Daesung, Eye Injury Has Been Added Thus His Treatment Will Last 8 Weeks


Source: Yunhap News
Translated by: jeska @VIP Translators
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Daesung of Big Bang who got into a car accident on 11th found more fracture around his eye after close diagnosis.

According to YG Entertainment representative on 13th, his diagnosis came up with 4 weeks of treatment based on nose and spine fracture, but they found additional fracture around his left eye cornea, thus his treatment got extended to 8 weeks.

Representative also added that “he needs to get surgery for that area when he gets nose surgery.” Daesung’s car was coming out from a tunnel located at Pyoung-Taek Freeway and it slipped and hit guard rail with the back of car around 4pm after shooting for SBS ‘Family Outing.’


Let’s hope that he will heal very soon.


~ by jeska on August 12, 2009.

63 Responses to “Daesung, Eye Injury Has Been Added Thus His Treatment Will Last 8 Weeks”

  1. OMG. This is terrible news.

    I’m sure Daesungie will be fine. Even if he can’t join Big Bang activities and Family outing, he’s more important.

    Rest well and take care Daesung~! We love you ❀

  2. […] Daesung, Eye Injury Has Been Added Thus His Treatment Will Last 8 Weeks […]

  3. Get well soon, DaeSung…is the manager and stylist okay?

  4. i hope my dae recovers well!

  5. OMG. more injuries ?!?!
    but Dae is tough person . he’ll be fine πŸ™‚
    i wonder if the driver & coordinator are okay as well..
    i wish them well .

  6. 😦

    I wish him the best.

  7. uhhhh nooo!! first the nose and now this?! this is just terrible. awh poor daesung, i hope he gets the best doctors to treat him. from the pictures of the accident it looked pretty bad. so this means he has to get surgery for the nose? i hope they don’t like mess up his nose because he has such a pretty nose :/. and i hope the problems with his eyes aren’t that serious… daesung you can get through this! aja aja hwaiting!!! lots of love coming to you<3.

  8. Aww poor dae Sung I bet the rest of the members must be worried.I hope they won’t get distracted or something.Aww poor Dae Sung.I bet he will make it through this I mean it isn’t like someone died or soemthing.Big Bang Staying strong!Love you guys!<3

  9. OMG!!
    the eye too
    gosh that just sounds so dangerous to me
    Daesung I’ll be praying for you
    get well soon!!!

  10. oh my god. I feel so so bad for him. My hopes and prayers go out to him and the others that were injured in the accident. Daesung dont worry about Big Bang. They can take their time with Bongies solo right now and then Youngbae’s second album. By the end of those you should be all healed up and raring to go. Your always so hyper and energetic that being in the hospital is probably going to drive you crazy. We love you!!

  11. i hope daesung get well soon bekoz i miss him…all the best daesung…remember..we..all your fans need you….

  12. omo, dae..
    i hope u get better :]

  13. oh no. daesungie. get well soon.
    wish him, his manager and his stylist well.
    ill miss him so much in their comeback and FO.

  14. didnt they say they were gonna shoot for a Dae solo after TY’s 2nd solo album? I guess this puts it on hold and Im glad it would! Dae’s health is most important & its not good we seem to be getting worse news… 😦

  15. omg Daesung oppa get well soon. I’ll pray for you and the rest. please please please get well soon. 😦 this is seriously getting me more worried but I know daesung oppa is strong!

  16. omg T.T that area…i hope he just go well in surgery T.T

  17. oh my god 8 weeks

  18. I’m too scared to even look at this D:
    I don’t like bad things )x

  19. ohh gosh
    why did they only discover that fracture now???
    damnn, rest well and get well soon my beloved dae T___T

  20. awwwwww 😦 i realllllly hope he will get good rest

  21. omg…i cry when i read this news…

  22. Beg for D-Little 😦
    Hope that he’ll heal as soon as possible

  23. Omo, that’s too bad 😦 Will he be out for all Big Bang activities & Family Outing ones ?
    No news about the stylist and the manager ? I don’t even know them, but it kind of bothers me too x_x

    I hope Dae will recover quite soon, and that he won’t suffer too much from all those surgeries & injuries.
    What about a project to cheer him throughout all this ?

  24. Hopefully there will be more information sounding they’re in a better condition after this.
    I’ll always pray for their recovery.

  25. omg! this is very serious
    ahh poor daesung!
    hope his treatment will goes well..

    hang on there daesung ah
    with all the loves around you, i’m sure you’ll heal very soon πŸ˜€

  26. it must hurt…;__; wut about the stylist? i heard she her injure is worse!

  27. i wish nothing but for dae sung to be well~
    8 weeks is gonna b tough for us to not c a lot of him
    but whatever it takes for dae to heal!

  28. Daesung Daesung !!!!!!! hope you get well soon after 8 week ❀ i love you

  29. well you CANT blame Daesung for getting injured if you were to blame someone, it would be the driver, he’s the one who crashed and made our beautiful Daesung end up like this…
    i hope daesung will get better in LESS THAN 8 WEEKS!

  30. @Lolliepop

    I don’t blame anyone, even the driver. He’s a human and humans makes mistakes. It’s fate and maybe this accident has a reason. Everything has a reason.

    If you’re still blaming at the driver, just forgive him. ^^ Im sure he also got injured.

    hopefully DaeDae will get well! ;_;

  31. i hope he’ll be fine and get well really soon. 8 weeks kinda too long, i hope the injuries not that serious. daesung oppa be strong!! i’ll keep my finger crossed for you!

