Big Bang’s G-Dragon & 2NE1: ‘Twitter? We’re on me2DAY!’

While it has been a big issue everyday as popular celebrities including Kim Yuna, Wonder Girls, and Kim JooHa Announcer make personal Internet participation through ‘Twitter,’ Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon started officially taking part in ‘me2DAY’, an all-original Korean microblog and is amplifying attention.
After G-Dragon opened his ‘me2DAY’ on the 5th, more than 19,000 ‘me2friends’ have registered in three days, showing his popularity.

Translation credits: bigbangnyuh

so, sorry to break it to some of those who are following BIGBANG”S TWITTER? i guess that means… the twitters are fake. =T

~ by Winnie Chu on August 7, 2009.

30 Responses to “Big Bang’s G-Dragon & 2NE1: ‘Twitter? We’re on me2DAY!’”

  1. It’s hardly surprising that so many people added him 😛 I haven’t added him yet actually…

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  3. i love to add too..but im not a korean,so that i can not sign up i right?just korean can sign up… plizz answer me?

  4. i would like to sign up also but everything is in korean…they should have some english there, what about all us out here…should we write a letter or something??

  5. yeah me too, tried to sign up but cant understand korean words, just few english words r there hehe

  6. NOTE: you dont need to be korean to sign up for it.

  7. if you’re a member of YGLadies Forum, you can view this thread

    it shows you step by step how to sign up for a me2DAY

  8. ohhh thanks Vicky 😀 i’m a member 😀 good to know that

  9. yeah i signed up for it! and i live in the US :]

  10. if you could read korean u can sign up for it
    i added GD lol

  11. i have signed up twitter and follow them..ughh

  12. happy birthday kwon leader !!! nice day!

  13. Lol.
    whats his twitter?

  14. bonjour, je suis francaise et je me suis inscrite sur me2day mais je ne sais pas comment l’utiliser. si vous pouvez m’aider merci.

  15. wo g-dragon has alot of vote

  16. hi i like big bang you are my star

  17. HEY big bang u rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. mbang you are so rite about them rock they and they are even cool love bg bang 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. gosh! i hope there’s an english that i can understand GD oppa..!huhuhu.. 😦
    love GD♥

  20. i just use google translate 😀

  21. wow
    i like bigbang


  23. g d oppa i love you so much

  24. hola como estan me gustan los chicos de bigbang

  25. What’s the twitter of the member of Bigbang’ ? They have twitter ??

  26. I like bigbang so much l love g-dragon so much will you marry me peace

  27. I just kidding to to marry you I like bigbang so much I will suport you all.
    love you all I hope all you love me to★

  28. I will support bigbang plez follow me twitter bcoz I just do my twitter

  29. My twitter is yaya pinky okay I luv you all

  30. I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This paragraph posted at this
    site is actually good.

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