2NE1’s 1st Mini Album Released!

Teddy is too much of a genius, all these tracks are amazing. This is one awesome album….. as expected haha. Props to all who worked on this album. Big Bang will be proud of their sisters.

In The Club

Let’s Go Party

Pretty Boy

Stay Together


~ by Vicky on July 7, 2009.

47 Responses to “2NE1’s 1st Mini Album Released!”



    These songs are too dang awesome.
    These girls are <33333.

  3. A day full of new and great music. First Big Bang with their second Japanese single (I love love love TOP Of The World) and now this. I love Mr YG hahaha

  4. these tracks are amazing….hats off to Teddy, pure genius – YG owes A LOT to Teddy…he puts in SO MUCH work….

  5. this is really an amazing album! not just saying it b/c i love them. haha. the music is very catchy and portrays all of their talents very well.

    ps love the new banner!!

  6. These songs sound great. I love these girls^^

  7. Wow this album is AMAZING, props to Teddy 🙂
    and I’m also loving Big Bang’s second single.

  8. love the songs!!! i’ma order when i have the money LOL.

  9. I <333 the songs
    really like pretty boy :3.
    I really love 2NE1 they are so great ^o^

  10. I got home from a long day of school and work to find something amazing news. This is simply amazing. Awesome beats, good range of emotions throughout the album while maintaining a constant theme..

    Damn. 2NE1 lived up to the hype, and Teddy is just damned amazing.

  11. wow, these song are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    Teddy is a true GENIUS!
    I really like “In The Club”<3

  12. OMG!
    Teddy is so awesome!!!
    And the girls are amazing!
    All of them did an amazing job!
    So Proud of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Great beats, I can’t wait to get these on my 2NE1 playlist–Lollipop and Fire look lonely .3.

  14. Uh… I am a bit displeased. I think these songs are aimed more for a female audience. Which is not a bad thing. Just sucks for guys like me that really like 2ne1. And the song “Pretty Boy” took the lyric of “to the left, to the left” from beyonce which shows that they are looking at american songs. I dont know… the album could be better. But if the girls like it then w/e.

  15. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the album!!!! Big Bang will be so proud!!!!

  16. WOW. i LOVE THEM! all of them! wow. just wow
    these are reallly really awesome! big bang will be proud!

  17. LOVE IT!!!! GARA GARA GO!!!! 2NE1!!!

  18. I love the mini album. I can’t wait for that YesAsia ship to arrive. I’m a sucker for performances so I’m loving “Pretty Boy”. Teddy put together some phat beats for these girls.

    Boomie Unnie Saranghaeyo!
    2NE1 Fighting

  19. <33333333 (Tilt your head to the right to figure out what it is)
    but no offence but Minji is too young

  20. hey who knows the movie “Bruno” ??
    well if you do, I REALLLY WANT TO WATCH IT!!!

  21. I baught it off yesasia, but I still gotta wait for it to arrive!!!!!!1 too bad I couldnt wait long enough, I had to listen to the songs lol. The mini album is a great start to their career and this album is really catchy! hmmm, if theyre goal is to have a concert at the end of the year, should mean we get 1 more album from them….This is gonna be great! cant wait for their new live performance!!!!!

    This is the first time I got addicted when I hear a new song. I really like “LET’S GO PARTY”
    I got really addicted. Man! Awesome!
    2 thumbs 4 Teddy !

  23. kudos to everyone who worked hard for this great album, from the management, to producers, staff and of course, 2ne1.

    2ne1 fighting!

  24. I swear I though I would never way this but This is the very first Korean girl band that I LOVE!

  25. i listened to all their songs, and they’re all good to great. 🙂 and big bang’s new songs like top of the world is wonderful! 😀

  26. I LOVE BB’s new song ‘top of the world'(&the whole garagarago album) and now 2ne1’s new songs…wow…I love it too…YG family is DOPE!!!

    <333 always~~ 😀

  27. damnit i cant listen to it atm. my nets THAT slow.
    im sure its good though.
    cant wait till my net speeds back up

  28. since we’re in 2ne1 mode 😀

    lets vote 2ne1 as best girl group of 2009 here: http://www.mtv.co.kr/poll/matjjang_view.php?idx=632

    I think its every 10 min.

    VOTE! 😀

  29. omg! the tracks are AWESOME!!!!
    can’t choose which one’s the best lol
    all of them are effing good!
    damn 2NE1 is a pro!!
    cl, bom, dara and mj are truly very talented girls..
    and god teddy is very gooodddd ~thumbs up ^^
    YGFamily is so love ♥

  30. >J-G-RILEEN kindly translate what’s in the website for voting. it’s all in korean…

  31. athena83

    scroll down then click the black botton w/ check on the left below 2ne1’s picture.

    than click again on the orange button (w/ blue circle @ the top). then you’re done and just wait 10 minutes to vote again.

    I dont understand korean either.

    hope that helps^^

  32. sandy says, “punta tayo sa fiesta…” haha. 😀

  33. I love you, Teddy!

  34. absolutely loving it,
    i agree with the person who said that the rest of the album seems to be kinda more directed towards a female audience, but it is still great (: perhaps their future music won’t be so geared towards that, but let’s face it, most girl groups start off with the girl power vibe. at least 2NE1 pulled it off well (:

  35. omgg its finally out! i lovee them. wow all the songs are amazing!!
    props to teddy!

  36. Teddy is a freakin’ genius. These songs are amazing! They’re the kinda songs that when you listen to once, you don’t hear anything special, but when you listen again they start to grow on you and you just can’t help but love them.

  37. I hope you support these girls by ordering their album, but until you can buy one, download the whole album here:


  38. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! c[x gotta love the girlz!! i really like In The Club and Pretty Boy x] got some nice beats xD

  39. Teddy wrote all of their songs???
    I wonder what’s inside his brain that allows him to create such a great songs…
    i watch the YG TV where he talked about how he came to the idea of writing ‘fire’…

  40. These songs are fantastic! I immediately buzzed over to YesAsia.com and ordered the album. Can’t wait!

  41. i like it but i keep going back to listen to bigbang’s single …i think some of this album is like calm upbeat,but the single is high upbeat..anyway both ways its fun and like them..

  42. interesting songs ^^

  43. that’s really a sweet minialbum
    Love it

  44. LOVE “Pretty Boy”!! They are going to be huge!

  45. Big Bang’s new single is so freaking amazing. They always do such a great job, they never never dissapoint me! Daesung’s voice is so great in the chourus! more then normal. Love them to death, that’s really all I can say.

    – 2ne1’s songs are really great! I’m totally in love with Let’s Go Party! the sounds in it are great. I know I will listen alot to these songs :b love to Teddy!

  46. 2ne1 is ❤ =D Kudos to Teddy =D Thank-you for producing such wonderful songs and music for these four girls. Love 2ne1, love their mini-album and loove Pretty Boy. SO catchy =D

  47. […] blossomed into not only a respectable GIRL GROUP, but a GROUP that has hit songs in their arsenal. the tracks on their new mini-album are legit, & their next single, I DON’T CARE is a smash. click for the […]

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