GD’s Solo Album Concept Photos Released

see, i originally wanted to wait to get some album jacket pix to make my new siggy, but if this is the best i’m getting, idk if i wanna have this alice in wonderland/snow white theme to rep me. i kinda like the idea of me being tom & vicky being jerry more HAHA x]
(alice b/c it’s… interesting & snow white b/c of the apple)
it seems like he’s adding some color to his pale self by eating the apple or w/e.

so i guess he did dye his hair. & eyebrows! you can see a bit of it when he’s talking to shaun in his cute-ass english! haha. i’m glad he’s getting better @ it. & it’s probably darker than it looks int he pix (hopefully, please).

my fave so far is the last one ^^


there’s also been a change in the track list. only 10 songs now. what a bummer. “Hollow” was probably too explicit to be placed on the finished product. HMMM….

▶ G-DRAGON 1st ALBUM [Heartbreaker] Track List
01. 소년이여
02. Heartbreaker
03. Breathe
04. Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05. Hello (Feat. 다라)
06. Gossip Man (Feat. 김건모)
07. Korean Dream (Feat. 태양)
08. The Leaders (Feat. TEDDY, CL)
09. She’s Gone (Feat. KUSH)
10. 1년 정거장



credit: 마시멜로 @bbvipz


~ by gdluvzmc on August 12, 2009.

138 Responses to “GD’s Solo Album Concept Photos Released”

  1. This screams Mad Hatter
    from Alice in Wonderland to me.
    I don’t know why.

    Even at that for some reason
    I am actually digging this look.

  2. sexy…

  3. …why…
    i couldnt even recognize him at first loll
    sigh, hope that this hair will grow on me haahha

  4. wow O.O hot and sexy. I like it alot! its something fresh and bold.

  5. LOL. blue lips xD
    but in a way its sexy ahah

  6. HOLY FUCK! i just jumped.

  7. =O
    It’s so…visual kei. IDK, that’s what it makes me think of. Less feminine. It looks cool but I hope he doesn’t keep his hair that color.

  8. haha. i dig the silver, don’t dig the brows (shoulda been SILVER!)
    don’t like the bleach/platinum thing. it’s gotta be just for the MV, i’m not gonna say for sure yet.

    less feminine?! rofl

    @chaos ly
    lol u read my mind

  9. Odd but still its GD.
    He’s far from normal.
    He’s awesome! LoL
    I’m lovin the 2nd pic though

  10. WOW! I like it! 😀
    He looks so damn hot ❤

  11. @gdluvzmc
    Yes, less feminine! Look:


  12. @maryam
    ROFL wtf is that?! haha

  13. wow, I actually find it very attractive…and his outfit and his pose is captivating. Can’t wait for the new album!

  14. @gdluvzmc
    I originally was thinking Snow white when I saw the pictures of the apple on his me2day. But, yeah now it screams more Alice in Wonderland.

    It also has a touch of Lee JunKi.
    He did a photoshoot with a similar concept.
    white hair, white face, white clothes.

  15. I LOV HIS HAIR:D its vrryy SEXii

  16. OMG! lol im really not that surprised! and yes jan i find this captivating also! i’m so preordering the album!


  18. WOW is that our GD?? Dayum he looks smokin’

  19. 0.0He looks different. I liked him with his bowl cut. But I love his uniqueness with the white looking hair and the cut. But I have to say he looks SEXY! I will get use to this. I LOVEE HIM!!

  20. He doesn’t look like Bong
    just some emo boy with white hair a twilight obsession

    I need time Tom….
    I do..

  21. this just makes me want to see the mv EVEN MORE!!! CANT WAIT!!!!

  22. oh jerry,
    i need an idea on a new siggy haha. what to do!??
    thinking about using our favorite pic haha & i’ll highlight tom & you can highlight jerry
    i feel like we’ve gotten even closer to our boys haha

  23. ‘Interesting’ if nothing else. I think we would have been disappointed if it had been anything normal 😛

  24. I’m over getting shocked by this*
    It’s actually pretty hot.
    Like some vampire stuck in the Snow white theory.
    Ahahaha. so he’s eating the apple though he stuck
    a poison-ness needle in there cuz he’s Heartborken.
    Awww, this is why i love G-Dragon & his ways.
    `cept for i have to get use to them. what’s up with
    the light blue lips? Aww how come Hollow got removed?
    Hopefully he updates and tells why 🙂
    More G-Dragon? i know there has to be more…right?
    I soo cannot wait. Week left & the date got moved, sad.

