Melly’s Memoirs: 3rd Anniversary

there’s always a dilemma this time of year for me cuz GD’s birthday is always before BB’s anniversary. so i go all out for GD’s bday & i’m burnt out for anniversary.

so i took a freakin long time to write up a lil something for the occasion. my brain’s fried & my laptop definitely took a beating. it’s super slow right now & i’m really scared it might die soon. my whole bb-life is on this computer! don’t die on me now!!! >_<

anywho, read & enjoy!

it’s also under the cut. i don’t want to embarrass myself & have it be the first thing you see when u come here haha.

P.S.: Daesung just got out of surgery. & he’s doing fine. HURRAY!!!
he spent ~4 hours fixing up his nose & the bone around his eye. as for the spinal injury, it’ll undergo treatment & heal naturally w/o surgery. thank goodness.



~ by gdluvzmc on August 19, 2009.

70 Responses to “Melly’s Memoirs: 3rd Anniversary”

  1. Happy 3rd anniversary for BB!! <333
    Love them so much!
    Glad that Daesung's fine 🙂

  2. FIRST! 😀
    ngaww how sweet!

  3. Aww thats so lovely
    Its rather awesome ^^

  4. Awe, that was cute~
    I think the funniest part was “thank you for decorating my dorm walls…” haha I know the feeling!!
    Yes, Big Bang has been a huge influence! I can’t imagine life without them now~

  5. WOOHOO! I’m 1st to comment~
    (Or maybe not..I might be slow typing this xP)
    I agree to everything what you said up thr ❤
    And thank you bring so much love^^
    Your music has always been my number 1 😀

  6. aw wat u said was so sweet and so true.
    big bang are one of the big reasons im now into asian guys.
    big bang fighting!

    daesung get well soon! fighting!

  7. amazing! I love what you wrote! and I’d feel the same, ‘cept I’m not asian…:$

    anyways! Happy Birthday Big Bang!!
    don’t stop. ever.

  8. ‘I’m more Asian that i’ve ever been ‘ SAME YO, SAME.
    Big Bang has made a HA-UGEEEE influence in my life.
    i’ve never once even imagined listening to foreign music but when I heard their songs i fell in love and have been more open to foreign music.
    all in all, keep on making wonderful music.
    rest more. live , laugh, do whatever that makes you happy.

  9. LOVE U BB! ^_^
    Big Bang has definitely changed how i view music too. Im actually listening to rap songs! lol i used to listen to nothing but ROCK but now i can enjoy both.
    I wanna be asian too! XD
    oh yeah and big bang has actually gotten me to study another language.

  10. happy 3th anniversary BIGBANG
    always be happy
    and i love forever with you
    and your are my heaven
    and we belong together
    ang we will sing la la la
    you are the number 1
    haru haru i will see you
    and for all the member be a good man
    and anybody say something not good about you its all lies
    and dont forgite BIGBANG is V.I.P
    oh yes right Gara Gara GO !!
    happy 3th anniversary

  11. awesome melly! =D
    couldn’t agree more bout how BB also changed my music perspective
    can u believe i hated hip hop last time??
    like seriously, when i heard hip hop
    i’ll be like ok let’s tune in another radio wtf
    and since i like BB, i started to appreciate other genre of music
    appreciate as long as it’s good music
    also BB made me respect celebrities so much more
    it ain’t easy to succeed especially when the competition is so tough in korea
    appreciate what BB has given us
    and feeling so blessed (:

  12. aww that was so sweet and sincere :))
    first of all HAPPY BIGBANG-VERSARY! yes. BIGBANG is the turning point of my life..I swear if I didn’t know them my life would be just black and white. they’re the ones who brought me into k-pop, and music in general. they change my life, not just in terms of music but in whole. I’m more than glad to love them and will always be. LOL I’m not sure if I become more Asian. as to me I’m Indonesian but I feel like I’m more Korean’ish now because of them, I learned their culture including language and food more ❤ and I love it. the same thing is I did consider white guys cause I was a little bit influenced by american culture before but now I'm all crazy for koreans! lmao gosh I'm glad daesung's fine right now x) anyways.. BIGBANG'S ALWAYS GONNA BE OUR NUMBER 1 ! proud to be a VIP ! =D

  13. Happy 3th Anniversary BIGBANG ❤

  14. Happy Anniversary BigBang!!! Continue making great music for us guyz!!Get well soon Daesungie!!! Happy Birthday Jiyongie!!!

