Announcement: Project IvipTown Status!


i have sent all of the letters to the respective people.Thousand appologies as i do not possess the time to upload it just yet. Been busy with work. So i’ll find the time to do it when i have one. So rest assured, everything has been done accordingly.


~ by Momo on August 26, 2009.

17 Responses to “Announcement: Project IvipTown Status!”

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anyway, now that I got THAT out of my system: THANKS A MILLION, MOMO! It’s so great of you to do all that. 🙂

  3. thanks so much!!!! i know it must have taken A LONNNG time :/
    take a nice, relaxing break 😀

  4. so did you just send them out ?. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this, it was AMAZING and all your hard work you are the best !!!!!!.

    LUV YOU,

  6. Thanks momo. you’re the best! (:

  7. oH…THnxx so mush ^^* momo ur the best 🙂
    see u Again ^^*

    I’m appreciate the favor, I know it must have been pretty hard sorting out all those letters =O

  9. thank u so much♥

  10. thanx Momo ❤

  11. Thaaanks so much ❤

  12. YEH so happy

  13. Kamsahamnidaa!! Thank You!!

  14. you’re amazing just like them ;D gosh, many many many many thanks. i really appreciate your dedication x]

  15. thanks for the updates
    and thanks for the project!

  16. hey u guys r we gonna have a gd solo viewing party? lol

  17. thanks a bunch , momo 🙂

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