[ENG SUB] Big Bang on YG Live TV

YG’s new reality TV show call “YGLive” featuring all YG artists, from YG himself, Teddy, Gummy, Big Bang, 2NE1 and more. The camera follows them 24/7 and show us what all the great YG artist do when they’re not onstage. It’s pretty sweet, we get to see more Big Bang, I’m very thankful for this show, it’s about time we see some dorky Big Bang πŸ™‚ So, thank you YG.

These are the Big Bang cuts:

**EDIT: English Subbed by iBigBangsubs

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Really… nothing can be freaking better than seeing all the YG artists working their magic behind the scene, behaving like …. a family haha Jinu is such a dork, haha Tabi and the chicken too… speechless. And Bae…a www…… he saw the puppies, such a cutie. THEN IT’S DAE! Dancing to Again&Again haha such a dork, he was mad when Khun didn’t perform his solo part, Dae’s fave in 2PM is Khun haha.

Big Bang was on the set of their “Gara Gara Go!” MV shoot, Tabi and Dae togetherreally are a comedy match in heaven. Behind those sexy frames in the “Gara Gara Go!” MV.. is a yellow chicken who doesn’t now when to shut up, and… Dae making faces like he’s having organism. Bong finally appeared… of course, while eating something, haha and his cool hair~ kaka Bong even know how to tease girls?? haha the CRAZY unnies are getting embarassed.. that’s new.

The GRI love is still there, just when you think it’s gone.. BAM! It came right back.

Teddy appeared on the set of Gara Gara Go! to support Big Bang, he pointed to Bae “He’s the best!!!” hahha Baby seems scared of him hahah

Bong always be chainging a million outfits a day… it’s crazy, but that’s just Bong. 2NE1 geting ready for their Inki performance, CL showed us the ice cream ring Bong gave to her as a present. Of course, the boys also find time on their shoot to monitor the girls on live TV.

YG’s face lit up right away when the girls arrived, haha they’re like his little girls. But it’s still VERY awkward for him to eat lunch with the girls, just look at CL’s horrified face. YG was desperately trying to seek for help, he ask Dae and Bae to join haha he told Bae “YoungBae ah~ you see this? After 5 years and it’s still this awkward”. Cl asked Bong how they did on Inkigayo…. Bong is too strict..

~ by Vicky on July 2, 2009.

64 Responses to “[ENG SUB] Big Bang on YG Live TV”

  1. LOL 2ne1 felt so awkward around YG himself,
    LOL I mean eating lunch with the manager
    I’d be scared and it’ll be awkward myself lol

  2. so cool! (L)

  3. Yup yup!! hehe, i watched this whole thing already, even tho i dont understand a thing, i watched it anyway πŸ™‚ i understood a little bit of it tho!! hehe, yoo should post BB on Domo Kininaru!! haha but, lovin this all the way!!!! <333333 2NE1 too!!!! :):)

  4. i agree, i really appreciate how yg is doing this.
    i love it !

  5. y in the hell would u only put big bang cuts. just watch the whole thing. its really good!

  6. jjj

  7. omg
    i love it! SOOO waiting for subs…^_^

  8. I love it when the boys are all relaxed and carefree like these. Its so cute to see them laugh and have fun. TaeYang looking fine like usual.TaeYang and puppies equal extra cuteness ;). It was too cute seeing him with the puppies.
    Top at the end: See ya bro lol πŸ™‚
    I wish there was english sub I’m sitting here watching the whole thing nothing understanding a single word but its okay. I’m happy to hear them speak (such a loser lol).
    Go 2ne1 and Big Bang <3!!!

  9. @sd
    it is a BIG BANG fansite after all. but I do like the rest too.

  10. *another post*

    did YB say he hated those chickens? lol

  11. LOL @ Teddy.
    Talking about YB. “He’s the best. Don’t f*ck with him.”
    Lol. I was like, “Woah!!”. HAhaha.
    Awww, this just makes me love them more. X )
    I wish there were ENG subs for this.

  12. Oh I have missed videos like this! πŸ˜€ I love to see them all relax and just having fun. It’s candy for my eyes xD.
    My heart just smelt, when YB saw the puppys. so cute.
    And TOP and the chicken xD jesus christ.
    I love those guys so much! πŸ˜€
    even though I couldn’t understand a single word, it was great to watch :b.

  13. This great to see the Big Bang and 2NE1 so relaxed, lol!
    LOL, Dae Sung and that chicken, i laughed so hard i cried, Top too!!!! LOl
    Those puppies are so cute!!!!!!! kawaiiii! An Tae Yang is so fine!
    G-dragon and SeungRi are just plain funny, especially G-d!!!
    I Love Big Bang! N 2NE1 is great too!

  14. @chrissy Yea. Shaun squeezed it and then Bae said “Ahh I hate this” then Shaun laughed a little.

