Big Bang GDragon’s solo album to be released on his 21st birthday

Now there’s a reason for me to look forward to August, cause that’s back-to-school month, and I really do need a reason. CAN’T WAIT!!!

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Big Bang leader GDragon will release his first solo album on 18th August on his 21st birthday.

Yang Hyun Seok revealed that on Mnet ‘2NE1 TV’ aired on 2nd July. And on a phone interview with YG on 2nd July, They revealed, “We will have to look into the situation more carefully.”

GDragon’s solo album was pushed back from the initial release date in April because of his slight depression due to great workload he was handling that time. Hence he will be the 4th one from the group after TaeYang, DaeSung and SeungRi to go on his solo activities.

And GDragon is the 2nd member from the group to have his solo album. There are also plans for DaeSung to release a non-trot solo album later this year, and there are also plans TaeYang’s 2nd solo album

Translated by SooKyeong@KBites

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~ by Vicky on July 2, 2009.

53 Responses to “Big Bang GDragon’s solo album to be released on his 21st birthday”

  1. wow, yay so excited!!! waiting for ages!!!!! and omg on his bday?!!! will be special ^^

  2. Can’t wait…!!!

  3. Can’t hardly wait!! hehe

  4. ahhhh ! so excited !

  5. CANT…..WAIT……:D
    Jiyong looks so girlie xD
    its…………kinda REALLY hot 😛
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  6. AWWW, poor GD.
    He has so much work :T
    But its almost comming out!!!!

  7. I hope it doesn’t get delayed, it will be awesome if it’s really released on his birthday. Can’t wait to pre order it, I want to give him all the support I’m able to.

  8. WOOHOOOO!! can’t wait for it!

  9. oh my god
    i can’t wait for his album
    i know for sure it would be a good quality one (:
    but he now has so much of work to do
    anyway, he could do it i know 😀
    and it would be great to release it on his birthday

    GD Hwaiting! ^^

  10. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! x] i cant wait!! this is awesome and on his birthday too! we are totally gonna celebrate!! ♥_♥ LOVE YA GD!! ♥

  11. I literally screamed again when my friend told me about this
    this is so great.
    I CAN’T WAIT!!

  12. NON TROT!!! i am sooo relieved to hear that lols should be interesting.

  13. YAY!
    i’ll be looking forward to it!
    hopefully, i’ll be able to find it 😀
    Jiyong ❤

  14. Yay! lol I know its going to be good! Good Luck Baby! 🙂

  15. ohh kUL!

    but hes still cute lol


  16. OMG thats the day i start school D:
    no waii dude
    cant wait for this yo <333
    Gd your sooooo cute

  17. OH MY GODDD (:
    I cannot waittt~ :DDDD
    I will get it no matter what, even if it’s over $20
    Do they sell it in other places? Or just Korea? 😦

    Kwon Leedah’s Solo Album, YES! ahahaha watch me
    not get ready for school but for G-Dragon’s album.
    Yay i’m reallllly excited now!!!!!!!!!
    that’s so a good birthday present (:

  19. woooo weeee!! G the Dragon!! yay!! on his Birthday!! how special!!! 🙂 <333 Oppa ~Fighting~!!!!!!!!

    Yayy! Can’t wait! Leadahhh ;]
    Haha, wow. THat’s a week before my
    birthday. LOL (: Can’t wait.
    NON TROT? WOW Can’t wiat for DS & TY too!

  21. Wow so cool !!
    I’m so excited .. Can’t waitttttttttttttt:X

  22. YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! MY 21ST BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 10TH!!!!! (kekeke im 8 days older than my bongie) AHH this is going to be the best birthday ever!!! Bongie my love, i cannot wait to hear the awesomeness that is bound to come from that amazing mind of yours!!!! a birthday present for you and me lol

  23. My new Birthday August 18th!!♡
    The day That I finally lived. 🙂
    Can’t wait Can’t Wait!
    Gd Top to bottom soo freshly Dressed

  24. i cant wait too! 😀
    i think i will smile until my mouth cramp if i managed to get his album! hahahaha.

