(08.08.09) GDragon’s me2DAY Updates

“R.I.P. M.J. Yes, now I’m at home. It’s very tiring but I’m making a music video. I’ll sleep early and tell you more stuff tomorrow. G2 will continue. Everyone sleep well^^”

Translated by: poco123 @ BBVIP.net

get some sleep on that kinky bed Bong.

“Now where could this be? *chuckles* Ah, it’s tiring, but I’m doing my best, so please continue looking forward to it^^ “

Translation by: BBme2DAY

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on August 8, 2009.

52 Responses to “(08.08.09) GDragon’s me2DAY Updates”

  1. i really want to know what he write…i wait for the all translate hehe…jiyong must be tired..

  2. bong bday is coming soon,,,now it can count by finger….omg im so excited..i want to know bong new mv,song….cant wait…

  3. here this i translate from google translate..but still had hangul at the end of the sentence,but its ok VICKY will let us know what is that,, right vicky…

    (“R.I.P. M.J. Yes, I’ve got it in the house is now very tired, but I’m making fun of music videos on various news tomorrow and I’ll sleep well all night jwituneungyesokdoepnida ^ ^ “)

  4. Wonder if he’s gonna do a “zombie” dance in his MV, just like M.J.. That would be really cool. ^^

    Did he just post the M.J. pic awhile ago? because it’s 6am here and it’s 7am there so most likely they finished filming the MV at 5-6am? waaaaa….

    …still can’t get over that “couple” bedsheet. So now Bong wants to sleep in between two people? hehehe. I just remembered him saying if he sees a couple walking while holding their hands he’ll get in between them. Bong you….hehehe.

  5. Oh, so they filmed his MV today, aww … can’t wait to see it. Much love for you G-Dragon. ❤

  6. Making fun of music videos? interesting…lol
    Geez Bongie Im so excited!!

  7. i never used to take much notice of GD cos im Team Tae Yang ❤ but hes starting to grow on me :3 looking forward to his new album, its coming soon woo

  8. sis in law

    when I posted that pic up there, he just updated it like 4 minutes ago
    so yup, he stayed up filming all night

  9. lil sis in law

    whoa, Bong is working really hard now. Can’t wait for the MV.
    I think also that Bong is getting addicted to me2day. hehe. posting a pic even after a whole day of filming his mv…he must be really really tired.

  10. BBVIP.net translated the translation. It says:

    R.I.P. M.J. Yes, now I’m at home. It’s very tiring but I’m making a music video. I’ll sleep early and tell you more stuff tomorrow. G2 will continue. Everyone sleep well^^

    credits; poco123 @ BBVIP

  11. thankkkks for the translation jiyongfighting !

    it makes sooo much more sense… 😛


  12. [jiyongfighting]

    thanks for that 🙂
    I’ll update it

  13. omg! I simply adore him!!
    uhm…what is the G2 suppose to mean?

    jiyongfighting!!! bigbangfighting!!!

  14. Awww G-Dragon. Lols

  15. [Noemi]

    just what he decides to call his me2DAY
    because he’s special haha

  16. i agree [@YB is the BEST]..i want YB to have one too XD.
    let’s hope he’ll have one by the time his album comes out lol.

  17. haha, nevermind i got it xP

  18. Geez I Gotta know where the small banner pics are from!

  19. ohhh, wouldn’t it be a little late to say ‘RIP MJ’ now?
    hmmm~btw..he must be working really hard
    i stayed up really late last night
    kept refreshing his me2day but he didn’t update
    ahhh, sleep well bong!
    i’m so glad that his solo is coming nearer
    and we can finally see SOMETHING is going on
    rather than waiting and seeing nothing
    but at the mean time, i hope he rests well
    i can feel that he can’t wait for it
    so are us..right? YAYSSSSSS
    fighting bonggg! we’re all waiting for your fantastic MV!
    and why G2? LOL
    reminds me of a boutique called G2 in Malaysia
    hahaha bong ah bong~<3

  20. he updates every day?!
    all the more of a reason i want a me2day :[

    that looks like the inkigayo countdown for the nominees LOL.

