Big Bang at Odaiba U.S Event

Ah~ looking at these pictures and the performance makes me wanna cry, missing them like crazy. I just got the BIG SHOW Concert DVD today, and it is amazing, helped a bit, but still miss them. August 18th is my back to school day, but I still can’t wait for it.

Thanks to jvnvudfvb

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Odaiba U.S Event


~ by Vicky on July 27, 2009.

72 Responses to “Big Bang at Odaiba U.S Event”

  1. what?!?! was this in the U.S.?? I’m confused lol

  2. no its in japan

  3. miss them badly~~

  4. I miss them so much TT_TT … BIG BANG HWAITING!!! <3always~

  5. I MISS U Big Bang!!!! I wanna Poke them with the pink hand so badly XD lol

  6. CUTE! they all look soo tired~ i love my bae! haha

  7. ‘ Stay ‘ sounds pretty good hay? aghh wanna hear the full songggg.

  8. awwww i want them to come back to korea! i’m going there soon! ><

  9. “Odaiba U.S. Event” I was totally tricked by that name. Seriously should change the name, make us IVIPs do a double-take. “Stay” sounds like a really good song. It seems to to have a sexy swagger feel to it. I’m looking forward to TY new CD. 🙂 Big Bang FIGHTING!!!

  10. big bang fighting! we all miss you PLEASE come to the us!

  11. OMG i miss them SOOOOOO much too

  12. ahh!!! i cant wait till the album come out =O
    GD looks really tired…. D=
    i miss them…. =(

  13. Wow….miss seeing them on music bank and everywhere else!

  14. It looks like it was a great event. I can’t wait for them to get back over here >_<

  15. If anybody wants to see the whole performance here’s a link to a user who has the whole thing except no “Stay” yet. 😦

  16. aw i miss them all so much =[
    cant wait till their comeback

  17. Big Bang!Come to US!WE all love you here too!BIG BANG FOREVER IN MY HEART! T.O.P LOVE YOU!

  18. […] a original: Big Bang during Odaiba U.S Event Share and […]

  19. agh D; yeahh..miss them a lot.
    this one just made me miss them more lol xD

  20. omg finally another update!!
    the boys look freaking hot in pink!!
    and bong designed the shirt???
    omg *dies*
    cant wait to listen to stay!

  21. lmao like 3 of the same pics of Dae….no complaining here ^_^.
    “Stay” sounds cool.

  22. I’ve been extremely bored-er than usual because nothing to do.
    NO BIG BANG. Miss them terribly. T_T
    I like the pic of SeungRi. ^__^

  23. boo hoo hoo!
    miss them sooooo much!!!!

    gosh I find it impossible for Tabi to be so selfish
    he’s been working out and I cant see the results?!
    why oh why?!
    cant complain much though he’s lookin sooo hotttt!

  24. OMG.i miss them dearly.haha.evrytime i think bout d time they spent in Japan~i’m jealous to death!! come to my place next time! n i wish GD stay like that all of the time.he looks so HEALTHY and the rest look so glowing..i REALLY MISS U GUYS,BIG BANG. Fighting!!

  25. omomo~ i really miss them ;-; my Dae looks sooo HAWT!! ♥_♥ i love GDs jacket!! so cute~ i want it!!! love my Dae!!!♥♥♥

  26. i love my dae’s new hair!!!

  27. hey does anyone know if they’re coming to america again or if they ever did?

  28. oh jealous with you…i’m still waiting for my big show dvd… my brother’s gonna bring it back to me on 18th august..!!! two iving weeks more…!nver mind…! can’t wait for it..!!! instead of giving gd oppa a birthday gift,i’m the one who’s gonna receive it..!huhu….

  29. i MISS them…. 어떡해~~~

  30. gosh i miss them they look soooo..tired..

  31. i miss them too ;n;
    GD has a tattoo?! o.o

  32. gosh, at first, i was like “HOLY its U.S.!!!” and then -____-. lol.

    @graceDARLiN: GD actually has 3 tattoos, he has one on each of his forearms :] shmeshayyyy ❤

  33. what does GDs shirt actually say? I can read ‘Big Bang Rock The (?) Live’ and their signatures? something like that.

    VERY COOL! miss you guys! glad to see they’re having fun!

