Do you recognize the song?

Do you recognize the song? I’m not sure about the whole story behind this song, if it’s a cover of ‘Last Farewell’ or like others said, he ‘copied’ the song. But the melody seems very similar, even the concept of the MV is the same, can you spot Bong’s infamous Chanel necklace?.. hmm… you be the judge.

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~ by Vicky on July 31, 2009.

109 Responses to “Do you recognize the song?”

  1. wow, it does sound similar…

  2. it does sound similar i wouldnt say blantaly copied but very close

  3. sounda the same but is it a diff language? or isit korean =S

  4. I never understand why when people use songs like this for so much inspiration that they don’t at least try and make the music video a little different ^^”

  5. Wow, everything is practically the same except the background music is just a bit different, but when Top does his famous fast rap and finger twirl moment the guy in the other vid raps fast too. And when Daesung, SeungRi, and Tae Yang do their little solo bits without so much background music, its the same way with the other guy. xD A lot of similarites. But hey, it might be a hit in China since it was a hit in Korea, so why not sample a bit from Big Bang? 😀 Despite the fact that the chinese guy didn’t put much effort into changing the song. (or whoever produced the song, not everyone writes their own music D:) And I think it is Chinese, not really sure. xD

  6. Wow. The whole time I was listening to the song, I heard “Last Farewell” playing around in my head. Is that a bad thing? ^-^’

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  8. Wow, I played the vid and Last Farewell at the same time, and everything is basically the same! the chorus, the beginning, the rap, it all comes in at the same time! Even the MV is basically the same theme and it sounds really similar. The only difference would be the background music (which is also pretty similar) and that big bang TOTALLY PWNS MORE

  9. i think that it might be a cover of last farewell..

  10. wow it sounds almost the same…i think the song is in mandarin..can someone confirm please??? but i agree, shandi, all the solo parts even the raps are similar if not exactly the same…at least they changed the lyrics but i can’t really tell cause i don’t understand what they are saying…well, if they did said that this is a remake of last farewell then i guess the boys might also consider expanding to china…and i guess GD will have the advantage there cause i read somewhere that he kinda know some mandarin 🙂 BIG BANG ROCKS TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT!!!!!

  11. yep this is mandarin… but the guy really didnt make the song good at all cause i think korean would fit the tune so much better, which it does!
    some parts are obviously imitated, but others arent as much

  12. I have a question. when was this released? is it before BIG BANG ‘last farewell’ or after?

    but WOW! im speechless…

  13. WHAT THE. its like the same… o__o can they do that?
    i mean..all the parts fit almost exactly like the first rapping part/singing fast. O_o

  14. Huh, the video and song itself is not bad, but it is obviously a mandarin copy of Big Bang’s “Last Farewell”. I think what they did here was take Big Bang’s “Last Farewell” beat, added a different background beat, and maybe changed the lyrics. It’s not exactly copying if the song is not exactly the same. Lots of songs use the same beats.

    But I will admit that too many aspects of the song and video are way too similar to Big Bang’s. Either it’s a cover, plagiarism, or this guy is trying to get famous off of Big Bang.

  15. Oh .
    my god .

  16. Maybe it’s like what GD did with This Love? Just taking a familiar melody and adding diff lyrics and whatnot. According to the description to the video, the guy that sings this “knock-off” version studied in Korea and only recently returned to China for his debut…
    On the bright side…Big Bang’s influence is spreading around the world!!

  17. @rosebud: it would be the same thing, if the company had informed YG and bought rights/paid royalty to the company, and etc. I doubt YG knows, and I also doubt YG would allow this horrible thing to be made public X_X.

    And the “la la la la la la la” part, can you say EPIC fail. X_X

    Oh gosh. There are so many things wrong with this video…

  18. COMPLETE RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!!!! If I was BB, I would sue…cus ppl accuse them of that, so …..

  19. omg!!!
    yes it sound the same!!!

  20. ITS THE EXACT FUCKING SAME in a lower pitch -.-

  21. this is very similiar. really similiar, make me wonder.
    but the meaning is different

  22. Its in chinese. its talking about the guy meeting this girl and how much he wants to talk to the girl

  23. hmmmmm
    i dun wanna say much
    but its same!
    and is it even legal to use other artist song in your own MV?
    did they get permission for this?

