Interview Excerpts: YG & 2NE1 Sandara Park

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[Yang HS aka YG, July 16, 2009, (c) Choen]

Of the five members of Big Bang, G-Dragon and TaeYang have been with Yang the longest. They both spent over six years as trainees at YGE. Yang says, “They’d gone through long and hard training and have grown into extremely capable musicians,” and “All I ever did was help them realize their full potentials.” Watching those two, I thought I wanted to create not a boy band that fits the conventional formula but one that grows and matures on its own. Well, I guess the first step was a success.”

Many people say the roots of Big Bang’s music lie in hip hop. But Yang does not necessarily think so. He says, “Big Bang is not a hip hop group. The only two members who have passion for hip hop music are G-Dragon and TOP.” TaeYang is deeply interested in R&B, DaeSung in ballads and trot music, and SeungRi in traditional pop, says Yang.

[Sandara aka Dara of 2NE1, July 20, 2009, (c) Choen]

Sandara is older than any of the members of Big Bang, which is under the same label as 2NE1 but came out before them. She is closest to G-Dragon and TaeYang. She says, “We used to hang out together when we were trainees,” and “They are younger than I am but they feel like older brothers and I feel like I can depend on them.” But she still feels awkward around the oldest member TOP. “Both of us are quiet and shy and when we’re alone, it gets a bit awkward sometimes,” she says with a smile.

[Translations by pgeorgie]
[Picture: (c) Hite


~ by Momo on July 23, 2009.

16 Responses to “Interview Excerpts: YG & 2NE1 Sandara Park”

  1. aww…Dara and Top are awkward w/ each other…hope they became closer!! i really find them cute together!

    and i agree. big bang is not a hip hop group. they have songs of different genre, not just hip hop. and not all of them (members) hav the same passion for hip hop

    i never knew Bae and Dara are close~ i thought she was just only closed w/ GD (and TOP)

    BB and 2NE1 FTW!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. oh i forgot to mention…~~~ thanks for sharing!!!

  3. funny that Dara & TOP were both in the same MV for Gummy too.
    btw Pretty short artcile lol, but it’s something.

  4. lol.. i think top is awkward with a lot of people.. he’s professional and funny, but that guy is hella awkward with other celebrities.. but he’s so damn cute at it xD

  5. thanks YG,for making me realize this very important point
    perhaps it is because of BB’s old songs,
    i’m stick to the thought that ‘BB is a hip hop group’
    now i realized they are not..the boys are versatile
    and i hope to hear more genre from them
    but anyway,if it isn’t BB, i don’t think i’ll ever love hip hop
    the boys rock~heheh
    and haha dara is awkward with tabi
    dang..he makes everyone awkward with him LOL

  6. Put Dara and TOP in JeolChin (Intimate) note!! HAHA =D

  7. dara and TOP are awkward because of the supposed kiss!! haha!! and didn’t Dara say in an interview that some of TOP’s fans don’t like her much for that reason?? LOL. Hope they can get past the awkwardness cuz they’re both awesome!! And TOP does seem to make ppl awkward…girls especially…

  8. I can picture Dara and T.O.P on intimate note.That would be a blast.

  9. @ rosebud: OH YEAH!! They kissed in Gummy’s “I’m Sorry MV”!! O_O lol

  10. thanks for the article ^^

  11. dara was on entertainment live yesterday. she was interviewed by a host from the philippines.. here’s the interview,
    minzy’s so cute there. lol.. i subbed it so that you can understand it.. because, they’re speaking filipino here. 🙂

  12. hmmmmmmmm….

  13. you know they didn’t really kiss? in this interview TOP said that it was just a camera angle thing, so they didn’t even touch lips, i think. == but then i agree, they look cute together =]

  14. ,,.i really do love the tandem of dara and top specially in their mv in im sorry……/: hope they will be more closer to each other..

  15. i like sandara park and TOP…can they’re being couple…??

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