(08.09.09) GDragon me2DAY Updates

the GRi love is always there, we found out he named his dog ‘GaHo’ and… Bong got too damn hyper with his phone haha and Bong… stop with the teasing!!! as if waiting for time to fly by isn’t hard enough, and when that day is also the day I have to go back to school… yea.. makes it x1000000 harder.


“Did it! Though there’s no title yet, what I, Kwon JiYong, thinks, is that it’s a song simply about a boy’s feelings.”

“Ah, I’m worried about which song I should release first.. hmm.”

“Here is a newsflash! The date that my album is released is not far off. So I’m thinking whether I will release one song first. After seeing your reaction, I’ll decide it. Hurry and spread this fact^^”

“Today’s G2!! Even though they call us Tom and Jerry.. But here Tom always win^^”

“YoungBae and GaHo∼ Will Boss grow up well..ㅜ”

“This time DaeSung is on secret camera!! Hoot”

“The last secret camera (prank camera) of the day T.O.P∼ㅋ”

Translated by: SooKyeong@KBites & BBme2DAY & gunsandsmoke@LJImage and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on August 9, 2009.

121 Responses to “(08.09.09) GDragon me2DAY Updates”

  1. =o. is it just me or do i see some white in GD’s hair (?)
    looks like he got a new haircut. i loved the long hair tho..

  2. I’ll be REALLY surprised if he didn’t get a new hairstyle for his comeback soon.
    just be glad he didn’t shave bald or dye it platinum blonde

    he likes to play the guessing game with us so just play along haha

  3. GD looks so cute! lol ^_^
    He’s makin’ me nervous with this hair thing. I wanna see it! 😮

  4. im excited about the hair issue…haha…its a constant tease with him isnt it? hahaha…does anyone know what GaHo translates to? just curious…

  5. yeah bong definitely dyed+cut it!
    i thought he’s gone BLONDE lol
    looks like it’s not..i’m relieved atm, but there is always more to come
    argh just show us everything bong
    stop being so mysterious! this is getting annoying haha!
    Gaho is so so cuteeee, and his skin looks nice LOL
    bae looks so upset in that picture hahaa
    and bong mentioned BOSS in a Gaho pic hahaa
    where is boss? i miss that dude LOL
    tabi looks hot as usual
    damn it was a crazy night with him
    he was effing excited updating his me2DAY
    and i was effing excited refreshing his page too
    he makes me tired 😦 LOL
    how bout his latest update?
    the one that he asked us whether he should release a single 1st??
    my answer is..YES…

  6. im freaking feel wasted because of school
    but one look from that Gri pics made me

  7. TOP is the man xD

  8. Where is August 18th!?!! lol Come on! ^_^

  9. ahh my heart is beating very fast while reading this. im gonna get heart-attaaaack! ahah jiyong is so very adorable! i love all of themmmm! aaaaahhh <333333

  10. OMFGGG. August 18 come quicky prisssssss.
    phew, i was worried whether he’d be blonde. hahaa
    YB looks so chill hahaa, GaHo? o.0 I thought it was heung or something like that .
    Dae is.. eating. duh.
    tabi is.. looking hot even though his sexy eyes are covered. xDD
    tom and jerry <33

  11. ahh! i cant take it any longer!
    i dont really care about his hair any more coz i still love him either way! his hair does remind me of the old times…T_T
    does any other members have one?

  12. waaaaaaa!!!~~~now im really excited!!!!!!~~~~xDDDD
    haha~so many VIP didn’t sleep yet!!!~~~
    only few minutes comment already reach 10000++!!!~~~
    aaaerrrhhhhhhh!!!!!~~~jiyong opppa!!!!~~~
    you make all of us can’t sleep now!!!~~~~
    over excited!!!~~~xDDDD


  14. waaaa?…which pic do you mean vicky?…o,O

  15. omyyyy…can’t hold anymore!!!!~~~sleepy!!!~~~TT

  16. [ayooo]

    the GRi grope one haha
    just updated it

  17. @Vicky

    yup~now i understand~xDDDDDD
    poor baby~~~~
    waaaa~okie~now time for bed~~~~~
    nitez vicky~nope~now is morning…xDDD

  18. Dae Sung, I sees you! eh, the 18th is the day after I start school…I dun think I’m ready.

  19. OMG. love these pics XD especially the GRi, Bae, Dae, & TOP.
    heck i love all of them lol.
    i cannot wait any longer to hear GD’s album!!

