TaeYang: Prayer MV Remake by Kanauru Productions

The guys from Kanauru Productions emailed me this and when I first saw it I was like:

Whoa…. this is so awesome, at first I thought it was Bae forreal, they really do look like each other! Even the physique and when he put on those shades… twins much? And the dancers are also amazing, this is one epic cool remake.

Remake done by: Kanauru Productions

~ by Vicky on June 29, 2009.

36 Responses to “TaeYang: Prayer MV Remake by Kanauru Productions”

  1. his eyes aren’t the same as TAEYANGG. (:

  2. pretty close double. except the more and more you look at him the more he looks chinese, not korean. that’s the only way i could tell the difference lol.

  3. something about it. he looks too stiff in his movements. not bad for 2 days. expression needs work.

  4. haha, lolzz yea, it was a close double, but Tae jux looks better ^^
    jk, oh, hehe he’s Viet, not Chinese 🙂

  5. They did look like each other, but it was just something strange that make me see that they where not that alike… huhhhh… I dont really get that :F

  6. TaeYang looks Better ;P

  7. They have a street version too

  8. Well…. theyre quite good to dance… But they have probably trained a lot : )

    BUT ITS CUTE! ^.^

  10. I’ve seen this before and I thought Baebae was WAY MORE SEXIER. hehe.

    But this mv is not bad. Nice quality. love it. =)

  11. As an amateur remake, this is pretty awesome.

  12. Aww he did good! I don’t think he looks anything like Taeyang though.

  13. At first, if you don’t look too closely, he does look like Taeyang, but once you really watch how he moves (his movements aren’t as smooth as Taeyang but I will admit he did an awesome job on dancing in this vid) and how his face looks, you can tell he’s not. 🙂 But wow, they are pretty similar.

    I like how he even tried to match stylistically to the MV (such as the really awesome jacket and the shirtlessness). They even did the lying on the ground although not the same dance moves. Really awesome work!

  14. Omg….I miss this song. ; 3;

    He only looks like Bae a lil bit. His eyes are different.

    This remake was done in a really short amount of time. So I think it came out pretty good.

  15. taeyang has a better body and he has better flow :]
    but this guy is still a really good dancer, whether or not he looks like taeyang.

  16. yup hes def resembles Bae dosent look like a twin tho…hes cute tho..lol

  17. THIS GUY WANTS TO BE YOUNGBAE. WANNABE!!!! i think taeyang is a better dancer. and looks better.

  18. they were good. I see how you could think they ook the same. They look like cousins though, definately. Although I have seen twins who loko nothing alike.

  19. oh yea, i saw this video
    haha not bad =] but yea i agree with everyone else…he doesn’t really look like Bae. i think the only thing they have in common is the mohawk =P their bodies aren’t even built the same way lol xD

  20. Hahahaha….. The style is the same.

  21. Wow .. Awesome
    His style and his move are the same with Tae Yang
    But I think Tae Yang is much better^^

  22. They made a new video!
    It’s a remake of W-inds ft GD ‘Rain is Fallin’

  23. LOL they do kinda look the same from fawaway 😛
    but i think i like taeyang better >:]
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

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  25. oops i forgot to leave the link! -o-


  26. uhmmm. no. 😦

  27. Wow, that’s pretty good!
    He kind of does look like Tae Yang but not really.

  28. WOW that is very similar to Taeyang ;]
    But no body does it like him himself.

  29. lol similar but not really.
    taeyang’s slimmer too.
    and no tattoos XDXD

    but it is a niceeee remake!

  30. i agree with everyone
    taeyang is sooo much BETTER!!!!!
    noone can replace our taeyang!!

  31. yea i think they look different, too. baebae is a lot cuter :]

  32. LOL he’s cute but I’ve never ever ever ever ever ever seen anyone to compare to Young Bae oppa sheer sexii yummy perfect jawline it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing I make the room stop and marble at me I don’t need to talk or sing my album would sell for the picture Dong Young Bae/Yb/Sol/Taekwon/TaeYang because I’m just that fine I can change my name whenever I want!! LOL he’s perfect well in my eye I’m YBias…..but still a cute video!!!!

  33. Tae Yang
    Dances Way Better

  34. he has like Tae Yang’s physique :O good job with the dance

  35. LoL I’m surprise it is posted on this website.
    But I’m the wannabe rofl. I’m no dancer though, and we really did only practice for 2 days lol.
    And I am Chinese born in Vietnam.
    Thanks for the positive comments and keep supporting us! We like what we do lol

  36. I think this is a pretty good fan video… thanks for posting!!

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