(08.11.09) GDragon me2DAY Updates!

He released another song preview today for ‘Heart Breaker’

He stayed up all night shooting his music video again, but good news is it’s FINISHED! and he went to sleep around 11 AM, poor Bong, sleeping schedule all messed up. Looks like he’s gonna release the whole song up today….. EXCITED!! 😀 Seems like his MV will have somewhat of a ‘apple’ theme, last time it was the apple can, now it’s half-eaten apple… hm…. I like apples 🙂 haha

“Are you sleeping well? I’m still working hard filming. This picture was taken in Japan, the rainbow was really pretty haha. Anyways, everyone good night^^ Ah! Also, you know the title song is going to be revealed today right? Just wait patiently until then^^ heehee.”

“Everyone, the music video shooting is finally finished. We really worked hard shooting itㅜ It’s raining, so pack your umbrella and I’ll see you later today D-DAY. I want to get some sleep, bye^^”

Translated by poco123 @ BBVIP & BBme2DAY Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on August 10, 2009.

92 Responses to “(08.11.09) GDragon me2DAY Updates!”

  1. he’s just going to tell us the tittle track or release the whole song??? i wish he let us hear a little bit more…and thanks so much vicky for updating this site so fast…thanks, thanks

  2. Bong’s me2DAY has saved the fansite from being lonely
    now we’re just looking forward to every one of his updates
    how’s everyone doing lately?

    finally the date is coming closer
    cant wait to hear the rest of the songs
    I’m liking the 2 previews so far

  3. yeah.that’s right.it’s finished ,finally.u worked hard
    ur health is the important thing in the earth so pay some attention it.get some rest now.
    i got fidgety when read this:”Are you sleeping well? I’m still working hard on shooting”…he really is tired.

    ha ha apple!!!I’m interested red apple…becuz of it tastes good…smells good…it’s exotic …it’s beautiful…and GD is my apple to(heh).

  4. I guessed the next picture after he wakes up will be something like an appel has been eated all part haha…

  5. i saw him updating this morning
    and i was like ‘this boy hasn’t gone to sleep yet’
    and now i know he went to bed at 11am 😦
    my heart is aching, but glad that it’s finally done!
    why did it take so many days to shoot?
    it must be something very FANTASTIC
    and yeah definitely related to apples~
    i love apples too,have been eating apples alot lately LOL
    reveal the title song??
    awww bong, i have a test tomorrow~
    but reveal it FAST! i can’t wait yay yay

  6. oooo new vid? YAY xD

  7. Aww so that’s what he said with the Rainbow pictures.
    Aww so cute. What?! Where is the title song?
    Oh gosh & the WHOLE album he worked on it himself too.
    He deserves some sleep, don’t want him to go depress again.
    D-DAY? huh, what’s that? Ooh apple. Lols i can imagine the
    MV being fun then, i mean it’s G-Dragon. He’s fun (:
    `Cept for that apple looks painted.

  8. Aw, it’s a heart. The white part of the Apple (:
    Haha i knew i forgot to type something along with this post.

  9. caaaaaant waait. I love the rainbow. Poooor leader can’t get any sleeep. Such a weird schedule for him. It’ll all pay off though when everyone is beside him waiting for his solo album. Can’t wait. And love that rainbow and apple pictureee. 🙂

    fighting oppa<3.

  10. Zomg. It’s the apple from TWILIGHT. (;

  11. def cannot wait for the mv!!! and mr leader oh how this month and maybe next is gonna be damn big for him!!! cannot wait all this excitement is building up…..too much for me!

  12. when i see that apple, all i can think about it twilight and edward~~

  13. yay~~so today it’s D-Day lol~~ awwww and i’m about to sleep i will check me2day early in the morning ^^ thanks 4 the trans

  14. omg omg its today oh today..i want to know the whole ur somg my jiyong, and finallu its finish thanks god…sleep well my jiyong and get some rest…… i think for bong im to patient,hehehe..as long as it to gd all thing i can do hehehehe

  15. @ jiyanz
    @ mariale

    thnks2…4 ur help on me2day
    hope we can help each other
    other fellas, d0 add me k..
    let us all gathered there..
    again & again- he keep updatin’ it ryte?
    haha lolXD – heartbreaker r0ckx!!!

  16. @ em0s3nget

    welcome to the club of me2day..hehe..

  17. bong update again wow…heartbreaker song so cool so freash..i totally like it…gd that how we do it….

  18. i like it…i keep hear it for heartbreaker song

  19. love this song

  20. Hm….. da rythm sounds lyk right round flo…… but stilll HOTTT

  21. @alwayS-lOvE-jiYonG

    thanks ya.. do add me als0 at there..
    wuts ur nick at there??

    @ others anym0re?huhu
    thnks 4 givin’ me help n keep addin’ me there..
    l0ve vip~

  22. ya hot like fire…hehe,,,,,, in my heart….

  23. @ em0s3nget

    ok i will….erm my nick name is midori….