  20. omg…the GRi pic is so amazing!!!…GD’s hair looks so ..WOW xD

  21. Oh, there’s a preview of a song from his solo album!~ Love it ❤

  22. ohh my gosh…TOP is hot like oven…his eyes makes me oooooooohhh….
    GD thank u thank u thank u because of dae n tae pics….i missed them so much…my hear cannot stop…damn it
    wow look who is there….seungri with GD like every time.
    his dog is blond(lol)…what is his dog sex? i really wanna know…
    Hi GaHo…what’s up baby?do u have fun with Gd?yeah…lucky u.
    the folder of his album made me mad…i tried to click on n open it but it didn’t work…i don’t know why(lool)
    my reaction it totally positive…
    i’m expecting ur albums and that one song.
    go on…we get ur back man.
    oh i almost gorgot…nice hair…i love old hair too.everything is ok for.

  23. Omg GD left someething else but i cant hear it!

  24. LOL Daesung!!

  25. OMG is this true: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vzNC8hxJ2Y
    idk what to think….JiYong what is your hair color!?

  26. Platinum blonde???

  27. ooooh sounds good!

  28. Damn.. I love the beat.

  29. Hm, I can kinda see it! Maybe he’ll pull it off, who knows? I just can’t wait for his album and his album concept.. and him.. to come back!!

  30. OMG Freaking awesome xD
    Love it already 😉

  31. I love the beat too, but I was kinda expecting a bit more from Bong…but daaannnnnnnggg the preview has the same effect on me…. I can’t wait to hear the rest!!! *plus it’s on repeat at the moment. hehehe*

    Can I say I love you Bong for posting pix of the other BB members…that picture of Baebae just killed me…that angle..and cute dog GaHo….arrrggg…I’m gonna faint now… ^^

    Thanks for the BB fix lil sis in law. ^^

  32. pretty short preview
    I’m wishing I could hear just a little more >.<
    Tom and Jerry team is loooovely!
    GaHo is just the cutest thing!!!

    my man oh lawrd!
    those pants sure fit him well

  33. OHMYeffing GOD T_______________________________T”
    g-ri kills.

  34. OMFG GD . I was expecting more but there’s still the rest of the song to listen to plus the rest of the ALBUM to listen to :DD i’m sure GD will wreck (: the beat is NOICE.

  35. I’m liking the preview. The beat is awesome. Can’t wait for the release. =D

    GRi! and TOP’s hair looks great! I want that ring.

  36. gaho nice name for dog…..

    and gd song is really cool,,,, omg i love gd newhair,,very freash…love jiyong…

  37. thanks for updating us on gd’s me2day…the preview of his song is so nice, i’m loving it and can’t wait for the cd to come out and it would be awesome if he could release a song earlier, are they going to do it like with 2ne1’s fire?? love all the pics with the members, he sure loves to take pics

  38. dude this is what im expecting from my bongie. It sounds completely different from anything that i have ever heard. God i cannot wait for this album!!!

  39. wah~~ its TOP! he’s wearing the duck ring again! ahaha~
    oh yea…and….i’m loving GD’s sneak peek, preview song! the only thing i didnt like about it was that it ended toooooooo soon!!! >___< august 18 is coming too slowly!!

    i love youu KWON JIYONG!!

  41. omg!!! ji yong amazing as usual 😉
    love his solo and he looks so cute now 🙂
    G-ri has always been adorablee
    big bang fighting!!!

  42. Yah I’m so excited. My dad thinks I’m crazy because I keep playing the same song (it’s not even a full song) again and again and I play it really loud :p

  43. Awwwww! GaHo!!!! so cute! i commented to like every picture but i wonder if he’ll see them. but at least the english will stand out between all the korean characters. he he.

  44. What is me2day? is it like facebook or something? im a newbie hehe…sorry. ^^

  45. @Nilly

    lmao my mom was like WTF? is your computer messed up? I’m like no, thats just god/myhusbands new single preview XD she just shook her head and walked away

  46. ohmygosh,ohmygosh. He is SOO teasing!
    Hrmm i wonder. Lols i want the lyrics & the song
    to come out already! but it’s more special-er on his Bday =]
    Lols oh it’s spreading alright!
    Ahahahahahaha awwww G-Ri is SOOOO cute! Tom&Jerry.
    TaeYang’s probably like “My dog is better!” Lols just kidding.
    LMFAO Dae Sung! ahaha, it looks like he’s stealing food.
    TOP, what are you doing? Ahaha, Ah G-Dragon dear.
    He was having fun with his phone & taking pictures.
    Gosh, soooo teasing.

