(08.07.09) GDragon’s me2day Updates

“HELLO, BIG BANG!! keke”

“Good morning~ This is the bed I always sleep and wake up in *chuckles* Isn’t it cool? Then G2 starts again now!”

“Can you guess what this is~? For your info, I’m shooting my music video right now TT For those who get it right you’ll win a cd.. heh”

Bong in his own alternative universe with his space gear, normally on other guys, it’ll be dorky, yet on him…somehow sexy.. and even work those preppy shoes, go Bong!

“Moon world’s G.T. When I buy a bicycle I’m going to disappear immediately hoot.”

“Let’s wear new shoes and jump UP^^ ah, this is quite addicting! *chuckles*”

Translation by: BBme2DAYImage and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on August 7, 2009.

100 Responses to “(08.07.09) GDragon’s me2day Updates”

  1. awwwwwwww love love!

  2. holy crap those are LV shoes LOL.

  3. crap..are those shoes given by GD&H?
    not so sure..coz it seems different
    i think he bought them himself
    silly little rich kid ahh~
    and i just created an me2day account!
    with the help of google translator LOL~~

  4. He comes right out of Star Trek, adopting the Vulcan salute!

    Mr.Hudsun Sneakers are pinky hooooot. Kayne West! Such a fashionista, GD!

  5. GD\;s clothes/kicks are always fresh.
    freakin’ Kanye LV shoes , lucky mofo ;\
    ugh im jealoussss.

  6. haha cute…i love him so much,like to play around…

    nice shoes,,i want it i so jaelous too…

  7. @jiyanz

    how u sign up me2day…i use google translate too but when it go to another page its still korean…pliss help me..

  8. Loll, the cyborg glasses.
    It’s the LV shoes~! =O They look a little different form what i saw in pictures but i still find the shoelaces adorable.

  9. aww jiyong totally rocks that space look…lol..how can this guy look so kool? >_<


  11. ummm….hey maybe it’s apple juice
    lookie there

  12. i have no idea what the can is lol i bet its obvious.

  13. @jiyanz : LOL i did the same too. But when i went to my profile, damn everything went back to korean and no understanding. Lol.

  14. its works for me>google. but i dont get the website. and when i write something its in english, it doesnt change to korean.

  15. Aawww lol Those shades r the ones or kinds TOP wears lol G-D looks awesome with them tho lol love the shoes!!!!I wonder what kinda of socks he would wear XD

  16. hmm is it me or is Bongie hiding his hair from us? i wonder if he cut it again. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  17. @kaychan
    I heard there’s a rumour he dyed it….

  18. i seriously want to get a me2day but its all in korean.

  19. @Chrissy

    NO WAY!?!?! OMG OMG OMG OMG *flails* I loved his natural hair color. I swear if i see pink im disowning him. XD *as if i could ever do that*

  20. @ alwayS-lOvE-jiYonG

    i got into the sign up page and there’s a form that u need to fill in right
    so i translated everything using google translator
    filled in the form and i’m done!
    but when you get back to your homepage it’s still korean
    but oh well u can try to click on any of them
    and check out the url coz it’s in english
    for eg. if u click on ‘your friends’
    the url will be http://me2day.net/jiyan/friends
    something like that…that’s how i roughly get the idea wakakaka
    i just use them to follow my bong’s updates
    and leave comment! LOL
    i left a comment for him yesterday,
    freaking hangul everywhere and i didn’t even know how i got into the comment page ahahaha~
    about his latest updates..
    bong ahh..how is that synthetic apple thing got to do with your MV
    you’re making me curious!
    and his bed is so cool hahaa~

  21. Whoa, it took me a second to figure out what was going on with the bed, heheheh


  23. that bed scares the fudgenuggets out of me. x.x;;;;

  24. LOL,i just saw about the bed on GD’s me2day,n i didn’t realize its his pillow case until just now =D

  25. where is my comment?

