Big Bang at the Amusement Park

remember this?!
it’s so freakin hilarious!!!
(this is from the BIGSHOW DVD)

credit: koziloverryo@youtube

i think the boys were deprived of fun time, so when the opportunity arrived to put on a mask & be “free,” they went all out, no joke. ESP TOP! on the outside, he’s so stoic & acts like the oldest, but watching this makes you realize he’s really a kid @ heart, throwing tantrums & skipping around like a madman haha. it was so funny how he was demanding more ice cream & shouting while in line for a ride: “I WANT TO CUT IN LINE!” lol.

they’re given 3 things to do WITHOUT anyone seeing them/knowing who they are:

  • take off their masks during a ride
  • eat off of somebody
  • take a picture w/ a lady w/ long hair

SR is really ballsy, & that’s what i like about him. i can’t believe the kid would let some dude in a mask eat his churro, but thanks to him, TEAM G-RI is winning!

i can’t believe ppl don’t recognize their voice. if i heard DAE’s i’d totally recognize it. he was so cute, failed at getting a girl to give him food, but the older ladies figured it out! it’s crazy how nice ppl are there haha.

ROFL @ YB & TOP riding a kiddy ride. YB acts out too w/ a mask on. it looks like he’s dancing, it’s awesome.

ughh JIYONG DON’T BEG LOL >_< sigh. if i heard his cute, whiny voice, i’d call him out too. in fact, why not call out ppl in masks? that’s probably not weird at all… lol ❤ the cute pose. that girl is lucky haha. i wouldn’t get a chance to cuz i don’t have long hair =[

ya think it was GENIUS to take ur hats off in the dark, but whoops, it’s a camera ride & curious ppl check out their photos & spot the 2 oldest members of big bang: TOP & YB. where’s the fail-safe? HAHA now they have a crowd following them… can i say EPIK FAIL!?

punishment: to take the giant drop, which is a HUGE drop i might add… what a great day at the amusement park haha


~ by gdluvzmc on August 2, 2009.

39 Responses to “Big Bang at the Amusement Park”

  1. AW it looks like they had fun! Its cool to see them just hanging out.

  2. omg omg is it from the big show dvd xD?

  3. OMG:] Haha. I can’t watch this yet, wanna watch it
    when my DVD comes to me ;] It’s still shipping & blahblah.
    Hehe, looks/sounds cool ;] hahahahaha! Can’t wait!

  4. awwwwwww~sweet sweet sweet~~~~xD
    haha~it’s funny when look at seungri innocent mask look?!~
    awwww~jiyongie is juz cute~PLUS2 his cutest pose~lolzzz >///<
    TOP is just hilarious~xDDD

  5. wah so cool!!they having a good times…niceeeeeee

  6. aaaaaaaaa that was fun!

  7. YB was so cuuute (: Hahaha, LOL-ing at his screaming at the children’s ride

  8. hahaha
    i love it.!
    TOP was counting in chinese rite?
    he is sooooooooooooo cute!
    poor him, get caught!!!!!
    they were really happy and enjoyed their day!

  9. OMG i was LOL-ing throughout the video!!
    hahaha it’s so freaking cuteee!!!
    the boys rarely have moments like this
    now that they’ve mask, they need not to worry being recognized
    and they were having so much funn
    i’m so happy to see them this way ^^
    OMG tabi is indeed the biggest kid among the boys
    he’s so freaking cute when he wants more ice cream!
    hahaha and oh my, i’m so scared when the boys were taking those rides
    too high..i have very super serious height phobia haha
    and sigh i don’t have long hair too
    i might have gone crazy if i knew baby took picture with me LOL
    but when the boys had those masks on,
    they looked like perverts HAHAHAAA

  10. damn wanna have this dvd…!!! if i were them, i’ll commit suicide if i dont know it was bb…!! haha…just kidding…! love da boys…!!!