    I love YG for making this show! Tabi’s getting back to his old goofy self. Tabi’s english was adorable. I kinda wish that the camera men would have shown more Bae since he’s was probably speaking english 90% of the time with Shaun and this was when he and Aimee were on AIM. XD I gotta agree though that chicken was getting a little annoying. But the boys made it funny! 2NE1 are so goofy together it’s adorable! But it seemed like BB and @NE1 are a little awkward together… *maybe it’s just me* .-.

  15. Just saw the 1st part of the show, not just the Big Bang cuts.

    I love it. YG is such a genius. Before other artists steal the limelight completely why not show some behind-the-scenes of YG artists?
    That way we won’t completely forget the inactive artists of YG.

    weeeeeeee. ^^ Hoping the subs will come out soon. ^^

  16. hahah!
    I would be mad too if i didn’t see Khun do his solo part!

  17. omg i need to see this with subs. even without subs it was funny and cute as hell. I laughed so hard with that stupid chicken thing. Just the other day i was at the mall playing with that in spencers. So Dae’s faces were funny as hell. But omg Bae with the puppies. He looked like a kid in a candy store. Why does someone so freaking hot have to be so freaking adorable. I want to know what my bongie was saying to the nunas to make them act all embarrassed. Mustve been good. oh Seungri must you be so cute? I love seeing behind the scenes stuff like this. It helps remind fans that the artists are people too. they laugh cry and annoy each other just like we do. I was happy to see them all acting carefree

  18. I really want to see this subbed. When I saw the chicken it reminded me of the chicken that my friend has at work, we used to have so much fun with it when we where bored. I love where TOP was choking the chicken…lol. Dae’s face when he was playing with the chicken was hilarious. Those puppies where soo cute, it looked like Bae wanted to take them home with him.

  19. I really wanna see this subbed too, haha, so col. YG (:

  20. ugh i wish i had this channel!

    i would be watching this all day. ;-;

  21. The parts with the chicken cracked me up LOL
    and 2NE1 having lunch with YG, so awkward haha

  22. I don’t know why I think YG is cute. Hahahaha……
    Everybody’s so adorable.

  23. loved every minute of those videos! omg.
    gd is so adorable when he’s cocky.
    esp when he’s like “yea…i’m usually the best” lol
    and everyone else is so cute
    minzy is so cute too!!

  24. DIIIIEEES!! aaaack πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ thanks for the subs, whoever subbed this! you made me one happy fan girl πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  25. YB is the best. Don’t f*** with him. He’ll take over.


    /dies ❀

  26. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!~ THAT IS THE BEST!! OHMYGYAAAAAAA!im so dying of laughter frm Tabi and my Daes fun with the rubber chicken! xD like seriously..that is some FUNNY BIG BANG RANDOMNESS!! xD theyre killing meee β™₯-β™₯ and i love them sooooooo much!and awwwwwwwwwwww~ Bae with teh puppies x] that is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cute! ^-^ ahahahahaha..and what is that thing that Tabis eating? lol and Dae dancing and doing push ups! β™₯oβ™₯ love him so much *melts* lol this is great and awesome and GREAT!!! lol love BB!!β™₯β™₯β™₯

  27. taeyang with the puppies killed me.

  28. oh hahahah nevermind
    there…Nuts. xD

  29. awwwww >_////< and my Dae too…asically all of Big Bangβ™₯

  30. *basically

  31. SO CUTE! i loved this, especially dae and his faces. Am i the only one who got bad thoughs when seeing his faces with the chicken? hahahaha and Daesung and his awkwardness with Minzy is cutee! lolll they’ll warm up to each other eventually lol. SeungRi is so cute, he looked so nice. Same with TOP, i love his ocean wave hair xD. BONG and his amazing bongness, too critical of the girls! xD and Bae being cute with the puppies is LOVE ❀

  32. It’s kind sad to me that De doesn’t think he is attractive.

  33. Hahahahahahahaha i love it.
    Mann, thanks YG. i haven’t watched one of these in a long time!
    i miss watching these videos of Big Bang & of course
    of thee YGfam too. Lmao i still love how in EVERY scene of
    the MV G-Dragon is wearing something else.
    & wow he’s pretty strict! he is an oppa. cute how he gave her
    that ice cream ring! i want one! ahaha.
    Ahhh YG’s little girls. AHAHAHAHAHAHA so this is what
    Big Bang meant by YG is awkward to be around with.
    Teddy is awesome! where is the rest? i mean cannot wait for more!
    Gosh i love YG Family! Thanks for subbing and for posting.

  34. Gdragon loooooks soo cute!!!! he looks alittle tired! but still soo cute!!!

    Dae and Top and chicken.. LOL! that was classic!!!

    i am so happy to see this.. the boys look all grown up but with the dorkinesss intact!!!
    luv them

    btw.. only the 3 part is not subbed.. 1 and 2 are subbed

  35. bang_angel@ Awwww yes i notice that too part 3 isn’t subbed yet T.T but i like the show this far πŸ˜€ i’m looking forward more eps.!

