOOD. at least it is compared to this LIM person who thinks so highly of themself. disgusts me.

  50. @ LIM

    i’m very anal when it comes to incorrect grammar, & to come onto our site & insult our poor grammar USING poor grammar – you got a lot of nerve.

    I was born & raised in the United States of America, & although many of our visitors come from other countries, DO NOT INSULT THE GRAMMAR OF THIS SITE.

    i suggest you take some higher level English classes before you come here & try to say shit again. Michael Jackson would not appreciate it, so don’t even start defending him when you’re not even old enough to understand the impact he has had on my generation & your parents’.

    don’t bother coming here again.

  51. I LOVE YOU gdLuvzmc

  52. im very sorry thatmicheal jackson is dead.
    he was a true example for anyone who wanted to want to sing or write music.
    i cry for taeyung since he was a fan =(

  53. Im very glad tht m.j. is dead. He SUXXX haha

  54. Parents all ovr tha world must be glad tht their kids dnt hav 2 be victims uv his sh!t n e more. God watb a nigger bitch

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