“FRIEND” by Taeyang & TOP | Fan Remixes by JT Leung

sorry for not updating lately, i hadn’t been able to access the internet all weekend! imagine my pain =[

anyway, my emails have been backed up & i’m trying to get thru em the best i can.

** i’ve updated on some locations on the PROJECT MEET&GREET2009 POST. please check it out to see if your cities are listed.

i was definitely aware of this track YB & TOP did for the upcoming drama called “FRIEND, OUR LEGEND.”

they did the title track, “FRIEND” which was produced by none other than TEDDY. no wonder why it sounds so fresh. gotta love the YG sound.

anyway, here it is for those of you who don’t know what i’m talking about:

source: urnobody911@youtube

compared to Emotion, this is HEAVEN. oh the puns. sometimes i post stuff on my TWITTER that i don’t make posts for on the site so u should check it out if you want random blurbs/updates.

* don’t ask for DL links. you should know better than that. you don’t need my help to tell you where to find it.


onto some other stuff. a lot of you want to see more of fan-made stuff. so here’s some stuff done by my dude JT Leung.



props to him for covering up that weaksauce Poker Face beat. it kinda sounds better than the original. GOOD JOB!





& here’s some HEAVEN remakes.



this one is very clever. used live footage & made it sound legit. i really like it.

hope you guys enjoyed it & leave some love to JT Leung!



~ by gdluvzmc on June 30, 2009.

17 Responses to ““FRIEND” by Taeyang & TOP | Fan Remixes by JT Leung”

  1. Awesome! Thank you for these!
    😀 I’ll need some new songs on the go to New York ❤
    The Fire remix sounds nice! SO,DOES THE HEAVEN ONE!!<3

  2. those JT Leung mixes suck…
    you can’t even hear their voices very well. >.>

  3. oooh i love them, i like the beginning of the fire and emotion remix

  4. NOTE: TOP wrote the lyrics for Friend and he also helped produce it

  5. Like the Emotion remix. Not sure if I like it better than the original though cuz I dont care if it sounds like another song. But they’re still good.

  6. That Emotion remix is indeed pretty good, thanks for posting it!

  7. the emotion remix was pretty good; the original had too much of a “poker face” beat;

  8. Hey hey hey!!! Y’all have to see this!!!!

    Gara Gara Go’s MV.

    Pure love. I really effin’ love it!!!

  9. I like the remixes; they’re good! I also think the original sounded like poker face and that song kind of annoys me :/ Friend sounds good too.

  10. yeah, Top did a great job ! Composing with Teddy and writing the lyrics..Top was all over this track, rapping, singing, Composing and writing…cmonnn How can you miss these important pieces of info haha! GO TOP! GO BIG BANG!

  11. omg i’m so addicted to Friend!
    love tabi’s “but i’m like” hahah

    hey nice works you have there JT Leung! good job! ^__^

  12. I love the pop remix of My Heaven, it’s kinda cute and refreshing.
    The emotion remix is also really good! okay, the chourus don’t work totally for me, but I love all the other things in it :D, it’s great that the poker face sound is covered, cause it’s the only thing that annoys me with the song. I don’t like that the beat is so close to lady gaga /:. Good job JT Leung! ^w^

    Ohhh I really love “friend” so much! for some days ago in the night I were so tired but then I found the song and i lightened all up xD was just like “O_O / :’D” the whole song xD. YB and Tabi’s voices fits so good together and Tabi’s rap is just.. amaaazing. And YB’s singing. Ah I’m denpendent, have it on my brain all day long xD.

  13. have you watched some of their jap shows frm 24th-28th see TOBAE for 1st time something going on between those two hope not sexual so sad that they cant be close b/c dae jealous and g-ri tryin keep them apart b/c of that,FRIEND”nice

  14. these are awesome! i really love them!! thank you x] *bow* hehe and i really like Friend ^-^ its really nice, got a good beat x] and who wouldnt love Bae and Tabi singing? lol just love them! thanks for workung so hard x]

  15. Love chingu spe. TOP’s voice ^^
    Good job JT!!! i like Emotion Remix :O and Heaven Slow Remix ^^

  16. i love the song by TOP and taeyang!! woot TOP and teddy for making it!
    nice remixes :] i especially like the Fire one

  17. I like Top’s voice.Top and Top’s.Ha ha.
    He sings well.Every songs of BB.Top’s part so special.It’s like a solo

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