Album Preview: Heartbreaker Vol 1


Youtube Channel: elavipp

01. 소년이여 (Boy)
02. Heartbreaker
03. Breathe
04. Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05. Hello (Feat. 다라 Dara)
06. Gossip Man (Feat. 김건모 Kim GunMo)
07. Korean Dream (Feat. 태양 TaeYang)
08. The Leaders (Feat. Teddy, CL)
09. She’s Gone (Feat. KUSH)
10. 1년 정거장 (Station 1 year)


Album: YG Ent decided to release 2 songs’ Heartbreaker and Breathe as of today.

Comeback Performance: SBS Inkigayo on August 23rd 2009. has been cancelled to pay respect for the late ex-president of Korea.

Producers: Apart from Kush and Teddy and himself,  international producers from Sweden will be added to the team.

Music Video: The director who directed 2NE1’s Fire m/v will be back in action with GD’s.

Article: newsen


~ by Momo on August 17, 2009.

44 Responses to “Album Preview: Heartbreaker Vol 1”

  1. OMG!!!! YAY

  2. this is one hot album. this is WUSSUP :DD

  3. whoo HUU! thanks so MUCH! I can’t wait to get this ALBUM!!! 😀

  4. When is the whole gonna be out?!

  5. *Whole song?!


  7. thanks!! loving the song “Heartbreaker” more & more
    can’t wait to get this album!! =D

    im kinda surprised at some of the tracks but I guess I shouldnt be. Lotta techno. Id like to hear some good drums like in BIG BANG’s “Victory” or “VIP”.
    But Im still excited for this CD!!

  9. +
    also u know it sounds like no matter what ur music preference, you’ll like at least one of these songs.

  10. COOL

  11. +(sorry)
    why is it VOL. 1?
    & ur title says HEATBREAKER not HEArTBREAKER

  12. very very pretty damn album
    good work G-D
    love ya

  13. damn!~!! i heard it all!!! and its very cool, nice and very unique!!!! i love gd how he composes hes songs!!!! gahhh!!! i have to go to school!!! T___T

  14. this is awesome, thanks for the previews, i also want mine to arrive NOW!!! all the songs give me a different feeling, i’m liking Boy and Station 1 year…i like all of them…i want my album!!!

  15. ooooooooooooooooooooooooo *o*
    i cant wait to get this album!!!
    i love all of GDs songs! ♥
    theyre just sooo great!!

  16. @momo

    u mean they will only release 2 songs today??? or are there are 2 gd albums…i’m confused now

  17. I am SOOOO HAPPYYY it’s finally OUT!!

    the work of a MUSICAL GENIOUS!!

    on repeat forever!!!

  18. GENIUS*!! too excited ^0^ lol

  19. The album is just awesome!
    I’m very glad people cant talk about the ‘Heartbreaker’ song since it doesn’t really sound like Flo-rida’s song
    and I’m also glad I’m buying his album showing some love and support hopefully it arrives soon ;D

  20. i’m loving all the songs <3333

    GD's first masterpiece 😀

  21. hey momo,
    did you mean 2 title songs, HeartBreaker and Breathe? instead of 2 albums?

  22. I’m really confused. Is it 2 title songs or 2 albums? I’ve read about both. I don’t know which is true. =/

  23. if his other album is gonna be called Breathe then why did he put Breath on here?

  24. OMG OMG OMG GD’s video is hot!
    I wish we could literally talk here cuz typing is too slow for my excitement!

  25. I think it’s about releasing two songs – Heartbreaker and Breathe in one time -> in the end ofHeartbreaker’s video there’s a piece of Breathe.

  26. Does anyone know why yesasia pushed back the release date to the 24th? ); I preorder gd’s album like when it was first available and it said the 20th but last night I checked and it said “expected release date 24th”.

  27. ^aw, nooo. really they pushed the date back? i think it has to do with recieving their orders. that’s why they usually have their expected release dates to be a day or 2 off from the actual release date.. they order them from korea. so probably they don’t expect to recieve their gd cds until the 24th, maybe sooner (IHOPE!!!). anyway that really sucks.. longer to wait argh.

  28. & p.s i’ve been ordering there for 7 years. so i’ve seen that they do that quite often >.> …just a note to keep in mind to all pre-oder-ers

  29. @june
    oh that sucks. aiyahh..makes me have to wait longer/: thanks for letting me know(:

  30. G-Dragon !! u’re the no.1 in my heart !!!!!!!
    i luv u ♥♥
    Happy Birthday 🙂

  31. gee gee gee baby baby baby~
    GD GD GD baby baby baby~
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  32. Oh my love…….My G-Dragon:X:X:X:X:X:x

  33. umm… i want to order GD’s album on but this is my first time ordering online …. and so i was wondering if it is free to make an account on and on this site it said that the original prcie of the album is 12.99 but on yesasia it says 14.99 o.o and i pressed us & canada order since i dk what is international order plz reply thnx very much ^-^

  34. The price went up from 12.99 to 14.99. Yes it is free to make an account on yesasia. I just got mines in the mail today. The shipping takes a while if u do standard unless u expedite it.

  35. oh… i should have order earlier >< i should have not fidget about ordering it but oh well still ordering it and thnx very much for replying so fast !! ^-^ appreciate it

  36. o yea one more question.. ummm how do i order it ? xD sorry for all the questions and how much do i need to pay because only have about 29.00 and i dont know where to pay =[

  37. plz reply =)

  38. Sorry! I was driving to work. After you make an account then just search for gd’s album and add to cart. Then go to check out. Then it’ll ask for your paypal or credit card info and you just put it there. 30.00 should be enough. I ordered it when it was 12.99 with standard shipping it came out total to 16 something. They don’t charge tax.

  39. o thnx very much !! u reply fast thnx tho.. all my hopes went down i cant buy it i dont hace credit card and idk what is paypal thnx for ur info tho!!

  40. It emails me on my blackberry so that’s why I reply so fast. Lol. Aw I’m sorry maybe u can ask someone in your family to order it for u and u can pay them back? Or you can enter into aa-chan’s contest because he’s giving away 4 of gd’s cd and the best runner up gets 2ne1 album. The post on how to enter is on this website so just search for it. I hope everything works out for u!!(:

  41. oh ok !! thnx very much for ur help!! ur the best [truly mean it] ^-^ and i hope i do get his album =] i’ll try enter the contest :]

  42. Good luck!(:

  43. Thnx for the support! it drived my head crazy thinking about how to draw the picture but i figure it out , too bad it is so hard to draw the real face of GD dont want to mess it up because GD is HOT xD

  44. You’re welcome! I’m sure you did great(:

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