Updates… In Case You Didn’t Know

**NOTE: this post has been edited for those who were politically inclined to have me not use the word “jap” in my post. i don’t need to know about racismwe all live through it, been a victim of it, & everything in between. in no way did i use the word in a negative connotation, just simply making shortcuts in my typing. let’s not talk about it anymore.

many of you have emailed me “updates” about things coming out, etc.
thanks for telling me, i already know about these things, but i just don’t find it worth making a single post for.
but since i’ve gotten similar emails from a number of you, i decided to put together an update post.

Summer is gonna be quiet for BB. not much going on, so i guess when i have a couple of things to talk about, i’ll be making these “update” posts. in fact, writing this makes me wanna call these “in case you didn’t know” posts instead, b/c VIPz are supposed to be in the loop, riiiight? har har.


i mean 2NE1 = the new HOT group. the IT group. i think YG has planned out their debut, activities, etc. real well. they’ve blossomed into not only a respectable GIRL GROUP, but a GROUP that has hit songs in their arsenal. the tracks on their new mini-album are legit, & their next single, I DON’T CARE is a smash. click for the MV!

promotions for their next single is to begin on July 10th on KBS MUSIC BANK. Check out the new MESSAGE FROM YG for more on this (which i will be translating shortly, aka in a few hrs, but i’ve already relayed to you most of its contents in this update).

in case you didn’t know… the plan is to have 2NE1 headline a concert by the end of the year. what big goals!

tidbit: you can get a glimpse into the daily lives of 2NE1 members on their Mnet show “2NE1 TV.” check out the schedule on VIPTrans, i think it’s on Wednesdays, Korean time? bb appears on it from time to time. go figure.

i expect great success from 2NE1, as their mini-album sales have almost reached 50k, as well as their new single on top of the music charts already.

2. G.D.R.A.G.O.N.

our kwon leadah is turning 21 soon. it’s also the day when his long-awaited solo album is expected to come out. of course, it’s gonna be good!

a tidbit: we know that jiyong’s been working closely w/ 2NE1, but where’s his stuff on the mini-album?!
the stuff on 2NE1’s mini-album were worked on mainly by TEDDY & KUSH, with some contributions from MASTA WU as well.

however, GD’s work will be featured on 2NE1’s 1st full album, set to come out in OCTOBER. wow, 2ne1 still pops up in the section for GD.

…in case you didn’t know.

jiyong’s doing well. just had to say that. haha. what am i gonna do for his birthday? i just don’t know yet. SIGH.


bb’s officially hit the japanese music scene by switching to a major label in japan. w/ the recent release of their 1ST SINGLE ft. a “heaven” remake, w/ new track “emotion” (bleh), their 2ND SINGLE, which features “GARA GARA GO!” & another new track “TOP OF THE WORLD” was released on july 8th.

credit: shanked100@youtube

better than the first.
there’s a korean version of GARA GARA GO!… in case you didn’t know.
the only thing that changed is the chorus. it’s in korean. yipee.

credit: BigBangandSHINeeFans@youtube

i actually like GARA GARA GO. in fact, i think it’s the first japanese song from them that i ACTUALLY LIKE! gasp. they actually made a good japanese song. their other song, however, i don’t really like. it’s too slow for me.
but then again, i’m not really into their japanese promotions. my personal opinion.

stay tuned for lyric translations… VIPTrans is slowly working on it (as well as 2NE1 stuff!)

more under the cut ———————–>



so BB is set to release some albums in japan, basically a collection of all their songs, japanese & korean.

3 diff releases, 1st 2: only difference is the 1st one includes a DVD, the 2nd only the CD.

BIGBANG (Limited Editon)
Price: 3,800 [tax included] <— this is about $41USD dayummm
Released: August 19, 2009

INCLUDES: CD+DVD (clips + making of)
01. Intro
02. 가라가라 GO!!
03. Bringing You Love
05. Stay
06. Top Of The World
07. Follow Me
08. Baby Baby -Japanese Version-
09. Emotion
10. Love Club
11. Always -Japanese Version

BIGBANG (Regular Version)

Price: 3,000 [tax included]

01. Intro
02. 가라가라 GO!!
03. Bringing You Love
05. Stay
06. Top Of The World
07. Follow Me
08. Baby Baby -Japanese Version-
09. Emotion
10. Love Club
11. Always -Japanese Version-


Price: 2,800 [tax included]
August 19, 2009

01.  HaruHaru
02.  Make Love
03.  Lie
04.  Number 1
05.  Lollipop
06.  So Beautiful
07.  Stylish
08.  La La La
09.  Remember -English Version-
10.  We Belong Together
11.  Fools Tears

nothing big, just releasing previous works & a few new tracks to the JAPAN VIPZ. they’ll get to sample all of bb’s stuff, including their korean masterpieces.

