GDragon got his own me2day

Yes, that is CL and our beloved Bong, you can’t see his whole face but who else can work a swag like that and have a smile that melts millions. Bong finally got his own me2day, which is like a korean version of twitter. and CL is there to support him. ‘Welcome to me2day, JingYo” YG Family Love~ Bong also got a new dog!!!!! A picture of him below!! so cute~~~

Bong’s me2day:


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“My vitamin water”

“My real vitamin water, I put up a picture of my dog by mistake

Credit: GDragon’s me2day


~ by Vicky on August 6, 2009.

60 Responses to “GDragon got his own me2day”

  1. So Cute

  2. aww! soo cute!!! and mean both of them!
    though, i wish it was in english….
    are you going to update on his me2day??

  3. You will post the english text of jiyong’s me2day, won’t you?

  4. I will try my best and update on his me2day on this site 🙂

  5. AWW Too cute! 🙂
    Both GD and the dog.

  6. Oh I saw a advertisment about it on, I directly recognized G-Dragon, so cute ❤

  7. LOL, trust GD to put up a picture of his dog (ahh, I’m such a bad fan, when did he have a dog)? instead of vitamin water.

    So cuteee. ❤

  8. CL, LOL.
    I love those two!
    I wonder what his dog’s name is…
    and whether if it’s a female or male. haha.
    I bet GD’s dog’ll play with Boss.
    Too cute. ❤

  9. i wonder if any other big bang members hav a me2day(:

  10. he is soo adorable

    Teeheee cute!

  12. ok there are three things i want to say with this

    A. spongebob in the background on the bed or couch or whatever that it? Bongie I love you to death. Your totally a kid at heart which is adorable.

    B. awwwwwwww a new puppy!!!!!! Yey Boss has a playmate now. I wanna know what he’s gonna name it? is it a boy or a girl? gyah so many questions. kekeke imagine Bongie making it dress like its gangsta? XD or for them to have matching outfits? XD I would die laughing.

    C. I love vitamin water and the restore one is my favorite. Glad to see he’s drinking it too.

    D. His shirt in the picture with CL? XD lmao does it say call 1-800-Troll Free? XD I want that!!!

  13. aww love GD and the puppy…cute like its owner..and i drink that drink too…lol

  14. Hey, anyone have a fullsize photo of GD’s icon in me2day? the one in red hat.

  15. LOL the puppy is cute, but in a way sorta funny looking xD
    jiyongie still cuter ;D
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  16. so so cute my love to him more added now….but i just see bong me2day yesterdar at bigbang LJ cmnty…..jiyong saranghea…

  17. lol
    he dragged CL into posing too<3
    so lucky!

  18. lol, very very cute xD

    any idea when GD’s album will be available for pre-order??? the wait is killing mee!

  19. this is so cute…gd and the puppy, i also want to know the puppy’s name and i’m waiting also to preorder GD’s album, i check everyday on yesasia, but they don’t even have it listed on that week of august yet…man i’m going crazy, i don’t know if it’s completely true, but some people say that what u listen when GD is in the car during the bigbangtv on 08/05 is actually part of his solo album…i guess we’ll find out when the album comes’s the link with subtitles, he is so cute and charming in this episode..just gotta love him

  20. does that mean CL has one too?

  21. AAHHH!!!I LOVE JIYONG!! that vid is super adorable! makes me love him even more XD please please please try and post the eng translations it would makeme soo happy!!
    AHHH!!! im on a gd hype right now. 😛
    off to go stare at his pictures. teehee


  22. @kaikai

    if you mean a me2day, CL doesnt have a seperate one but 2NE1 does, and all 4 members post in that one me2day

  23. i have it me2day just for korean?? answer me plisss….thanks

  24. Ahh CL is so lucky to be able to spend time w/GD.

  25. i miss bong so mmuch..when i see this pic i really happy but still miss him so much…o cant wait his bday and his album…waiting is like a suck…

  26. OMG!
    that dog is the most ridiculously adorable thing!!!!

    you can definitely tell it was him by that smile
    Bong is always easy to recognize
    but lol I just cant get over the fact that his first update was a pic of his vitamin water
    gotta love him

  27. omg yeayy haha im excited ❤ miss himmm

  28. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! tq so much vicky! i wish i could tweet him now!!

