Big Bang: Making of Sudden Attack

[DOWNLOAD] 06.30.09 Behind the Scene: Making of Sudden Attack

A video of them when they did their voiceover for the ‘Sudden Attack’ game, it’s so freaking weird hearing this haha getting all masculine all of the sudden, Tabi’s voice is just perfect…. melting. Many might buy this game, play it just for their sexxiii voices haha Bae will be the one who add a little bit of ‘grooove’ into his voiceover haha

Even though they’re saying almost the same thing, but each have such unique thing about them you can just tell who’s who. Tabi will be his masculine, Bae and his music, Bong and his coolness (also his almost perfect English?) haha Baby’s maknae-ness showed through his voiceover haha and his funny English too … Baby~ “I NEED BACK KUP!” His dark circles must be really bad at the time, the only reason why he’s hiding his eyes from the camera, haha he is such a dork that he makes the camera man LOL.

Dae would be the one who is adding trot to his voiceover…. haha I don’t know how he does it, but he did…. and it’s freaking cool haha I just love how Dae is humble and polite everywhere he go, bowing down to people every minute, it’s such a cute side of him. I just love Dae, he’s too amazing.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Baby’s masculine body got me LOL… I love how they use Bong’s mohican style for the character, sexxyy~


~ by Vicky on June 30, 2009.

28 Responses to “Big Bang: Making of Sudden Attack”

  1. hehehee! x] i think im first! yay x] lol that is sooooo kyooot! BIG BANG IS AWESOME!!! BB FTW!! haha that is just awesome..i would buy the game if i could xD

  2. ^nooooo i was going to be first >.< lol omg Taeyangs voice is so good for this game XD i love daesungs as well lol coolnesss… HEADSHOOTT!

  3. ROFL This is so cute! They all have their own different voices
    & it is cute;] Haha, love the poster. LOL I would buy that game
    just to listen to their voices, rofl.

  4. Sooo Adorible~~! I think i would buy that game if i could just to hear their voices x) <33

  5. LMAO XD That was so cute!! They all have such adorable and different expressions in their voices.

    Haha, I totally like how in the game Bae still has his sexy shades and GD has something eye-popping on (the orange scarf(?)). It’s like bringing their personalities into the characters. And is it just me, or does TOP look like a cross between a cop and an assassin? The outfit looks like something a cop would wear but his hair makes him look so sexy and deadly. XD (Iris-style much?)

  6. I love Tabi’s voice, soo sexy. I’d get the game if I’d know what they were saying.

  7. haha baebae with the gun! hahhaha!

  8. such unique characters
    I would definitely buy the game just to heear they voices especially when they get shot and they do the grunt ;P
    Tabi’s voice is seeexayyy even in the game

  9. seungri looks so cute ❤ but he looks kinda strange in the video game reminds me of a convict !! D: lol still love him though like i love the real seungri (: <333
    and taeyang looks sexy ;D

  10. they made taeyang taller lmao

  11. haha this actually makes u wanna go and buy the game =]
    gahh! i think T.O.P. and Bae had the best voices
    lol daesung xD

  12. OMG!!!! I could listen to TOP and TaeYang’s voice all day long and be happy not understanding a single word they say. TOP has that deep sexy voice that is perfect for this type of video game. TaeYang has the voice that is so hot and sexy with out even trying to sound sexy ;p Drool <3.

  13. Daesung was wearing GD’s sunset glow pants.The blue ones he wore for the Remember album photoshoot.Aww,how cute.

  14. Oh gawd T.O.P just looks so fine in this vid with his hair it made me melt. LMAO, G Dragons laugh 1:28 was so funny and cute ! x] Seungri looks like he’s having fun with the gun x] I would definitely buy this game if i could. I love Big Bang, BB FTW fo show !

  15. ok i would love to hear bae’s character just because hes too cute. I also laugh at the fact that they made his character taller like the rest XD poor youngbae always getting made fun of for his height.

    GYAH bongie. Your english makes me squiggle (scream and giggle) I like the fact that even in a game my bongie has to be a fashionista. lol the scarf of course makes him pop out. I love the fact that they picked the mohican hairstyle for him. I thought bongie was hot with it. and his laugh *sigh* i love that laugh.

  16. *and his laugh *sigh* i love that laugh

    …that was supposed to go on the end of Bae’s paragraph. evil comment thingy

  17. by the way does anyone else notice taeyang’s belt…coffee lid. lol
    very original taeyang 🙂

  18. OMG
    I wouldnt mind being “HeadShot” by them.

  19. wow…! amazing…! what game is this? i dont really know bout games… but is it the games for wii nintendo,or playstation or just a computer games or something else….? really hopes,its the 1st or 3rd guess cuz thats the only games i play…!!!

  20. @Theresa I was thinking that too xD

    Oh my gawd, Bong’s English is PERFECT!
    Poor Baby’s hiding behind the cap xD
    I would totally buy this game just to hear guys. xD 😀

  21. Is this an online game?

  22. I can just say.. I LOVE THEM!
    Tabi’s deep voice, and YB’s “moove it” song and the laugh at the end, and when he suddenly stands with the big gun xD
    and Bong, aerh he’s so cute “craazy kill” I love his face when he said that, lightens all up xD Seungri-babe is just hella cute, love the fact that he made the camera man laugh xD but ooh I feel sorry for his circles under his eyes :b and dae is just so amazing, i’m always smiling just by looking at him : D.

  23. awww so CUTEEEE. All of them. But why did Baby hide those cute eyes of his.

  24. ROFL, it’s all so…awkward. I would never be able to concentrate if I played this game. Especially when I listen to Dae Sung. ROFL, he comes out with this big, trot voice and his speaking voice is really soft. I’ll never get over that. xD Seung Ri’s little grunts killed me. Was he supposed to be dying? haha, I could see him doing voice-overs for a living, actually.

  25. LOLS i swear if i was playing this game i would of
    died in there JUST because i heard their voice.
    then my partner/cousin would of been mad at me.
    Damnn TOP’s does make me melt. I love Tae yang’s too.
    ahahahah “Headshot!” i was just like what the heck
    are you doing? Aww G-Dragon. his hat, i mean he hasn’t
    looked like that since he was younger.
    Ooh, i love his too. Aha sounds like he’s rappin though.
    LMAO did he say ‘Crazy kill?’ Awww Seungri. he’s so cute!
    he’s doing what GD does, covering his eyes with his beanie.
    Ahahaha Dae. He sounds like he is about to sing trout.
    yeah i like that too. HAHA i love how he comes out with a cup.

  26. i want to play this game ^^ with TOP’s character xD lol

  27. Bong’s english is so good!
    Yo! I need backup!

  28. i think ur ryt if i evr saw this game somewhere [1 in a million chance] id get it just to hear their voices. haha

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