5. SE7EN drama

i recently came across news on fellow YG artist, Se7en, who was recently busy tryna promote himself in the US market, but has been real quiet recently. according to YG statement, he went back to Korea to “handle some business.”

some mix-up between Se7en’s 2 management companies have a caused a ruckus.
RED QUEEN MEDIA, his US management, had stated that:

“Things were looking great for Se7en. Johnny Wright was going to co-manage his career, we setup deals for Se7en to record a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. We even had Se7en scheduled to sing the national anthem live at an upcoming Dodgers game, as well as present an award at the BET Awards show.

It’s really disheartening, we really felt Se7en was the best candidate to represent Asians in the US. We truly believed he would’ve been the first to break through the US market, especially with all of the collaborations and events we had lined up. It’s unfortunate that YG Entertainment turned down all of these opportunities, but we are still hoping for the best and that they come to the realization of how important this is for Se7en’s career.”

now YG has fired back w/ his own statements, defending that they never intended to end his US activities, that Se7en has spent over 2 years working on his American advance, & there’s no way he’s gonna stop now.

well now, 2 years is a long time. when i first read RQM’s statement, i was kinda shocked. wthck is YG thinking. but of course, it had to be a mix-up. no way he’s gonna stop Se7en now. that’s 2+ years of hard work (that hasn’t gotten him as far as i hoped it would). i personally think Se7en has caused a lil peak in the American market, but not really much else, until Johnny Wright steps in & works his magic.

i hope that Wright will turn things around for Se7en, & that JT track better be smokin’ hot, cuz it’s gonna light a fire in Se7en’s US career, FOSHO. sure, his MV PREVIEW gave me chills, but the actual MV wasn’t that wow. & his brief fame on BET’s 106 & Park didn’t do much, except for making history as the 1st asian to have his MV featured. other than that, i think se7en has a weak advertising strategy, & it’s only thanks to his loyal fans of his KOREAN STUFF who reside in the US that’s given him all the hype in the US. just my personal opinion.

well that’s all for now. hope you guys have a grasp on the recent stuff going on. i’ll work on the YG MESSAGE translation soon & post it up for y’all.


~ by gdluvzmc on July 9, 2009.

27 Responses to “Updates… In Case You Didn’t Know”

  1. Thanks for the updates. But aren’t you going to talk about their albums that will be released on the 19th of August? Sorry if I keep talking about this (I did on the previous post), but I really think it’s quite a huge thing, and should be worth updating the VIPs (who didn’t know) about.

  2. I already heard this haha its freakin.
    Thank you so much for posting up these wonderful things of info.
    I cant wait for more stuff in the future! ^.^

  3. thanks 4 the update 😀

  4. thanks for the update!
    kekee have been wondering why haven’t you guys update bout top of the world
    i’m so loving that song man (:

  5. thanks for the update 🙂 i dont really like the jap stuff coming out either.. Gara gara go is ok but i hope they do more ‘normal’ singing? lol too much electro stuff right now -.-

  6. that thing about se7en i read yesterday and i was breaking down
    it’s just so disappointing
    and i’m going to probably get those albums coming out

  7. I can’t wait until GD’s CD! I didn’t realize how many new songs were going to be released in August. I’m kinda surprised that the single for GD’s album hasn’t came out yet.. Anyways, thanks for all the updates! 🙂

  8. aw I love their japanese stuff! 😦
    cant wait to hear those new songs.

  9. Se7en is going to survive now!
    he’s coming back!

  10. thanks alot
    that’s awsome :X

  11. about se7en, i think we should take RQM statement carefully. if everything is going as great as they said, why would YG withdraw se7en to Korea? i’ve seen agencies said “everything is going fine, if only the client didn’t stopped using our service!”
    the truth is usually otherwise, the client stopped because they feel they’re not going anywhere.
    it might be the same case with se7en. if we compare his advance with BoA or Wondergirls, it is really slow. No wonder if YG is getting impatient.

  12. GAH they released Top Of The World on my BIRTHDAY! skilllllls

  13. perez hilton posted “Grar Gara Go” video on his blog! AND 2NE1’s new video, too!

  14. @ning that’s exactly what i’m saying.
    i definitely feel like Se7en’s “advancement” has gone super slow compared to the females trying to hit up the US scene, but i also respect RQM’s lavish attempts to get him noticed. but it’s all talk. i haven’t seen results yet.
    so until then, i’m still gonna say it’s slow work, but i do believe that YG never intended to pull him out, but is only really disappointed in slow-to-no improvements in his US activities.

  15. yeah i think 2NE1 is going to be super successful.
    & their new mini-album is SUPER. all of the songs sound really good. im not surprised if their first concert becomes a big hit.

    i love Gara Gara Go 😀

    i read about the SE7EN drama with YG on allkpop..
    i was in total shock bcus YG doesnt seem like he would do something like that… YG’s usually really wise about these things.