    That’ awsome
    And he looks so so so strange

  26. mmm i really wished he didnt dye his hair like that!
    but this is really really creative. with the colours.

  27. One thing is for sure…
    everyone is going to want to see his video.

  28. interestingggg…
    I like the new look ;D
    cant wait to hear all of the songs

  29. hell

  30. OH DEAR GOD, NO!

  31. awhh. i miss his old hair thoe. :[

    im miss my old jiyong oppa !

    oh wells, as long as this look works with his music i’m fine with it.

    “That’s all I gotta say. Look, everything’s gonna be alright.. isn’t it? So damn.. why am I crying”
    HAHA actually i’m not I’M EXCITEDDDDDDD. But after typing “that’s all I gotta say” then those lines from Lies just appeared in my head LOL.

  33. Lol @ everyones reaction! i first saw this in Allkpop but then had to check it her in case of differ pics.

    I have sudden urges to eat apples! did anyone else notice on ep.7 he had a apple shirt at the studio??

    The photoshoots are soo out there….soo beautifully him!

    G-Dragon Fighting!!!

  34. Yupyup noemi. Before that he has like 2 pictures of apples on his me2day

  35. It’s very poetic to me. The needle is drawing blood, from the core of the apple which I suppose, represents his heart. So his heart is bleeding or is being caused to bleed by another. Which is pretty much the theme of the last two pics. Not sure about the first one with the blue. Maybe the first is just a contrast of coloring for aesthetic appeal, that or the blue lips could mean a cold kiss. Either way very beautiful, and I won’t let twilight ruin the image of the apple for everyone who just happens to want to use it in a commercial way. Sorry for the long comment. ^_^;

  36. HOLY SHIT!! haha! I literally 1st said that as I covered my mouth! XD
    Damn…..this is gonna have to grow on me. the blonde isnt the worst…the kinda “girlishness” is (the makeup). I think the last pic is the most “masculine” but definitely not the 2nd one, it looks like its more for a girl cuz of the low cut…
    …oh god bong why?

  37. I’m really really loving this. This is seriously genious. Its so brilliantly artistic that I really wouldnt expect less from my Bongie. I think these photos are just freaking gorgeous. Whoever did these I think really captured the Jiyong that lays within. I mean he really cant do things like this with Big Bang, at least not to this extreme. But these are just amazing. I think this new look is freaking gorgeous on him and he is sexy as hell.

  38. as Bom would say ….. OH MY.

  39. omg! wow i really dig this look. One word. SEXY! 😀

  40. lol that first picture , the shirt? dress? looks girly? lol
    second one man the shirt haha i thought he got a pot belly or something lol
    something about guys with blonde hair (asians) reminds me of japanese guys : )

  41. OMG. I LOVE his hair! The whole out-of-this-world, fantasy concept is just absoulutely BRILLIANT!

    Can’t wait for more pictures <33333

  42. @gdluvzmc, maryam’s pic is of JRock/Visual Kei band Versailles (who’s bassist just died a few days ago)…in case you really wanted to know…kthanxby

    totally make me shocked!!!!!!~~~
    BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!~~~
    haha~he really look like character in on9 games~

  44. I KNEW I KNEW! damn i knew he dye his hair!
    RAWR he looksd SUPER SEXY

  45. it actually doesn’t look that bad
    except the second picture
    But Cant wait til it arrives but i don’t think he actually dyed his hair

  46. huhhhh~but why they remove “hollow” in the list?!
    signnn~too much song is feat with other ppl~
    i want hear bong sing more~just his voice~

  47. i love the pics. heeh. and i totally didn’t notice Tae Yang was featured on the album… niceeeee! =)

  48. keke G-dragon’s always full of surprises! I’m can’t wait till the albums released — though I’m still trying to to find someone who has a credit card >.<
    and I agree with ayooo, I too wanted to hear more songs that were just GD singing/rapping….

  49. For some reason I’m getting a Death Note vibe instead of Alice and Wonderland? But maybe that’s because I just love Death Note. XD I seriously hope he doesn’t plan on keeping that hair color. As much as I love it in these pics, I just can’t stand the idea of him having blond hair for a while. It just doesn’t work. Looks great with the pics, but it just wouldn’t do for usually. (And I just have some weird hate towards Asians having blond hair. Only some, and trust me not everyone, can actually pull that look off).