  36. i loved the chicken lol.
    thanks for it being there
    it was so funny where BB took attention of it

    i really like how YG are in it together
    i wish there would be Se7en TV shown next haha
    i missed him sooo much (:

    and 2NE1 eating lunch with YG?
    haha they felt so awkward πŸ˜€

    and part3 isn’t sub, it would be GREAT if someone could sub that

  37. awh at how TOP told the chicken to calm down. ❀

  38. ohmygod<3

  39. haha. the part TOP was like “this was the hairstyle i wore before. i heard from someone you really liked it.” to Dae was funny. Then Dae said “i look awkward in it since it’s for handsome guys.” you’re handsome too, Dae^^

  40. hahah!
    now i watch it with subs it’s more funnier!

  41. *Orgasm

    Not organism. >_>

  42. Tabi to the chicken: “Calm down” *pat pat*
    i just died laughing XD

  43. owhhh how i miss seeing them like that *____*.. they are so cute ^^;and the chicken thing rofl rofl rofl…

  44. is it just my vid…?
    but the subs don’t work on part 3 of 3 ><
    but even so, thanks for uploading it and subbing it =]
    I LOVE IT!
    they are sooo funny!
    every clip i watch of big bang, i just love them more and more ❀

    thankyou for feeding me lots of yummy big bang clips and info ^^


  45. hey isn’t there an “I Love Big Bang” show airing in japan?
    i haven’t seen that yet ><
    has anyone seen it?
    whats it about?

    and LOL at the chicken!
    i want one! XD

  46. Big Bang & 2NE1 : D<3
    Its like a dream : DD

  47. YESS! Thankyou subbers!

  48. PUPPIES πŸ˜€
    they are all still little boys in my eyes πŸ˜› (:
    thnaks for the subs ❀
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❀

  49. Big Bang and 2NE1!!! hehe. This is really fun to watch. TOP just really makes me laugh everytime i see him. Dae and TOP together ekk~ and GRI love, haha. oh, Taeyang with the dogs was just too adorable heheh. but this is good, thank god they have this show now. rofl. thanks for sharing!

  50. CL said that GD is not usually this kind of oppa? i wondered what is he like normally then haha. does she mean he’s stricter normally or maybe more relaxed with them?ο»Ώ i’m guessing he will be stricter and not give much praise XD

    somehow i think he takes after se7en and se7en used to have harsh words for BB before they debut coz he wants them to improve. and look at where BB is now! i’m sure 2ne1 will be able to achieve the same amount of success!

  51. sweet there’s english sub πŸ™‚
    now i get everything lol
    i love the scenes of awkwardness πŸ™‚
    taeyang and puppies extra cute now that i can understand what is said

  52. Thank you for subbing!!!!!!!

  53. Did taeyang face got injured?
    aws finished it..
    its so sweet haha
    Love all of our boys
    i like them being dorkey
    i meant its good aiight.
    saranghae bb
    BigBang hwaiting

  54. GDCL… replay x 10

  55. this video is freaking gooodddd!
    love to see them back..
    thanks iBigBangsubs for the hard work
    and thanks vicky for uploading this ^^

  56. I realy miss them….when they want to come back?

  57. I shall admit – I’m jealous as to how much GD dotes on CL. ):
    And the entire thing is filled with.. awkwardness, lol xD
    Jiyong’s clap was so.. sarcastic =w=
    (And he smiled as though he doesn’t know to praise or scold them)

    Gahhh the GDCL moments. ;A;

  58. have to say that something really seems to be brewing between Cl and GD!! i mean.. he gave her that strawberry cream ring (sweeet) and of course out of everyone he takes notice of CL and her hair!! he knew that she didn’t like her hair!! awwww.. so cute..

    i wont be surprised if she will have her hair down in the next MV!

  59. Im so excited!! im so glad they decided to do the reality show of them. BB!! ❀

  60. Loving Young Bae oppa the puppy thing is something I do all the time I’m always attracted to animals well vice versa but so hot men and dogs hmmm. The gurls are really funny with YG. T.O.P and Dae are comedy together I like LOL the whole time. Kwon Leadah opppa does his thing he has to tell it like is soo they work harder. Victor is just cute but he seemed tired poor baby.

  61. bong has nice taste in rings;; i just got myself a icecream ring :]
    he is SO cute.

  62. I’ve seen this..but have to watch with subs again and again and again;D Ji Yong you little cutie when you walked in i was like OMOOO,saranghae…love your hair too!
    Gara Gara Go!!!It’s great song.They all look so good.

  63. this video already been remove!!! T_T
    i really wanna watch this video.. T_T
    does anyone know where can i find this video?????

  64. Om my name is Tabi!!!!!! LOL!!!

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