  47. @ Kleah

    it’s like korean twitter hahaha
    there are like so many international VIPs who are using it because of him
    Damn seriously, that fella is non stop teasing us!
    i’m so so annoyedd XD

  48. Yeah I saw some english comments in there. ^_^
    I wanna make one!~

  49. like that song…fresh…!
    like baby’s picture with gd oppa…!
    cant wait for his album…

  50. omg i really can’t wait GD’s debut! 😀

    LOL! Tom & Jerry

  51. school day make me hard to know went gd update his me2day…sigh…this make me crazy i want look bong everysecond…

  52. hey guys bong update againnnnn…..lol

  53. hey guys bong update againnnnn…..lol

    this is what bong mention
    Finally arrived!! Too impressive trunk and roller ~ ^ ^ Oh Yippee ~ ~ laughing

  54. and this what gd mention for his shoessssss…

    And the shoes very much and was well on its hind legs jjikhimyeon that .. Wow!

  55. the roller was cute so colourful…..

  56. hey update

  57. this is what he mention about his dase

    Yihedeupondoohneuldochak! Only one edition of jiyong dase on! Lucky me huh

  58. gd so lucky…he so rich and a cute rich man…want to be him…young rich cute can sing dance…almost perfect…

  59. here what is mention is…..

    Oh, and tonight, in two rats in the other one also! Huhut focuses public will ~ ~ ~ bye-bye and are rumors going naereo 2 minutes ago

  60. love gd so much……

  61. jiyong oppa neaga cham chua…hehehe…bong skirp for virus parody….hehehe

  62. aghhhh gd u r smply awesome!
    posting pics of him and the rest of em???
    tht’s the way for a leader to do me2day!!
    he knows exactly hw to utilise it to the max!

    i love love love the pic of bae and gaho! btw long tym no see boss. where is boss? ;p

    love top’s pants!

    is gd the only 1 wth me2day’s acc??

  63. ommgggg. so freakin cuteee. G-ri <3, alwaysssssM3

  64. @athirah

    yap only gd has me2day…other member still not yet..but 2ne1 also have and 4 of them share 1 me2day…do u oredy sign up for me2day..
    and gd will update again n again everyday n u will know early..now 4 new pic he update…

  65. I actually think he’ll never read all those comments on me2day, it are a lot of comments ö oppa ❤

  66. i waiting to bong update again huhuhuhu

  67. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! BOng! why you should tease us! I want the whole thing!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I’m going to get cRazY!!!! x,x
    BOng!!!! love yah! ;P

  68. i like the song from the first BEAT!!
    love it love it love it..
    i love the pictures..the boys are just so AWESOME!!

  69. @dieforit

    sometime i think he never read all those comment too but we must trust and believe our beloved jiyong…even he didnt read i think its ok,like we all know now he to buzy with his solo album,we must understand jiyong,actully i have fun and happy to comment bong me2day even he never reply it..but he approve me to become his friend at me2day that enough to make me so so so happy..and he always update his page with upload his photo and im happy to see it,that is the way bong reply our comment….

  70. @gd_tin2x

    the song must be awesome right…..me to i want the whole song but we must wait for it,if we are VIP we can wait for bigbang….

  71. @alwayS-lOvE-jiYonG

    You’re right, I think he really loves us all. He has fans from all over the world. Hopefully he’ll ever visit America or Europe. But I keep supporting him!

  72. huh..so tired..n have to go to school tmrw but i have to wait me2day gd…

  73. omo omo.when i read through all the commments here.I felt like omg G-D is so popular.haizz.fan frm others countries like us who do not understand any korean characters at all.But sign up 4 m2day just to get close wt our jiyong.it is so cute to show that VIP is for the world hehe

  74. @ dieforit

    i know u will agree with me hehehehe..yup we all support him everytime&evrywhere…and we comment to gd me2day actually that is our support for him dun u agree…

  75. I feel that the whole BB should have their own me2day.. It’ll be nice to see what all of them are up to!! I want to know how they’re all doing!! My fave boys~ we should let them know we want them to all do me2days.. ^^

  76. @samyjiyong

    ya i agree with u…im malaysian and i never know hangul but work for it i will translate what gd said at me2day by google translate and i wait for this fansite translate for me..this fansite is usefull for me love this fansite…

  77. @ BB~hwaiting

    ya i think so..its like we show our love to our baloved big bang and they must be happy…

  78. jiyong oppa….

  79. omg what wrong with me2day take a long tym to open it…

  80. what does G2 stand for?