    I can’t wait to see how the album is! 😀 By the looks of these pics and the titles, it’s probably going to be mostly about experiences of love and other emotions. I love how they use the red color to stand out and as a symbol of the heart/bleeding/broken heart. 😀 Can’t wait for the album to come out!!! 😀

  50. the middle pic just kinda reminded me of hyun joong, because of his face.. or hairstyle.. or something..

  51. i think i’m liking his’s different and fresh. I like his haircut. My fav pic is the second one, with the apple and the needle, it’s very artistic. Can’t wait to see more and the MV also, is going to be crazy good.

  52. wait he ACTUALLY dyed his hair?
    i can’t wait for the songs to come out ><

  53. COOL!!!
    the concept is really amazing!! i like it..can’t wait to hear the full the album..!!

  54. He’s simply a genius.
    Truly a fashion icon .

  55. HOT ♥

  56. i love it but the more i look at it the more i analyse and it trips me out like crazy.
    1. it looks like GD but not
    2. he looks if possible even girlier
    3. he actually blends in with his new hair colour
    4. im loving his style to death here
    5. it accentuates his figure really nicely
    6. …. orange eyebrows?
    7. damn i was gonna dye my hair white someday. haha
    8. i wanna listen to hollow now that they cut it out
    9. overall. GD is the only one hu can pull this off

    sorry for the rant had to get it all out

  57. o.m.g
    so cool…is still gd’s right??
    owh..i really like that…

  58. ohhh what the fcukk!?!!!
    shocked the crap outta me!!!
    dang look at his damn hair!!!
    omgggg…it’s so surprising
    and i guess i’m really loving it!!!
    my bongie looks like a gurl T___T

  59. the 2nd pic, is that a wing behind GD???
    overall, i like his style=)
    i’m not shocked at all.
    i can accept this cuz its GD.

  60. It’s awesome. He looks hot;; but definitely out of the norm?
    but sexxxyyy!
    and omgosh. it looks soo much like lee jun ki’s album..well it reminds me of it nyway ==”

  61. awwww no hollow???
    why D:

  62. omg!!!!!!! seriously he can pull it off very well!

  63. OMG!!!
    jiyong oppa…!!
    he’s so damn… hot
    the white hair and the blue lips… LUV ‘EM ^^


  65. i have a feeling kinda like death note, i can see J-influences in his pics. & actually i kinda like this style, he just know how to work it out!

  66. I’m diggin the sexual ambiguity look. Very androgynous.

  67. LoL..It renminds me somehow of TwiLight becoz of GD holding the appLe..hahaha..anyway..its iL support GD! cant w8!!

  68. OMG!!He looks HOT!!

  69. omg…so hottttttttttttttttttttttt arrrrrrrrrrrrrr i like this style…………gd suprise me a lot….

  70. wow, that’s something new and different. i like how his unique style refelcts not only in his music but also in the cover art. actually i like it a lot. definitely better than the lies-style ^^
    and, seriously, his original hair wouldn’t have matched the red/white concept.
    now i’ve seen it – can’t wait to hear it!!! ^_^

  71. For me it screams “DEATH NOTE!”, but maybe I watched this anime too much. If he is blonde, I won’t be watching his solo activities. I really hope it’s just a wig or photoshop.

  72. im. in. love. with. these. pics. already.


  73. haha. maybe YG suggested that 10 makes a nicer number than 11.
    I CANT WAIT. oh my gosh. he looks so emo. not like his usual smiley self. but i still love him! 😀

  74. DAMNNN I like it a lot (maby it is because I like white hair- on asian guys *^^*)

    only it look a little dark(emo like) but he can have it (like always ^^)

    I’m so exidet to the Album!!!

    GD ~ Fighting!!

  75. woah! mix REactions! (sexy,cool,extraordinary)

  76. ;

  77. waaaa~by the way~is it today really gonna release Butterfly and A Boy full song??~

  78. h

  79. sigh, isn’t he so hot?
    i’m loving this concept, i just hope the bashing about GD’s songs stop soon.

  80. ohhhh , it’s a bit odd but you know , it’s GD .

  81. yup~just wonder why they so fast admit that this song is COPIED or sample for right round~
    it’s funny though~=-=
    30’s song can make a BIG HOT ISSUE now~
    awww~can see how popularity GD are~
    haha~the only we can do now is just wait and see~
    GD proof IT to THOSE people or “Haters?!” who CRITICIZE you~
    make them Wassup Wassup then SHUT’UP~

  82. OMONA!!!!!!!!!!!!! *spazzes @.@ and droolz*


    sorry i just can’t help it. i wish i could scream right now but i can’t ‘coz my uncle’s gonna freak out. and i think even screaming my lungs out is not enough to let out all my excitement ^^

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR HIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. shocked~

  84. !m lovin this look, it screams fantasy to me!! I luv it, bong can pull anything off.