  24. i’m sorry but yes,i have to admit this…
    its ALMOST the same….! i really love last farewell…!!! i could tell yes,the music are similar….!we can detect it right? i’m not saying the whole part of it are the same…but when you look at it,you’ll have that kinda of feeling of “hey,i know this song and story…”….hmmm….

  25. hm i wouldn’t mind if this guy got permission to sing a song this similar to Last Farewell.
    I can’t help but feel the composer of the song didn’t put in enough effort to edit the song, because the song is way too similar to Last Farewell.
    The composer makes it seem like he is only translating and changing the background music of the song..
    LOL on a weirder note, I realised i’m Chinese and i can’t read the title of the song >.<"

  26. Ew…
    Copy cat O.O!!

  27. lolzzzz…yup yup…the theme of this song…”a person who copied bigbang”
    lolzzzz…its almost the same?!….omg…=-=

  28. hmmm, the choreographer of this song is apparently a korean. its says, “Kim Yoo somethng” in the video lol. I dont know how to translate his third name into korean xD

  29. Its a cool cover.

  30. Is this suppose to be like a Remake ina diff language …
    or did these people coppy Big bng D:
    How ruuude

  31. Um, the melody do sound alike, but i’m sure the lyrics are different. But still, the original is much better.

  32. hmmmm i don’t think its a cover the beat is almost the same ><

  33. If i’m correct this guy didn’t compose/write the song himself :\ the credits in the beginning say that the lyrics were composed by some other guy by the name of *insert pinyin here* (@ 0:49) & the following credits are for the choreography, & it credits some guy from Korea [choreography : Kim ## ( Korea ) ]
    So i asume he had help with this MV from someone in Korea ?

    Don’t take my word for it, just an observation.
    [ & I’m not defending him… incase anyone thinks that .
    just poitning out some facts/observations : P ]

    But, all in all, cover or copy … either way both is good.
    but i prefer big bang over this guys , just cause i’m bias
    and don’t have much of a liking to cpop ~ >_<

  34. O____O
    it is way too similar, only the lyrics are different
    and some parts here and there
    still, it’s very similar
    idk if it is coincidence, cause if it’s not
    i’d prefer this guy to credit BB though~

  35. someone try to make the better last farewell but from my opinion, it is fail version bohoo. I luv last farewell so much, it is the song that make me love Big Bang so hear this is just creepy and it’s like hearing lee hyori’s “OK” sound in last farewell music -.-‘

  36. sh*t, this song sound really similar to ourr boiz’ song.
    Dont they have any creative idea?
    so surprised

    and disappointed

  37. you know, people sample songs all the time, so i dont really think its a big deal or anything bad, just as long they give credit to the original artist

  38. Oh no!Its not gonna be forgiven man!
    This China singer #$&@$%!
    I love Last Farewell so much and how dare he make it like this!!?!

  39. WOW…. i don’t have a problem if he got the permission of big bang to do this but if he didn’t, i think big bang has the right to sue. it sounds A LOT similar even tho big bang’s is WAY better 🙂

  40. wow now a big bang copycat? o_O i think there was another chinese group that was DBSK’s copycat -_-

  41. Just saying…
    Yes this guy used the beat the last farewell and we are still not sure if YG knows (probably does)
    but please dont forget. Big Bang also used beats from other songs.
    This Love and Emotion for example.
    Dont get me wrong, I love Big Bang.
    and I also LOVE Last Farewell.
    but in my opinion, i wouldnt call this guy a complete copycat unless you know the whole story behind the production of this song.
    maybe its just a cover.

  42. yea no offense (like seriously no offense) but i noticed a lot of chinese artists do copy a lot of korean songs. and they like do it blatently haha.

  43. It’s def. Last Farewell, but people use people’s beat all the time, so whatever, atleast big bang influenced em’ 😀

  44. hmmm.well.both the song and the concept of this mv are similar to LastFarewell.Besides,the part where this guy said “OK” was just like LeeHyori in U Go Girl :/

  45. It sounds very Big Bangish in general. But things are frequently sampled nowadays so.

  46. aren’t most chinese singers most known to copy songs? doesn’t really surpise me.