  81. @ axelaTDK
    G2 IS GD me2day..and that special for him…

  82. i can’t wait for this song!! it sounds so good

  83. erm

  84. GD must be getting the hang of updating his me2day..all these updates…lol…he sure knows how to tease us all tho…hmmm loving the G-Ri pic…lol…TY with GaHo is so cute…daesung being caught on camera eating is funny too…and TOP…just smexy…*sigh*

  85. the picture of g-ri is now my phone wallpaper hahaha. is it me or did TOP’s hair become more…sexier!!

  86. i like da piccys. all so cute.
    i want GDs watch.haha totally want TOPs ring too.
    his hairs lookin friggin hawt too.
    luving his suit nd multi pants mix

  87. YYEEEEEEYYYYYY GD finally cut his hair (That’s a relief) Ahhh Bong-ie is soo damn cute on all of those photos! Cant wait for the 18 to come.. :*

  88. happy birthday..

    god bless…


  89. i love G-Dragon very much.Big Bang is No1 forever.

  90. Big bang is very cute

  91. Does anyone know g dragon me2day website? I found out that dara’s website is me2day.net/21dara.

    I am trying to find out abut gdragon. ANYONE?

  92. BigBang-MyHeaven
    -My Heart
    -My Love

  93. trời ơi toàn là tiếng anh thui àh!!!!!!!!!
    chả hiểu cái gì cả! nhưng tình yêu ko phân biệt ngôn ngữ mà
    yêuuuuuuu g-dragon nhất , yêu nhiều
    G-D vip
    G-D pro
    G-D kute

  94. YG family cute
    i love G-Dragon
    JI Yong oppa baby
    Gaho lovely

  95. SeungRi ah…You know?? You make My Heaven, My Heart and My Love

  96. GD – saranghae 😡

  97. Ji YOng : you are my angel
    VIPs vietnam … love you so much !

  98. look ! my web – big bang is VIP
    by VIPs vietnam

  99. nick name : chabitdetenj
    pass : gdragon
    you want ???

  100. wow i love Gd
    i love gd and i love gd…………….

  101. Vip vietnam………………..love yong leader and big bang so much!

  102. anh Jiyong ak em la 1 fan viet nam, em rat vui khi anh lap ra me2day mong co the noi chuyen voi anh lan oi~ xau ho^? qua` em rat thix bai a boy cua anh loi cbai hat rat co y nghia~. anh ak co^` len nha chung em luon mong doi nhung~ buoc tien moi cua? anh va bigbang..Ilove you

  103. Ji Yong oppa ^^ I’m ya crazy fan in Viet Nam !!
    I love U so very very very much !!! U R ma life…!
    Sure, I love BIGBANG very much and love Korea too !
    BIGBANG YG Fighting !
    Forever looking for ya step…!

    Please answers me…!

    P/s : I LOVE YOU ^^


  105. oppa i want to come to your concert …..huhuhuhuh why you and BB oppa never come to my country …..hhuhuhuh i don’t know…..come to my country……i’m waiting :((

  106. welkom to VIETNAM
    I love you 4ever

  107. I love kwon Ji y0ng >””<)……..

  108. I love kwon Ji y0ng!!>”< mong A về Vn lém ýk……BB mừk hôk về Vn thỳ V.I.P ở Vn sẽ ra sao đêy =.="

  109. I love GD , i’m a crazy fan ,you can speak vietnamese ? I wishes GD to Vietnam

  110. GD so cute , I love GD

  111. GD ah !don’t cry !don’t cry !stronger !because you are my hope

  112. TOP is the man,Gd cute,I love U ^-<

  113. ah’, i don’t understand any things in this but i realy sure one thing that i love you so much yong oppa

  114. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i had hear that Suju came over VN for a tour. Why you don’t do that? I usually whisp that i can meet you *ashamed*. Anyway, love you ^^. This summer i going to visit Korean. Can you make a concert? ^^ I was learned a few Korean words to talk to you. Can’t wait :-p

  115. I love bigbang….I love G-d and taeyang….

  116. I have a fan of Bigbang? I want to buy is BANGS store…:x

  117. I love BIG BANG
    G dragon
    From Viet Nam


  118. Great post! The best information I found about viga plus and it is pretty useful.. congrats! If you want you can awlays read some related topics on my website.

  119. I ♥ BIG BANG
    I ♥ Tae Yang
    I ♥ G Dragon
    I ♥ T.O.P
    I ♥ Seung Ri
    I ♥ Dae Sung
    I’m V.I.P

  120. Fighting!!!BIB BANG!!!V.I.P Loves you 4ever…
    Do you love V.I.P???

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