  15. beautifulllly writtten:), Happpy 3rd Anniversary BIG BANG<3. It's been an incredible 3 years. Keeep producing the best beats, lyrics, dance moves, and keep being you. You've guys worked so hard, as a whole and individually. I know even though we beg for you guys to get some rest, you guys won't -___-, but we still love you, and always will. No matter what, your VIPS will always be here to support you. You know it and I know it. Keeep your heads up and lets keeep the years going. To be stronger, to be better. BIG BANG <3, FIGHTING.

  16. sweet>3 happy 3rd bb!!

  17. YeYY Dae-Dae is better :* Thank goodness. I wonder what are they doing right now ? I fell the same way about them like you melly it’s really strange… Before (let’s say 5 years) I thought of the Asians JUST like “LITTLE YELLOW PEOPLE” :D:D Now thinking of it, it makes me blush 😛 Big Bang really helped me see what people do I want in my life (Yeah defiantly the little yellow people 😀 )BIG BANG KEEP LOOKING FORWARD, AMAZE US, STAY GOOFY (AS YOU ARE) AND DON’T CHANGE THE CUTE LOOKING FACES (really love them :* )

  18. I love your letter melly. I can feel you, hehe. ^^

    Happy 3rd Anniversary Big Bang! I can’t believe it’s been more a year since I’ve known you guys and fell in love with you and kpop. Without you I would never have given too much time to appreciate the world of Korean Music Industry. Cheers to your success in the future! I love you all! ^^

    And thank god Daesung’s fine. I really was afraid when I read the extent of his injuries and seeing his car totaled. I’ll always pray for his health. ^^

  19. omg MELLy~
    i t0tally love dis..
    did u send dis 2 them??
    will u meet them s00n?
    they will love it 4 sure..
    keep fightg vip!!

  20. big bang

    number 1
    and forever!!!

    WE ARE V.I.P!!!!!!!!

  21. Big Bang has totally changed my life too, they put alot of effort and work into their music, and its always amazing! Their music really touches me and I’m grateful. Big Bang work hard to be the best you can be!!! I look forward to all of your amazing music, and I am so glad to hear Dae Dae is ok, I almost cried with relief! Big Bang, thank you for your effort and music!!! You all have amazing style and talent!
    I ❤ Big Bang!!!!

  22. lol i loved reading wht you had to say about them
    thanks for sharing!~

  23. Happy 3rd Anniversary Big Bang !!!!
    I love you guys ❤
    Big bang fighting !!!
    You guys are always NUMBER 1 in my heart ❤

  24. Daesungie is okay? Thank you god! Big Bang is a lifestyle to me. Ever since these men have touched my life, it has changed drastically. Now I’m trying to learn two languages, learn two cultures. It really has opened my eyes and heart to the part of the world that my country really denies. At least on the East coast of the US. Their music helps me through bad days and makes me smile more on good ones. I just cant even express how grateful i am to be able to hear their music and enjoy it the way i do.

  25. @Melly
    that was so sweet ^.^

    Happy Happy Happy 3rd Anniversary boyss!
    and thank you for all the great things you do.
    I wish I could explain how much my life has changes since I started listenin to your songs. It’s been almost 2 years now and I couldn’t e happier. Unlike many of the girls here I’m not asian but I’m so so glad I don’t have a close-minded perspective about music or cultures in general and even though most people I know don’t understand what’s so especial about you guys and your music I never doubt that you guys are the best.
    thank you for being who you are and remember we will always be here supporting you.

  26. they have influenced me sooo much i love them and i wish them success in the years to come! theyll always have us tru fans to help them when they feel they cant make it!!!

  27. That was so nice 😀
    (Does anyone who where to find the raw file for that picture? The one with them facing the back.) Thanks ❤

    i love you guys! i have just found out about you guys during June the last mointh of school this year and i am so happy i gotten to know you guys! i wish i could had known yall earlier! but it doesnt hurt to get new fans right? because you know what you guys have changed me soo much in just a couple of month!
    happy anniversary

  29. awwww…..that is so cute! 🙂 im 3 years late in becoming their fan but in a short period of time i’ve lost all the sleep i can from trying to catch up. they don’t decorate my dorm walls but they invade my computer (desktop background, memory = downloaded videos!), my sleep and my mp3 player!!!! 🙂 they’re also living in my heart. mushy. i’ve turned my sisters into BigBang fans too. haha. i know more of what’s happening to them than what’s happening to my country or even my country’s music scene! hahaha