  47. LOL he also copied Tae Yang’s Look only at me with another song in his album.

  48. frm which “Photostat machine” company did he came frm?? curious curious* No Stem* Grass! >.<

  49. I thought there was a part that sounded like ‘Only Look At Me’. No offence if there were any suju fans here, but this guy reminded me of Hankyung. Anyway, it’s good to know that our boys managed to influence this guy and some others, but this guy’s version of the mv is kinda gross ><

  50. Disgusting lol…… GD’s case of This Love… it’s legal because he already given a permission. But this chinesse people are just using BB songs illegaly… this case would be even worse if they are an artist. hope YG notice this.. but if it’s a parody or cover may be alright??? (i really don’t know..)… well anyway BB infulence the world LOL hwaiting!!!

  51. wow.
    it does sound similar.
    know what, the moment i play the song, “last Farewell” song is moving around inseide my head.!
    is a copy and paste song or what,?

  52. uhmmm yes i notice that they copied Last Farewell beat and concept of the MV but they are not as good as Big Bang ^^

  53. It sounds similar!
    but the first idea came from my mind was “Call Me” of Taegoon.=P

  54. wow….

    its similarr,,,


  55. it sound abit same .
    And the mv is almost te same .
    STUPID ! CopyCat luhss !
    Go die .
    How dare they copy big bang >:|

    Trying to cool down .

  56. the start of the dance music sounds the same but big bangs wayy better

  57. Ok, i feel pretty disgusted with them now. And this is definitely plagiarizing thing going on now. I see no credits at all! They mentioned some guy from Korea taught the choreography.. but no credits to Kush and Teddy? O_O

  58. :O:O:O It’s so similar!!!

    And (as seems to be the case with mando bands) their voices don’t suit the song, ’cause they’re too… girly :P:P

    PS. I LOVE C-pop and bands like fahrenheit so don’t have a go 🙂

  59. *i just know the basic of chinese*
    his name is lin zhi hao (i dunno who the hell is him)
    and @ 0.52, like MCB had mentioned, they put the choreograper’s name (chinese: jing you guang, english: kim ) no credit to our dearest boy, big bang, nor the YG producer.

  60. Right, it’s very similier…special opening

  61. yea, i agree .
    its very similar.. the beginning, the beat, the rap parts..

    not very smart :<

  62. omg.
    its…very similiar.
    -.- aish.

  63. all I heard was Chinese(I think) version of Last Farewell.. lol

  64. Have you guys ever thought of bigbang being inspired of others songs too? And bigbang clearly sample songs just like other artist. You guys cant see the world at a different perspective -_-, Not being against it but you guys are making bigbang sound like hypocrites now

  65. *sigh* i kinda agree with the dude up above me…

  66. wow, besides the chorus, its really similar to Last Farewell, like i can sing along to with Last Farewell >.<

  67. This guy has a name,so stop refering to him as “This CHINA singer” or “This Chinese person” . It makes it seem so much more towards Chinese (singers) in general than just this one guy T_T

  68. @JayT: lol. it’s not even that. i mean, yes, they sample a lot of songs. but do you see the difference between when BB does it and this guy? our boys make it their own and put in their own vibe and flavour and everything else that actually blends WITH the harmony of the song. it actually sounds like a BB song. not a cheap rip-off! they make it good. better. they make it orgasmic. they make it BIG BANG.

    but THIS? this is pure FAIL. it’s not even remotely close to what BB does when they sample a song. his high pitch voice got swallowed up by the music, he had NO attitude whatsoever in the rap parts, AND the dancing was off. MV was too flashy and cheesy and UGH! i just can’t get over this!

    i mean, i’m heavily biased here, but i’m also capable of looking it at a different perspective. and the result is still there. it SUCKS! YG should take notice of this. SOMEONE should let him know. i mean, i doubt he knows and even if he did, i’d still be skeptical. do y’all really think YG would allow some cpop guy BUTCHER one of his most successful groups’ songs?? NO F’N WAY.

    final word: being inspired is one thing, being lazy is another, and being an EPIC FAIL is a whole other issue.

    this, might possibly taint BBs image and i’m severely grossed out by it.

