Fans Get Creative with GD’s Album Cover

//EDIT: many of you have been asking. i got my copy in ktown, in LA (obviously lol) & if ordering the album on YESASIA: NO, YOU DO NOT get a poster with it. notice that the 2 different posters are sold SEPARATELY on yesasia, $10.99 each. -_-

i’m sure you’ve seen a few of these around on the net already.
lots of fans who bought GD’s album took his infamous CD cover & implemented in any way they can.
from adding hair to look like jiyong, to taking it to familiar Big Bang affiliates, to just being artistic about it, i sure got a crack outta all of them.
my favorite ones involved dirtying the cover, which i don’t think i would ever do lol.

but here’s what i did with mine. i woke up this morning & drove myself deep into LA & bought me my own copy, brought it home, & had a lil photoshoot with it lol.

it’s so sexy. the 1st CD to be played in my car (been using the ipod). i’m honored. & so should jiyong!

got a poster!

this is me playing with it. see anything familiar? haha.
it’s my dresser in my room @ home. i wish i was in the dorms already. it’d be way cooler haha.

some cool ones kvipz did:

looks legit.


an ode to big bang & baskin robbins…. 31. keke.
the tastiest ones under the cut——————–>

steps to making a GD popsicle.

don’t forget to freeze it…


Captain G-Sparrow

drinking some of his self-advertised coffee.

a night light.


taking a bath.

the ahjumma hair -_-

playing the sax.

& MUCH MORE! just too many to re-up lol.

credits to: DCGD + 인어공주@bbvipz for accumulating them.

~ by gdluvzmc on August 24, 2009.

47 Responses to “Fans Get Creative with GD’s Album Cover”

  1. yummmy..Popsicle. I WANT ! !



    new artist from america to korea …let’s show support

  4. OMG. They popsicle one makes me want to go buy it D:. I wonder where I can get it in NY :/. Anyone know ?

    and woah, you bought yours in LA =O?

    Must have GD Popsicle… xD

  5. Oh my…. anyone else clicky that link ? I think I already started fangirling through the post.. maybe it’s the relation to Tae. We shall see, I want to know what you guys think :). Reply ^^.

  6. where do u get this pic!!! i really wanna see ALL of them….soooo fasinating :)))

  7. i luv gd’s hair in heartbreaker..
    ~~~i like the one w/ the curly hair..
    reminds me of gu jun pyo.. :))~~

  8. I didn’t know you could do so many… things… with it. xD Looks interesting~

  9. the popsicle was awesome! lol
    id love licking gd’s face

  10. ahah! u’re so creative!
    i envy y’all.
    in couldnt find any in malaysia.
    i’d love to have the album as well…T.T

  11. creative fans? XD

  12. I ordered mine online and it was just shipped yesterday, so I have to wait a while DD:

    WAIT. Does the poster come with the CD, or did you have to buy it separately??

  13. hahahaha that is so funny

  14. haha. some fans are truly creative! I want to get his CD so badly! it looks amazing, and the mask is a plus!

  15. Nahh it’s really cute -:P I’m not tht creative – ;( my copy isn’t here yet ;(

  16. they’re so creative!

  17. this is too much fun to see ,hehehe^^.
    i’m getting my own soon & i’m thinking what should i do with my GD’s FACE. o yeh…..KISS HIM LIKE 4EVER first, then some<3333

  18. XD a gd ice pop! now not only can you kiss him, you can eat him too! lmao wow people are getting hella creative with this

  19. OMG!
    lol I cant wait to get my copy
    (next time is express shippin for me >.<)
    I love the creativity

    @Melly I love your dresser
    gotta love the Hrajuku lovers perfumes

  20. lols!!! i havent been commenting for a while and this creative stuff actually made my day. hahaah i cant believe how people can even make GD popsicles from the cover!! hahahah : D

  21. You’re very creative!!! I’m loving it!!! A go go go!!!

  22. LOLS i can’t wait to get my cd!

  23. LOL, I want my CD!!!!! ❤ These's are so Creative!!! ❤ ili!
    Kwon Leadah rocks ❤

  24. i want a CD too hey umm i want to talk to this person who is always writing on the site the person who konw big bang and what they are doing…
    this person who is in charge of this site
    big bang fansite my email is at
    i want to talk to you thank you

  25. Whoa I love the nightlight, might be kinda scary to see in the middle of the night.

  26. omg damn cool<3

  27. LOL!Omfg the Haruke Love perfume I LOVE that one.I have the same one too.And I see the Dae Sung and Seung Ri backetball characters in the background.Is that popsicle orange juice?Lol.Wow Melly your so creatvie.

  28. didn’t buy mine yet! ;_;
    hahahaha, omg, people are really creative!

  29. tht is really cool..i cannot wait til mines arrive.. im gonna have lots of fun wit it.. i really like the popsickle and the nightlight idea..very very vipz r so cool

  30. ha thats so dope and creative :]

  31. one word to describe GD’s (BB’s) Fans… COOL!
    dang u all r so creative…
    and i like the cd cast too… ^_^
    (bias towards 3d images)

  32. wooooooow .. This album is very great shape ,good songs and beautiful voice . I want to buy this album . But I’m in an Arab country I do not think there is place that sells albums GD .
    I loaded all the true music of this album. But really I want to buy that album, there will be more enthusiastic when they hear the songs from the same album and not download from the Internet .
    😦 😦 Uh, I’m so sad , I really really want album GD 🙂

  33. @dewlah
    Cant you buy it from

  34. ahhh , didnt know the album looked like that ! that is pure awesomeness .
    from yesasia its like 16 something right (canadian) . heh .. kinda expensive for me (for a CD) , but if it comes with the poster .. i am so getting it .
    anyone know if the one from yesasia includes the poster?

  35. lol!
    i love the popsicle one!!

  36. LOL! omg what more can they do xD

    I need to know! I’m stuck in Claremont and need to get this CD.

  38. that night light would freak me out. XD

  39. @sandy I would guess Korea Town if anything.

  40. Can’t wait to get his CD&Poster! =D
    LOL, fans are SO creative 😉

  41. hahah.
    so talented on making something creative.!
    i want the ice cream!! 😀

  42. LOL. The popsicle looks so fun to try,
    but I wouldn’t dare even try to dirty the case,
    it’s too precious. xD

  43. They loook coool but I would not dare to make GD’s face dirty. Haha. way tooo precious to do such thing.

  44. *GASP* How could anyone ever have the nerve to soil that…beautiful face mold of his by making a damn POPSICLE?!?!?! But I appreciate the creativity.

  45. How much do you buy the CD that comes with GD poster??

  46. ~~It’S VeRy AWESOME!!~~

    ~~I LoVe GD~~

  47. I know rite!! That nightlight WOULD damn freak me out! I’d wake up and then BAM G-D’s Crying face mould would be sitting there…watching me…guhh…I loved the ahjumma hair!!

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