    @BB Forever: look here

  30. @ neenah: Thanks so much!! You rock<3
    Once again, I'm so happy that I've discovered Big Bang, I knew my life wasn't complete before I knew them. (:

  31. im not really good at expressing myself but what you wrote there Melly is quite true for me too.. i havent really realised it but they have influenced me a lot.. i remember i overlooked them when i was back then a DBSK fangirl lol and thought they were just weird and didnt bother learning about them but then i found an mv of tae yang and needless to say i fell for him and thought id give big bang a go and theyre great :3 The best songs like haru haru and lies never get old for me and i love watching them in shows haha theyre so funny and theyre relationship with eachother is inspiring ❤ I hope theyll keep up their hard work and yes, spoil us more hwahahah XD

  32. WOO! so glad Daesung is alright! love you, man
    i love all big bang
    happy anniversary
    stay strong and i hope you guys go on forever

  33. I totally agree with what you wrote about them bringing out the fan girl in you, same with me. Also they make me want to marry an Asian guy, and have cute half Asian half white babies. ^_^ Their new cd came out today as well. I have the songs, AMAZING! Got it this morning, and I’m so excited. Yesterday G Dragon’s solo album, today Big Bang’s Japanese Album. BEAUTIFUL. Well I pray that they stay together for a long time, and Daesung gets better. (: Hope Taeyang and Daesung’s albums work out and I know they will sound amazing. FIGHTING

  34. LOVELY. Well done, Melly.

  35. Awww..That was so sweet. Everything you stated is undoubtedly true >.< I can't thank them enough for all that they do and my life is a whole lot better and I'm a lot happier because of them XD. I will pray for Dae Sung's speedy recovery. Happy Belated birthday to JI YONG!! I also hope that Tae Yang and Dae Sung's album come out without a hitch. Only the best for Big Bang. Anything Big Bang related never fails to make me smile.<3 always

  36. Happy 3rd anniversary for the
    B I G B A N G
    >>>>>>> SARANGHAE
    WOW WOW ^_^

  37. Yay Happy 3rd anniversary to them!!

    I love what you’ve said and I have to agree. They definately brought out the fangirliness and asian-ness in me as well =)
    Go Big Bang!

  38. “I may have a carefree, irresponsible image but I do try hard. I work hard on songs while others sleep. I barely sleep. I don’t get why…what’s so hateful about me? I still get affected because I’m young.” – This is taken from the new Nylon issue.
    i got it from a comment from youtube. it is so sad!! my poor boy!!
    …..*listening to their Stay*……*crying*……

  39. Aww Melly that’s so sweet.I hope they see this.I’m so happy Dae Sung’s better.LOL!T.O.P’s wearing the same shirt he wore in Gara Gara Go(the ending)Lol.HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY BIG BANG STANDING STRONG!I love them way to much.My life is almost mostly devoted to them other then school and family.

  40. aww that’s so sweet i agree with u.
    Happy 3rd anniversary BIG BANG!!!!!
    keep making amazing music for all of us!!!

  41. great letter! time for a external hard drive to backup BB love:0)

  42. ♥ <> ♥
    No matter where I am or what I’m doing, your music always inspires me. When I’m going through hard times your voices gives me the strength to overcome the hardships… thank-you
    ~ love always ♥

  43. ♥ ~ happy 3rd anniversary big bang! ~ ♥
    No matter where I am or what I’m doing, your music always inspires me. When I’m going through hard times your voices gives me the strength to overcome the hardships… thank-you
    ~ love always ♥

    * sorry for posting twice… but for some reason the message within the ” ” wouldn’t show the first time….

  44. Aws. I agree with everything *.*
    Ironic, was just staring at Tae Yang (in a stalker kinda way ;)) just now, and oh the fangirl came out.

    Actually, I don’t have any kpop friends :<, who wants to be my best bud ;D ?

    Im serious.