  24. @ em0s3nget

    BTW are u from malaysia???

  25. dae injured in car accident….oh no.no way..mfg…what the hell was doing that driver?????my dae’s arm…

  26. i have question to all VIP..ATTENTION PLIZZZZ….do u think CL and GD have smthing?? i hope u all understand my question…

  27. daedae xcident…what happen to him..im so worried..

  28. i think CL attracted all of the boys and all of the girls…i’m one of those girls too.

    i don’t think so alwayS-lOvE-jiYonG…in my mind, they just are friends

  29. me too alwayS-lOvE-jiYonG….they didn’t comment well.
    my poor dae…why him…why now???????oh my gooooooood whyyyyyyyyy?
    he’s didn’t injur badly, but that is so bad .

  30. oh gosh ,sorry guys i mean”he didn’t injure badly”

    my brain doesn’t work ….

  31. i hope daedae will fine soon…

  32. i hope daedae will fine soon……..

  33. @Hana
    i understand u hana u must so sad so that why u did it….im so sad too

    i think gd and cl is like sibling coz cl is oredy yg family since 2006 i guess…maybe im to jaelous so thas why i ask u all like that…

  34. ……

  35. where the GD promo pics at????!?!?!? LETS GO GD!!! WE CANT WAIT TILL THE 18th LOL!!!

  36. i hope at gd me2day can tell us about daedae…y now,this time to bb and vip feel happy,with gd solo albm and bb album..

  37. yap i cant wait too….

  38. @ em0s3nget

    btw what u nick name at me2day i cant find u….

  39. yeah…i hope so Gd do that…at least tell about his health.

    i’m saying too….solo album…bb album and now here’s been an accident for dae….god what the hell can i do now….

  40. huhu

  41. just pray for daedae health….i believe he will be ok….

  42. all vip pray for daedae haelth plizzzzz

  43. yeah i do …certainly yes.if won’t , u won’t see me anymore.

  44. @alwayS-lOvE-jiYonG

    just click on my url
    my nick is em0s3nget..
    n yup, im fr0m malaysia~
    pity dae~
    hope he’s fine…
    bdw, i got twitter 2..
    s0, others~ hwaiting!

  45. I think this is his intro track? Hehe. just speculating.

    Darn it I love him….what’s about the apple…hmmm…vampire theme/GD-esque/surprising theme? hehehe. I dunno.

    Anyways, still can’t wait! =)

    Bong is really working a lot hard these days…hope he gets a load of rest before his solo release. =)

  46. ….

  47. doesnt this sound a bit like right round by flo rida? idk i just think so lol

  48. @ em0s3nget
    i oredy do that but its doesnt work at all, i will try again..
    …oh u from malysia too hehe im happy now a day many vip from malaysia…coz malysian always be ELF..but im ELF too hehehehe also hottest,shinee world,primanona,casiopia,triple s..hehehe but VIP is number 1…..

    ya i think so but we still do not hear it the whole song so i can not comment at all hehehehehe….but its still hot…u go gd..

  50. oh yay a preview of GDs song.
    he is totally in luv with his me2day which all these updates even though he’s gotta be tired.
    Jiyongies gotta look after his health better.
    im liking that apple

    DAEDAE! argh poor baby. hope this doesnt effect their comeback or any of dae’s work and stuff. get well soon.

    now GD and Dae GOTTA hav a lil break at least a good [sml] rest

  51. @ em0s3nget
    finally u found me 1st haha…welcome to my D2 hehehe

  52. heart breaker sounds great
    people have been saying that it sounds like ‘right round’
    idk, haven’t listened to that song yet
    but it’s just frigging 30 seconds
    those haters better listen to the full version 1st before accusing bong for plagiarism.
    hate them, do they have a life??
    LOL i sound so emo huh??
    anyway bong’s rap sounds so HOT!!
    can’t wait for the full version to be released on 13th
    i’m still worried bout dae T___T

  53. Only thing that comes to mind with apples are Snow White, Twilight, and Forbidden (be it love or anything else.) XD
    I’m loving this song preview though.
    Very nice and up beat.
    Made me wanna dance. Hehe.
    He is getting me pumped more and more for his album.
    Seven more days left. ❤

  54. .

  55. A little bit offtopic. Daesung has got a car accident today. I saw it on Mnet Wide News, so sad! Daesungie D: !!

  56. oops, too late 😦

  57. oh god the heartbreaker song always in my mind now..sometime i cannot concentrate for my study..

  58. @ dieforit
    its a little bit late,but as long as u care about that news its ok..we still in sad about daedae..