  69. @T_T: there’s a reason why ppl use “THIS” when they say “THIS chinese singer” it’s supposed to indicate that they’re talking abt THIS particular singer ONLY. we couldn’t care less WHAT his name is. because that’s not the issue here. so pls don’t try to make this abt anything else. DON’T TRY TO START ANYTHING. we’re all good respectful ppl, you and me, right? c’mon now.

  70. i think this could just be a cover…although not a very good one…but this tends to happen alot as ive noticed within the chinese/korean/japanese music and entertainment industry…if its a hit in one country…its most likely the other countries will reproduce it as well…so…really its a good sign…as its saying that big bang’s style of music is popular…just a shame that the producers of this cover and video wasnt as good…feel sorry for the guy who sings this…hope people dont take him badly for this

  71. wow… that was just weird. all i heard was last farewell the whole time. I could sing along with the lyrics to last farewell. but i don’t hate this guy for copying big bang. i mean i know a lot of people don’t like big bang because they “copied” american songs. those people really need to see the truth and see that if permission is granted then its fine its not plagarizing or whatever.
    well i don’t know if this guy asked or anything but i mean he’s gotta start somewhere. big bang started out in a similar way so maybe he just wants to follow in the steps of greatness :]

  72. yeah when i first listened to it, i didnt hear the blatant similarities, but after a little i totally heard last farewell all over it. the choruses are like the same, rap, mv, etc.
    im not surprised they tried to copy big bang cuz big bang is awesome and so is last farewell. geez cant they just think of their own music??

  73. that is sooo big bang melody!!!
    i cn sing the whole (baby baby baby) part and it would sooo go with the music

  74. @jennsanngggg
    Are you sure that big bang copied american songs? If that’s true, could you tell me what songs that they have been copied and who’s the singer?

    Thank you..


  76. It has the same base track you can here it. But, the top track is totally different. My mandarin listening skills are pretty bad, so I don’t know if the lyrics are similar or not. I need to get the lyrics in chinese characters to read before I know. I think I’ma go do that in the morning now. XD

  77. There’s been lotsa cases like this. I’m not accusing the Taiwanese or Chinese as copycats,but there have been various copy cases for Hey Say Jump,DBSK’s “O” and WG’s So Hot and Nobody as well.Pfft.*rolls eyes* JYP had decided to sue those ppl who copied WG music.Dunno if it got thru tho.

  78. ^ well, jyp’s a smart man to do that.

  79. @vera:
    first of all, my boys didn’t “copy” american songs, they only sampled the songs. jennsanngggg shouldn’t have used that word cuz BB never copy NOBODY. they’re too talented for that.

    second, there are two OBVIOUS american songs that BB has successfully sampled from;
    >’This Love’ by Maroon5 and
    >’We Belong Together’ by Mariah Carey

    to produce three big hit songs which are;
    >GD’s solo song ‘This Love’

    and two of the G-Top songs,
    >’We Belong Together’ and
    >’We Belong Together pt.2′ a.k.a ‘Forever With You’
    both of which featured then YG trainee, Park Bom.

  80. the song sounds the same but in a lower key.. hehe nice work chinese dude(Y)

  81. @naninoona: Im just saying, maybe its like, their cpop thing. I dont really listen to cpop soo i dont know. What if an american made a cover of that song, dont you think it would have some american flow and flavor?

  82. Oh yas, add to the list
    My girl – by this australian fillipino,
    i forgot who sang it, but it was ugly.
    Taeyang took the same chorus and the sampled his song.
    Cant find the video on youtube anymore but it was released before 2001.

  83. 2007*

  84. @JayT: Random but here’s a video of the song that Tae Yang sampled. The guy’s name is Israel.

  85. wah??? awww. T.T
    I just wanted the link to come up, not the video. Darn.
    Sorry about that.

  86. Wah??? Awww! I just wanted to link to show up, not the actual video.
    Sorry about that.

  87. Ahh thats the name of the dude xD
    Not really random :3 just saying that they didnt only sample american songs xD -not being an anti- dont take it the wrong way o.o

  88. Lol. I know. I was just bored and decided to find the video. ^-^

  89. The song that the other group sampled sounds fine to me some fans jump to conclusions before they get the facts. And yes BB sampled from Israel a long time ago. I love both versions. And I like the other song that sounds like last farewell. My advice get over it.