  45. @natasha

    XD actually when everything was quiet right before Bongie released his album, I found myself staring at Taeyang like a piece of candy. and totally spazzed whenever i was watching old stuff and he smiled. lol dont feel alone cause i was totally there a week or two ago XD

  46. @natasha: me! im a BB girl and a Taeyang girl. ❤

  47. Dam so true 🙂

    i cant believe its been 3 years since THE BEGINNING! teehee.
    i cant believe how much Big Bang has affected my life.
    i’ve always listend to foreign-ish music like jpop and stuff, but one day my friend introduced me to kpop. at first i was all DBSK and then SUJU!! but i started REALLY watching Big BAng’s videos and listeningto their music. and i didnt think of all the years i’ve been alive before i started getting into BIGBANG that i’d ever end up one of those crazed fangirls that gets all crazy just by seeing their smiles and quirky actions.
    but here i am like 2 years later all OMG, BIGBANG!!! OMG, JIYONGIE!!! OMG, TOP!!! OMG, TAEYANG!!! OMG, DAESUNG!!! OMG, SEUNGRI!!! GRAAAAAHHHH!!! and then im like spending all this money on the dvds and cds and stuff just cuz well its BIGBANG merch. forreals. but i dont regret it.
    big bang has made me a little more open minded about music, fashion, culture, all that jazz. like if it werent for BIGBANG i’d be all “i cant stick out too much or be too outgoing” but now i where whatever makes me happy listen to whatever makes me happy and do.. mostly whatever makes me happy. taha. like buying GD’s new album.! 😀 I LOVE THESE GUYS! they brighten my day if im having a tough time. && they keep me company while i study [[even though i kinda end up doing stuff like htis and singing along rather than study XD]] but you know its all gravyy.
    ANYWAYS! GOODJOB GOODJOB BIGBANG!! hope you all fulfill all of ur dreams and become world famous– like FAMOUS FAMOUS, so you can go touring EVERYWHERE!! && meet basically ALL of ur fans. 😀 HWAITING!!!


  50. thats really nice and i agree with every word up there

  51. That’s beautiful! I really agree with you on the musical perspective. I have such a love for music and the different styles that I didn’t have before. And no matter how bad my day is their music lifts me up. I had a terrible day at work just this morning and sat in my car on my break listening to Sunset Glow and Lollipop. You CAN’T stay upset when you listen to those!

  52. HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY BIG BANG!!!^—^ so glad that my baby is fine!!! was really looking forward to the new album!! i want it!! xD

  53. lol your note was funny xD

  54. I asked BB disincorporate have not and I’m in Vietnam should not learn new information by BB .I like reading him rap

  55. MELLY!! omgg i just read what you wrote while listening to stay (from their japanese album) and it was soo touching. that is very sweet and i can relate to the being more asian part with you. lol. it made me ); big bang is the greatest<333

  56. awwww Melly you took the words from my heart too U.U <333 awww i'm listening to the BB Asia Best Album all the memories came to my head while i was reading this ♥♥♥ BB you'll always be in my heart ♥♥♥

  57. FINALLY!
    i’ll always support you guys!
    you guys ROCK!!
    the greatest group aver!

  58. Gotta agree with you on the first line ..

    Because of those five guys, I’ve found a fan girl in me.. Something I thought would never ever exist in me. ( :

  59. i agree with everything you said;)
    thanks for making this site, without it, i would’ve never really understood big bang.

    glad daesung’s okay^^ thought he was gonna miss like 10 family episodes.

  60. Happy 3rd anniversary xD.
    Yaa… Because of BigBANG i found Fan Girl in me too XD.
    and i use to thought people was crazy LOL. no offense.
    But who knows iam proud to be a VIP Now <3.

  61. It’s true BB brought the fangirl out in me too.. It had been hibernating for sooo long..
    I can’t believe how these 5 guys changed my life, from checking my Facebook everyday to watching their videos, checking out their news!!
    Not to forget a big thank you to the crew of this site for giving so much information!!
    I love you guys!!

  62. Happy 3rd anniversary Big Bang!!
    It’s really much more than music with them

  63. Lmfao. BB made me start liking asians too. xDD
    And Big Bang is a BIG part of my life. There’s not a day that goes by that I dont hear their music. 😛

    Happy 3rd Anniversary! Continue Making Music. ;D

  64. Happy 3rd anniversary! yay!!!!!
    Big Bang is pretty much my life, so keep doing what chu do and enjoy it!!!! It’s all good, chu guys are the best!!! ❤ Thanks for 3 wonderful years of music!!! ❤
    YAY! DaeSungie out of surgery, Love him so much <3.<3, wish him a quick recovery!!! ❤
    VIP Forever and Always!

  65. ♥ YAY I LOVE BIGBANG 😀 ♥

  66. T.O.P <3333333 ur cool

  67. BB disincorporate have? Why not have someone answer me?

  68. co ai o viet nam ko vay Kim Diep la ai vay ??

  69. C.2, do you mean “Have BB broken up?” If so, “no”. 🙂

  70. LovE BB very very much …. VietNamese’s VIP lovE U ~ 4ever

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