Message From YG 20090706

finally done! not as long as the last one from YG, but this one’s all about his girls.

includes details on 2NE1 & their activities, GD’s solo.

Message From YG 20090706
Translated by gdluvzmc + jeska @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit lines*


July 1st was set to be the release date of the “I Don’t Care” MV, but production delays have postponed the date to July 8th, same day as their mini-album release.

YG apologizes for “being too greedy” b/c he had them shoot additional scenes last Saturday, which also added to the delay of its premiere…


1st broadcast/performance to promote the song is scheduled for July 10th on KBS Music Bank.
“Pretty Boy,” a song from their new mini-album is expected to launch w/ “I Don’t Care”, to be performed on INKIGAYO on July 12th.

YG reminds us that “Pretty Boy” was used in the opening montage for 2NE1 on SBS INKIGAYO.

“A lot of fans thought, ‘What if this song is going to be on the mini-album?’… & you were right.”


3. 2NE1 TV

2NE1 TV premiered last week & is scheduled to air every Wednesday on Mnet.

An expected 10 episodes for the 2NE1 TV documentary, just like the old BIG BANG Documentary.

“Because it’s a show that we (YG) are producing ourselves, a lot of Family members including myself who aren’t usually on TV, appear naturally. I think the show will have some fun stuff.”

“Although 2NE1 has been training for several years, the relationship between CEO & trainee is distant because I only monitor their talents & skills; it’s very hard to get to know them personally.”

“A conclusion to this boring story: I’ll get to know the members through TV, just like the fans will.”

4. 2NE1 Plans for the Year

“I DON’T CARE” promotional activities expected to end in August. As for the other songs on the mini-albums, there hasn’t been any plans for activities yet.

The follow-up song “PRETTY BOY” will have a music video, shot by the same director as “FIRE.”

“2NE1 follow-up album to be released in OCTOBER if they decide to continue promotions for “Pretty Boy.” If not, they will release their album in September. G-DRAGON composed & wrote the lyrics for the songs on the album, which is why they were not included on the mini-album.”

“This is because we want G-DRAGON to release his solo album first on AUGUST 18th.”



“The ultimate goal this year is to have 2NE1 hold an independent concert. Of course, they are a girl group that just debuted & are rookies, but to put on a concert is the dream of many singers, but it involves the work of many people to make those dreams come true, so I didn’t want to let go that string of hope yet.”

2NE1’s FIRST MINI-ALBUM will contain 7 songs.

“With the perfect combination of TEDDY & KUSH as producers, who will always produce great works even for the next 10 years, we wanted it to sound good, so they have been busy the last few weeks staying up all night working on the tracks.

“Even though we wouldn’t say we are 100% satisfied with the results, we gave our full efforts for this album.”


~ by gdluvzmc on July 10, 2009.

19 Responses to “Message From YG 20090706”

  1. Thanks for translating (:
    Oh my gosh YG really loves his girls.
    2NE1 is officially the best rookie girls group ever!
    Talk about the best generation ever. Lols
    They did a lot of work. I cannot wait for their full album!
    G-Dragon is amazing actually YGFamily is.

  2. August 18th cant come soon enough!

  3. yea!! im thrid!! love them!!!

  4. Best of Luck 2ne1! YEAH!

  5. woww i’m looking forwars all the activities ^^

  6.’s kinda sad that YG and the staff didn’t get to know them that well
    but still, i’m glad that they have this documentary thing just like BB
    cause it helps us to know them more
    like how i watched BB before their debut days
    and they put so much effort
    all the best to the girls
    they’re so talented and i’m happy that they’re in YG!
    YG rocks mann

  7. i always love the way YG works!!

  8. Cant wait for Jiyong’s solo album in AUGUST!
    HAHAHA 😀

  9. good luck 2NE1 and GD.
    cant wait for those albums.


  11. omona♥
    aug18, please come!!
    ahh~ jiyongie is the best
    and 2ne1, i luv them too!!

  12. heeey, just curious how come you guys aren’t putting up any updates on the boys’ japan ventures? i heard they’ve had some recent performances on tv, as well as performances from fan meets. just wondering.. hehe thanks!

  13. excuse me,
    big bang fansite, not 2ne1 fansite..

  14. ^ oh very true. i wouldn’t make a big fuss about it if jiyong aka G-DRAGON aka leader of BIG BANG wasn’t mentioned – oh wait, he is.

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  16. update pls!! i wanna noe wad happened 2 our boys!! 😀

  17. awww man my cousin has the same birthday as GD.
    we are in the process of making awesome vid and send to Tae Yang oppa. we are both African but live in america and love BIG BANG.

  18. thanks for the message translate! i know what to look forward to…CANT WAIT for august and full albums and more solo albums!!

  19. heyyy i just saw this
    it looks freakingggg cool
    i dont care mv remake!

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