Melly’s Twitter News

the beauty of twitter is that i can tweet news as i get it, but a lot of you visit here & don’t have a twitter, so i’ll post up the updates i have thus far….


  • According to YG Entertainment, Daesung’s surgery went well & should be discharged from the hospital on August 28th. 대성 화이팅!


  • Seungri will be filming in Daesung’s place on Family Outing & will appear on the episode with SS501’s Hyunjoong.
    Both episodes will air on the end of September.

yes, all you BOF fans can rejoice. sad that Dae won’t be on w/ hyunjoong. but that leaves YB the only member to not appear on FO! c’monnn lol


  • GD’s solo debut stage will be on SBS Inkigayo on August 30th. GD, along with 2NE1, is invited to Global Gathering Festival on September 18-19. it’s a huge honor b/c they get to represent Korea in a stage shared by several other countries. This year, it’s taking place in Korea.
  • P.S.: look forward to a 소년이여MV? =X



  • Big Bang will be performing on a korean stage for the first time in ages on the 26th in Seoul at the Hongdae Live Hall. however, Daesung will not be on stage, but this one’s for the fans!
    – this was a special caffe latte concert for 400 lucky fans, not for sale to public!
  • Also b/c of Dae’s recovery, their 1st Japan Concert is held back til next year, in case you didn’t know.

ok, i think i got most of it. now you’re all informed & up-to-date!
p.s.: my twitter acct is also the fansite’s twitter; find the link on the sidebar.



~ by gdluvzmc on August 25, 2009.

18 Responses to “Melly’s Twitter News”

  1. thankfully, im following you…lol! 🙂

  2. Oh yeah! everyone (that can) should watch GD’s 1st solo stage live together! it’s so fun doing that. ^_^
    I dont know anyone else who loves kpop.

  3. thankssss~~yes i’m following you on Twitter ^^ good to know

  4. i am so proud of my jiyongie!
    i cant wait to c him!

  5. oh and whats your twitter?

  6. definitely watching inkigayo ❤

  7. end of september….?? sob100x….!!T_T…! gotta wait for it…! yup cant wait to watch bb back on stage again…!!!! fighting all…! daesung oppa..!! thank God….!really hope to see you getting well…love you all…! thanks for the update….!

  8. i hope YB goes on FO soon. gah. that would be so awesome.

  9. Thank you so much for the update.. Thanks God that daesung is getting well now.. Hope his recovery will be very fast..

    I miss FO so much, and you right about taeyang oppa the only member to not appear on FO.. LOL.. Hope he will appear on that show and wish I can watch that episode..

  10. im so glad to know that DaeDae’s being released in a couple of days. so sad cause all the work he put into their comeback, his musical with seungri and FO.

    aww how nice seungri must b ecstatic being on FO. cant wait for it now. its gonna b very interesting.

    woo! GD’s solo stage. cant wait for that either.
    GD and 2NE1 good luck with that festival.

    BIG BANG fighting! their stage wont be quite the same without daesung but im sure its gonna be good still.

  11. O M G! thanks.
    so glad that Dae is
    getting better.

    GD’s solo stage can’t wait.

  12. come on!! put YB on FO already

  13. who’s gonna cover Dae’s part during the perf?

  14. ^ they’ve performed as big bang with missing members before.

  15. so glad my Dae Sungiee~ is good now :]

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  17. :O:O:O:O



    GD… and Prodigy.. at the same festival…. I REALLY WANT TO GO! :O

  18. OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! thank you so much for updating me on how well ssoungee (daesung) is doing! our poor baby. i want to see how his sugery went. i hope they didn’t do any drastic measures to his perfect face! X(

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