  32. i hope he gets better soon…i wonder how the other people in the car are as well..hope they are all ok

  33. aww i hope he doesn’t go blind. Poor daesungie, I wish there was a way to send him a get-well gift 😦 DAESUNGIE fighting!

  34. Aws MAn D:!
    Hope he get well soon…
    DaeSung Hwaiting!

  35. Man I prayed for Daesung. Eye injuries are no JOKE! Hopefully the surgery will be successful and won’t impair his vision.

    But how about a project or something to cheer him up?
    That would be awesome possum!

  36. HOMiiGAWD!! tht hurts lik a B3tCh):

  37. OMG; I’m so worried. Gosh, I hope he gets better very soon.
    Daedae, we are watching over you.

  38. I really can’t believe this!! it hurts so much D’: I was shaking when i read the post about him yesterday.
    ohh, dear dae-babe, you really don’t deserve this!.. and now 8 weeks!? my freaking god that’s a loong time, and the eye injury is what worried me most!. My thoughts goes to you every moment. get well soon, I know you are strong, keep your “angel-smile” even though it’s a hard time right now ):
    Love you boy<3

    Like Camille said, I have also thought about something to cheer him up! maybe a gift, or a big big letter from all of us? or something : D.

  39. The cornea fracture is a fracture to the bone that surrounds your eye sockets. If the fracture isn’t too bad, it shouldn’t really affect his eyesight, I think. Its the bone surrounding his eye, probably the little section where your temple is.
    Just saying that so people don’t think he’s going to go blind or something.
    But yeah OMG I’m so sad for him..He’s usually so cheery and goofy. I hope he can make the best of his time in the hospital, otherwise he might go a little crazy from being in there xD I hope everything goes well…
    And a project to cheer him up sounds awesome πŸ˜€
    Dae Sung, Fighting~!!

  40. oh noo 😦 8 weeks without daesung on family outing or with big bang! awwh GET BETTER SOON DAESUNGIE! WE LOVE U <333

  41. T______T
    noooooo D:
    im so worried now :/
    please don’t have another injury T_T ill die.

  42. OMG!! my daesung!!!
    spine injury is no fun at all and it never truely goes away. i’m so sorry baby dae!!!
    please heal fast. i can’t wait to see you smiling again.

  43. Poor baby, Daesung! I pray for you to get well soon. If I lived in Korea, I would visit you and wish for your good health in person. You are a wonderful person, an amazing singer, and the center of Big Bang, my Smiling Angel. I love you so much. All the best for you, Dae.
    Help me wish him well please at this facebook group:

  44. when i hear news about him i want to cry!!!! it’s soo sad that he got into this unfortunate scenrio!!!! i really wish him a speedy reoovery and get back as soon as possible. even not to perform but just to be alright… so that we can relax! omg i can’t take hearing this bad news anymore!!!

    wishing all the best of luck to him!..

    luv pri

  45. I seriously hope he gets better. Really. Especially how Big Bang are supposed to be coming back with a 3rd album called Memories.

  46. Oh my god….
    hope you feel better and take care yourself. wish you have a good health in a few day.

    take care.

  47. OMG!!! My poor Daesung!!! I really hope he recovers very well, i know he needs to rest but i have to say this, 8 WEEKS WITHOUT MY DAESUNG!!!! But anyways, he’s a strong person and i know he will have a full recovery!!!

  48. MY DAE!!~~~ oh no!!!!! get well soon dear!!!! πŸ™‚

  49. oh no no no no no no no no no no no NO! TToTT
    my poor poor poor Dae Sungiee~ ;——-;
    8 weeks without hes beautiful smile?! D:
    omomo~ and he needs surgery too?!!? DD: im here for you!!
    my Dae is strong so i know he’ll be fine! get better and rest!
    i love you sooo much!! β™₯β™₯β™₯ so rest and recover so i can see your smile again ^—^

  50. this is scary stuff….poor boy, I hope he gets well soon!

  51. i’m sooooo sad :C
    i was tearing up when i found out :[
    my poor baby!
    hubby don’t be hurting
    when you hurt i hurt too!
    get better soon
    so we can all see your smiling face!


  53. oh my goodness, poor poor Dae. I hope he recovers 100% and gets LOTS of rest. Dae hwaiting.

  54. Ah! Daesung-oppa!
    I’m praying everyday for ur speedy recovery ok πŸ˜€
    Don’t worry about the surgery and just have plenty of rest.
    cause u really gonna need it^^.
    we all VIPz will cheer hwaiting for ur health~
    i know ur cute small eyes will be ok same goes for ur nose n spinal cord!><.
    take care dae-dae!

  55. Get well soon Daesung! But I guess if we try to look on the brighter side… Daesung finally has some to rest and sleep well? He was so tired from going back and forth between Korea & Japan…

  56. Daesung
    pray for you

  57. ahahaha he’ll be getting a makeover for sure. I was already suspicious of the nose but the eyes too? haha

  58. Dae Sung
    get well soon >_<
    we will pray for u πŸ˜€
    i wanna see u singing and dancing on th stage again ❀

  59. T.T
    get well soon please…….

  60. Dae Sung I will be praying for you!!!

  61. OMG get well soon daeeee!!! >_<

  62. No!!
    Not again!!!
    I hope YOU get better!!!

  63. I luv you DaeSung!
    Please dont leave us fans.
    We all worrie and pray to god for you!
    You are a strong guy.
    I believe in you.
    Peace be with you man. Peace~

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