  26. aaaaa

  27. oohh gush i have to write it again…

    i said that:
    i really cannot understand the rationalism of Korean twitter…what is the benefit????
    >>>this is my bed!!!cool huh?<<<oh my gosh …so what???is that our business ???

  28. is there a pic of his bed up there???i searched it hard but didn’t find anything…if there is pls show me too….

  29. anyway…does he read all of the msgs? i don’t think so …i don’t even believe so that he is really jiyong…maybe in these first days it was him but what about the other days?i think he will borrow his id to a certain people to continue it.if not he is so man and honest.

  30. [hana]

    it’s him, 2NE1 also have it and they update it daily, he updates it from his cellphone so there isn’t much work. I don’t see why you’re having a problem with him getting his own me2DAY, the benefit here is he kept his fans updated since Big Bang has been laying low lately. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  31. omg why is there a hater here in BIG BANG FANSITE???
    i just realized she left like 5 comments here bashing on bong’s me2day
    just go away if you don’t like seeing him updating his me2day
    noone is forcing you to read it aight~
    you could care less, seriously 🙂

  32. ji yong got the best stuffs!

  33. omg GD bought the kanye LV too!!! even though those are guy shoes i still bought them in sneaker version in smallest size ahahah~~ GD has some good taste..im sure we all know that already ><

  34. @jiyanz

    thanks coz let me know..but i oredy do like that,but when it go to sign up page it in korean and the URL never say it to for our email,name,password or something like that,that we owes do for sign up….oh this make me crazy….

  35. I’ so sorry but I’m love very very BIGBANG 4ever
    anh G0n oy! nho?’ cham soc’ suc’ khoe? nhe’, em thay^’ anh gay^` di nhiu`
    BIGBANG la` No.1 in my heart

  36. whats the bed thing?
    theres like fading people sleeping in it o___O

  37. what a cool bed that gd have haha LOL i like it….

  38. @jiyanz

    BTW where u from??

  39. @ alwayS-lOvE-jiYonG

    yeah that’s why we need google translator
    i copied those ‘name, password, email’ etc into google translator and get their meaning keke
    i’m so amazed by google translator hahaha
    so is bong’s latest update,
    google translator told me that it’s ‘hello, big bang!’
    but yeah, all the hangul thing is driving me crazy too
    can anyone tell me how to add a friend or something? lol
    i’m from Malaysia, currently studying in Australia ^^

  40. @jiyanz

    thanks..now im still try to sign up..actually i oredy sign up b4 but i cannot open my page,i dun know y… im malaysian too.. and im still stay at malaysia hahaha i hope i can stay at korea huhuhu…and i want to ask do u oredy rigester to become VIP?

  41. @jiyanz

    sorry if i have many question hehe,mianhe..em u sign up by naver sign up or de another one?

  42. arhg……omg omg i already create new account for me2day..now i still process that page to me understand coz its all in hangul..,that like experiment hahaha

  43. this going me crazy but actully im so happy…

    anybody in this page had facebook? and do u already send email for the bigbang fanclub i forgot what her email but i will find for u if u all want,she said that her will send that email to Yg, that email actually to sent a letter,poem,oic,video etc to bong bday……

  44. wow thanks 4 the update :O hehehe so all of this are like clues of his new MV 😀 i don’t know what will be the concept but i bet is all GD style~~fresh and cool ^^

    I will try to create me2day account O.O lets se how does it work for me

  45. ok, i just joined me2day, see me at http://me2day.net/anic46. I just want to follow GD’s “twitter’, how do i add him? I randomly guessed what to write when i signed up. Cos mine was all ?????….help!

  46. guys!
    bong updated again!!
    omo i feel like a stalker now hahaa
    the most recent picture he uploaded seems like something for his MV~

  47. hey girls i create my: http://me2day.net/mariale ~~see 😀

  48. omg! he updated :O! i feel weird lol~~~like a stalker D:

  49. yeah i already saw that, he update again so soon…its look like the stuff for his mv…

  50. maybe that for his song the leader…..i just guess…maybe not….but maybe ya….

