2NE1: I Don’t Care MV Released!

I love the concept of the MV, reminds me of that Frozen Grand Central thing in NY, and also one thing that I love; “Don’t get mad, get even”. The dark room and chandlier scene reminds me of Bae’s “Only Look at me” MV scene. I’ve been wondering about the choreograph for this song a while now, since this isn’t a easy tune to make a dance to, but that finger thing… i love it! haha it’s easy to do, easy to remember, yet it’s so cute.


~ by Vicky on July 9, 2009.

31 Responses to “2NE1: I Don’t Care MV Released!”


  2. niceeeeee!
    CL looking pretty with her hair down..
    i like the clap part. it looks fun ^o^

  3. I loveee it~
    minji unnie looks so cutee
    and dara unnie is like so Dara unnie?
    especially the sticking her tounge out at the end.
    and Bom unnie is like soooo amazing~
    CL leadah
    the best.
    looks so pretty~
    hwaiting unnies~ <333

  4. OMG, i lurve the vid, espc Dara’s face at the end.

  5. dara is so cute..
    she’s improving a lot!!!
    i bet this group will smash snsd & wg..
    mark my word haha

  6. I LOVE IT!!! However, that crystal ball thing in the beginning kinda freaks me out. O.O;;;;

  7. OMO. I love it!? xD
    love 2NE1. xD

    I don’t mind sharing the love since they’re YG family but where are the Big Bang updates? They released their Gara Gara GO!! single a few days ago with a new Jappo song ‘Top Of The World’. Shouldn’t there be some BB updates since it’s their fansite?

  8. yesasia’s got the big show dvd preorders up!! :/ but it’s the japan version! OMG. so excited. seems like it’ll be released with GD’s album? if the dates are right.

  9. love ittttttt

  10. oh mah, i love it, alot
    dara look so so so sweet n’ cute
    like Cl’s glasses, so funny

  11. Yeah I agree with teefannie. Why are there only 2NE1 updates instead of Big Bang ones? I super love 2NE1 as well, but there really should be Big Bang updates, especially with their new release of Gara Gara Go! and the event at Japan’s Yoyogi Park, and that super big surprise they gave the fans there? That on the 19th of August which is their anniversary, they’ll be releasing their first album entitled ‘BIGBANG’ and their ‘Big Show’ DVD and another “best of” album?
    Sorry if I complained too much, even though I know many people can get Big Bang news from other sites, I’m hoping that there’ll be updates on Big Bang here as well.

  12. Wow I love it! I’ve been waiting forever!
    I’m inlove with this song, haha ;]
    The scenes are very cute; funny at times ;]

  13. GOSH!!!FINALLY!! I DONT CARE MV is here already!!!two thumbs up 2ne1!!! ayt?!… i love your songs guys!!
    keep on rockin’!!

    pensive here ^_^

  14. “Hey Playboy! It’s about time! And your time’s up!”
    I think I’m gonna sing this song to someone.

  15. Haha I love Dara at the end, making that face–so krung krung (X
    I like it, but I think Fire is better .3.

  16. OMFG!!! I’m just come home today, and haven’t could tjek these news before today, and ooohh.. 2 new BB albums?! + finally The big show dvd!! so happy! yay :’D
    and 2ne1’s don’t care MV wich I also have waited for. Great news : D.. the MV is btw. super cute, and it fits great to the song.

  17. CL is so pretty with her hair down

  18. I think this video is cute
    I like they were doing all those weird things to the guys while they were frozen 🙂

  19. Awwee. ii was kindaa dissapointed with the MV.. ACtually. I didn’t like ti at all. ii love the sogn but the MV for me was just wasn’t good.

    Guys (staff of bbkorean) ii tried to send a comment on the Staff page but it wouldn’t allow it (for soemr eason)

    Would you ugys like to become an affiliate of ygevolution.wordpress.com? Since it’s about 2NE1 && they’re GD’s kids?
    Please e-mail me with yur answer (even if it is no) at my_sweet_heart_296@hotmail.com
    Thank you (:

  20. This MV had a very fresh style. I mean compared to Fire MV, this one’s much better when the girls are trying out their own thing, instead of just using Big Bang style. Though the girls are doing great with the BB style too, it’s actually better for them to come up with a new concept ^^ Futhermore, the MV matched the song well.

  21. i love love love the music video
    i can’t wait to see the whole dance!
    i’m going to learn it right away!

  22. I LOVEE IT!!!!!!!!!

  23. bom’s “yeboseyo” was cute (:

  24. one thing i do not like about korean MV’s is that they change the camera angle like.. five bajillion times and its so hard to actually see them and stuff. lol kinda makes me dizzy. other than that good vid.

  25. […] that has hit songs in their arsenal. the tracks on their new mini-album are legit, & their next single, I DON’T CARE is a smash. click for the […]

  26. i love the video and the song uhhhh and the finger move 😀

  27. OMG Yeahhhhh i liked the MV
    it did kind of remind me of some ‘Only look at me’ scenes.
    Yes, it was different. it had a different feel then other
    MV’s. They are pretty.

  28. this is the BIG BANG fansite.
    why is there so much information on 2NE1?
    i understand that there was Lollipop news here, thats because Big Bang was in the song too. but now this is 2NE1’s album. why is it on Big Bangs fansite? heeello, Big Bang isnt 2NE1 >_>

  29. the tune sounds like HA-HA by that guy…err…i forget his name.
    but one of he’s LIVE PEFORMANCES big bang did with him. Daesung was known for his Chilled dance move, where he rubs his arms (that are crossed) while hopping on one foot at a time on that song.. (:

  30. a correction ** the guy’s name is “HA HA ” the song’s You are my destiny. yup yup. don’t hate the comment . 😉

  31. i love 2ne1 so much…they are my fav in girl groups…although i agrre SNSD are hottier…well who wouldn’t look hot wearing sexy clothes…..

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