  21. first…who create the banner up there at this page….?so lovely..!!! love it…!!lets bring bb on top of the world..! cool…!gd oppa really busy right now…oppa..! get a rest..!

  22. @hanymirza

    glad u like my banner ^_^

    & i cannot wait to see what GD has in store for us!
    i’m excited!!!

  23. mmm… somehow that action figure creeps me up ~.~a

  24. yah! is that the mv set! omg it looks amazing! 🙂

  25. everyone! thanks for the translation!! ❤

  26. when u say that sleep well…who can sleep bad? do we have this permission that sleep bad at all?

    oh… i have a problem…where did u get these pics??
    can anyone help?

    i looked for them in G2’s page but because of hangul cannot find them…i mean where should i click to open post and see the pics?
    i just discover how to put a comment(lol)…it really called “a discover”

    i think in this way: G2(day)=me2(day)
    maybe he wanna say that.i don’t have any idea more than this…ha ha ha(lol)

  27. G2??? i dont have idea..what its mean i want to know pliz somebody help ,e…….

  28. @jayvee19

    i love ur banner too…1st tym i look then i get excited coz bigbang so cute,the banner look awesome….

  29. i luv his profile pic for his me2day !!~

  30. @jiyanz
    jiyanz pliz help me… u said u already comment GD me2day..but how?

  31. i liek da banner but where did u get da piccys?
    i dnt think i hav them yet o.o [shock]
    aww poor GD must b so tired after filming his MV.
    that mj statue creeps me out like crazy!

  32. @ alwayS-lOvE-jiYonG

    you know beside their status,
    there’s a bubble thing which has number in it
    and below that bubble thing, there is “댓글 XXX”
    “댓글” stands for comments
    click on it..and all the comments will appear
    then you should be able to leave a comment there.
    try it =D

  33. i saw his update ^^ very happy the MV is coming soon ^^ and GD’s b-day!!!

  34. @jiyanz
    thanks…..terima kasih….kumawo.. i need it so much..

  35. em

  36. yup yup~i already sign up too!!!~~~^-^
    waaaaaa~yesterday just leave comment to jiyong oppa~>///<
    anyway…jiyanz info help me a lot~
    and always-love-jiyong too~
    without your help i might be still curious how to sign up~TT
    thanksss a lot~^-^

  37. hye guys gd update his me2day again…

  38. this is what GD say but i still dont understand…coz i just use google translate…

    Ohneuluijwitu! Tomgwajeri Well .. here call it, but Tom always win Brucie’s ^ ^

  39. and the pic was cute GD and SEUNGRI….always play around…

  40. yeah he updated again!!
    hahaha, looks like baby has become TOM this time XD
    no matter how baby reads ‘winning habit’ LOL,
    bong still got it XD
    that picture is super adorable
    looking HOT!!

  41. the pic mention that seungri now is tom and gd jerry… tomgwajeri means is tom and jerry…

  42. @jiyanz
    ya u totally rite jiyanz he cut his hair and look so cute even he wear the snow cap i can imagine his hair…..my jiyong so kiyawa…

  43. omg im still look at bong n baby pic..they so cute….

  44. awwwww~i already look for it!!!!!~~~xDDDDDD
    they so adorable!!!!~~~~haha~poor baby!!!~~~xDDDD
    yup yup!!!~~~even just see a little bit front hair~~~
    But IT’S….REALLY HOT!!!!!!!~~~~
    OMG~I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!!!~~~~
    haha…lolzzzz…im too hyper now…xDDD

  45. yeahhh he’s back to the boyish look!
    no more the crazy hair in gara gara go
    hahaha, it’s HOT!
    can’t wait until he takes off his beanie and SHOW US ALL
    but it’s nice of him to show us a little bit of his hair XD
    he updated again!!
    a picture of BAE with his new puppy!
    apparently, he kidnapped BOSS. hahaa ❤

  46. gd update again hehe

  47. hope after this top pic hahaha

  48. yeah im right…top pic is coming haha

  49. omg gd update again n again

  50. im very happy today….jiyong a kumawo…..

  51. Hey, the last picture of the set for his MV looks like a heart! With the four chambers and the blue lines being veins and the red being arteries


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