  11. anyone saw that they wear diff clothes on ?? YB wears black hoodie when ppl saw them on the capture then when he ran away he wears red baseball jacket

  12. LOL all of them 😀 that was so much fun to watch 😀 awww Tabi acting like a kid ♥ thanks 4 the vid ^^

  13. Saw this for the first time at the BIG SHOW and it was awesomely funny xD The crowd were crazy for it!

  14. I love it! They are so cute!

  15. […] a original:  Big Bang during a Amusement Park Share and […]

  16. omg !!
    Top is so funny @ excited !! lol ..
    they’re really cute 🙂

  17. awww…
    it was so amazing
    TOP is such a dork seriously
    I loved his face when the last game dropped lol
    but I was pretty surprised to see Taeyang riding the kiddy ride
    he looked so cute

    grrrr this is why they need to come back from Japan
    we just dont get to see these kinds of things when they’re not in Korea

    g-ri SOO CUTE<3 xDDD
    omggg i laughed so hard at bae when he was on the kiddy ride and the mom was like O_o ahhahahaha. and he got rejected XDDDDD so cute 😛
    rabi is sooo cute on the rides lmaooo he looks like a mouse xDD
    ahahhaa they were all sooo cute and funny 😀

  19. ji yong is soo kute…begging T-T
    at least his mission was completed^^
    go G-Ri

  20. AWWW!!! They are a bunch of dork hahaha especially Top. Its great to see the boys have a little fun every now and then. I wanna go to a amusement park with Big Bang,

  21. Freakin Hilariousssss!! xDD
    That’s pretty much all i can say about this x]

  22. Wow, sooooooooooo freaking cute. I feel bad for them when ppl started to follow them around…Fans are psychotic…including ME!!

  23. oh my gosh
    i didnt think it was possible…but..
    this video just made me love TOP and Big Bang even more :DDDD
    this made me laugh alot 🙂

  24. ah those girls squealed TABI they went crazy for him for his mkmf speech,omg i saw a fancam of this months ago didnt beileve how the person could tell it was them in those masks at the time,somehow they guess tabi had the balloon

  25. I really don’t know how someone could not recognise Taeyang’s style of clothes. That Jacket screams Taeyang. So cute on the up and down ride thing.
    Not sure if i’d let a random person in a mask eat my churro…

  26. That was so awesome! lol
    I would love to hang out with them, they are such goofballs!

  27. ah goddangit i havnt gotten the dvd yet. last time i went to the city they didnt have it.
    they look like they are enjoying themselves alot. thats good

  28. aww they are all still kids inside (:
    gdragon omg so cute T___T
    well all of them are cute (:
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  29. Yeah, TOP is a kid haha

  30. lol!!!
    ths is lyk the gr8est outing ever! ahahaha
    tht’s lotte world right?? i wanna go there!

    lol at gd begging!
    and maknae hahaha he was so funny suddenly sitting beside tht churro boy! that boy is so cute he kinda ‘yea whatever man eat my churo’ haha

    lol at top ty and dae for messing up! haha thy must hv totally forgot that rides have cameras everywhere!! haha.

    tae yang riding on that kiddy thing hahahahah!

    whoever that were there on that day are jst damn lucky

  31. haahhh.watching this made me misses them more.
    i want the BIGSHOW dvd! teehee
    omg they were so cute at the park!!
    tabi was super super adorable!
    yeah their voices were like very recognizable lol

  32. omg~i laughed so hard when i was watching this…i kept re-watching the scene where Bae and TOP was on the kiddy ride wicky funny…i was curious too how people didn’t recognize their voices…this is funny…but so is the behind the scene of it..

  33. aish..bogoshipda gd oppa…also seungri oppa….lol…

  34. I love you G-dragon

  35. ahahahaahhahaha~ xD that is sooo kyoot! >-< lol ♥ i love them!! theyre soo kyoot and dorky! ahahha Tabi being all babyish~so adorable! lol and when theyre team lost awww but sooo kyooot~ ♥///♥

  36. so so so funny..xpcialy seungri baby,and i really want take picture with gd n gd pose so cute,so so jaelous to that girl,but what can i do..also tabi he like the maknae one so cute when eat the ice cream…

  37. It is a concert for the big show 2009 is one of the best concerts I’ve seen Especially the GD is the best member of the band


  38. That was so cutee… except that if i randomly saw like 5 dudes in colorful masks with scary eyes, i would like FREAK OUT…. they looked slightly disturbed…. especially when tabi was like dancing around and yelling…

    but i love them!!!!

  39. omg that was TOTALLYYYY cute.
    i would totally take a photo with them as a long haired lady..
    but i dont have long hair 😦

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