  51. haha~
    lots of bb fans~
    heartbeat gettin’ str0nger ryte every1?
    c0untin’ d0wn da days..
    d0 add me at twitter n fb (nsyida5234@yahoo.com)

  52. GD..
    i just can’t wait for him to update more..
    plus his new album…
    i hate waiting..

  53. haha~
    s0 damn dat i can’t undrstand dat site at ol…
    y m0stly k0rean artst did hav blog n sort off..
    but ol of them in k0rean..
    pity othr fans ma…

    s0 as a hard die vip..
    may i ask.. gd n othr membrs g0t facebook or n0t???
    c0s i..dunn0 how 2 tell..
    but..jus tell me at da fb are fakers or wut??
    c0s…. ( i dunn0 how 2 xplain)
    ……k, jus let me kn0w k..thnks

  54. @jiyanz

    hi! i saw ur cmmnt about how to reg me2day! ill try later! thank you for sharing! (im malaysian tooo =p )

  55. okay just read all the cmts above.
    1. GD dyed his hair…? this will b interesting…
    2. haha that bed ive seen it elsewhere before id never have one cause id creep da hell out of me but trust GD to own one.
    3. hmmm apple can…?
    4. im gonna hope that u guys will update his me2day updates here cause i suck with confusing computer stuff let alone in another language computer stuff.
    5. judging from those pics [and this is a very obvious observation] that GDs MV will b set in the future where they have a weird ppl in bed[?] and synthetic apples and ppl with funny bobs and awesome LV shoes and shades…?
    roflmao my hyperness is making me go looney too >_<"

  56. That bed looks so weird lol

  57. @ chemyooo

    do you oredy sign up…so how?…

  58. ya i want to know too…if big bang have their own facebook or something like that and we can understand…hope so much…

  59. I like his new shoes .. lol !!
    Hes the best fashion singer ever !!!!!!

  60. well maybe hes synthesizing two different genres of music? or maybe old and new style… the set for the mv looks cool.

  61. hmm how can you put pictures i cant seem to figure it out T.T

  62. TO Vicky,jiyanz and other people that thinks I am a anti fan!!!!!Begging u, don’t call me a “HATER OF BB”…it really torment s me. Look … I’m not a Korean or East Asian…I’m from Middle East …from Tehran capital of Iran. in all of Korean singers I just admire BigBang (of girls is 2ne1 of course) for so many many many reasons and I proud of me that choosed them to be their fan…also I have a blog (just for bigbang) to protect them against dbsk , ss501 ,shinee ,super junior and the other Korean boy band in Iran …cuz the fans of them in here are like ants colony .I’m serious they are so many .OK. I GIVE UP….THESE THINGS THAT MY DARLING POSTED WAS THE BOMB.EXCUSEME..I wish didn’t offend you people with my words…so don’t beat me pls…I DON’T HAVE ANY BAD PURPOSE…maybe you are right….maybe I think in a wrong way. I love them so much even more than you!!!! pls accept me as one of ur friends…1 of VIPS…i say it again if i made you annoy pls forgive me.

  63. He’s got 35,896 followers in just 4 days, this is phenomenal!

  64. @Hana

    hana as long as u LOVE BIGBANG u r VIP…even u not asian…we here to give them support and our love… u know we always think what thier do everysecond,minute,hour or day.. so gdragon me2day is the way to us know thier activity, dun u agree…just believe that is bong me2day…

  65. BBKfansite, lol, will you tell us when GD’s CD (^_^) is available 4 pre-order?

  66. hahah his bed omg XD
    well it is GD.
    his bed’s gotta be ususal too lol

    cant friggin wait for his solo ❤

  67. unusual*

  68. I’m speechless…u guys treat me well….be honest,i am going to like it little by little….me2day must be a interesting place…but not for me cuz i don’t even know ONE letter of Korean…
    i just can say a bye:Aniyo(lol)….actually i get help from Google translator n create a Nickname…but could not go on anymore…cuz in comments n posts Google gave me enigmatic sentence…i want to figure it out by myself…but it seems i cannot do this until learn Korean.lucky u it’s 10:50 am..(it’s 12:30 for us) i should to go to bed.