  85. OMG!!! look at Kwon leader..I’m loving his hair..
    i’m so looking foward to next Tuesday!!

  86. I think its dumb how some people will ‘abandon’ GD if he’s really blond or something. -_- c’mon, its his preference.

    Personally, I’m loving it. He rocks this look. ❤
    & its really artistic, gorgeous and a change from his usual image. Very smex. xD

    Get GD’s solo album Heartbreaker @ @ $22. Whatever you buy counts in the charts as I import from korea! Do check us out. Thank you!

  88. Wow, so impressive!

  89. I actually like this look it’s really smexy and cute (in some weird way) It’s strange, but i guess that he’s gonna change his style in no time 😛

  90. Oh dang! He looks EMO-ISH D:.
    Didnt regconize him at 1st xD.
    This is so alice in the wonderland lools.
    Well still gonna buy his album!

  91. Hmm snow white? yup i cud see that lol but wen i first saw the pale skin and the apple all i cud think of was Twilight.. the red in the pic even looks like blood kinda sorta ish =) anyway w/e it is i cant wait for it, seems like it’ll be something awesome!… hmm gd wud prolly make a really hot vampire… xDDD

    big bang ❤

  92. he looks SO DAMN HOT.
    but the thing is that i couldn’t even recognise him in the first place!!!!
    (and usually no matter what crazy look he’s sporting i’ll still know it’s him xD)
    i guess the only way i could tell it was him is bcos it’s just so flawless …
    *icons it immediately*

  93. Dammmmmm sexyyyyy ;]

  94. i actually kinda like it :]
    its very….mesmerizing

  95. There are rumors that the next guest on MNet Scandal will be G-Dragon. I wonder if he goes up or not! :/

    – i’m not reeeeeeally crazy about the white hair, and must say that I hope it’s just for a short time.. but why shouldn’t he also try that? 😀 I like the fact that he goes out to the really crazy, when he’s solo he can do anything, and the Jiyongie can really show all what he got!! : D
    – can’t wait for the album to come out, keep listening to the previews he have sent out all the time.

    I’m sure that you will succee with this Bong! ❤

  97. hm… I don’t know what to think of it.
    He’s still hot but that’s because he’s GD and it’s kinda cool
    but I feel like I have to get used to it. Which I will… hopefully.

  98. (I’m totally going to get bashed for this). I don’t know what to think of it, I don’t really like it, but then I do. I don’t know, but I do love it , because he’s so artistic and creative, and I would have never expected it. So I like how he keeps us guessing. But I’m with Zar, I think I’m going to have to get used to it. But I still love GD.

  99. ok, now he’s officially trying toooo hard to shock or be original! I’m SURE this is ONLY for the CD! dont think he’d walk around lookin like that! soooooooo girly!

  100. Bong’s new look is hella delicious :D<3
    i love his hair
    and i cant believe he dyed his eyebrows.
    but im diggin it 😀

  101. i don’t know what to say but i’m brokenhearted right now..yep gd you are indeed a heartbreaker….why why why do you have to dye your hair like that….why..i’m trying to like it and i’m trying reallyyyyyyyy haaaaaaaaaard….

  102. Wow he looks more like a jrocker lol
    But he still looks totally awesome.

    Our gd is a fashion trend maker. He is so unique and has his own style. It shocked me at first to see his new hair BUT it’s undeniably ‘beautiful’

  103. i was a bit like o.O when i saw it first on HQBB lol the apple and the theme really reminds me of deathnote.. crazy boy he is, crazy boy, i wanna see what he looks like in real life.. did he dye his hair white then?

  104. OMG!!! what’s up with this boy?
    he surprise me with everything he does. gosh! gotta say, it looks good.

  105. Wow wow wow……..R U serious?
    That’s CHOCK and SCARE me.
    But that’s fine. If he love to be like this.

  106. where would I find a video of him talking to shaun in english about his new look?

    and I love the image! very cute~ ^^

  107. This screams Death Note D: it looks awesome though

    – white hair
    – white skin
    – skinny
    – apple
    – punk like clothing

  108. Well, he made it. He looks like a total mess now. 😀

  109. GD is truly an artist.<3

    this does remind me of death note though..

    still AMAZING.!