  59. erm tired…

  60. yup…

    especiali when pe0ple suddenly want 2 know all b0ut our life stuff (sorry 4 bein a lil bit em0 here)..
    suddenly i feel like wanna runaway..
    wth0ut any1 notice me..
    n g0 2 meet bgbang(s0unds like a desperate endin’??)
    suddenly my hepy mood change~

    k2..thnks 4 da ppl dat help me at me2day..
    still i also have twitter 2..add me then ;p


  62. It does sound similar to Right Round O_O I was thinking that too, hopefully the entire song is a bit different from Flo Rida’s…

  63. And yeah, I did hear about Daesung’s car accident 😦 Apparently he’s okay but needs rest. His manager is the least injured I believe, and his coordinator was the most injured as she needed to undergo surgery right away for excessive bleeding on her leg.

  64. hmmmm.. is this his title song??? can someone please tell me if that is.. i really hope not..

    can someone tell me????????????????????????????????

  65. I think i oficially hate youtube. oh my god people need to stop with this whole flo rida thing. i just listened to that and this preview and they are somewhat similar but dont even sound the same. the drum/bass beats are completely different and GD raps completely different from that. People on there need to stop bashing him for once and give him some credit that he very truely deserves. I think im going to go on strike for a week from youtube.

  66. ‘Heart Breaker’ sounds niiice!
    seriously Bong is not going to disappoint us

  67. aaa i love gd. hehe but feel like crying when heard about dae’s accident. he fractured his nose right? awwwww 😦

  68. Heart Breaker’s my fave so far!!!

  69. No no no gd why are you remaking another version of right round?

    This worries me greatly. I think this album is gonna be remakes or auto tuned tooo much


  71. I love the beat to this song! It reminds me a little bit like Britney Spears’s song “Have You Seen Amy” after about 20 seconds. GD’s song sounds better though 😀

  72. ooooh love it! Though…it sounds a little like “right round” by FloRida 🙂

  73. Hmm…sounds like Flo Rida. Personally, I like ‘Butterfly’ better.

  74. I like butterfly as well but it sounds like she’s electric o_0

  75. I find the “Hey Yo!” grating in the beginning- too high pitched I think. Anyway, Flo Rida copied an earlier song anyway with right round, and they don’t even sound that similar anyway. Meh, it’s not my fav but it sounds okay.


  77. Translation:
    A-yo, finally! Is this what you been waiting for?
    Brand-new G.D! I’m all by myself, but it’s all good!
    You’re my heartbreaker.
    DJ and YG! Let me take this over.
    I’m also not second to anyone anywhere. I’m still usable, I haven’t died.
    Just because of you, my body has been destroyed, my dream has vanished, my feelings can’t be found.
    I’ll sacrifice my body for you. I’ll run to wherever you are. But you always say goodbye and goodbye to me.
    Credit: bbme2DAY twitter

  78. i cannot wait the heartbreaker

    the rap is so nice

  79. @ninalee
    thanks for the transalations
    i like the “let me take this over” line, he sure did take control
    i love how this album is 100% g dragon!!!!!!!

  80. i think HEART BREAKER gonna BREAK the BILLBOARD CHARTS !!!! it’s AWESOME !!!

  81. *sigh* I can’t wait till he drops his album.
    This song does sound like right round
    but I think its the way he’s rapping thats the same not the music
    It still sounds good though but I like butterfly better

  82. yeah!! and since july his cyworld profile picture was of an apple. made out of CDs. fucking cool.

    his profile picture – http://img30.imagefra.me/img/img30/2/8/12/lovedrugged/f_umm0pe64vuvm_7db4ad3.jpg I LOVE IT XD

  83. I Love the song, Heartbreaker..
    The rap is so cool..
    Can’t wait ’till the album released..
    And butterfly is a nice song too..

  84. i’ve heard all the previews and only for me so dont dig it ok!!!!.
    i think that he purposely made all of his songs to sound similar to other singers’ songs cus you know what HE IS CHALLENGING TO A FIGHT WITH ALL OF THOSE SINGERS and EVERY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!! he is like ” hey,they are similar huh? so what? i use what yah guys have used. i use those same beats and those ‘gee gee gee’ of yours, so what? yes, those are same but i’ll show yah i’m different and i’m even make those same things sound better and more unique than yah. hehehe. just watch!!”
    again, it’s just my opinion so dont like it, leave it!
    anw, love him, gonna get his album fosho!

  85. sorry, i copied my first comment for allkpop so it is a bit rude, i forgot to change it. sorry.
    and if what i think is what Bong thinks then i love that attitude. hehehe.XD. love BB!!!

  86. Okay I just wanted to let people know that “Right Round” is a remake of an 80’s song Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Right Round. This song has been remade MANY times. Plus even if Heartbreaker really was sampled from another song they most likely would have included in the album credits who the producer of the original beat anyways. No one can file a lawsuit yet since it hasn’t been officially released yet.

  87. OMG really really really .THIS Song Very gooooooooood
    really I love this song ,I want this song full . I am enthusiastic
    SO SO Wonderful Music . VIVA leader GD ^_^* .
    Great GD albums

  88. I really like butterfly it’s really catchy. I’m surprised, I thought he would have gangster music

  89. Daesung get well soon!
    We all pray 4 u!

  90. i love gd

  91. i love u kwon jiyong or g draagon

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