Minneapolis Meet!

very last minute, i know! but hopefully you guys can make it out this weekend to the MN meet set up by a lovely bunch of girls!

have a safe 4th of july everyone!



~ by gdluvzmc on July 3, 2009.

32 Responses to “Minneapolis Meet!”

  1. i honestly don’t see te point in all these ‘meets’. like…what do you do? talk about “OMG G-DRAGON. OMG SEUNGRI. -so on- hyperventilates- ” O__o…show off all yur big bang stuff? think you can become famous by meeting a bunch of strangers? you know its not like Big Bang [ or YG ] really care about these meet & greets.
    anyway…dont reply back to this comment. i just needed to get the word out. & vent.

  2. so sorry you have no desire to make new friends that have the same love for big bang or music in general.

    don’t get mad that you have no big bang stuff to show off or have nothing else to talk about besides getting angry that other people want to get together & have fun doing whatever it is they want to do.

    b/c i don’t see what else could possibly annoy you.

  3. @ Christina

    Project Meet and Greet is a chance for fellow VIPs within an area to get together and hang out. It helps them become friends and network with each other. It’s not about becoming famous or bragging about how much BB stuff u have.

  4. @gdluzmc: lol ur hilarious. come on, be nice!

  5. @ Christina:
    The meets are a chance for VIPs to meet other VIPs in their area. It’s not just to spaz about Big Bang, but to make new friends that also happen to love BB. I don’t understand your bitter tone about it…
    Anyway, I hope the MN VIPs have a good time at their meet. ^_^

  6. i live in minnesota but im in korea right now for summer, shoot :[

  7. @ Christina,
    I feel like you’re just jealous. No social skills, no friends.
    Is your life messed up right now? I have a feeling it is.

    Nothing to do for your summer? Except go in a corner and “vent” ?
    What guts do you have to tell people not to reply to that comment? What an idiot you are.
    What a coincidence for you to be the first one to comment!
    Do you go to BBFansite everyday? Seems like you do.
    You little hypocrite.

    If you want to vent, go to fmylife.com
    that’s the perfect place for you.


    MEET&GREET; I hope you guys have fun! 😀 Happy 4th of July ~

  8. gogogogoogogog gdluzmc&ilovemeetandgreet!

    I bet you’re pretty content with yourself,
    since you have ‘first comment’ and SO many people are replying to you when you told them not to.

    Get a life. Go to some other Fansite if you’re fed up with all this nonsense about meet&greets.

    Why do you even care if people show off their BB collectibles?
    Isn’t that what they’re there for? And Why would you NOT want to spaz over the members. That’s why you’re here right? To find their latest updates and see what’s going on in the VIP world?

    I bet you’re no VIP at all since you decided to vent it up.
    GET A BLOG. And hope that people will take notes from what you ‘vent’.
    To the meet&greet people, GO SHOW OFF YOUR BB STUFF AND TALK ABOUT THE MEMBERS CONSISTENTLY and have fun:)
    Watch fireworks together
    because as Dara said ” You got that fire 나의 가슴을 쿵쿵쿵”

  9. Lol Happy 4th of July peeps :].
    Have Fun in the Greet And Meet if ur going ^^

    GEt a life Rawr! :OO
    In Greet and meet people dont just show off their stuff! They get to meet new friends that is a BBfans and stuff; If ur messed up, go talk to a counselor. Dont ‘Vent’ over here—
    Plus, i agree to Melly.

  10. @Christina.
    Wow, It’s a chance at making new friends who share the same interest as you.
    NO ONE I Knows likes Big Bang where I live, so if they had a meet&greet close to me, I’d def. go, it’d give me a chance to meet with other girls who like Big Bang and other YG Artists. Who cares if YG Cares or not? Were doing these things for ourselves, not for YG :).

  11. OMG. I didn’t know about this!
    I went to the tournament today. But came home. : (
    It was pouring.

  12. It’s pouring. Oh yeah Dolly, i should of told you!

  13. Oh yes, have a great Independence day!

  14. awhhh man):
    its in minnesota? D:
    damn it i wanna go xDDD
    have fun guys<3


    we should plan another one 😦
    but have more time for us VIPS to now about it ~_~

  16. dang people, be nice! we’re all vip, family, explain w/ patience. cuz patience is a virtue. lol… x]

  17. OMG I was there! But I didn’t know about this meet!
    Gosh darnit, maybe another time! DANGGGIT!

  18. T_T…
    i want to meet them!!!!..i was so close..i live in MN and there’s this soccer tournament going on and i would’ve gotten a chance to see them..T_T

  19. hey MN VIPS, sorry i didn’t make it. it was pouring out. hopefully there will be another one again. ^^

  20. have fun guys
    V.I.P let’s go

  21. awww, i would have been
    able to make it if it was
    earlier notice… lol…
    were there any hmong ppl
    there ?

  22. i was there at the como park
    but i didnt know where u guys are located
    oh well, there will be next time

  23. Awww Man. I wishh I was there!
    I just got back from there! Darn! =[

  24. Oh. And I was there for a Hmong Tornement! Wish I was there
    Tell me if THere will be another Wisconsin. THankx?

  25. Guys let’s not be too hard on Christina, not every one is able to grasp right away the point of Meet&Greet and we should take this chance to explain rather than make fun of her. Granted, she could have worded her comments a little more friendlily, but I don’t really think from reading her comment that she meant any harm; maybe her words just came out wrong. As for Christina, I’m sure you understand now what MeetnGreet is all about and please, just to prevent any more moments like this in any type of discussion, please word your messages a little more friendlily. =]

  26. this sux

  27. WHAT! i was there for the whole day….**sob**

  28. awww OMFG cant believe i missed out!!!!! i am in thai;land! darn and i live in MN

  29. if i knew i would have taken off and went to the meet and greet! darn if i updated myself! im so bum right now.

  30. Wow I am so bummed out, I just discovered Big Bang since I am currently living in Japan and I have become hooked on K-pop cuz of my Korean fans but it’s so sad that I was in Japan while they are doing a meet and greet at my favorite park/zoo back home in MN. I hope it was fun and great.

  31. oops reread this and realized it wasn’t a meet and greet with them it was just with other fans.

  32. what are these meets? are they really in MN… becuz im all confused now…

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