2NE1 Second Single: I Dont Care (Full Song)

I really like Sandy’s voice. I’m feeling Lady Gaga‘s Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)!!
Loves it 🙂


youtube channel: BigBangandSHINeeFans


~ by Momo on June 30, 2009.

50 Responses to “2NE1 Second Single: I Dont Care (Full Song)”

  1. wow

  2. i like it :D:D cnt wait to hear the full version 🙂

  3. OHMYGOD; it sounds so good. I LIKE IT AlOT :]

  4. ooh i like th beat a lot. the vocals sound nice too=)
    cant wait for the full version and whole album~

  5. XDXD Can’t wait ’til the full one comes out ;D

    When is their album coming out?

  6. Their album will come out on July 8th. I think…. Correct me if I’m wrong

  7. cant wait the full.
    our swettest girl.
    The refresh
    Love u my girls

  8. definatly love it
    its totally gunna be a big hit again ^^

  9. such a nice song!
    cant wait to listen the full song of it

  10. Its different but i love my gurls….cant wait to see the music video

  11. sounds very different from fire<3

  12. lol. really guys? to me it sounds kinda.. idk. i think its missing something. but then again. its only a clip.

  13. i love ittttttttttttttttttttt

  14. Love it!!!!! Summer Fresh!!!! Love Big Bang’s new single too!!! Can’t wait until these two groups meet up again!!

  15. love it!

  16. hmm.. i think its just me.
    but i don’t really feel it..
    feels a lot like.. Park Bom’s style..
    like it reminds me when she sang that song with Big Bang..
    not that its bad or anything.. its just that.. i don’t really feel 2NE1 style..
    or has 2ne1 changed into that style?
    i don’t know..


  18. i love this song..
    2NE1 is sure very talented as their “big brothers” ^^
    anyway Gara Gara GO and I Don’t Care. 2 GREAT songs in a day!
    double joy! weeeeee 😀

  19. i love it…!! i’m listening to the full version already and wow…!!!so fresh…! relaxing…!i think,its not a ‘korea’ genre type of music…!never heard of it before from any korean artist…so relaxing…!!!

  20. This song is pretty good.
    Can’t wait for the MV & lives.
    Bom’s voice is amazing.
    Minji’s singing is so nice.
    Sick rapping as well.

  21. Love the song! I know this will be a song that can bring me up, when I’m down. I can’t wait to I can buy the single! The girls really do it well. Fire and I dont care are so deffirent, but I love the both songs so much

  22. i love this song…
    addicted to hear…
    2ne1 hwaiting!

  23. WOW i love it. it’s good! i like it a lot!
    I can tell the difference from their voices. But their voices
    are still nice! omfg BEAT SNSD off the track!! ahaha.
    oh, there’s some computerized voice again. it’s good though.
    Yes i am addicted. See this is why i like the month July =]
    Big Bang & 2NE1. Lmao;

  24. I love it 🙂
    Very summer-like and it puts you in a good mood.
    GO 2NE1!!

  25. love it ❤

  26. seriously can life get any better wtf
    this song is freaking good
    and so different from fire
    i guess after the girls did covers of slow r&b songs,
    we all wanted something like this
    and the girls..and YG never disappoints =)

  27. very cool
    its just like YG said
    they want to show a DIFFERENT style/side of 2ne1 that was completely different from FIRE

  28. usually the 2nd single from artists are more easy going so it’s not a surprise and i really love this song!
    I really want to see some translations.

  29. so lovely, like it :X

  30. so lovely.like it :X

  31. I dont be hearing the likeness to lady gaga i dunno..it dosnet sond anyhting like her stuff…Love it though 2NE1 gonna go far…

  32. the fuck!

  33. I love this song very much … and thank you

  34. I love this song already : DD

  35. it needed some time to grow on me but now i like it 😀 im playing it alongside Friend on repeat lol XD

  36. LOVE IT! I can’t hardly wait till there album comes out!

  37. Doesnt it sound like this could succeed in the US too? I can just picture it.

  38. not feeling the song at all!!! Its boring and im not going to force myself to like it…..sorry….I hope they come out with something better.

  39. Loving the song!

  40. hey i think it`s the BB`s fansite, isn`t it? there r already 2ne1`s fansites. u may give up to post about 2ne1. i think this fansite is really good fansite but not YG`s right? or not u should change your heading. even though it sounds rude or hard it`s true. Do u agree VIPs?

  41. Lovin 2NE1 there songs are really cute!!!

  42. sorry rockcrystal i disagree.
    it’s not liek she’s posting all stories about 2ne1.
    plus 2ne1 and bb are like family i think it’s cute to have some 2ne1 on here

  43. A little of 2NE1 here is okay. 🙂 Share some YG love, why don’t you? LOL

    I love the song. And yeah, their style is Western so this could succeed in the US. Yes, this is a little similar with Lady Gaga’s Nothing Else I Can Say.

    LOVE IT. I’m playing this and SNSD’s Genie on repeat.

  44. I really like this song.
    2nel is the only kpop girl band I listen to.

  45. yes i like this song ^^ i don’t care e-e-e-e ♪

  46. lol. im not feeling this song. idk. but i can’t stand sandara’s voice. don’t hate me guys. lol

  47. no offence guys..but i like this song 2..but this song familiar with rihanna song hatin in the club???

  48. naomi saja!

  49. Some people are saying how it’s a different style from the original 2NE1 that we’ve seen in a negative sense. But I think that it is good that it’s different, singers should have more than one flavour and this flavour is definitely working because I’m loving the song, it’s softer than Fire and it really demostrates each member’s singing very well. I’m defintely looking forward to the other songs on their mini-album.

  50. i really love the song…its so meaningful..i can relate…

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