  34. love their performance…
    i wish i was there…
    nvm i still support them!!
    BB love..:)

  35. @ emmamarie: MEZZAMESHI if i’m not mistaken. ^^

  36. I really miss them ❤

  37. GD pulling of some kindda chicken hair ^^

  38. awww.. all the boys are looking soo good!!!

    can’t wait for August 18th for GD CD to come out!! AHH>. i am soo excited………

  39. Awww yeah i miss them too =] Awww they are wearing pink too!
    they look so cute. although i think some of their make up
    is smearing a litte bit. Damn they sweaty too. Lols, They look so tired.
    I love G-Dragon’s shade. Yeah Chicken hairstyle just like CL.
    Ooh i want a shirt like that. Though i can’t really read what
    it says. wait…’Big Bang rock da…’ something but ooh it
    has their signatures too. Cool!

  40. ON THE FIRST PIC, G-D is doing a 2ne1 sign. You guys see it?

  41. I had a heart attack…thought they were in the US and I didn’t know and didn’t go… which brings me to the question..are they gonna come here to the States any time soon?

  42. their shirts are soo awesommeee ❤

  43. @misunnie @ emmamarie:

    Haha It says “Big Bang!! Rock da Mezamashi live” But either way 🙂 Haha I LOVIN their style! But TOP & TaeYang musta been WAY hot during the performances! Haha

  44. AHH!!! GD is so funny with the towel on his forehead at the end of the vid xD

  45. DAMN… i LOV33 JiYong mann.. He so so SEXCII to me.

  46. ji yong!!!!!!
    u r ma p.r.e.t.t.y b.o.y

    gudluck bigbang
    saranghae always
    ble nk g malaysia…
    nk gak tgk konset depa wt kat sini
    aku org ptama yg g t…

    jiyong jiyong jiyong jiyong….

  47. Looks like GD is getting some muscles. 🙂

  48. omg poor guys!! they had to perform outside in the heat!! but dam! they looked hellah good doing it!! i miss them so much they need to hurry up and come back!!

  49. omg they look so dayum hot!!! i wish i was ther! dang! T.O.P. was so cute speaking japanese! tae yang and seung ri culd speak it rlly well! BIG BANG ROCKS THE NIGHT!!!

  50. hey…. finally another malaysian on this site!

  51. LOL did any1 seen GD placed a towel on his face????? CUUTEE ^^

  52. awwww looking the first pic makes me wanna cry T.T

  53. OMO!!!G THE DRAGON!!! I miss you Ji Yong sshi…all of them,
    so nice pics.

  54. i miss them so much. if io could easily go to tokyo, i would drop everything and go there instantly to see my boyz and my GD..
    I love you to death Ji Yong!!!
    Please take care of your health.
    I don’t want you ending up in the hospital again with over fatigue.
    Eat a lot GD!!!
    i love and respect you!!!!

  55. LOL you guys…. i’ve been busying myself with SUPER JUNIOR so much these days, that, looking at BB’s photos make me think “hey, is someone missing?” then counting, “yongie, tabi, yb, maknae and daedae… nope? oh riiiiight, they hv 5 members.” XP shows how much i really really miss BB. oppas!! bogoshiphoyo!!! dorawa palli!!!

  56. gah jiyongie!!
    if only this was in the US !!!!

  57. i was so tricked at first, thinking they were in the US ):
    love dae’s hair. he’s so cute (:
    & seungri… love him love him love him!
    fighting! ❤

  58. oh D’mn sh*t! I really miss them a lot!
    waaaaaaaaaaa!!! I feel like crying!
    why do I have some teary eyes! and sensitive feelings! T_T

  59. I LOV33 JIOYNG

  60. they stopped the japan promotions i liked when they were in japan,get to see them all the time im so worried abt TOP(IM SERIOUS NO JK)TAE HAS BEEN HARASSING HIM,THEY SAID THEIR GOING BACK TO JAPAN NEXT MONTH DONT KNOW WHEN

  61. !! Where did GD get his shades from? anyone? anyone?

  62. my god i miss these guys.
    ive been capped for a while so no big bang anything. =(
    but hehe. they so cute.
    GDs half pouts and sunnies r so loveable. ^__^
    luvin GD nd DaeDaes hair and TOPs jacket. so hawt!

  63. @jbjnkmlm ; Tae harrased who?

    they are hot in pink!

  64. i lovee the pink shirts! gd designed em right? :] ❤

  65. wow! so amazing. 😀

  66. omo their pink shirt is so effin cool!!!
    i wnt them.

    i miss our boyssss

  67. my poor TABI had to sweat it out in his thick looking jacket!

  68. wats with the song STAY??izit a new upcoming single in JAP or KOR?

  69. LOL nice hair GD ;D
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  70. hey BIG BANG,

  71. West Palm starts school on the 18th? that sucks. Broward starts on the 24th.

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