  29. Can somebody from the US sign-up?

  30. @Freiheit25

    i think cannot, coz its just for korean…

  31. CL AND GD are so cute in the picture…

  32. awww thanks 4 the update i hope you can keep the me2day updates on this site ^^ cute dog! he will be on the next ep of YG Tv Ep6! can’t wait to see it ^^

  33. I love you G-dragon 5201314 ❤

  34. omg vicky
    am i normal to miss him so much?? like seriously
    the nearer is 18/08, the more i miss him
    like missing him SERIOUSLY. sigh~
    ohh btw, his me2day profile picture is currently the wallpaper on my phone
    when i saw that, i was like awww..bong are we meant to be?
    new puppyy, boss has got a friend already
    the puppy was the one in 2ne1 TV Epi 6 right?
    it is so effing cute..we have a new family member ^^
    now i wanna know its namee!
    and what? he’s too cute to post the picture of the baby puppy wrongly LOL
    vitamin water hmmm, i only paid attention to his hand hahaa~

  35. haha~
    s0 damn dat i can’t undrstand dat site at ol…
    y m0stly k0rean artst did hav blog n sort off..
    but ol of them in k0rean..
    pity othr fans ma…

    s0 as a hard die vip..
    may i ask.. gd n othr membrs g0t facebook or n0t???
    c0s i..dunn0 how 2 tell..
    but..jus tell me at da fb are fakers or wut??
    c0s…. ( i dunn0 how 2 xplain)
    ……k, jus let me kn0w k..thnks

  36. 11 days to go

  37. jingYo+CL make a good team!
    they both look like each other,their style i mean.
    yaa,he’s so Gdadoreable!
    counting down the BIG DAY_18-08-09_
    10 days to go!

  38. CL and GD are such hawt posers xD
    aww im such a sucker for puppies. i lyk furry dogs more but wen they’re still a puppy im all for them.
    random. he has a picture of his vitamin water. i use to b hoooked to that stuff before i realised it was just sugar water ><"
    ppl wanna clue me in to why twitter is so interesting? even though me2day is a korean version…

  39. *squel* I added GD oppa on me2day~ lullalulla..I’m too happy for words~ kkkkk

  40. awww his me2day profile picture is so so cute!
    does anyone know where to get a full-sized one?

  41. Awww cute. i love his smile.
    Awwww, he got a puppy.

  42. me2day?? waaah… now I’m officially hating myself for not understanding korean.. 😦 I can’t have an account in there.. maybe it will be awesome if they’ll also make twitter accounts.. 🙂

  43. awww! teddy bear, puggle, purple vitamin water (lol), spngebob and GD!

  44. Haha, nice video XD GDs so awesome.

    I’m glad that he made an account and updates a lot. So we can stay in touch with what he’s doing 🙂

  45. kon kAC

  46. kạ’ loz` mie.

  47. happy wish you unceasingly happiness in life…..I will always support him…:x:x:x:x….18/8 day

  48. HI

    this is so cute ^_-

    I like it

  49. eLowZ..

    thE VideO wAs sO cUtE.. ^_^

    i lOvE This VidEO sO mUch

  50. merry chirstmast…oppaG-Dragon and T.O.P…:x:x:x

  51. G-Bom…..forever!!!!

  52. hello from Los Angeler USA G Dragon u so cute..I love u forever and love u love u….

  53. I love G-D..forever!!!

  54. I love Big Bang
    Big Bang No.1

  55. I very happy…….!!!

  56. Yong number 1…^^!!!

  57. cool thanks lol

  58. Ehehee…I can tell ur khmer, no? Well I guessed by u calling JiYong-oppa, “Bong”. It IS much easier to say bong for evry elder instead of all that Oppa, Hyung, Unni, Noona stuff.gets confusing sumtimes. =3

  59. @ ahn_quan

    lol many have said that but no i’m not khmer, ‘Bong’ is just a nickname I call GD by

  60. big bang fighting continues forever
    I will always support from a far:)

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