  25. YIPPIE!!!

  26. album’s released on his birthday Aug 18th, which i can almost interpret his solo debut stage will be the next day, Aug 19th aka BIG BANG’s 3YR ANNIVERSARY!!!mwah ha ha can’t wait **ponders setting up YesAsia account for preorder**

  27. ohhh August 18th gonna be an amaaazing day!
    bong’s birthday + debut. god, can’t wait<3

  28. YESS! 😀 mark that on mah calender : )

  29. finally!
    his moment to show off(even more! ;P)
    caaaant waaaait!

  30. AH!!!!!!!! is like my burthday gift!!!!!!!!!
    my birthday is three days lateerrr!!!
    I LOVE U GD!!!!!!!!!

  31. AAHH GD! sooo freaking excited i can’t even explain ❤

  32. OMG!! AWESOME!
    Cant wait for August!! 😡

  33. Can’t wait! Hope it’s really true this time, hahaha.

  34. I really absolutely cannot wait til’ August!!!
    Plans for a non-trot solo album for Daesung,
    and Taeyang’s 2nd solo album?!
    This is just GREAT. 😀

  35. omgggg!!! on his BIRTHDAY!!!! ♥ i can’t wait it’s gonna be awesome!!!!

  36. It’ll be cool to have a non-trot album from dae, hope there’ll be ballads in the album, love Try Smiling

  37. wooo SOLO ALBUM released on his birthday !
    yay ! cant wait 🙂
    this is exciting news ^^

  38. look at all those badges he has hahaha how cool 🙂
    i want one xD

  39. i am soo happy!! can’t wait till Bong takes our his solo CD!! omg.. i hope it’s a instant hit!! i soo wish i lived in Korea i would get it for sure!!!!!

    LOVE HIM!!

  40. omg jiyong oppa im waiting for youu~
    and ill get your CD fo sho

  41. Oh, god yes!!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for. He’s such a musical genius. X]

  42. Jiyongie looks like a girl in that picture!! I can’t wait!!!!

  43. oh man i really cant wait! YAYYYYYY

  44. OMG OMG OMG im so behind on my BB news but woot!
    3 new albums to look forward to now. yay!
    teeheehee GD looks so girly there

  45. WOO! thats two days before i get my A Level results back! (BIG exams, for les americaines) AND its the day I fly back from the U.S. of A. coolios!

    and I can’t wait to hear what Daesung sounds like! i LOVE his trot stuff! and hes been getting alot more signing done in these last few releases (garo garo go, emotion)

    ❤ Big Bang

  46. […] News! – Big Bang G-Dragon’s solo album to be released on his 21st birthday […]

  47. […] News! – Big Bang G-Dragon’s solo album to be released on his 21st birthday […]

  48. Aww I hope GD’s not that depressed anymore =(

  49. can’t wait for the FLAWLESS GD!!!! i want it a year ago but my love was just too busy and i respect if he needed more time or he just wanted something else to make his album AWESOME… i bet he is having SO much pressure from the fans because of the expectations we all are having for him….

    he’s just getting more and more prettier….EEEKKKKK!!! i’m so excited! i’ve waited for so long too….

  50. aaaahhh!!! finally!!! his solo!! omo!!^_^

    i’ve been waiting for it..GD ftw!!^_^

  51. Wow, G-Dragon would make a really pretty girl. Yay for being bisexual!

  52. @Janelle: GD is not BI!! he is straight!! i think he looks HOT like that!

  53. ..Can’t wait for that day!..

    ..i really love u gd!..


    mOst esp. wHen u and Dara will have a team up!…


    ..u really look good together!..

    ..LookiNg forward to ur mOvie and team up!…


    r u and dara dating?,,

    pLease aNswer!…

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