  69. @Hana

    honestly not just u that u do not understand hangul,me too,im malaysian how can i understand hangul,except i learn it, even i have me2day acount but im still blur,but im happy coz i do this for BIGBANG.. and remember not all VIP is korean..i use google translater too, and its working..for this i want to thanks to JIYANZ koz jiyanz let me know about how im going to do to sign up me2day….

  70. New Big Bang, wow. Lols
    -The bed, ahahahaha funny.
    -He’s hot. Ahahaha.

  71. @ Hana

    Ok so you’re a V.I.P..but why are you not excited/happy seeing bong updating a little something about his daily life and stuff?? i really don’t get it, all of us here are so so happy to finally have a little clue bout what’s going on with him, with them and also his solo. So for now, i guess you should stop doubting whether it’s bong himself and have fun with his me2DAY! ^^ i had so much fun dealing with all the hangul haha~

  72. ha ha ah hangul….it’s really hard(ouch)….yaaa///i told u i am going to like it…i saw the bed.(the pics didn’t appear for me…i think the source that they uploaded them had a proplem with our country) the bed was so cool…he made it???
    the girl was bigger than the boy.goooooooosh..poor boy.did u see that legs????oh my god.meantime i am get exited now

  73. I’m s0 s0rry but I lov3 v3ry BIGBANG

  74. His bed is so cool. I wonder where they get their stuff.

  75. whoa haha that bed took me soo long to figure out >< how does he sleep on that? haha

  76. question.. in picture two of the bed.. who is lying on the bed???

  77. For those who have created an account can you please instruct us who don’t know how to. Please!!!

  78. I LOVE BIGBANG !!! I very Want you known me (I LOVE GD)

  79. Love love…!Big Bang…(¯`v’¯)__Gdragon__(¯`v’¯)

  80. i’m in vn but i love you very much……….you can give me your yahoo ID?♥_♥

  81. yong said he did not know this story but they still have not fai to see him ………. he yong wait about 99 seconds nhé! a very meaningful for his children yong site: http:// en.tackfilm.se /? 1263030720396RA31 id = & q = low

  82. lOvE GD …..
    lOvE Big Bang…..

  83. Hi!My name’s N. Nice to meet you. I know that you always busy. But I want to talk with you just a little. So, can you connect with me, please? My e-mail is chris_n1189@yahoo.com. I’ll wait for your answer. Thank you

  84. Hi,My nAmE Is lJnh.I lOvE yOu BiG BAnG ^^ My e_mail is chocolate_sweet_2402.Thank yOu

  85. I love u G Dragon

  86. Oh GD ^0^
    You’re no.1

  87. why i can’t see the picture? >”< T.T
    That's 0.k love you G-D
    You're n0.1

  88. GD hãy cố gắng nhé dù tôi là Fan Flo Rida nhưng vẫn là Fan của G-D nhá

  89. G-D I love U

  90. gdragon and bigbang, please come to vietnam….

  91. I love bigbang so much…..I will from Korea and….BiagBang…I love Bigbang….

  92. I will from Korea…..email: zyn.nguxhy@yahoo.com.vn…I love bigbang so much..I speak my mother ….go Korea

  93. Forever love Bigbang…Bigbang is n0.1…..

  94. Why bigbang? no online,:(( I miss u

  95. i really love G-DRAGON………^_^…..and oh!pls…keep onlining on your twitter………….^_^…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. love…..love….love all of the BIGBANG members……..and i will always keep on supporting all of you…………..!!!!!!!^_^ LOLX..

  97. hi. where is this?

  98. i love you so much

  99. i love G-Dragon so much
    gd sarang hae

  100. love bigbang im in thailand

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