(08.10.09) GDragon me2DAY Updates!

Bong is a update machine, going crazy with the phone now, but hey! I’m not complaining, he also release another song online today called “Butterfly”

“At(?) today’s G2! The song that I’ll show you is all set~ *drumming sound*..k”

“Solo album’s 2nd song!! Butter Fly- I made this song thinking of nervousness(or fluttering) for(or about) when I started the first love! Close your eyes and listen to this song thinking of your beloved person(or people)”

“Oh and tonight I’m planning on revealing another!! song on G2~~ Hoohoot, please look forward to it and go spread the rumors everyone~ bye-bye”

“These headphones just arrived! There’s no more than this one in this world, Kwon Jiyong edition! Are you jealous?”

“And these shoes came out really well. If you get stabbed behind your foot with those.. Wow!”

” Finally arrived!! The trunk (suitcase) and rollers (roller skates) that I really like~^^ Ah, I’m excited~~ heh heh”

Traslated by: BBme2DAY & *lyrynne* @ YGLImage and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on August 10, 2009.

44 Responses to “(08.10.09) GDragon me2DAY Updates!”

  1. I love his new song…..it’s so wonderful!!

  2. yay! first im in love with the LV suit case! haha and the song sounds amazing! ah i love jiyong! and i love how he has so much to share every day! 🙂

  3. OHMYGODD, he is! i love it that he likes to update. But that’s good i ain’t complaining either.
    omg,omg,omfg i have goosebumps. Well i like it more then hannah montana’s.
    HAHAHA G-Dragon & Seungho.
    UHHHHH YEAH! i’m jealous, i want THAT kind of headphone.
    Lols ohh i thought he was gonna say “if you get stabbed behind you foot
    that oops my bad” but ahaha they’re nice i guess. Reminds me of TOP’s doctermask.
    Ahahahahaha are you serious GD? Lmfao awww they are cute.
    Heheheheh and he’s excited for them. Hrmm Lollipop colors =]
    Damn i can’t wait for the CDs i just ordered to come then. Excited too.
    Omg thanks, this made my morning (:
    Gosh, i really like the month August more then ever now.
    Hahahaha i can’t stop smiling or laughing at his dork-ness.

  4. I hate you Bong…now it’s so hard for me to stay away online on the 18th, coz it’s my midterms..huhu…now I really can’t wait.

    I’m such a sucker for acoustics…the intro kinda reminds of a Adam Sandler song in his movies. hehehe. So loving it.

    No wonder he posted that reggae look. hehe.

    Hey a question…is it a mini album or a full album?

  5. Ah! im going crazy! i love how he is craft and differant! like in an ablum is would stick to one genre but this isnt, gotz acoustics and then the hip-hop feel!

    err, where can i find the album? pre-order?? im tire of not finding it!!!

  6. OMG. I can’t take all these teases. That song was awesome.
    Love the picture. lmao.

  7. GD just sure loves teasing us with his photos and cute comments
    damn i am jealous i love those skates!!!!!!!

  8. again ~

    owh plis..
    i just made up da ‘me2day’ acc0unt..
    how 2 add pe0ple??
    do add me fella~plis
    ( beggin’) wink2 ;p

  9. AHH!! he’s so versatile ^_^.

  10. @em0s3nget
    How did u make ur account?

  11. I’m loving “Butter Fly” it gives me a fluttery feeling inside it’s awesome 😀 i really can’t wait 18/08!!!!

    And the suitcase and rollers sesame street style!!! so cool ^^

  12. lolXD…
    now im takin’ da place of jiyanz..

    im usin’ da g0ogle translator…
    but alth0ugh i manage 2 sign up..
    but still i dun know how 2 add friends n others~
    let us all gathered at there n
    transf0rm it int0 an eng ‘me2day’..

  13. lmao thanx

    & does anyone know around what time was this single released? same as last 1? I wanna know when I might wanna stay up to ^_^

  14. i love u GD…..

    i’m from Thailand

    i’m waiting for ur performance here again

  15. haha awesome, I just signed up to Me2Day!
    The Koreans are gonna be like wtf? What’s all this english business? lol

  16. the boy has gotten addicted to updating lol…the song sounds so summery lol..and i totally love the headphones, the suitcase and the roller skates…not so keen on the shoes…they look dangerous hehe ^^ cant wait to hear everything from his album and totally anticipating his music vids…ahhhh >_<

  17. my bz day…bz week…
    a lot of asgmt…
    but still stick with my laptop to see the updates…
    jiYong ah..u make it hard 4 me…=)

  18. LOVE his song Butterfly, it does make you flutter when you listen to it! cant wait for the release of his album!!!
    “go spread the rumors” lols. it’ll be everywhere in no time! no need to worry kwon jiyong! kekes.

    those beats headphones are so cool! only one in the world-and it belongs to our mrKWON.JIYONG!

    if only me2day is in english!!
    he really does like updating that! all the big bang members should really get one!!! =]

  19. yes…I’m jealous. nah kidding…or am I? But That’s beside the point, the song sounds good.