  110. @billy goat: hate inspired comment much? lol. keep your negatives to yourself.

  111. weird BBs a hiphop group,only pop groups like suju bleach their hair.its a bizarre look wonder how he’ll pull it off he really stick out the group now w/ that hair

  112. love the hair

  113. @naninoona: Not really. I was just waiting for it. And I guess I don’t like him but eh… Just my opinion. I don’t think I said anything too harsh. Long Live King Young-Bae~!

  114. @naninoona: fair enough. you’re entitled to your opinions. but i do have to say that “total mess” pretty much borders on being harsh. anyways, let the boy do what he wants without being somewhat mean for once, eh?

  115. lol. typo. it’s to billy goat not myself.

  116. @naninoona: Lol. For once? I don’t believe I’ve ever posted on here and if I have, it wasn’t regarding GD.

  117. freaking jiyong!!!
    the blonde hair is sweet. the blue lips and cleavage dress are not. >:[

  118. @billy goat: chingu the last part of my comment wasn’t to you exactly, it was a general statement. apparently you took offense. my apologies.

  119. WTH!!! jiyongiee!!! i cant believe he did this. its sooo…. UNIQUE? the only word i can find to describe it. :\
    like i mean he’s still our quirky jiyong, but with orange eyebrows. GOD i hope those arent permanent. thats the only thing about his new look tha ti have a problem with. his styl is cute i’ve always loved it, but like i said AAAAHHHH! jiyong oppa i’ll still love you if you shaved ur entire head, but i kinda doubt he’d do that. >.< AHHH! i cant get over this look.

    did anyone else notice that on the 3rd pic he looks like the top part of his body looks like its floating above the lower part… its probably all the white but idk i just thought it was weird that i noticed that. :\


  120. he looks like L in death note except for (the hair and the eye)
    is that the original hair?
    WOW!!! so cool!!

  121. WHY?!?!?!?!?! why didn’t all of you like the colors? i really REALLY REALLY loved it!!!!!
    he is like an anime or manga charecter!! it’s so… DAZZLING PERFECT!!!!!!
    and about tha the blonde is his real hair colour… don’t kid with me!!! it will only make me go insane!!!! i’d just die!!!!!

  122. he would be too perfect to exsist!!!!! more than he already is!!! no one so beautifl like that should be real!!!!
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! my heart is about to burst!!!! save me!!! he is sooooooo… GOD DAMN IT! I CAN”T EVEN DESCRIBE IT!!!!!

    that’s it, he is DAZZLING PERFECT!!!!
    now he took Edward down by a zillion times!!!

  124. you know, my sis is super fan to hero jaejong and i’m a GD fan, and i’m always competing with her, kinda.. when i showed her this pic with the DAZZLING PERFECT look of GD she said:”WOW.. W.O.W!! that hair looks good only on hero!! how could he look so good? he looks so amazing!! hot, he changed!!!” and i sayed in myself “well, it’s only about time so that GD would top hero, and soon ALL BIG BANG will top DBSK” and told her : “well everything GD does looks good on him, nothing and i mean nothing fails”

  125. oh and i call this look “the DAZZLING PERFECT” look.. isn’t it just DAZZLING PERFECT? or it like that only to me?!

  126. @JYNaRa:
    LOL Your sis addresses Jaejoong as “Hero”? *rolls on the floor laughing*

    Anyway,love your new hair GD.XD

  127. @babababan: lol. actually, “hero” jajejoong is his stage name in japan. just like “micky” yoochun, “max” changmin, “xiah” junsu and obviously you know “u-know” yunho. lol. didn’t mean for the last part to happen but yeah. it’s their stage names so it’s not really funny since everyone calls jaejoong as “hero” except you maybe.

  128. His own style is gorgeous.


  129. ooooooooh~ he looks sooooo awesome!! *o*
    so pretty, G-Dragon oppa ♥

  130. ..Korean Edward (or Korean Twilight WTF)

    Well, to me.

  131. what’s with all the twilight referance? my god! i see no resemblance whatsoever. geez!

  132. Is it just me or does he look like YooBin?

  133. so hot D: ❤
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  134. SEX. That is really hot.

  135. Happy birthday my honey(g-dragon) i do love u so much. what ur feel about dae sung?

  136. I love his hair now. *-* ♥

  137. His blond hair makes him so cute now.
    I looooooove him in all kind of hair cut.
    Lovely GD…

  138. he reminds me of the shinigami in death note..

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