BigBangTV Episode 5 Preview

The boys are currently in Japan promoting their new Japan album “Gara Gara Go!”. The camera followed them there so we get to see more of our boys acting crazy and stupid… just like how we love them. AHHHH!! I CAN’T WAIT!! The show will be aired on July 29th, at 6:00 PM [KST]. Catch it live if you can, I will upload the whole episode on my youtube afterwards.Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on July 22, 2009.

20 Responses to “BigBangTV Episode 5 Preview”

  1. miss them~~~~

  2. smae here, cant wait 😀

  3. I’m pretty dang excited for this one

  4. very cute and funny!
    i miss them!

  5. CANT wait for it D:
    Miss them too ~:D

  6. i miss them..have been watching 2ne1 on yg live tv for a afew episodes..i really want our boys back!! can’t wait =D

  7. God, can’t wait for this one 😀

  8. aha, miss them so much, such a long time we cant see them so often
    cant wait :((

    I’m crying
    its just so nice too see them being their adorkab;e self
    gosh I miss them >.<
    BB come backk!!!!

  10. I miss them so much!!!
    can’t wait!!!
    Daesung said that if he sleep inside the washing machine,he doesn’t have to wash his hair in the morning…hahahaha…

  11. an update… yay!

    finally something on big bang!!!! woot woot woot!!

    i can’t wait!!! been missing them so much!

  12. lol Daesung !!
    it’s so funny
    i miss them so much ❤

  13. omo I nearly weep watching this, I realized how much I MISS THE BOYS and their dorkyselves and for us to be able to watch it !! XD waa showing the 2ne1 love by wearing that tshirt ! X)) CANNOT WAIT !! I sensed G-RII WEEEHEEEEE

  14. yayayayaa~ :] really looking forward to it! really miss them! LOVE BIG BNAG!! ♥ need to see my Dae!
    Big Bang Hwaiting!~

  15. hes so kyoot with his head in the dryer x] haha
    LOve DAE!♥

  16. Yes finally an update haha:)

  17. Ji Yong-ah!!!
    Can’t wait!


  19. i can’t wait ep.5 i’m missing them so much ♥ missing the dorkys lol~~

  20. omg im so excited too!! i saw dorky gd and i was so happy 😀 finally we get to see some behind the scenes big bang!!

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