  90. @naninoona
    Thanks for your explanation.. I’m so glad about that. ‘Coz I’m so confused and shock when I read that comments. Now I’m very happy to know the reality ^o^

    I really love them and their songs of course.. Hope they can be more popular and become inspiritation for other musician..

    Maybe that’s what happen for the guys on that video. Maybe big bang is their inspiration. But it would be better if their give credits for big bang.

  91. Lols sounds alike yes. the whole time i was thinking of
    ‘Last Farewell’. But eh it’s in Chinese. Hrmm i can see
    this being in the news. Netizens will do their thing, maybe.
    I can’t see G-Dragon’s Chanel necklace. all i see is a tie on him.

  92. @JayT: i suppose you have a point there. but, i mean, if you’re trying to rip-off something (i’m just gonna use the word “rip-off” here, since it’s not known whether they credited YG and his producers or not) at least do it with a little dignity please? at least show some effort or…. SOMETHING! better than this.

    lol. and as far as i can tell, cpop is not bad at all. much better than this rip-off would care to show. i mean, if THIS were to be the first cpop song you’d ever hear, you’d think ALL cpop songs were bad. i don’t listen to cpop a lot either, but jay chou and wang lee hom are amazing! and khalil fong makes sweet sweet music. (plug: if you’re into soul or mellow songs, go look up khalil fong. he’s fantastic!)

    either way, two words: TRY AGAIN!

  93. @JayT: oh. and i find nothing wrong with israel’s version. anyways, it’s a completely different issue. israel’s the original and BB is the one who sampled. and BB did right to israel by not completely ruining the song.

    whereas in this case, it’s the other way around. BB is the original, and this guy is the one who sampled. but unlike BB, he totally made the song worse.

    do you see now? ahh~~ whatever. i’m finally over it. this guy can do whatever he wants. i mean, it’s like you guys said. at least, BB’s getting some kind of exposure over in china right?

  94. @vera: yes. some acknowledgement would be nice. it’s the smart and safe way to go. otherwise you just come off as cheap, lazy and a thief, right?

  95. TaeYang didn’t really sample that song (although I know what you mean, but I’m beind picky for the sake of argument), he sang/covered it. A sample is when someone takes a part of a song or the beat of it and re-does it (but most of the song isn’t based on the orginal), but a cover is basically the same song with a bit changed. Either way, both verisons are good.

    And about the guy who did this song, it’s happened before. Songs and beats are often shared by companies and managaement. Another comment said he was in korea preparing, and that his writters and producers(?) were Korean. Well, guess what? They recycled the material. It happens. I’ve heard songs in Korea that sound too much like songs back home (America) becuase they either plagarized it or are belong to sister companies who share the same beats. Like Lil John and other American hip-hop artist making beats for companies and musicans in Korea. Big Bang has sampled and covered a lot of songs, in fact, a lot of music that goes on in Korea is sampled form Black music (specficaly talking about Hip-Hop sounding music in korea) from the 60’s-90’s and people don’t really know. People in China may not know that it’s copied/smaples/covered of of Big Bang, but when they google it they’ll find out. And there you go! Instant coverage for Big Bang. :]

    If it’s plagarism then it’ll come out, but until then we all need to remember “Imatation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

    (I think the author of this did not have bad intentions, but I’m not pleased with a few of the comments and decided to put my 0.02cents in, unfortunately it turned into a rant)

  96. P.S- He covered the song, it’s basically the same thing…except in manadarin. Another ocmmenter also said no credit was given to BigBang, and that’s not cool. But luckily, the internet might solve that. Neitzens like you, curious fans, or maybe it might not do as well. I’d blame his management, writers, and producers… next time, I hope they check to make sure it sounds orginal…but either way, it proves BB made a good song.

    BB’s rep isn’t tarnished, it’s nothing serious..atleast not yet. Haven’t heard anythign else about it. And you probaly won’t. Which is a good thing.

    The truth will come out, and it it doesn’t, all you keyboard warriors will dowhat’s right.