  16. Thanks for the update! and i agree, se7en’s US promotions have been REALLY slow, but im sure theres a reason to it. and your casual use of jap still makes me cringe everytime i read it. it doesnt take that much more time to type “anese” afterwards. just saying >_<

  17. I bet you’re really annoyed with everyone hounding about the “lack of updates”.
    Honestly, many of us know you have lives and we apologize for the others that dont. xD

  18. 1. OHMYGOSH yeah 2NE1 is the new ‘It’ group. i mean who
    doesn’t love them? kays. 2. G-DRAGON! AHHHHH YEAH
    i’m so excited. birthday….hrm i don’t know what to
    do either. but yea i was wondering why his name didn’t
    show up on the mini-album…..BUT YAY it’ll be on the
    full album! which reminds me, i still need to order dems.
    3. gasp* oh my gosh. Gara Gara Go was the first Japanese
    song that i liked. That i’ll have to agree to also. Lols
    yeah i’m not too interested in their Japanese promotion
    but whatever it’s Big Bang i’ll still cheer them on!
    the korean version of Gara Gara Go was a ehhh. they only
    changed the chorus which….yeah they would do something
    like that. i loved ‘Top of the World’. ahh they are
    Top of the world & they do rock the night/tonight.
    4. Wow. wish i was in japan right now. Hrmm maybe i’ll go
    get my friend and…………..
    5. WHAT?! so YG turned out all of those things? wow for 2 years.
    Yeah i think his US activities aren’t the best idea’s because
    he’s only still popular to his fans rather then to the whole
    USA. but good luck to him too.
    Good Luck to ALL YGFamily members (: FIGHTING!
    Thanks for the recent updates.

  19. @linda

    your right. it doesn’t take much to add “-anese” to “jap.”
    however, i had been saying “japanese” a few times already yesterday, & i don’t like using words/phrases repetitively.
    just saying.
    “every time” is 2 words.
    just saying.

  20. ABOUT SE7EN:
    I highly doubt YG would pull out what use to be their all-star player from a good situaiton, the only reason I could see them pull him out was if it wasn’t going well. We have no idea was was going on behind the scenes. I think it’s safe to say that if SE7EN made it in America it not only would have made him famous but brought in fame and mney to YG Entertainment as well. And why would YG want to stop that?

    The thing is, I’ve seen artist in America who virtually had no following make it in half his time. I feel like the company put him on the backburner and focused on more important groups or passed him over for other people.

    Any good artist with a good rep team would be able to make more of a splash in 2 years, atleast from what I’ve seen in the last two years. Esp. with myspace around.

    With YG and Se7en they have more to loose,if there was a good thng going over in America why would they remove him when the very thing they wanted was for him to take over the market. Se7en needs to hurry back before he looses his fans.

    The whole situaiton sucks though.

  21. Oh and also, please don’t use the word “jap”, it’s commonly used as a racial slurr…typically heard by old war veterans or people who are in their 50’s and up. I have a lot of old neighbors who fouht in the war, they’re racist and use that word. I’m pretty sure you aren’t racist so I’m not upset at you about it, but I think it’s safer and a bit more polite to say ‘japanese’ and not, well, you know…

  22. As (hopefully) a helpful solution, maybe use “JPN” next time. That’s what the Olympics use. I know where you’re coming from though. I have used “Jap” for short hand before. I always felt that if you don’t see it as a demeaning slur then it’s not a demeaning slur. My opinion though.

  23. i think i liked big bang’s korean stuff more ):
    but jap is okay too i guess ^^
    cant wait till the album comes out 😛
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  24. whew thats a relief about se7en. i really want him to make it big!!
    i cant wait for august! GD’s solo album YEAHH!!!
    im excited for 2ne1’s first full album too! get to hear gd’s work :DD

  25. thanks for album info! =)
    I was on yesasia.com and I got really confused because they had so many versions and the description was in korean… ahaha which I couldn’t understand!
    so thanks lots!

  26. thanks a lot,i really means it.u’re so dedicated to post all of these stuff for our pleasure,i adore n envy u guys.
    -yeah,this summer is kinda a quiet summer,i really miss our dorky n funny boys.OMG,i’m totally jealous with japanese b/c BB spend quite sometime there.comeback 2us BB!!
    -n for 2NE1, i think i’m fallin for them as well.not b/c they’re the female BB,but they’ve got talent.they can sings besides dance really well.but,i don’t really know each members well yet.hope 2hv chance to know them n support them..
    -my birthday is coming on 4th Aug which makes me noona of g-yong. haha..g-yongie,i’m your senior by 14 days!hope we’ll gonna hv great year n keep on rockin this time..

  27. Omshh
    King of Rock & Roll
    King of Soul
    King of Pop
    ANNNDD Se7en : King of Hip Hop. xD
    Or not. Lets go for the best.

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