07.29.09 BIGBANGtv Episode 5

07.29.09 Mnet YG Live TV
Featuring Big Bang & 2NE1
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Dae pulled a ‘Family move’ on the YG Family kakakka, and check out Dae’s room, it is VERY… warming. Dae and Bae live in one apartment, Baby and Bong live in another one… why do I have such a perverted smile on my face when I found out GRi are living together??? haha. YG scared the crap out of Baby when he showed up haha just look at flustered Baby. Bong and Baby REALLY seems like a old couple, keeps arguing about the smallest stuff there is, then Bong would be “Aigh~~~” gave up, then they’ll be BFFL the next minute, they called themselves ‘Tom & Jerry” Bong is probably the ONLY young one that’s not afraid or awkward in front of YG, even Bae are a bit ~~ but Bong, it’s adorable. like father and son.

Part 1/4:

Part 2/4:

Part 3/4:

Part 4/4:


~ by Vicky on July 29, 2009.

37 Responses to “07.29.09 BIGBANGtv Episode 5”

  1. i love the relationship between GD and YG hehe, yes, they are just like father and son.
    i like it when YG patted GD’s head and GD wanted more. awwwwww, i wonder if GD is like that with his real dad.
    lol, TOM and JERRY!!! hahaha, it’s my all time favorite cartoon too.
    TY is so calm and cool, i love his hat collection.
    Dae really got me when he pretended he got nosebleed, man, it’s not the first time already haha.
    TOP with the crab hat haha.
    i miss them soo much, i hope there’s more Big Bang TV in the future

  2. hahaha CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait so who does tabi live with?

  3. in PART 3…are they talking about Dara..? and it looks like gd’s crab walk looks the same as Dara’s crab walk than Top…weeeee DARAGON momentz

  4. Haha, they are the best! They are all like brothers, really nice! I wonder if they’ll ever come to Europe. 😦

  5. vicky, proud of ya haha ^_^

  6. omg i love watching their interactions with each other. Bae and Dae are just so calm and its like their a couple. Everything is set and good with them. And daaamn bae. To think thats only like 1/8 of his hat collection. Man has an addiction. I was totally suprised when i didnt see any doraemon stuff in Dae’s room and then laughed when YG was holding a doraemon toy.

    then theres bongie and Ri. I freaking love these two together. The way bongie teases Ri is just so funny and YG totally goes along with it. I squeed when YG patted bongie on the head. He was like a puppy and wanted more. So freaking cute. tom and jerry huh? /sigh I wanna snuggle myself in bongies bed. XD It looks so comfortable and big. Seungri with all those books and he wouldnt let us see his closet XD I think i know where GRI keep their toys XD *wink wink snicker snicker*

    Tabi why does it figure? He’s the oldest and has nothing but toys in his room. The crab hat made me crack up. that and how scared he got when his ipod randomly started playing. kekeke tabi is haunted by ghosts.
    Figures as soon as bongie saw the crab hat he put it on. I was seriously hoping that seungri would put it on but alas. no dice.

  7. So like, do they complete live in Japan now?
    or thier just there visting or something?
    Im kinda confused.

  8. ahahahahahaha yaaaaay~ x] ive been waiting for these!!! x] omomo~ they are sooooo totally kyoooot! ♥ i love them! and my Dae is totally adorable! ♥_♥ ahahhaha the crab hat thingy! xD
    i wanna go see them D: lol but i really missed them!! yaaay~ this is waaay kyoot ahahahha XD LOVE IT!!! ♥.♥

  9. Putting Daesung in the washing machine and TOP’s head hat are awesome XD

  10. I love this episode, makes me miss the boys even more! D’X
    Love their interactions with their boss, especially with GD & YG.
    I loved the last part where they’re all gathered together, they really do look like a YG family<3 Big Bang Hwaiting! ;D♥

  11. TOP lives with their manager or by himself…i would be scare to be alone after the ipod incident…GD is sooo cute in this video, love his smile and silliness, my fav part was when YG patted his head lol, it was adorable. All of them look good, can’t wait for GD’s solo and then Taeyan’s solo, then Big Bang 3rd album and Daesung’s solo. I hope they can win male group of the year again. That would be 3 in a row wow. Also Mr. YG seems such a nice guy, he’s always there checking on his family, this is the first time i see a CEO so close with the artists, most of the times only the manager is with them. That’s why YG family is the best, even though he seems awkward with them sometimes, still he worries and supports them. I hope Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en and all the YG artists stay in the family even after their contracts expire. Unless YG doesn’t want to renew it, but that’s not likely cause even 1tym and jinusean are still there even though they are not active as groups, they work very hard for their fellow artists and that really shows good character and loyalty. This was kind of off topic..so sorry about that. heheh.
    and thanks so much for sharing this video.

  12. HEY GUYS 2ne1 i dont care remakeee
    its cuteee!

  13. english subs??

  14. Tabi share the room with their manager.

    Love them

  15. tabi with that crab hat on his head so funny ^^

  16. cute~ really miss them. i’m glad to see them heatly and happy like this
    bigbang fighting! YG family fighting!!

  17. whats the song called
    where top gets soo afraid hahaha
    it sounds sooo great ^^
    can u help mee?

  18. sooo cute :]
    its nice to see the boys getting along well even though baby and daesungie are still awkward :]
    top’s room is sooo freaky! when the music went off randomly. he was like thats never happened before. they all made fun of him saying he wasn’t going to get any sleep. poor top.

  19. Wow .. they’re so cute !
    Especially Top @ GDragon w a crab head !!

  20. omg tht was soo cute…
    t.o.p probz scared now coz of his ipod
    GD is soo adorable i wud luv to tap his head like tht..awww 😀
    dae omg his sooo smiley wiv tae…ther soo funn aswell..loved tae hat collection WOW!!.
    seungri hahaha gettin teased lol
    im soo happi tht YG looks afta them very much.. :D:D


  21. love them gd nd seungri look soooo cute nd they r so funny tom and jerry lol but next time put eng sub plz.

  22. do u ppl kno when big bang is coming to nyc

  23. GD has such a nice smile.

  24. I LOVE BIG BANG – T.O.P!!!!

  25. Thanks Vicky ^^ awww finally get to see BB after a long time miss those cute dorks <333

  26. OMG i love em so much!! i love seeing behind the scenes stuff like this :DD
    thanks vicky :]
    ahh the crab hat! so cute on gd and tabi
    tom and jerry baha

  27. o.o are there ones with subs??

  28. wait….did d-lite said a badd word?? i heard somethin lyk F*** O_O?????

  29. tae is gay

  30. i saw this eng sub version in youtube by ibigbangsubs…i think they only got 3 parts so far…here is the link

  31. haha so cute

  32. i saw this eng sub version in U tube, there are 6 parts but i can find only 5 parts 😦

  33. can u change the format of this video to mp4 plizzz

  34. the whole episode has already been subbed by iBigBangsubs, maybe you should put all the eng sub parts up there~ ^^

  35. OMG T.O.P always cute
    with my love

  36. whay i can’t watching this videos, all errors :[

  37. does anyone know when people are gonna put subs on the eps? i really wanna know what they’re saying XD

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