  20. you just keep killing us with your teasers don’t ya ?
    i’m SERIOUSLY liking the teasers so far .
    the beats.. the guitar.. GD..
    this album is gonna be a hit fosho.

  21. You know what?
    i feel like i wanna cry now
    Bong, thank you so much for the song
    Damn..it’s so awesome. soft and mellow
    i should have expected something like this through your silly guitar pic
    but, i’m still so surprised when i listened to it earlier
    honestly,i did not ever expect acoustic stuff from you baby
    it is so awesome..awww u just made all of us fell for you like crazy
    and when he said the song is about his 1st love
    damn. i wish i was the gurl.
    he is such an awesome guy..huh?? =D
    and he just proved all the haters WRONG. =D
    damn..i can’t wait for 18th already
    please get your butt here, like now!!

  22. @ em0s3nget

    hahaha yeah i know!!
    explain..keep explaining babe! =D
    damn i’m totally hyped at 6am in the morning kekeke
    the song is too fcuking awesome

    @ msblia

    hahaha yeah i know
    he loves to say ‘GO SPREAD THE RUMOUR’
    hahahaha..and also some random words like BYE BYE
    HAHAHAA. love him~

  23. Hey people go here to know who to make me2day account!


  24. Cool now I can see if we can add our favorite artists. ^_^

  25. Just made an account add me =D http://me2day.net/inplaymode

  26. I’m so glad GD made a me2day. I love seeing this website filled with new posts again. ^^

  27. i love this new song preview, love his voice and how versatile he is, he can sing whatever he wants and sound amazing, although i like his voice more when he is rapping, i also enjoy his singing voice…and the pics are so cute, he sure loves to take pictures, i wish i could get those headphones

  28. i really like this song.. i dont understand it.. can someone translate it for me!! please

    oooo i like this one more than the previous one.. but i heard the previous one again and i like BOTH!!!

    i really want his album to do well… LIKE REALLY REALLY WELL!!! fans are expecting so much from his album and i want him to deliver… he worked soo hard.. i like pray for him each night for his album to do well!!! is that weird? LOL!

    GOOD LUCK GD.. damn if i had the money i would order his CD ASAP! can’t wait you guys@!


    rofl the skates and suitcase.
    WOWWWWW id wanna TOUCH the headphones. those one-of-a-kind headphones O__O

  30. !!!RANDOM BUT URGENT MESSAGE TO ALL YG FAMILY FANS!!! So, apparently So-1 (former BB member), is finally set to debut in another group under Cube Entertainment (sub-set of JYP Ent.). YG love is still blooming even in a different company!!! So, shall we cheer him on?!! 🙂

    Article (might have to cpy/pste):

  31. awwwwwwwwwwww. I love how he updates uss. so cute. I want those headphones. I like how only he has it though. Wish I had one, and then he can be shocked and be like :O. <33333.

  32. i like this song n when i hear it i just think about gd….love gd forever……

  33. ……….
    I want those headphones. …that’s all. :))


    and I love you, hyung [lol. I like the sound of hyung better than oppa – and I know it’s used for men-men (IMMA BOY NAO)]. XD

  34. the more previews he releases the more i want his album to come out. im gonna hav to wait till i get back frm camp to listen to it though ='( lame.
    i want dose headphones nd suitcase. lol totally unique indeed.
    btw GD looks so silly xD

  35. Now this song is good reminds me of pharrell’s style no auto tune thank you for this track at least.

  36. Yup I’m jealous – HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO US (Ah the headphones are soo ass kicking) Ahh and the set is really cute (can’t wait to see Bong on those rollers) Yeah don’t want to be the one stabbed behind with those shoes (nooo way)!!! AND LASTLY the song is soo lovely (and Bong-ie I was thinking about YOU♥):*

  37. My Yong!fighting!^^!

  38. I am jealous of the BEATS headphones…I want one in green!!!

  39. Wahh~ I want those headphoness. ;| Yes, I am so jealous. ♥the song, btw. 🙂

  40. nice song I love it …
    ji yong saranghae pretty boy !!!
    fighting !!!
    ^_^ hehehehe

  41. ahh i want those headphones! you can get the same pair as him if you design it at colorware.com but they are like $500!!!!
    ugh so jealous!
    i love his new album!

  42. oh wait i meant colorwarepc.com


  44. actually …. you can custom colour the headphones (beats by Dr.Dre) at this website http://www.colorwarepc.com/p-176-beats.aspx soo… noo they’re not the only ones in the world XD
    lol i tried messing around and go them to look like the ones G-D wears in heartbreaker !! XD

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