  97. @naninoona
    On the sntence “you just come off as cheap, lazy and a thief”, who’s “you” on that sentence refers to? Did you mean me or guys on that video? Sorry, I’m a lil bit confused here. Coz I’m not understand what you mean. Hahahaha..

    If what you mean is guys on that video, I totally agree with you. Hahahaha..

  98. It really likes Last Farewell.
    its chinese.
    but the melody is 100% from last farewell.

  99. omg :S
    ughhhhhhhhhh ):
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  100. yah it sound very similar like majimak insa..but its big bang stil de best…like u all knw big bang song owes gud…

  101. the guy is the one who actually copied GD and he also wore the same necklace as GD in the video. you can read it here:

  102. wow.. actually the song sounds like two kpop song together!! the beginning “OK” sounded like Lee Hyori’s “U-Go girl” and the rest of the song (THE ENTIRE SONG) sounded like Last Farewell! seriously.. the beat might be taken but the arrangement and the synchonization of the song are all similar to last farewelL! if i close my eyes and listen to it i would be listening to last farewell in madarine..

    to be honest.. the singer themselve looked a little uncomfortable singing to it.. when BB sang it.. it sounded sexy sassy and clubby at the same time.. here the singers look out of place and little awkward!!! i mean seriously i dont even know why the girl choose them! they looked like wannabes!! i am not trying to bash anyone here but that’s what i feel when i hear this song~!!! completely my opinions and hope no offense to anyone

    BB made this song legend.. and they just killed it

  103. i think it`s chinese
    but it sounds a bit weird and awkward…i have to agree they definitely killed it

  104. @Vera: no! not you, lol^^ i meant the guys in the video of course. haha^^

  105. @[!]: lol. i’m not sure who you’re replying to exactly, but i get a sense that it’s me. but just in case it isn’t i’m gonna go ahead and reply anyway.

    again, i GET that recycling beats and sounds is pretty much a given nowadays. i mean, i don’t live in a cave. i know how it’s like. your whole rant was -sorry to say- useless because JayT and i have already addressed it. and like i said, i know big bang have re-used a lot of material. but somehow it ends up as something fresh or better. they’ve never killed a beat.

    anyways, this is totally not the issue here. it’s not whether he copied it or not. doesn’t matter anymore. it’s done. the issue is whether he did it with class. and as we can see, class is what this guy is missing. by the bucket loads in fact.

    and there’s such a thing as a form of flattery where you go, “hey, this sounds a lot like my song…. HE DID GOOD!” and, “hey, this is my beat. but WTF?!” in that case it’d be a double blow. flattered and insulted at the same time. which one is better? first scenario or the second one? see where i’m getting at?

    i’m not saying you’re wrong. you’re absolutely right. i can’t deny it. but you’re just stating to me facts that i already know and have already replied to.

    lol. it seems, everytime i comment here, i end up ranting. sorry if i come off as totally being confrontational or whatever. i’m just obsessive when it comes to my BB boys. sorry.

  106. Very similar.
    He coulda changed the video at least.
    Big Bang is the best!~

  107. hahahhaa.
    i think this guy is BIG BANG’s number 1 fan;lol
    anyways. i saw this vid on youtube.
    and it kinda reminds me of taeyang’s my girl and BB’s fool’s only tears,.
    im not talking about the song but the mv itself.

  108. I was reading some of the comments and it said something about how GD took Maroon5’s beat to this love and how this could be similar. okay obviously GD didn’t make effort to change the theme of the original this love and took the exact beat and fully got permission to ! this guy changed it a bit … barely changed the video … he’s making attempts to have his own TOP and sings slow when it’s like the SR, DS and TY parts in the actual Last Farewell song. i’m saying he’s a total rip. and how he came to Korea and debuted like right after ? this guy sure knows how to be a “VIP” =.=

  109. I’m going to blatantly say I dislike it. T_T The dance moves are so… unimpressive. I thought the girl was pretty random, too, since she wasn’t essential in the MV.

    But, to be honest, since I’ve never even heard of this group, or their company, I can’t say I expected much. I apologize if this is considered bashing. Just wanted to let out my disappointment in more than a sigh. x]

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