IvipTown Project: Last Day!!! (CLOSED)

I have updated the list here:


As per. Will not be taking anymore letters, a day after tomorrow!

Deadline July 30th. CLOSED

As of today, there are 148 letters from International VIPs


~ by Momo on July 28, 2009.

17 Responses to “IvipTown Project: Last Day!!! (CLOSED)”

  1. thank you so much…

  2. momo..just wondering..did you write a letter yourself too? (:

  3. 140 letters. Wow! Thank so much for taking the time out do these kinds of things. You deserve a long well-rested break father this project. 🙂

  4. oops meant to say “after” in the last comment

  5. i wanted 2 write. but i dunno how 2 -.-

  6. ahhh i didn’t send my letter yet ^^
    i have to hurry .. xD

  7. i sent my letter already . hope u will accept it : )
    n sorry that i made it 1 day b4 d deadline

  8. @jiyanz: i havent..been so tight up with others and the letters..lol..

  9. i didn’t send in my letter yet. but its not the 30th? yet???? on my clock at least.
    omg im going to cry

  10. i was just about to turn my letter in can i still do that?

  11. @milkydonut: just email it to me: 01shida@gmail.com

  12. thank you so much ><
    i swear i was about to puke or have a heart attack o____o

  13. Hi, today is still July 29. I was wondering why I can no longer email you my letter. I have worked very hard on it for the past month. Please let me send it to you right now. I have it done and ready to send! It is only the 29! Please let me send it to you! Please!

  14. @jade: email it to me: 01shida@gmail.com


  15. oh woww, did NOT realize you were in malaysia lol….
    but ok. thanks!

  16. GOSH! it’s closed!
    i’ve missed my chance…too bad
    i thought i have read somewhere in the project’s rules and regulations that says something like “letters receive after 30th July will not be accepted”..so i assumed you will still accept letters on the 30th until 23:59 malaysian time. or is it until 23:59 on the 29th?
    i may be totally wrong. sorry…
    well anyway, i believe there will be plenty of projects coming. i can still participate in those projects hohoho ^o^
    and for momo – GREAT JOB! thanks for organizing such an amazing project! 😀

  17. i sent my letter around the 25th….yet it isnt on here. y is that so?

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